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Ed O’Brien on The Jasmine Revolution

Ed O’Brien just posted on Dead Air Space talking about The Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia. His post is below:

What have twitter and facebook ever done for us?

Obviously, keeping in touch with everyone but I have to say I have become increasingly excited over the last 3 months about the possibilities of this form of communication.Yes I am very slow out of the blocks. It’s in the arena of public protest that it seems twitter and facebook are increasingly the means by which popular movements throughout the world are able to come together and mobilise.

I have been so moved by the peaceful Jasmine revolution in Tunisia; The anti-Government demonstrations centred on Tahrir Square in Cairo.. Social networking has helped facilitate the freedom to assemble peacefully and express oneself. Equally in Britain it seems to be having a similar effect in helping essential protests being organised by students and groups such as UK Uncut against the Government’s ill thought out cuts … Well done those people!

The original post on Dead Air Space.

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  • I thought at first the new album was called The Jasmine Revolution !

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  • I thought it was about the new album at first time……

  • Would be an exciting title anyway…

  • shuddup ed and give us a radiohead album

  • And on that note, members of the band should start tweeting and/or Facebooking. Unfortunately the protests in Cairo have become increasingly violent. They need a Aung San Suu Kyi.

  • Album please?!?

  • so..months of waiting to know.. facebook and twitter help comunication?!? i totally appreciate social involvment of the band -that’s one of the reasons i love them- but.. i’m sure the album’s already done, they’re just lookin for an ‘original’ way to sell it.. but who the fuck cares?!? just give us the music.. you’re doing it bigger than it is.. just release the fuckin album!
    ok..just pourin out..i’m sorry..

  • an interesting article i read about social media and the extent of their effectiveness towards social movements.

    glad ed feels they have a positive effect

  • Odd post. a) its by Ed, b) why bother?

  • When’s the album out Ed? When’s the fucking album out Ed?

    It’s 4 years. Is this a triple album release? Don’t give me anymore shit Ed.

  • Yippee Ed. How’s that album coming along Ed? That’s the only reason anyone listens to you and Thom you know, your music. You should start making that soon, because otherwise who gives a rat’s ass, you know? Not to be mean, because I’m sure you’re a nice guy, but go to the studio, today, and say “hey guys, what do we need to do to wrap this thing up?” and just do it. I’ve personally recorded three albums in the time it’s taken you to record whatever you guys have now, and I’m not alone.

  • Thanks Ed for stating the obvious! New album! The only reason people actually take the time to read your post is because you make amazing music. If you are looking to save the planet then go into politics – lol. So please save us all the headache and just do what you’re made to do. You released “these are my twisted words. ” back in 2009. Great song! It’s time to actually release an album and keep your word to all the fans. You guys have been figuring this all out since November, remember? So spare us all with your humanitarium efforts and please release the album. I think most of the world has been on facebook for the last 5 years! YOU GUYS are just bored and need some sort of hobby to keep you busy while the rest of us “worker bees” waits on pins and needles to be excited with a new album. Don’t take your fans too lightly or you will wake up one day as a lonely has-been. 🙁 It’s like a good relationship, you have to put effort into it to keep the ship moving. Don’t be a weird fish!

  • whoa! you don’t have to lash out harsh word guys

  • whoa! you don’t have to lash out harsh words guys

  • Everyone needs to calm down, Radiohead don’t have an obligation to release an album. None of us know why they haven’t released one and none of us know if it’s even been finished. I’d rather wait for something that enhances their legacy than have them rush to release something below their normal standards.

  • 0 mkIII
    Hey you guys want to stop whining? Being a musician is a 24/7/365 job and the guys work harder than most reinventing the damn wheel every album. Give em a break theyve earned that from you havent they? But allow me to throw ya a bone ;] Mysterious tracklisting numbered by binary showing an 11 song sequence popped up on radiohead tv and on a link through dead airspace on a post by Eddy so it’s got a little more weight to it than “Tehrangeles” or whatever the hell the last “leak” was. and this wasnt in some weird encripted BS. LP 8 BABY!!! and its got one of my fave live tracks too!
    1 super collider
    10 give up the ghost
    11 clipsed
    100 the present tense
    101 the daily mail
    110 i froze up
    111 fishes, ever weirder species
    1000 big boots to fill
    1001 true love waits
    1010 how well it happens

  • Ok, Ed, you’re forgiven.

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