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Is Radiohead’s ‘The King Of Limbs’ an 8-track album?

Now we know the title, release dates and the cover of the Radiohead album, we’d just love to know the titles of those tracks. Let’s guess around.

Radiohead’s ‘The King Of Limbs‘ was their Valentine Project (as the source code of says) and hit all the headlines on the internet, made it to trending topic on Twitter, Facebook, crashed a website and all that. The tracklisting remains a secret till Saturday. However, it seems that we do know that the album holds just 8 tracks. The website for pre-ordering ‘The King Of Limbs operated by Hostess Entertainment, who take care of distribution in Japan and Asia, says you will get 8 tracks as a download and on the CD accompanied with the Newspaper edition. That would be less than all the previous Radiohead studio albums.

Update: The Japanese The King Of Limbs site removed the line about the 8 tracks shortly after this post.

Radiohead The King Of LimbsTracks we’ve seen rehearsed, played, rumoured and are possibly a candidate for the new album are the following;

The Daily Mail
Mouse Dog Bird
Lotus Flower
Give Up The Ghost
Skirting On The Surface
Open The Floodgates
Let Me Take Control/Chris Hodge
Burn The Witch
No Shame
Pay Day
Super Collider

Most of the above tracks are songs Thom Yorke played at solo shows and with his other band Atoms For Peace. Some of the others were rumoured tracks from the In Rainbows sessions and Radiohead live shows. Or can we expect an even older track finally recorded, like what happened to Nude on In Rainbows and Motion Picture Soundtrack on Kid A. Either way, let the guessing begin. Got anything to add? Post them below.

PS Yes, the message board will be back soon. Really.

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  • Present Tense?

  • what about “These Are My Twisted Words”?

  • 8 huh? so 2 songs per side for the (2) 10″ vinyl package? I’ll take what I can get…

  • I really hope The Present Tense is included as it is one of my favourite Thom Yorke songs!

  • This site doesn’t seem legit.

    – “Help” link is dead
    – Commas elided from headline
    – Fonts are different/slightly crude
    – No Order Tracking or Checkout yada yada yada

    And when I click SE Asia on the official site, it doesn’t link me here – just reloads the page…

  • I will be a little disappointed with only 8 tracks…


  • I hope they add present tense.

  • i hope it’s these 8 pieces of 9 minute kraut-epics like some of the In Rainbow tunes were almost…but then being 4 minutes.

  • And what about “Present Tense”? That’s my sure candidate for saturday! 🙂

  • Spooks!

  • just a question: is it possible that an album cointaining just 8 tracks will be need 2 vynils in the luxury package?

  • Slave also. From that Onion AV Club interview.

  • Imagine if every song is approximately 6-7 minutes, than it completely makes sense if the album will be 8 songs.

  • that site seems like a fake. for one thing, they say explicitly no refunds, no cancellations. all the other order sites allow for those. and the design is off, there are typos, etc.

  • Will “True Love Waits” finally get its studio version?? Ok, ok. Probably not. But here’s to hoping!!

  • I’m happy with 8 tracks, but there better be an In Rainbows style “CD2”.

  • That site is almost most definitely a fake. Or at least I’m hoping… (praying, really.)

  • 1. This website ( is operated on behalf of Radiohead by Sandbag limited, PO Box 2656, RG1 8XR, (‘Sandbag limited’/’we’ /’us’/’our’). Company Registration number 4382666.

  • So when are the servers coming back?

  • If it’s only 8 tracks, maybe they’ll have a second album out later in the year, ala Kid A / Amnesiac???!!!

  • They have put a song heard in Meeting People Is Easy in each of their studio album since Kid A.

    Kid A – how To Disappear Completely
    Amnesiac – Life In A Glass House
    Hail To The Thief – I Will
    In Rainbows – Nude
    The King Of Limbs – ???

    Will they do the same with TKOL? Follow Me Around or Big Boots?

  • JUDGE JURY & EXECUTIONER!!!! Would love to hear johnnys take on that wah guitar

    Why would you want a studio true love waits good god thatd be awful, meant to be just a guy on a guitar

    Two vinyl discs makes 8 tracks sound unlikely… Why have 8 track album with a B disk too?

