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Radiohead back to studio to ‘take stock’ of new recorded material

Radiohead plan to head back to the their studio to ‘take stock’ of new recorded material on Monday (Sep 27). Philip Selway told The Canadian Press.

“We’ve been working on material on and off for a year now and we’ve had the summer off so yes, we’re basically taking stock on Monday and seeing what we need to do with the material to move it to those final stages,” Selway said in a telephone interview from Amsterdam on Monday. “We’re just returning to it with fresh ears and taking stock of where we are and how close we are to finishing stuff, really, and we won’t know till Monday.”

Phil did not go into details on how far the band really is, so decided to be mysterious about it: “We might get back together on Monday and after discussing stuff we might just throw this all out and say maybe we need to go back to the drawing board. Who knows, as I say, it’s all up in the air at the moment. But we’ve been enjoying what we’ve been doing.”

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  • I believe the studio return date is Sept 27, not Oct 27.

  • NICE!

  • It’s a bit contradicting to the stuff Colin said, so looks like we just have to wait and see what happens.

  • Phil is such a downer. Jonny needs to talk more, he always seems so perfectly content.

  • Yesterday, at his Paris show, he confirmed he’ll go back to Radiohead on Monday.

  • […] naar de nieuwe muziek waar Radiohead mee bezig is. Vervolgens is daar nu een recenter – door Atease opgemerkt – interview met drummer Phil Selway, momenteel zelf op solotour met zijn plaat […]

  • “…and after discussing stuff we might just throw this all out and say maybe we need to go back to the drawing board.”

    I think Phil is saying they’re are going to re-record some left-over tracks they didn’t finish from their previous session. Maybe they never agreed on how those particular songs should’ve sounded. Knowing how perfectionist some of the guys can be (not naming any names), I feel they are making sure the songs will sound just as good recorded as they will if played live. Anyway, I miss the days when Ed kept us posted on the recording progress via his daily journals through DAS. Although the mystery of not knowing what LP8 will sound like certainly makes it more exciting. Can’t wait.

  • Well as everyone else seems to be guessing what he means.. I’ll have a go!

    I guess they are pretty far down the line, but not everything is done yet, so when that is the case it could take radiohead no time at all or a LONG time to finalise things.

    I guess this is why we’re getting contradicting responses – some more positive and others more cautious depending on who is talking.

    In short we’ll find out next week if thom think it’s all shit or if he quite likes it.


  • “We’ve been working ON material ON AND OFF for a year now”, “we’ve had the summer OFF…” “so yes, we’re basically taking stock ON Monday…” Hmmm – multiple mentions of the words ON and OFF there. Any theories as to the significance of that? I have my own ideas.

    “We MIGHT get back together on Monday…”

    Notice – might – MIGHT! Very interesting…. he’s a sly one! Skilfully injecting an element of uncertainty, ensuring the floors are uneven in the house of mirrors he’s lured us into.

  • Radiohead you’re killng me

  • In Rainbows: 071010. Hoping for new album 101010. Please?

  • Upon listening to their recorded material, they’ll throw out all the good stuff and leave all the boring parts in, Videotape style. Can’t wait, I’m stoked!


    I second that.

    Can’t wait longer for those sounds to be released…

  • “We might get back together on Monday and after discussing stuff we might just throw this all out and say maybe we need to go back to the drawing board.”

    Nah, this only happens when Ed makes an important announcement.

  • Would not be surprised at all if it was released on 10/10/10

  • ^On a Sunday? Hmm…. doubt it.

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