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New Radiohead album almost finished, Release this year

New Radiohead album almost finished, Release this year

Radiohead are making progress in the studio. The band started recording past Winter and are currently in the studio working on the last bits. Ed O’Brien said it will be a matter of weeks till it’s finished and hopes to see the release before the end of this year. ‘It has got to. I hope so’

Guitarist Ed O’Brien was a guest on Adam Buxton’s show on BBC 6 Music today, saying he thinks the new Radiohead record ‘is the best record we’ve ever made’. Ed: “We’re in the heart of the record. It’s genuinely exciting. It’s very different from what we did last time. It’s really nice to be doing this. It’s so good to be making music with the band that you feel is still as good as it’s ever been.”

When Adam Buxton asked if he had any idea when this record would see the light of day, Ed answered: “No, Ideally it would be great if it came out sometime this year. It has got to. I hope so. We’re at the finishing line. When you’re making a record, a film, write a book for ages and ages you think the finishing line is miles away. Now it feels it’s in touching distance. But of course, it being a creative process, at the last bit also, you have bursts of energy, you achieve a lot of things in a small period of time and then you’re nearly there…it might slow down. But yeah, hopefully it will be a matter of weeks.”

With ‘In Rainbows’ you seemed to have turned a corner and having a lot more fun. That’s what it looked like from the outside looking in. Is that fair?

Ed O’Brien: It wasn’t fun making the record. Making records has been hard. It’s always been a slog. Traditionally Radiohead in a studio has been: Don your tin helmet, just see it out, like a war of attrition. And basically at the end of In Rainbows it had taken three years to sort of come together. And we initially started off on our own, pulled in someone else and after a year we worked with Nigel [Godrich] again. It was such a slog. We knew we had these songs. We really believed in these songs. So, we had to do it right. It just took a long time. And we basically decided then and there at the end of that record: ‘We are never doing this again this way’. That was kind of like the end of Radiohead, mark 2. We decided, the only way that worked for us to carry on was to do it in a different spirit. Enjoy it.

On the recording process of ‘In Rainbows’ Ed continued explaining why it was much harder than everybody thought. Ed: “We hear it all the time: ‘it sounds like you had a great time in the studio’. But, oh man… that [In Rainbows] was a slog. It was a really long process. At the end, for instance a song like ‘House Of Cards’ has been recorded six times. Plus the fact: we had this genius idea in 2006 to go on tour and do 50 odd shows, play all these songs, go back to studio and record them. And that’s when we went back in with Nigel. We went in and recorded them having played these songs 50 times. So we kind of got the arrangements sorted. We just wanted to get them down. We played these enough. And we got them down and most of them were rubbish. A lot of work in the creative process is rubbish.

However Ed praised producer Nigel Godrich for his influence on the band. Ed: “The art is to not give in, to carry on, persevere. You just have to keep going. The great thing about Nigel is; he raises the bar. He drives you hard. You think you’ve done the take, you think you’ve done your overdub, you think it’s in there and then he says: ‘Maybe one more time’. He gets the best performances out of you. He’s amazing. Cause he also drives himself really hard as well. The quality of the stuff that he does is really high. So, it’s good to be driven hard.”


  • Yeaaah!

  • YES, can’t wait!! Within a couple of weeks???

  • Woohooo Can’t wait!


  • Nice bit of news :)

  • Their best record ever?? Well if Give Up The Ghost and Present Tense are on there it could well be!

  • Great!!! Waiting badly for them to tour again!!!

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  • i just nutted in my pants.

  • best news in so long…i cannot wait to hear what’s on there, and if ed is saying it could be the best album ever…then it’s probably pretty good.

  • YES! News I’ve been waiting for! This made my whole day, now I wait in anticipation for it to be released!

  • Thank you father for giving life to me so I can hear this news.

  • Mmmm, right on

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  • Finally some news on the new album, even if it kind of vague. Simple acoustic arrangements can be great, but I really am hoping the album isn’t as folksy as Thom has sounded with the new songs. Nothing wrong with folk, but I have heard Bob Dylan and a lot of what Neil Young did many times. I look to radiohead for something different. I know Jonny wouldn’t let that happen, if no one else.

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  • Exciting news, but bear in mind that Ed’s a pretty optimistic guy, so the release could well be some time away, especially if Thom gets wind of these comments! … also, Ed’s used the “It’s the best thing we’ve ever done” line many times before, most notably with ‘Amnesiac’, which he then came out & slated a couple of years later! But I hope he’s right this time on both counts! Bring on LP8!!! :)

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  • I’m HAPPY!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!

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  • Made my day!!! Can’t wait!!!

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  • [...] Nuevo disco de Radiohead, ¡antes de que termine el año! Monday, June 21, 2010 Y empezamos la semana con grandes noticias musicalmente hablando, y es que Radiohead esta a nadita terminar su nuevo álbum, el cual estarán lanzando antes de que termine el año. Si eso no les dibuja una sonrisa en la cara a los fans de Radiohead, tal vez el hecho de que Ed O Brian diga que este puede ser el mejor disco de la banda lo haga… En entrevista para BBC 6 Music, el guitarrista de Radiohead declaró "Estamos en el corazón del disco. Es realmente emocionante. Es muy diferente de lo que hicimos la última vez. Es muy agradable estar haciendo esto. ¡Qué bueno es estar haciendo música con una banda que sigue siendo tan buena como siempre lo ha sido. " O´Brian se negó a confirmar una fecha de lanzamiento, pero todo parece indicar que el disco estará a la venta antes de que finalice el 2010: "Sería genial si saliera en algún momento de este año. Tiene que hacerlo. Espero que sí. Estamos por terminarlo. Cuando estás haciendo un disco, una película, escribir un libro durante años, crees que el final está a millas de distancia. Ahora se siente que estamos cerca de terminar. Pero, por supuesto, el hecho deque sea un proceso creativo, en la última parte también, tiene ráfagas de energía,que te ayudan a lograr un montón de cosas en un pequeño periodo de tiempo y entonces estas mas cerca de ahí … podría reducir la velocidad. Pero sí, espero que sea una cuestión de semanas. " La entrevista completa, la pueden leer en [...]