  • I believe it will be more than 8 track obviously due to the grammar and language on the link to the Japanese release…

    I’m crossing my fingers that the Present Tense will be on the album.

  • I suppose it being 8 tracks would be one of the few ways in which they could do something they haven’t done before. 8 long tracks would be really interesting. I would take it over an unfocussed collectionof 14 shorter tracks. My only concern would be that if there are 8 short tracks, it’s status as a classic album seems slightly jeopordised.
    Also, what do we make of the fact that from the world map it doesn’t link to that .jp site. I know someone mentioned it but surely that’s quite significant ?
    Personally I’m loving the speculation.the title and the possiblity of 8 tracks are giving this a slight prog rock feel that I would have thought very unlikely before today

  • I can’t believe how many of you are in denial about the japan site being legit. It’s legit.

  • It does reload the page when you click the SE Asia part of the globe BUT put your mouse over the SE Asia section and look at your status bar. It links to the .jp site, but the .jp sites links back to the original .com. I’m assuming this is because the .jp site is unfinished and was not meant to be seen yet. Dunno why they’re leaving the SE Asians out.

  • Dudes kid A was only 10 tracks. Thom has thrown us a bunch of songs in last few years. 8 tracks is a nonissue. At least we are getting something. Next few days will be torture waiting 🙂


  • 8 tracks? Wait, did i buy the actual album or just the Bside bonus album that comes with the actual album? That “in Rainbows” bonus cd was 8 tracks too….. C’mon Radiohead, its been 3 years i think you can throw more than 8 on there. Screw it, i’ll just put “These Are My Twisted Words” and “Harry Patch” in the playlist and call it 10. That is if they aren’t in the 8….

  • I’d love to hear Skirting On The Surface! 🙂



    [Registrant] IMJ mobile,Inc

  • Yeah it seems pretty likely it will be 8 tracks. I really do not know what to expect. Which is amazing really. Other bands just don’t create this kind of experience anymore. Even compared to in rainbow this is going to be unique. And maybe there is more still to come. Truly fantastic.
    So surely if there are 8 tracks it can’t be just a selection of the expected stuff a la mouse fog bird open floodgates etc like in rainbows. This is gonna have to be dome special shit. Can’t wait.
    I expect it to be dark as fuck.

  • How many songs can fit on a 10″ vinyl? Because the newspaper album comes with two.

  • Right, heres a possibility (irealise endless speculation is annoying but thats basically what this is for)) This is the “Valentine Project”. The King of Limbs is the heart. So maybe mor e to come to spread the songs out..

    I just read that back and its a slightly shit idea mainly because it would be a bit cheeky to charge 30 quid for one part of a bigger project but who knows. I fucking dont

  • BAM!

  • Wake Me (before they come)?



  • the prices for the newspaper version on the .jp siteare different from those on the official one.
    ie. US$44 + $49 compared to US$48 + $53

  • On the Japan order page it states that the album data is

    -8 tracks from the new album ‘TheKing of Limbs”.
    – DRM free

    That seems to imply that the download is 8 tracks from an album that is longer.

    I am grateful, but holding out for more.

    As to a tour
    In Rainbows dropped Oct 08’ Tour did not start until 7 months later in Florida.

    Do you think the tour wait will be that long?

  • would love “Follow Me Around” but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Site’s definitely legit though, when you hover over Japan on the map it directs you to the .jp address. Who cares though, IM SO EXCITED. I need a record player now though.

  • Maybe the one release in japan is different from the one release in other parts of the world.

    8 new tracks in the japanese edition and 8 new tracks in the rest of the world edition.

  • big boots

  • I’m sure they don’t care whether a song appeared on MPIE or not. Just whatever songs worked for them the past couple years.

