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Phil Selway: It’s daunting being in a band with Thom Yorke

NME has an interview with Philip Selway this week. The Radiohead drummer will release his debut album on August 30, but hasn’t asked his frontman for songwriting advice.

When asked if it was daunting being in a band with Yorke, Selway said, “Oh yeah, of course! I think he’s one of the best songwriters around, it’s a very high benchmark to have, a very high bar to have set for you. But everybody in the band has been very supportive [of my solo work].” Despite rating Yorke so highly, Selway said he wasn’t tempted to ask him for advice when writing his own album. “Not really,” he shrugged when asked if he sought some words of wisdom from Yorke. “I’m probably not the best person at taking advice…”

The full interview is available in this week’s NME.

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  • WOW THATS DUMB! phil never said the word “daunting” ONCE! awful reporting. don’t quit your day job.

  • to jumpincat: He didn’t say the word
    “daunting” but he said yes when asked.
    Learn to read. BTW, he must feel the
    pressure. He is a mediocre singer.

  • mediocre?

  • Yes, mediocre. Not because he is in Radiohead we have to cover the truth: you get lots of songs like that (weak and dull lyrics) and singers who go “sweet” only to cover the fact they have no depht on their voices. Phil sings all his songs the same way, he sings like Andy Yorke. He chose the wrong Yorke to get tips from. Sorry Phil. Still, you are a GREAT drummer.

  • relax man…

  • ballack is a retard.

  • I agree, the headline is very misleading, given what Phil actually says. There’s a huge difference between describing your experience in a band as daunting because of a specific person, and answering a reporter’s question with an “Oh yeah” and lots of praise for your bandmates.

  • Phil is far from being a “great” drummer.Yea hes decent,nothing compared to the many millions of metal drummers across the world.

  • phil you fucking rule!

  • I’m moderately excited for this album, but have pretty low expectations. please surprise us phil!

  • The one song I heard from Phil Selway’s new album Familial (By Some Miracle) is fantastic and a great diversion from the Radiohead songs I normally listen to. Can’t wait for the album. It’s another Radiohead album in my eyes – just like Thom Yorke’s The Eraser and Jonny Greenwood’s Bodysong. I love how Phil is more traditional and makes soothing beautiful music. And he’s a great singer. And the lyrics are awesome too. Ballack can slurp my monster pines.

  • we are watching this closely.

  • This is released on my birthday! Definately looking forward to Phil’s release.

  • etgweg
    I’ll take that as a joke. Cause’ we all know that hitting a bunch of notes doesn’t make music better, it’s about hitting the right ones.

  • etweg:
    don’t you reckon that as far playing to the song, (which is what matters in a band like radiohead?) that phil.s is a great drummer. like really economical. plus i enjoy his chops when they come out.
    don’t get me wrong though bro i’m not like an arty music snob. some of my fav artists include between the buried and me, the faceless, dillinger escape plan, mars volta, after the burial, animals as leaders and karnivool (who i saw last night, and the rhythm section effing gnarly)
    i love chops too man..

  • etgweg..sorry i spelled the name wrong.

  • etgweg: remeber you’re in a radiohead fan page, not in Dream Theatre’s NERD discussion website…

  • Clearly you have little to no idea what you are talking about Ballack – the fact that you even compare Andy Yorke’s singing to Phil’s demonstrates this fully.

    Also, as a side note – FAIL reporting, once again.

  • Andy Yorke is a great vocalist.

  • pls thom [ sorry for changing subjects here ] when you record [ because WE need it on lp8 ] present tense just go with ” this dance ” and not ” when we dance ” – – – plsssssss

  • i fell asleep about 2 minutes into By Some Miracle. Seriously, there’s lots of musicians out there (well, over the past 20 years or so – this sounds is quite dated) that have this very style. Unoriginal. Sorry Phil, I will echo Ballack’s comment that you are a fantastic drummer. Keep on doing what you EXCEL at.

  • i must say that people like “ballack” are responsible for the many songs left under the bed, of those “lucky” enought to have them around.
    Come on, lets allow art to flourish, it might save your life as well…

  • I besides believe so , perfectly indited post! .

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