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Thom Yorke plays surprising set at Big Chill [videos]

Thom Yorke played at The Big Chill last Friday. At the festival at Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire he played solo work and also some Radiohead classics including Reckoner, Planet Telex, Everything In Its Right Place, I Might Be Wrong, Airbag and The Gloaming. He also played new song Give Up The Ghost again. Setlist and videos below.

01 The Eraser
02 The Clock
03 Harrowdown Hill
04 I Might Be Wrong
05 The Gloaming
06 Reckoner
07 Black Swan
08 Planet Telex
09 Give Up The Ghost
10 Cymbal Rush
11 Everything In Its Right Place
12 Airbag

The Gloaming

Planet Telex

Harrowdown Hill

Black Swan

Give Up The Ghost

I Might Be Wrong


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  • Nice mix of old, new and newer and erased. Don’t know what Thom is doing with his hair though…

  • None of those videos are the new song 🙁 It says one is, but it’s actually Black Swan.

  • Nevermind, I found it on YouTube.

  • Great set and great videos. Wish I was there.
    He looks a bit like Kurt Cobain with that hairdo and that shirt…

  • Awesome! He was on great form and clearly loving it.

  • The Planet Telex vid just made me cry. Not “loser” cry but rather a bright, sentimental tear for something that simple and stunning. Can’t say ever heard him play/sing this song solo/piano. The fog and light to the left of Thom seems to understand the song. Wow.

  • I Might Be Wrong will always be one of my favorites. His voice makes me melt. Like the hair long.

  • Brilliant performance + fantastic bootleggers = EPIC WIN

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  • Nice performances of Planet Telex, Black Swan and I Might Be Wrong!

  • Find The rest of the set please!!

  • Lovely, but these people talk too much 🙁

  • At the end of Give up the Ghost, does he say “That’s a new Radiohead tune”?

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