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Thom Yorke, Mark Ronson team up for Silent Single for UK Charity

Thom Yorke, producer Mark Ronson and British Prime Minister David Cameron have teamed up for an unusual new UK charity single – which features two minutes of silence.

Yorke, Ronson and Cameron are joining Bryan Ferry, Bob Hoskins and tennis star Andy Murray to support 2 Minute Silence – but none of them will speak or sing on the song. The track has been tipped for the charts when it goes on sale next month for Britain’s Remembrance Day, which commemorates sacrifices made by members of the armed forces. The Royal British Legion’s Director General Chris Simpkins said: “Rather than record a song, we felt the UK public would recognise the poignancy of silence and its clear association with remembrance.”

Prime Minister David Cameron, actor Bob Hoskins and tennis star Andy Murray have also thrown their weight behind the track – the video for which features celebrities standing respectfully for the duration of the silent two minutes.

The single will be available for download on November 7. Check the Facebook page at

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  • I am waiting for that.

  • I hope they have clearance with the John Cage estate. 🙂

  • I heard the track already leaked? OMGOMGOMG.

  • Hope it goes to number 1. Tough luck MTV.

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  • Listening to the leaked mp3 of it now, It’s good. I’ll also be purchasing it on Nov 7th.

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  • Sounds better on vinyl.

  • i had this in my head today.

  • and the proceeds go to murdering soldiers? shame on you thom yorke

  • I wouldn’t mind if the money was shared proportionally between servicemen’s families and the families of slaughtered innocents in Afghanistan and Iraq. Thom – are you a f*cking fraud.?

  • ahhh
    I’m not really sure about paying for soldiers who kill other people even if the war had a ‘good’ purpose.. but I think soldiers are pushed to fight for living.. at least that’s what I think after seeing soldiers coming home from iraq, they don’t look happy being there fighting for nothing.
    but since Thom is the one who is asking me to pay then why not? I hope the track is good though

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  • silly pop stars

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