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Radiohead’s new album ‘The King Of Limbs’ available for pre-order

Radiohead The King Of LimbsAnd then, out of nowhere, Radiohead have announced the release of their new album ‘The King Of Limbs’. The new album will be available for download on February 19th.

The band announced the record, via a message on Dead Air Space ‘Thank You For Waiting’, which redirects to a pre-order page on The album is available in 2 editions; A newspaper edition, wich includes digital downloads and a download only. The newspaper version costs €39 (including WAV-files) €36 (MP3s). If you just want to digital download, you can get it for €7 or €11, depending on the sound quality. Prices may vary, depending on your locating, but include shipping. The album will be shipped on May 9th and includes two 10″ vinyl records, a CD and 625 pieces of artwork.

Radiohead’s new record, The King Of Limbs, is presented here as the world’s first* Newspaper Album, comprising:

Radiohead’s new record, The King Of Limbs, is presented here as the world’s first* Newspaper Album, comprising:
Two clear 10″ vinyl records in a purpose-built record sleeve.
A compact disc.
Many large sheets of artwork, 625 tiny pieces of artwork and a full-colour piece of oxo-degradeable plastic to hold it all together.
The Newspaper Album comes with a digital download that is compatible with all good digital media players.
The Newspaper Album will be shipped on Monday 9th May 2011 you can, however, enjoy the download on Saturday 19th February 2011.
Shipping is included in the prices shown.
One lucky owner of the digital version of The King Of Limbs, purchased from this website, will receive a signed 2 track 12″ vinyl.

Update: The album will, however, be on general release on CD and 12” vinyl in all music stores and digital retailers from March 28th. As with their previous album ‘In Rainbows’ the band will partner with XL Recordings (TBD Records in the USA & Canada and Hostess Entertainment in Japan & Asia).

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  • Thank you! Happy V Day

  • Still debating whether to buy the big newspaper bastard or not.

  • There is no question for me, I am getting the newspaper bastard!

  • tracklist?

  • Ordered! Can’t wait!!! Wow! this feels like 2007 all over again!!

  • Burn the Witch!!!

  • the best valentine’s day gift radiohead has ever given me 🙂

  • god i wish i could see a tracklist

  • wasnt there something about an interview??????????

  • Great!

  • I’d love to see a tracklist, but it’s actually really exciting that there isn’t one.

    There won’t be any of that LIVE VIDEOTAPE IS BETTER nonsense that plagued the In Rainbows release 😛

  • This is so exciting! What a great Valentine’s day present!


    Album has 8 tracks.

  • only 8? I did not just wait almost a 5th of my entire life for only 8 tracks. that’s such a downer. they’d better be 8 good tracks. none of this MK14 nonsense.

  • Could’nt stop smiling when I read it.

  • Crap, i’m actually kind of rethiinking spending 50 bucks for only 8 tracks….. hope it doesn’t include those two previously released tracks without albums over the past year or so.

  • This ( doesn’t seem legit, all the preorder pages accessible through radiohead’s site don’t look like that.

  • has to be a legit domain, links directly to it. so… 8 it is, i guess

  • but that /sites/en thing is bogus…the “help” link doesn’t work, clicking on the “radiohead” banner at the top just loops you back to the same page, and there is no “terms and conditions” link at the bottom.

    I’d be loathe to put my billing information in there, or to believe the 8 tracks thing. Just sayin’

  • 8 tracks?! oh well.. still bought the newspaper package

  • So you’re saying that the legitimate Japan domain has a fake English directory on it? I think it’s just not properly up and running yet (as by itself still just redirects to the English site) …but it is the real deal. Only question is whether the 8 number is just some kind of placeholder that they didn’t intend people to actually see? Seems like a stretch though

  • When will the message board be back up. It’s taking forever.

  • Typo forgot the question mark.

  • I apologize but are you people INSANE. This is not the newest Muse or Kings of Leon bs getting released. This is Radiohead.I spent HUNDREDS of dollars on In Rainbows because ITS RADIOHEAD. 50 bucks for 8 tracks is fair as hell, on top of the amazing artwork that is sure to be included from Donwood. At least its not some “release a track a month” garbage. This can only be amazing and can only be Radiohead. You weekend fans go back to your lives.

  • The excitement levels in these comments seem unnaturally low. Allow me to fix this.


  • allright! this is amazing, i second that it’s like in rainbows all over again!

    curious, oxo-degradable plastic means the outside will probably indeed decay ( so we should probably take some photos of this.

  • Wow, nice try at setting up a fake site to take people’s money and credit information. I truly hope some idiots fall for it, and the jackass who created the site gets sued beyond belief.

