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Gilles Peterson on Radiohead’s LP8: ‘It’s Done I Believe’

Vagueness alert: We Radiohead fans can use anything to make our day when we’re so long in between Radiohead albums. So here goes…

The other day the Gilles Peterson hosted the Worldwide Awards at London’s Koko. You’ve probably seen the backstage interview with Thom Yorke talking to Flying Lotus after Thom handed him the award for Best Album (Cosmogramma). Now, Gilles Peterson was talking about the award show and about Thom Yorke showing up: “I think we’re just lucky that Radiohead are having some free time at the moment. And Thom was just hanging out. He enjoyed himself. And there’s a new Radiohead album if you’re wondering. It’s done I believe.” [listen to the show at around 1:26 minutes]

So, I warned you. This is all we have. But enough to get excited about….

[thx Sh4DoWX]

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  • Shitting Priest! I don’t want to get my hopes up too soon (which I have been doing for the past year now) but he did also say that it was good that radiohead were having some free time at the moment. oooh!

  • I just jizzed my pants!

  • Done is good. Now to the release date so we can all go crazy.

  • Almost 3 and a half years waiting is enough I think. If it is done why don’t they release it? Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up one day and find out that they just released it?

  • Radiohead are the best band of all time!

  • They are most likely trying to figure out how to release the album. They could just do the same thing they did last time and reap the benefits. Radiohead likes to reinvent themselves, so I doubt they do that. I just want to hear the album already. The thought that we would see it at the end of 2010 is making a lot of people impatient this early 2011.

  • Right now I’m considering sacrificing a goat to appease the heavens to get this album out. Well, maybe not a Goat as that would be harsh and probably un-radiohead like.
    Perhapse a politician?

  • So the album is already being distributed in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez. It hasn’t leaked on-line cause the government has shut all internet services. Meanwhile Rh will continue it’s policy of giving it out free to all protesters around the world through independent labels!

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  • I dunno, guys. Thom just recently posted on DAS “its about time you showed up for work”. I think they had taken some time off during the Holidays and are still working on it. Weren’t Phil and Jonny both busy with their own albums and shit for awhile, too?

  • @ Jon Lovitz: It’s just one of Thom’s random playlists he likes to post. I doubt that sentence means anything important.

  • This album is going to suck bawlz….

  • I pray that present tense and/or flying lotus will be on the next album. and of course give up the ghost… I got into radiohead when I first heard in rainbows.. I was obsessed with it.. within the the month… I bought ok computer, amnesiac, THE ERASER, kid a, the bends, hail to the thief.. (rare tracks, live tracks) didnt bother with pablo honey though (downloaded that one). so.. basically I had 3 1/2 years to enjoy everything radiohead has put out during their career..

  • I think he said “Just on” i belive.

  • Wooooooooooooooooooooooo! I actually might wee myself

  • Just release the album God dammit… 🙂

  • i think communication its the key . and they lost communication with the fans . a bit great way of keeping LP8 fresh , and a bit pretentious as well .

    too much silence for me, stop being interesting and start being boring and very cold , like the ice age or a big wall of ice . i am loosing connection . and i wish they would give ourselves a bit more update than the mystery , which is fun , but maybe went a bit far this time . one think [ that i love ] is stopping silly leaks of their music b4 it’s release , but from there to this mystery for so many years . . . again – sounds too pretentious to me – but you know what , i guess the people bitching on at ease and other sites [ as i am doing now ] create this pretentious distance they are making now . but again , i think they went too far , they know for sure we ll love LP8 and that s why they keep it so under the pillow . but they left the fans aside a bit . i feel like that . how to create harmony between stupid crazy modern fans and information on advances on LP8 ? i do not know , that s why i still understand them a lot , but i would find the way , there s always a middle point , requires dedication and brains , and they have it so . . . anyway . . .

    c’mon . . . pls . . . its about time . . .

  • Maybe it is about time we went out on the streets and protest.