  • still waiting to wake up from another lp8 dream

  • Here are some thoughts…

    track 1: uniquely experimental intro song, dub-step sounding with loops and/or samples via — 15 Steps & Idioteque

    track 2: the spaced out track, full of lush sounds and Phil’s unique drumming, via — Pyramid Song & Exit Music

    track 3: the rocking song, showcasing Jonny’s familiar guitar work, semi-ling song lasting between 6 – 7 minutes, via — My Iron Lung & Bodysnatchers

    track 4: the acoustic song, beautiful and with a climactic ending, via — Fake Plastic Trees & Faust Arp

    track 5: the experimental jam-song, via — Dollars & Cents and National Anthem … this song lasting just under 10 minutes

    track 6: the new classic, a totally new an innovative track unlike anything the band has ever released, via — Paranoid Android or ???

    track 7: a piano-based song, haunting and showcasing Thom’s vocals, via — Videotape & Street Spirit

    track 8: the warm pretty ballad-based song to close out the album, via — No Surprises or Sail To The Moon

    …Yeah, I can”t wait to listen to it either.


  • 8 tracks? That’s actually pretty exciting. I love short albums, no joke. You can just keep playing that sucker over and over again. Concision is a thing of beauty.

  • “So Radiohead announced a new album and our servers did not like that…. back later”

    It’s been like this all day!

  • Would like to see more than 8 tracks. It has been 4 years.

    BUT can’t wait. The fact that it is a complete surprise and everyone has no clue what will be on it is awesome.

  • I really hope Supercollider is on there. That’s just a fabulous song.

  • I remember last year Thom saying something about not concerned about lps anymore – they were considering eps

  • Just because the domain is legit, it doesn’t mean a sub-directory (i.e. the page this “8 tracks” info is listed on) can’t be spoofed and faked that way — look it up kids.

    And to the person who said it’s been four years since their last album, learn how to do math. In Rainbows came out digitally in October, 2007. Last I checked, that’s three years and four months… that’s not even three-and-a-half years.

    Whatever it is, eight tracks or not, I don’t really care. As long as Radiohead has recorded another amazing album I’ll be happy. It’s the quality, not the quantity… haven’t any of you learnt your lesson from Hail To The Thief?

  • Hope these will be on it:

    Give Up The Ghost
    Mouse Dog Bird
    Super Collider
    Present Tense
    Lotus Flower
    A Walk Down the Staircase
    Open The Floodgates
    Follow Me Around

    BUT DAMMIT I also want these too:

    Big Boots
    Burn the Witch
    True Love Waits
    Wake me (before they come)

    Maybe they’re still doing that EP releases and there’ll be another 8 song album?

  • I remember when it turned out Kid A would only have 10 tracks (breaking the tradition dammit!), I was pretty disappointed. But you know, then it came out.
    And yes, I’m hoping for a Kid A/Amnesiac type deal with another one coming out next year.

    Also, what the hell are people talking about that it looks fake? Is that a joke or something? All the things you said about it, that it doesn’t offer refunds, track orders, or have a SE Asia page… they’re all wrong and can be proved wrong in a second by going to the site and seeing for yourself. I don’t get what you’re doing by saying its fake

  • Has anyone considered the 8 tracks that are included with the discbox to be 8 B-Sides? ala In Rainbows? Would make sense to me.

  • I’m guessing the english version of the .jp site is one they’re working on, giving it to translators, etc. and it’s not done yet.

    In any case, the page has since been updated to not mention any particular number of tracks.

    When they announced in rainbows, the tracklist was on the swank edition info page. LOL if they’ve announced the album, but don’t have the tracklisting nailed down…


    Remember this is “the world’s first newspaper album”.
    We must stop thinking in the old A-sides / B-sides box!
    Maybe they will completely revolutionize the format! Who knows!

    8 tracks can mean 8 pairs of “pages”/”limbs” in the “body”/album!

    so 16 song shouldn’t be off! Again – who knows? This is Radiohead guys.

  • they seem to have removed the 8-track (mis)information from the website

  • Under the terms and conditions of the Japanese site:

    9. The newspaper parts of the Newspaper Album are manufactured using traditional newsprinting technology. Therefore there may be unique yet inherent flaws in the quality of print and paper.

    The plot thickens….

