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New office chart: tea bags for the fly over lands

Thom Yorke just posted 8 new tracks from Radiohead’s Office Chart. Below is the post. Links to iTunes have been added (when available). And tracks have been added to the Spotify playlist ‘Radiohead Office Charts‘.

1. Crosswinds by J. Tillman
2. Raga Megh Malhar by Charanjit Singh
3. VCR (Four tet rmx) by XX
4. Forget About by Sibylle Baier
5. Hot Swap by Pablo Mandelbrot
6. In The Deep by T.Williams
7. The Leap Home Pt.2 by Radio People
8. For 12 by Other Lives

a desert emptiness can breed fear and ignorance. visit the sea and see the wider picture.


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  • What does that last line mean?

  • it means go to the beach and chill out =]

  • It means Thom wants to go to Cleethorpes

  • think about it man

  • a desert emptiness can breed fear and ignorance. visit the sea and see the wider picture. [ as simple as that , it might not be about the dessert and the sea , it might be translated to millions of different concepts , and it can be understood as your heart needs to understand it ] .__personally i think it’s simple and very meaningful for me . peace again people and thom thank you , keep opening people ‘s eyes we need that ] . ps [ a lot ]

  • it means hes one of dem liberrails

  • exactly! i think it’s a direct reflection of this past election and the general views of society. all the conservatives, bible crunchers, and gun owners are inland while the liberals, artists, and more open minded folks are on the coasts…just look at a map of how people voted. i’m speaking in generalities here folks so don’t start throwing your religious hate at me for writing this…it is what it is.

  • i’m so glad i live near the water!

  • should i even bother listening to these?

  • yes the title is talking about the tea part. thats what the tea bagger part is. Also the fly over land part is considered what middle America is for the liberals. Something they fly over because its very conservative in the Midwest.

    So the last line is saying how in the dessert, which middle America is, it can be fearful and the people are ignorant. If you go to the coast though you will find many more liberals. Who thom thinks have the right idea.

  • it could be about global warming and rising sea levels?

  • So what songs are these songs? what about new album?

  • No, it’s not very conservative in the Midwest. The coasters just assume it’s boring. Seriously, upstate New York or California east of the mountains are every bit as right-wing as most of the right-wing areas in the midwest.

    Treating the “flyover states” as monocultural is not only stupid, it’s cruel to the left-wingers and centrists who live and try to effect positive change in them. Way to make people feel alone and unsupported, guys.

    Somebody should alert Thom about this “Marco Rubio” guy. He seems to have won handily on a peninsula jutting into the Atlantic.

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