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Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood live at Glastonbury – live report

Thom Yorke’s Glastonbury Festival has been a surprise for many till the last moment. A lot of people turned up at the Park Stage, where Thom kicked off at 2030 hrs (local time). Festival organiser Michael Eavis announced Thom as the biggest surprise of 40th edition of the Glastonbury Festival. Thom introduced himself with ‘Hi, My name is Thomas Yorke’ and started off with songs from his album ‘The Eraser’. A couple of songs in the set he was joined by Jonny Greenwood, playing some Radiohead classics, closing with ‘Street Spirit [fade out]’.


01 The Eraser
02 Harrowdown Hill
03 Black Swan
04 Cymbal Rush
05 Arpeggi
06 Pyramid Song
07 Idioteque
08 Karma Police
09 Street Spirit

Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood setlist

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  • Now that’s how you do a surprise! On the last minute prior to playing on stage.


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  • […] o site At Ease, o Thom entrou primeiro, sozinho, e se apresentou assim: “Hi, My name is Thomas Yorke” […]

  • WAW.:-)

  • So, that’s why they said: “Everybody like surprises, don’t we?”

  • This is the first time I haven’t been to Glastonury since 2003. Gutted.

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  • […] after festival organizer Michael Eavis introduced them as the biggest surprise of the event (via At Ease). Yorke, dressed like the hairest tennis player ever, came on stage first and played a few songs […]

  • Talk about lucky. Hadn’t heard the rumour, was heading up to the Park to chill out for a bit and wondered how come so many people had had the same idea… arrived at the lip of the amphitheatre just as the first chords of The Eraser rang out and managed to get to a vantage point just before he started Harrowdown Hill. Made my day :o)

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  • I like that he still calls it Weird Fishes on paper.

  • that was mental. we heard it was the strokes until we got a text from a friend in australia of all places saying it might be thom…..the rest is history…monumental gig

  • Highlight of the festival I couldn’t have asked for more. Made a fool of myself in front of Thom & Jonny backstage but so glad to meet them – Ed was there too.

  • YouTube playlist here…

  • so, who wants the audio for this? B+ recording in full.. was in my tent 10min walk away from stage, when the update came from this very site 🙂

  • Heard about this early in the afternoon from a fellow Glasto visitor. I knew it was just a ‘rumour’, but just in case I skipped Florence + The Machine to check it out. It became very clear that it indeed was going to be Thom, and since Jonny’s guitar tech was there too I knew at least Jonny would be there as well. 2nd row from stage. Insane.

  • I don’t think Thom wrote that. I’ve never seen him spell his name Tom !

  • […] to At Ease, the pair were introduced by festival organizer Michael Eavis. Yorke, introducing himself as […]

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