  • I guess its true. I just googled 10″ records. It can contain 10-12 minutes per side at good quality.
    40 minutes is enough i think.. i guess In Rainbows was something like that to.

  • ‘the present tense’ is not ‘thom yorke’s song’. maybe the lyrics are his, but jonny greenwood composed it and even uses part of the structure on two tracks off the ‘norwegian wood ost’.

  • Big Boots would be sick. Love that part of MPIE

  • question: why is the .jp site ENTIRELY IN ENGLISH? no hiagana/katakana/kangi anywhere.

  • (1) Thom farting

    (2) Jonny farting

    (3) Phil farting

    (4) Colin farting

    (5) Ed farting

    (6) Thom and Jonny farting in turns

    (7) The whole band farting at once

    (8) Lift

  • Lol yes, Lift! That’s my fave live unreleased song. Pretty excited here. I hope it’s 100% new material.

  • Oh what about I Froze Up?

    Fancy seeing that on there too in addition to all the ones I mentioned above…

    And hey Adrian, for that list of songs in the story, wasn’t “Pay Day” the working title for “Open Pick/ Jigsaw falling into place” ?

    Here’s my revised hopeful list of songs

    Give Up The Ghost
    Mouse Dog Bird
    I Froze Up
    Lotus Flower

    Present Tense
    Daily Mail
    Super Collider
    Follow Me Around


  • I would like mostly new songs. The only songs I’m hoping will be on the album are Burn The Witch and maybe, MAYBE, Big Boots.

  • If the 8-track thing is true, my desired tracks in no particular order…

    Burn The Witch (because it really has to be on there… especially since Radiohead removed the BTW scrapbook)
    The Present Tense (I have a bad feeling it won’t be, though)
    Give Up [The] Ghost
    Mouse Dog Bird
    Walking Down Staircase/Chris Hodge
    Blossom/Lotus Flower

    Damn, only two more. Of the tracks we know about, I could take or leave Skirting. I want Super Collider but it feels like a one-off. Double A-side with another track? Mornin’ Mi Lord is great but I think its ship may have sailed. Open The Floodgates and Daily Mail feel like Thom solo songs. All of the older stuff feels like a long shot.

    I think this might be a good time to indicate that there’s no way they did just 8 tracks and scrapped the rest. There’s more coming, it’s just a matter of how and when. As a previous poster said, they’re trying to deliver a cohesive record and that excites me very much.

  • Hmmm this is interesting..judging by the album cover, there are indications that this album might be a bit dark, but then when you look at some of the songs (that has a very high chance of making the tracklist) seems quite different. I would never think songs like Lotus Flower, Give up the Ghost and Present tense might make the tracklist of an album called King of Limbs. Hmm maybe that effects on purpose.I just have a feeling that all the songs we know or at least like 90 percent of them is not going to make the tracklist but instead will become b-sides which will released aroud the time when they start touring. That would be great because it means more new music!

  • As for the board coming back up. Can you just activate the main board only? this is a special event and non-RH fan should fuck off somewhere else for their music forum fix. Disable everything and just let us vent, talk, spaz out to The King of Limbs for this whole week.

  • I’m not sure why we are focusing on the 8-song thing if the site looks fake.

  • Now it doesn’t say anything about the 8tracks there… mmmm

  • I don’t know, something about the cover of [the king of limbs] seems more about a world that exists outside of the corporate one we live in…like what’s really between the lines, and what truly exists. To me, every other radiohead cover looks darker than this one. Ed even said that they’re sort of ‘done’ with that radiohead. Moving on to the next big stage (or tier he said). Oh and for the track thing…didn’t jonny say there were 10 songs with that italian interviewer. Honestly, I’m just glad to hear a completely new radiohead album. 5 days to plan out my full, fresh, new radiohead album experience!

  • God I hope it’s 100% new material…I feel like they’ve had forever to record, they shouldn’t just release stuff everyone’s already heard O.o

  • Like most Japanese releases, the Japanese edition of TKOL will contain 2 bonus tracks. The rest of the world only get 6 tracks. The songs are 3-4 minutes long, except the opening track, which is 1:09. The vinyl edition will contain a ‘hidden’ track (well, it’s just the complete ‘D’ side) but this is just a 19:56 recording of Thom Yorke breathing (rumor: while sleeping).

