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Jonny Greenwood: We’re finishing new album, huge tour to follow [updated]

Jonny Greenwood has talked about Radiohead’s upcoming record. The guitarist said that the band are finishing the record.

Speaking to Rolling Stone Italy, mainly about his work on the Norwegian Wood score (more on that later), Jonny said on the status of LP8: “We’re finishing it, then we’ll do a huge tour.”

Jonny couldn’t say much more about the details, mostly because he claims to be the ‘irritating lazy child who’s not involved in the bigger picture’, but it will have 10 tracks (maybe a few more). The band is still undecided on the actual release of the album. Jonny called the pay-what-you-want release of ‘In Rainbows’ at that time an interesting experience.

Update: Jonny Greenwood has responded on the translations via Dead Air Space:

I think this italian writer (referred to here) has, either thorough over-enthusiasm, or frustration at all my non-committal answers, mistranslated me a little….in fact we haven’t quite finished the album – in the studio at the moment – nor have we yet considered any touring. The plan is to have no plan until the record is finished….hope that’s a little clearer!

[Thx AtEasers for the translation]

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  • “irritating lazy child who’s not involved in the bigger picture” ?? Does he mean he wasn’t as involved on the new album as the rest of the band? Or is he trying to say that it was a complete team effort? What did he mean by “lazy child’? Could LP8 not be a guitar-album this time around? Regardless… Grazie Jonny. Tu sei il meglio del meglio!


  • Probably means no one can live up to Thom’s expectations and he probably yelled at everyone and called them lazy. Thom got sick of everyone and after the recorded bits were fished he took over the final mix, mastering and song choices.
    What do you guys think? 🙂

  • He’s a humble guy and always represents himself that way. I’m sure he is being self-deprecating…

    “Huge tour” – I hope they come to atlanta (athens would be even cooler).

  • i agreed with dawgsahck and nsfw. but seriously radiohead, stop telling me it’s almost ready, or that it might be this long or that its coming soon with a big tour. just show me the album already so i can lock myself in a room and listen all day

  • I hope that in this time, radiohead will visit Korea! We are waiting for you!! There are huge fan of radiohead ! and i’m a staff one of the biggest club we love radiohead soooo much!

  • So, we still don’t know anything solid. They could just say when can we expect it, for a couple of weeks I’ve been holding my breath waiting for the big announcement and now I’m just tired/frustrated a bit. On the other hand they never released anything less than very good/brilliant, so I know it will be worth the wait.

  • Pliss indonesia…We love you so much.. 🙂

  • Wrong answer Jonny! I’ll go with the misinformation, I like it better. Jonny is smart and likely evasive to the interviewer’s questions but that’s a pretty serious misquote.

  • Italians are some funny people. They make the most beautiful things in the world, yet they always twist arguments to reach fake grandiosity!

  • I am very startled to see the picture of you on Green Plastic that shows you wearing a orange sweater and your right eye is covererd. NOOOOOO!!!
    Jonny. You better not have join a cult. A devil worshiping cult.
    I am not going to sit idly by and let my favorite band sell their souls to the devil.
    Jonny you need to write me back and confirm you did not sell your soul to the devil. It better just be a PR stunt. And also, don’t mess around like that. I’m feeling a little sick right now.

  • So the long and short of it is…they’re not ready to send LP8 out to kick our asses and take our names just yet.

    Tbh I want them to deliver the most sublime work of their career and if that means waiting longer, perhaps March or so (??), then so be it. Touring WILL be on the cards but I doubt they’ll sort those details till January. Record finished by Christmas will surely be their aim.



  • I heard they’re remaking the “Chinese Democracy” album…thats why they’re being so secretive. I just hope it doesn’t take 15 years to make like the original did…

  • Looks like it’s gonna be an LP-8-less Christmas 🙁

  • Everytime any news story is posted on this site, almost every other response is from “irritating lazy children”. The album will come out when they’re ready to release it. Be patient!

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