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  • Great news! Hope they can reach and eclipse the bar they have set for themselves!!

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  • Not to put a damper on anyone’s parade but the last time the boys said they had a great time making a record or as they called it there (Rolling Stones) period was Hail to the Thief. God I hope this is not another Hail to the Thief.

  • Met Thom and Ed today In picadilly circus, Thom was rocking a bowler hat! Can’t wait for new material.

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  • translation: a couple of weeks (Ed O’Brien) = 32 months (RH time)

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  • :D This notice really made my day!


  • I take credit for the Justin Wegiel comment. He likes them a lot and would NEVER say that. I do not, but like to tease him.

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  • …or maybe he’s fibbin’…

  • I’ma firin’ mah lazahr

    Shoopus my whoopus LP8 excites my soul

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  • Oh man I hope they make it down to Australia this time around. Still … another album by my favourite band will be rad either way.

  • With Brazil doing well in the World Cup, LOST coming to an end and maybe a new Radiohead record in a few weeks, it looks like 2010 is going to be a wonderful year for me.

    Best news EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! To be perfect, they just have to announce a new Tour in South America!!!!

  • Still more pumped about Phil’s solo album tbh …

    For the record, this is the first ever time I’ve not been that excited by Thom’s new material (been a fan since OKC days), and in all honesty, Phil’s material seems stronger to me …

    so, yeah … hopefully I’ll still be surprised at the new RH album’s quality too.
    Anyway, hope it lives up to everyone elses expectations too.

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  • I’m going to do the whole ritual for this album, going to buy the phsyical CD, gonna get a little drunk by myself and enjoy the new album for the very 1st time. I became a Radiohead fan only after In Rainbows, then fell in love with the rest if their music.

    Im going to enjoy this new album, thanks RADIOHEAD,

  • i don’t really get Ed, when in rainbows came out he said that they got a real good time doing it, didn’t he? now he’s saying they did not.. Well, the thing is that LP8 is on it’s way, hell yeah!!!


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  • Here’s a list of POSSIBLE songs for LP8:
    -I Froze Up
    -Skirting on the Sruface
    -Open the Floodgates
    -Lotus Flower/Moon Upon a Stick
    …-Present Tense
    -The Daily Mail/A Pig’s Ear
    -Let Me Take Control/Chris Hodge/Walk down the staircase
    -Give Up the Ghost
    -Mouse Dog Bird
    -Super Collider
    -Judge Jury And Executioner
    -Mr. Magpie
    -Follow Me Around (if we’re lucky)
    -Lift (If we get very but VERY lucky)

    Any missing?

  • I think ‘These are my twisted words’ stands a good chance of making it on the album. Hopefully, it’s indicative of the sound they’ve pursued this time around.

  • sounds good to me colin – - – i would love you to be right ! ! ! that would be a direction i would personally really really really enjoy [ perhaps even more weird than that as well ] . . . having said that, is not my fav. style by i still [ out of all the new songs ] cant get daily mail and present tense off my heart for no even a day or two – anyway – we get what we get – and we should always [ and i will ] be happy if we really love radiohead – when you love you let the ones you love flow free –

    ps : i hope no one realizes i am pantrus .

  • best news i have heard in a long time!

  • Ed enjoying the recording sessions = very bad news.

    Good Radiohead = Ed standing in the corner with maracas, grimacing.

  • My GOD = Radiohead

  • “these are my twisted words” won’t be released again… it’s not as if it was an unreleased song or anything… it was already released

  • 10*10*10 :fun:



  • “open the floodgates”
    release december 22th
    is it true?

  • I am really bloody excited, feel like a man half my age(44). Just so you know you’re never too old to feel the excitement, kind of like Christmas if it must be known. Long live Thom and the boys!

  • Just a thought..screw the stickers..just gives us Radio Head action figures. I need a Thom Yorke doll to book end my Kafka hard cover collection!

  • The Ghost and Present Tense are on there

  • wow..i love them ! 사랑해요

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  • omg.. cant wait for the new album.. but im feels “in rainbows” still the new one coz im havent boring heard them :) its already 2 years ago :P i think the new one will be amazing.. =.=

    sunnel cheers from malaysia

  • [...] New Radiohead album almost finished, Release this year [...]


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  • [...] autres moments intéressants de cet interview est disponible sur le site www. (ici). Ed O’Brien y décrit également l’influence du producteur Nigel Godrich [...]

  • YES! News I’ve been waiting for! This made my whole day, now I wait in anticipation for it to be released!

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  • when radio head launched new album, i heard a rumor there will be a new album in the beginning of 2012.. is it true?

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  • [...] to 2007′s In Rainbows is nearly complete. “We’re at the finishing line,” he said. “When you’re making a record, a film, writing a book for ages and ages you think the [...]

  • [...] to 2007′s In Rainbows is nearly complete. “We’re at the finishing line,” he said. “When you’re making a record, a film, writing a book for ages and ages you think the [...]

  • [...] to 2007′s In Rainbows is nearly complete. “We’re at the finishing line,” he said. “When you’re making a record, a film, writing a book for ages and ages you think the [...]

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