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New design for &

You have probably noticed a new design for I’m still working on things, but I’ll leave most of the fine tuning for later. So here you go, hope you like it.

But only a little while later and more importantly, we found a new (and dark) The Dead Air Space and Tour Dates sections appeared in a black design with a new font, Today. The font is the same as used on the newly added T-shirt at w.a.s.t.e. The stylesheet used is saved as radioheadtour11.css. This could mean a lot of things. But maybe nothing at all. We’ll leave all (LP8 & Tour?) speculation up to you…

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  • The new font you use for ateaseweb looks realy dodgy in Firefox, dont know about internet explorer.

  • although the design is lovely, the font type you use is really hard to read.

  • finally………………………………………. 😮 😀

  • Nils & Citizen_insane: we’re back to a default font. any better now?

  • Exciting! Website changes are one of the best signs that something is about to happen, from what I’ve found from musicians anyway.

  • New album, new tour, new design. Makes sense to me.


  • Font is much better now. (Issue was the same in Chrome under Windows 7.)

  • oh snap! here we go!….

  • Would this be there 11th tour??? Not really sure…..

  • Not the 11th tour. Next year is 2011, though. I think it’s just a reference to the year coming up.

  • Hype mode: ON

  • Looks like them is something going on with this guys. Cant wait for a new album and tourdates!!!!!!

  • Hate to say this but ateaseweb really loads quite slow these days. All the clutter and widgets and stuff makes waiting times quite painful sometimes.
    Obviously its still the best site on the net. But it’d be great if it was a little less ‘heavy’

  • just happy here . . . the woods are already showing . . . fuck hell i can t wait anymore haha

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