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So, WTF is up with At Ease?!

So, you might be wondering; What’s up with Radiohead At Ease lately. Then there updates, then there’s nothing for a while and then you’re spamming like there’s no Tomorrow.

Pretty annoying for the daily At Ease readers, as it is for me. What went wrong? Well, nothing went wrong as such, but the past couple of years have been pretty insane when it comes to the workload, mostly for Excelsior Recordings. So I might as well tell you more about it. Or, a shameless plug…

Excelsior Recordings is a record label based in Amsterdam and still growing strong in the Netherlands, and slowly but surely getting more coverage in the rest of Europe and elsewhere in the world. An indie label with a wide range of artists, who need a lot of attention, but we do it with a passion. A passion for good music. We’re working with artists like Alamo Race Track, Moss, Daily Bread, DORLEAC, Tim Knol, Triggerfinger, Lola Kite, Anne Soldaat, El Pino & The Volunteers, Scram C Baby, Beans & Fatback, The Sore Losers and zZz… just to name a few of our roster. Most of the names might not ring a bell, but now you know what’s keeping me busy.

So, that’s that. What about At Ease? Well, I’ll keep on working on the site. 13 years of hard work is not something I’d like to give up just now. We’ve got a new Radiohead album coming our way, sometime soon we hope. And Mr. Sean Owen is going to give a helping hand with news updates. At least, that’s what he promised. So, that sorta sums it up. Sorry for the lack of (regular) updates. We’re getting it back on the road.

And since I’m on it, I’d like to introduce the band MOSS to you if you don’t mind. They’ve just played in France, will be in Britain shortly and this Saturday they’re playing New York City at CMJ. So, give them a listen. Or if you’re in New York this weekend, drop by at the Bowery Poetry Club on Saturday, Oct. 23 at 8pm to see them live.

Here’s a couple of videos. And here’s a Spotify playlist. Please let me know what you think.





MOSS – 22 (Lily Allen Cover, One-off Radio performance)

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  • No worries. We (us fans) are just happy that there is space out there in Internet world that is dedicated to Radiohead!

  • This Sean fellow better not suck.


    Thanks for the update, Ade! Good on you for delegating the news page to Sean. This is my homepage and I appreciate every single one of your 13+ years. =)

    LIstening to “I Apologize” – great bass, lovely tune, nice vocals, too.

  • great for you adrian!

    and thnks for all the big effort for the rh fans!

  • Thanks for all your hard work on the site, Adriaan. Much appreciated, and I’m glad you’re taking pride in your other work.

  • Update the board please…

  • Cheers from Memphis…good work, good music, keepp it up. J

  • hey moss is really good

  • we suck. 🙁

  • Thanks for your concern and no worries. RADIOHEAD will be forever and this site will be forever.
    You guys are working great..!!
    And Moss..!! is Bloody Awwwesome..=)
    Catchy..!! We will watch you guys wherever you are, whatever you do.
    Waiting for RADIOHEAD..!! Love ya xx

  • Ferry has a taste

  • I like that they will keep updating this Radiohead site. The band Moss, sucks balls in my opinion.

  • Im DiGgIn ThIs! YeAH!

  • sean, i cut me beard. please write a news story

  • Thanks for the update … and the new music to listen to. 🙂

  • At Ease is one of the best sites to come and find the NOW of Radiohead. So thank you very much for the investigation and fact piling you do. Thank you for a wonderful website.

  • You know why this band is called Moss? Because they’re as exciting as watching moss grow.

  • Weet niet of je dit leest, maar natuurlijk wordt dit begrepen, bedankt voor al je inzet, je bent een topper. Ook voor Excelsior. Succes met alles en veel plezier!

  • MOSS is great…..Any news of a CD hitting stateside????

  • Goeie reclame voor onze Nederlandse muziek:-)


  • Moss is a band full of great guys. That Bob fella is a legend.

  • Moss is a guy full of great bands. That Legend fella is a bob.

  • Indeed Amsterdam … indeed.

  • Lovely!!!

  • Thanks for the site guys, 1st and only stop for my radiohead fix! and thank for letting us know bout MOSS! great band!

  • Hey Ade! You forget about De Staat at Excelsior. Just the best upcoming band in the Netherlands with a new album out next year….

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