    Idiots rule man.

  • Hahaha “weekend fans.” Not complaining if it is 8 tracks, just interesting if that turns out to be the case. I SAW EM ON THE BENDS TOUR, BOY.

  • for all interested, a purported tracklist. and a ruddy wonderful one at that.

    0 mkIII
    1 super collider
    10 give up (the) ghost
    11 clipsed
    100 the present tense
    101 the daily mail
    110 i froze up
    111 fishes, ever weirder species
    1000 big boots to fill
    1001 true love waits
    1010 how well it happens

  • Even if it is just 8 tracks, remember that the discbox version of In Rainbows came with Disc 2. Most likely, the newspaper thing will come with B-sides.

  • Remember last time guys? Free digital version was only half the album. I expect something similar with more tracks once the physical version is released.

  • Soooo 11 tracks?

  • but last time they told us there’s be bonus tracks with the physical version. no such announcement this time.

  • Sorry we broke your site Adriaan! I don’t know what to think about the purpoted 8 tracks. To be honest I’m just so excited to get new Radiohead I can’t even focus on my midterms!

    Even if it is 8, we all know its going to be amazing! So see you in 5 days ladies and gents!

  • Even if it IS only 8 tracks, so what? have you guys considered the fact that some of the songs may be longer than 4-5 minutes? and except, some of the best albums of all time were 8 songs or less. just sayin’.
    and if it’s more than 8 songs, also cool. all that matters really is the quality of the music, nothing more. as long as the album is lot less than 40 mins it’s okay, and let me tell ya – I’M 100% SURE THE ALBUM WILL BE AWESOME.
    so now let’s start freaking out til Saturday!!

  • ….. wow …. Thank you Radiohead, thank you.

  • Not*

  • i hope thats not the tracklist

    i have no interest in hearing true love waits taking place of one of the newer awesome ones.

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  • yup, agree with last two, and even if its 8 i bet one or two will be long or something. even if theyre not im glad with my newspaper copy purchase. clearly the packaging is of some serious focus here…”first ever newspaper copy”. im excited.

    also it made me so happy to see that “thanks for waiting”…they know that we’re all impatient and they actually thank us cause they like us cause they are wonderful humans. even though they owe us nothing by any certain time…word

    the only even remotely negative thing i can find to say at this point is that the album cover is a little dark and spooky for me…dont love it. but whatever.

  • I agree with Adam. This could be the teaser first half with a B-sides to follow. but likely the digital release is the ‘true’ album, with the extended version including just glorious b-sides..

    and thank you burnptcruisers – that plastic is gonna be sweet to watch melt in front of my face! would be kick ass if it had a picture of a ‘fake plastic tree’ on it that would then degrade when exposed to oxygen and sunlight.

    japan site is bogus in my opinion. but i did try clicking on ‘the rest of the world’ on the map earlier and it was not up and running… maybe they are still setting that one up.

  • i love that this shit squashes the grammys news too from last night. hope they get nominated for best album and don’t show up or even come on via live feed.

  • i got the newspaper version.

    Brilliant artwork so far. and 625 pieces of stuff and whatnot that comes with the newspaper thing? + vinyls. shit.

    Yeah, well worth the 53 dollars. I bought WAV, and I’ll snag the MP3’s if i feel like it, but whatever, i’ll see how it sounds. Looks promising, and man this is exciting.

  • The site is legit. Just go to and click the southeast asian part of the map.. it links to the jp site. It looks like we ARE looking at 8 tracks. 8 AMAZING tracks!

  • Just throwing it out there for arguement’s sake but any domain can easily be spoofed — fake articles have appeared from, what appears to be, — eventually being proven as fakes through a spoofed address… just sayin’. Also seems odd that the Japan domain would be the only one with track info while the others don’t have it.

  • Thank you adam for bringing some optomisim.

  • Or maybe they’ll be putting out longer songs for a change. Pink Floyd’s Meddle is only 6 tracks and look at what a classic it is. Same goes for Slint’s Spiderland: 6 tracks. It’s Radiohead: 8 tracks, 4 tracks or 184 tracks, you can guarantee a quality album with this band no matter how many songs they put on it.


    even if the 8 tracks are amazing im still pissed cause its only 8

    wow….why not just make an ep.

  • So when will the message board be up and running?

  • lol @ people all pissed off that there’s “only” eight tracks. They don’t owe you even one track, stop acting like entitled twats who keep crying like little bitches.

    Getting back to the real discussion, anytime I hit the link to SE-Asia on the main page, it just brings me back to the main page… so I would take the eight track thing with a grain of salt.

