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Philip Selway news roundup: Bella Union Christmas show, Beat For Peace

Here’s an update on everything Philip Selway. The Radiohead drummer who released his debut album ‘Familial’ end of August is set to play at the Bella Union Christmas show.

Bella Union, his UK record label, has an evening planned at London’s Union Chapel on December 16 including Philip Selway, Peter Broderick, Alessi’s Ark and Lanterns on the Lake. Get your tickets here.

On his album ‘Familial’, The Wall Street Journal takes a look at Selway’s roles both as Radiohead’s drummer and also as a singer-songwriter in his own right.

“The thoughtful 43-year-old has a way of making the unexpected decision seem just right,” Journal music critic Jim Fusilli says of Selway’s work with Radiohead. “And so it is with his debut solo album, Familial (Nonesuch), a muted, stripped-down disc that limits percussion to simple rhythms and swooshy loops. Mr. Selway’s whisper-like singing is its centerpiece, and his acoustic guitar is augmented by unobtrusive performances by Lisa Germano, Sebastian Steinberg, and Wilco’s Glenn Kotche and Patrick Sansone.”

Fusilli goes on to find a certain commonality between the two spheres of the musician’s life, however different they may be. “Mr. Selway’s compositions echo elements of Radiohead, but their themes tell us they are his own,” Fusilli writes. “If we insist on a comparison to what Mr. Selway refers to as his ‘day job,’ we’ll find it in the unity and thoroughness of his solo effort. But the predecessors of Familial are the somber, introspective songs of Nick Drake and others on Britain’s late ’60s folk scene.”

Read the complete article, include Selway’s own thoughts on the comparison, at

And from an interview with The Quietus, Phil was asked if it’s more likely for him to offer his own songs to Radiohead now, Selway said: “I mean theoretically, everything is up for grabs.

“I suppose I can see there’s a dynamic that works for us. And I think you should play to your strengths. If something came along that I thought would make an appropriate Radiohead song, then maybe I would bring it along now – with no expectation, other than just saying here we are.”

Further down, check a video interview with Associated Press.

Also check out the video below from, a global campaign calling for a peaceful future for Sudan. The video was released this week, part of its Beat for Peace effort, as world leaders met at the United Nations in New York City yesterday to discuss the future of Sudan, aiming to bring a lasting peace to the African country.

In addition to Selway, the video features performances from Cheikh Lรด, Coldplay drummer Will Champion, Stewart Copeland of the Police, Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, Angelique Kidjo, Hugh Masakaela, and many others, including participants around the world who sent in their own homemade videos.

Beat For Peace

AP Video Interview

Philip Selway – By Some Miracle

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  • Phil Selway music is boring. It has no rise and fall. We all hope for that. I heard his entire album and it just stays on one level and never kicks anywhere. Granted he is not Thom Yorke. He compliments the band perfectly to slow the rhythm down. If he wasn’t in the band, I would be afraid of TOO MUCH sounds and Techno Crap that has no heart. Just my opinion.
    Phil. If you want to make a solo album go beyond yourself and ROCK.
    Most likely that will add some spark to your next albums.

  • In response to Raymond, I have to say that some music neither intends to nor needs to have rise and fall or ‘rock’. Different music is created with different intent and plays different roles in different peoples’ lives. I’m all over music that is rich in contrast and complexity, yet I still have certain favorites which capture a feeling that would be ruined by additional change or contrast. I don’t think anyone can fairly speak for what “we all hope for” in music. Just sayin’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’ve really enjoyed some lower-key folkier albums like this in the past. They’re not on my regular listening rotation but sometimes they complement a certain state of mind perfectly. I’ll definitely give Phil’s album a good listen soon.

  • I agree with ed.

  • Music touches everyone differently. No rash statements are justifiable for this album. The album is a peaceful album, I like it. Thank you Philip.

  • OK, peacefully dark ๐Ÿ™‚

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