  • it looks like the thing from the In Rainbows cover fell from space and landed in the King of Limbs forest. And the King is leading him down a pathway deeper into the unknown.

  • Why wasn’t Present Tense mentioned? That seems to be the most talked about of the new songs. And wasn’t Pay Day just an early title for Jigsaw?

    Cover art is fascinating. Makes me think the music on the new album is going to be alot more strange and eerie than In Rainbows. Can’t wait to hear the bands’ explanation for the album title/cover.

  • yeah skea you’re right. Pay Day was Jigsaw/Open Pick.

    I love it. I don’t know what direction they’ve taken musically, but the crew have done a fabulous job making this artwork. its so ….you nailed it…eerie.

    that word is fun to type…eerie

  • I love today and I’m not complaining, but why would Radiohead charge their fans $14 for eight tracks? Makes no sense. That’s worse than iTunes.

  • Also, i guess everyone can forget about Follow Me Around, since Lotus Flower is basically a rework of it.

    I hope they managed to do something with Give Up The Ghost, Thom’ rendition was superb.

  • I seriously doubt anyone outside the Radiohead camp really knows how many tracks the release will be. Because the band knows how quickly info and tracks can be leaked on the net these days.

    Also, I find it hard to believe that Radiohead would release a studio album with anything less than 10 tracks, even if 2 are just filler.

    Mainly I’m hoping for some great NEW tunes! But here are some tracks that I’d still like to see on the album, or as a future b-side

    Give Up The Ghost
    Follow Me Around
    Present Tense

  • I would love to finally have a studio version of Big Boots.

  • My name is actually Chris Hodge … and I’ve been a huge radiohead fan since I first heard Fake plastic Trees on the radio back in 90-something. Not that I assume the song is specifically influenced by me (if you google the name there’s lots of us out there) All i can say is it’s an extremely bizarre, cosmic experience seeing your name in the middle of a Radiohead song.

  • The King Of Limbs
    2.The Daily Mail
    3.Frose Up
    6.Give Dp Ghost
    7.Birds O’ Prey
    8.The Bells Of Hom
    9.U Follow Me Round
    10.Bzrn The Witch

    Happy now? 🙂

  • i feel like the album won’t contain more than 1-2 tracks you expect 😛

    AND I’m really surprised no one here wonders what the hell is going to be on this special, signed vinyl that one person will get! two completely new tracks given to just one human being? whoa, sounds exciting

  • 1 Present Tense
    2 Unexplainable
    3 Payback (P’s and Q’s)
    4 Home Sweet Home
    6 So Forgetful
    7 Father Time
    8 Start it Up

  • stop this 8 track shit.its not true
    lets wait 4 days guys.

  • Big Boots would be amazing.

  • that site looks fake to me. compare the art work from legit das to that, you will see how the limbs running through the radiohead font dont seem to blend with the backround image as they do with tkol title from the legit site.

  • Eight songs does seem a little peculiar for an album, but the two 10″ vinyls do suggest this could be the case.

    There’s almost certainly going to be one or two surprises on it….songs that they’ve never mentioned. Didn’t Faust Arp appear out of nowhere?

    From all the murky soundcheck recordings around of the songs that may feature, Present Tense sounds like it’s going to be damn good.

    Will it be out for download from 00:01 on Saturday morning? Does anyone know?

  • I want to hear this on Saturday no matter what.

  • I can’t find the info about it being a 8-track album anywhere on the japanese site…

    Did they remove it?

    By the way, ok, I’m glad about the new album. But after 3,5 years, I was really expecting at least 10 songs on the album and even a B-side album with 5-6 songs (ala In Rainbows).

    Can’t wait for Saturday….

  • I for one am extremely offended that “The King of Limbs” cannot be ordered from Ireland as it is not on the list of countries on the order page. There`s N.Ireland and United Kingdom yet there`s no Ireland, whats this all about? Trying to start another war? I`m Irish not British.