  • its about time you showed up for work

  • i think it’s not that of a huge big deal . most people wouldn t even like or expect a tonto facebook update every 5 minutes . but you know . a few messages . like : ” we re mixing ” or ” we love the sound we re getting ” or ” expect more of what you ve heard live ” , things like that . . . . only stanley seems to be making an effort , at least we know there are trees and woods [ maybe ] around for sure hehe .

    i am calling thom right now . . . he is actually dj’ing on my b-day party , i am sure he will understand . I ll keep you posted.

  • Don’t get me wrong, Radiohead is my favorite band but they are some lazy mother fuckers! They can learn a lot from The Beatles and their productivity! Take Amnesiac for example, an album with rest material which end up to be their best one! Thom life is too short, wake up and make art instead of playing the celeb in L.A. !!!

  • …it’ll happen. it’s obvious we’re all starving for new content. regardless, they’ve never put out a bad album so all’s good. in rainbows will be hard to top though; such a complete album…we’ll see…soon maybe?

  • no way no way it’s too sick it’s too sick!!!!!

  • you guys area all retarded. he was talking about the Untrue album not the radiohead album.

    way to get over hyped and all fail at the same time.

  • who?

  • March 10th. Calling it now.

    (This is solely based on the “pointless” cryptic messages they sent out before In Rainbows, namely the one that said March WaX. I’m being hopelessly optimistic…)

  • Calling the date of LP8 based on something sent out before LP7?

    That’s beyond optimistic, it’s inane.

  • Anyone seen RadioheadTV lately?
    I checked it…all black…but left it on and forgot about it.
    Then after about an hour, a shot of a tracklist popped up for less than half a minute.
    I’m waiting for it to happen again, so I can get a screen shot…

  • If the tracklist was up for half a minute, why didn’t you read it?

  • Thom!

    IF you can hear me. PLEASE, i need you. I need this album NOW! Please, do it one more time and give me something beautiful to cling onto. I need you!

  • words are blunt instruments

  • phew! for a minute there i lost myself.

  • I dont like the way things are going these days…
    and I don’t like this kind of photo’s:

    how can we get thom miserable again?
    I want ‘Kid B’ this year please !!!

  • “how can we get thom miserable again?”

    come on, you can’t seriously wish any man to be miserable. and besides there is more to music than being miserable

  • oh this was a serious news-topic ? so sorry !!! (not)

  • He looks so uncomfortable being photographed by the paparazzi I just want to give him a hug.

  • Radiohead don’t have a song called “Flying Lotus”

  • Flying Lotus Flower

  • Please please please let the new album be finished and released already! I can’t wait much longer.

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  • I think they don’t have anything yet

    just a few songs thom played solo

    who knows not even radiohead songs

  • is down. or is it just my internet?

  • just your internet fool . / / or maybe you’ll be hearing something soon . . .100010101010 10101010 0111100110010101 10101010

  • then my internet its fucked up as well –

  • @Kevin…because I only noticed it briefly and didn’t think to copy it…but of course I read it.

  • @Kevin et al…and here it is, copied from the direct broadcast:

    0 mkIII
    1 super collider
    10 give up (the) ghost
    11 clipsed
    100 the present tense
    101 the daily mail
    110 i froze up
    111 fishes, ever weirder species
    1000 big boots to fill
    1001 true love waits
    1010 how well it happens

  • I just saw it pop up!!!

  • Did you really?

  • I saw the list too.

  • Yup me to. I saw it on there wikipedia page to.

  • Guys! Don’t you have a PrintScreen button? )
    Press one please! 🙂

  • @ Rail

    haha very creative

    “even weirder species”

    “big boot to fill”

    I had a good laugh

    at least

  • To those that saw the brief broadcast on Radiohead TV last week, we know, we know…

    The rest of you…well, now you know too that there’s a new album on Saturday.

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  • Love radiohead, thanks for sharing this.

  • The body methods were the coupe and convertible.

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