  • I cant believe people cannot see that the Japan site is a fake!

    1. All the formatting is different.
    2. The album cover is different.
    3. All of the other areas of the world have country it is), where as the Japan one is .jp.
    4. The help button does not work.
    5. Why would the Japanese get this exclusive information and no-one else?

  • thanks, we know you love us.

  • Wow you people are downers…you spend the last 3 years on your knees begging for an album, then it’s announced and you guys are like “WHAT? Only 8 tracks?!”

    I guess there’s no way to feed the greedy mouth of fans.

    I am SO pumped for this album!

  • Not complaining, just cant believe anyone can not see through it. I would have no problem if it was true.

  • How disappointing to see so many people speculating and complaining about the amount of tracks. if we know something for sure, is that Radiohead record ALBUMS, with meaning and purpose, not a “bunch” of songs bundled up together. Stop complaining, and be grateful that we get to hear their new work in five days. Also stop speculating about the tracklist and enjoy the fact that they have kept it secret, some respect to the band is in order.

    In other matter, Fk yeah! Radiohead are releasing a new album in 5 days ! ! !

  • And to “SUCK” you obviously don’t get music do you.

  • wow this completely threw me for a loop trust radiohead to upstage the baftas grammys AND BRIT awards with this news unbeliveable i was thinking of waiting for the digital copy to leak I WILL BUY the cd but having to pay for the digital AND the cd is maybe asking too much but ill probably succumb! i cant wait and i dont wanna know ANYTHING ABOUT THE ALBUM i want it to be completely fresh and new unlike ir which i heard a year before it came out.

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  • Has anyone from Japan tried to purchase it, then rec’d an email confirmation? It looks highly suspicious…even the payment scheme is via paypal which is different than regular website.

  • Eho cares if it’s 8 tracks? I mean, honestly?

    Also, wasn’t it Thommy boy who said they might do a series of eps? Even If it’s an ep, I’m thankful for two earlier freebie tracks plus 8 songs. I’m thankful they can muster up speculation for the week and liven things up, I mean, why isn’t anyone screaming “OMG FALL TOUR 2011?!?”

  • Also, clicking the Asia-pacific link on DOES in fact try to access – no word on if that’s a hack job or not, but the terms page now works too..who the he’ll is Hostess KK?

  • OMG FALL TOUR 2011!!!

  • Pre-ordered and couldn’t be happier. 8 tracks, 20 tracks, 2 tracks, I DON’T CARE!!! I’ll take anything at this point.

  • Does somebody knows if the newspaper album version will also be released in physical stores on march 28 or any date after that? Or just on the website?

  • Best Valentine’s gift. Thank you so much, Radiohead. Bought my newspaper edition and I am looking forward to get the music on Saturday.

    I’m so excited! Is it yet too soon to ask about tour dates?

  • Its like the week before Christmas. The presents are under the tree and we are shaking them trying to guess what is there. The speculation during the upcoming 5 days is going to be fun!

  • Newspaper version will only be through RH’s website Lucas, so order while supplies last!

  • Has anyone considered the 8 tracks that are included with the discbox to be 8 B-Sides? ala In Rainbows? Would make sense to me.

  • Shadow that could be. I like that thought a lot. Maybe the 8 tracks are indeed ‘bonus’ to the album. who really knows.


  • it does just say “A compact disc”, so there’s a chance it could be

  • So does anybody know at what time the downloading will start.

    -Oh man I need the message board back-

  • I need the tracklisting! And watch out for those fake “album leaked” download sites. Just wait and buy the real thing.

  • tracklist

  • The King Of Limbs
    2.The Daily Mail
    3.Frose Up
    6.Give Dp Ghost \
    7.Birds O’ Prey
    8.The Bells Of Hom
    9.U Follow Me Round
    10.Bzrn The Witch


  • And just when I thought it was gonna be a shitty valentines day this year…


    Already pre ordered mine…gonna have it on full blast round my house all day if anyone cares to join 😀

  • that list could be a fake, take it with a grain of salt.

    however I’ll join you with the blasting of music throughout the house.

  • Anyone know what time we will be able to download the album? Is it midnight your local time or UK time?

  • Adored In Rainbows but “These Are My Twisted Words” was to my memory the blandest officially finished track they’ve ever released (except maybe some of the instrumental B-sides over the last decade). Cautiously optimistic. Love the cover art.

  • What time will it be released. Midnight or, say, 7am? I can’t remember exactly when In Rainbows was released (time-wise)

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  • […] week when the news about The King Of Limbs first dropped, many people noticed that the Japanese site for the album stated the record would contain eight […]

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