    Of all the bands in the world i thought Radiohead would be more sensitive with these kinds of issues. Frankly i find it OFFENSIVE that the people at WASTE assume the REPUBLIC of IRELAND to be part of the UK!!!

  • Ok, album ordered. Saturday is coming. This text will be old once I push Submit. And that too shall, ah… you know.

  • Danny,

    It’s listed as Eire

  • Message board is still down? The community dying to talk about this.

  • Both Kid A and Amnesiac are 2 x 10″, and neither are 8 songs. Therefore, we can’t really use this 2 x 10″ as a guide.

    I hope it is more than 8 tracks, but I’m excited no matter what. I’m hoping for mostly new material, although I want to hear this Burn the Witch song. And a studio version of Big Boots would be nice. I’m calling Big Boots as one of the songs on that special one of a kind disc.

    How much could that signed copy of the special disc score on ebay? Just wondering.

  • And how do we know the CD contains the same songs as the records?

  • Thanks Tony but that was not there yesterday and when i emailed WASTE about the issue last night they responded within an hour telling me to use the UK, then EIRE appeared this morning.

  • So the preorder page says:

    “MP3 version is a 320K constant bit rate file.
    WAV version is a full CD quality uncompressed digital audio file.”

    Am I the only one who is tempted to think that the use of singular (“a file”) here might be an indication that the album download will just be ONE huge 40 min file? No separate tracks? Or maybe it really is ONE song?? A “suite”??
    What do you think?

  • blackboard anyone?

    Take a zoom.

    21 main songs on the board,
    And here is the run down:
    in rainbows:
    2 – videotape
    4 – house of cards
    5 – bodysnatchers
    7 – faust arp
    9 – nude
    10 – arpeggi
    14 – reckoner
    missing (on the blackboard)
    – 15 step
    – jigsaw falling into place
    – All I Need

    IR second disk:
    (Studio section) 3 – bangers and mash
    17 – can stylee (aka go slowly)
    19 – down is the new up
    21 – last flowers
    missing (on the blackboard)
    – up on the ladder
    – 4 minute warning
    – mk1+mk2 (who cares yet?)

    That leaves:
    1 – no shame
    3 – solutions (aka super collider)
    6 – morning mi lord
    8 – suit don’t fit
    12 – a pig’s ear (aka the daily mail, odds on this is kinda the title song)
    13 – trills (i am walking on stage now)
    15 – skirting on the surface
    16 – Fela Kuti Thing
    18 – burn the witch
    20 – i am walking on stage now ?

    It could be these songs! So ignoring song 20, I suspect 8 is entirely possible and the list is not entirely different from the above report. It could be 9 songs!

    Woo! Lets see in a few days if you can stop exploding by then…

  • More money required! :o)

  • still mentions 8 tracks here:

  • No it will be seperate songs as opposed to one

  • WOHA! First review !!!!! ITS ACTUALLY 10 Songs!
    1. INTRO 1
    10. OUTRO II (INTRO)
    3. P£T£R P£PP£R
    7. CREEP II
    9. FML
    10. OUTRO II (INTRO)

  • That artwork is damn dark! Love the title too.

    In Rainbows only became a good title to me once it was associated with the music on it.

    If it IS only 8 songs on the album, then they’ve def got some more stuff up their sleeve somewhere in the next few months, and it was just those 8 songs that fitted with the aesthetic of the King Of Limbs.

    I’m going on the notion that if i keep talking Saturday will be here quicker.

  • We seriously need the MB back

  • Bring the message board back.

  • I miss the message board.

  • When the board will be back??? :'( :'( :'(

  • They should do what someone suggested above, just keep main open for awhile and let all the music forum people go somewhere else to talk about Sufjan Stevens.

  • leak this fucker

  • I just checked what Ryan wrote and it is true…

    ryan says:
    February 15, 2011 at 3:50 pm

    still mentions 8 tracks here:

    However, if you just go to, the info is gone…

    so, wtf????

  • Drooling.

  • Radiohead trending everywhere. Have a feeling they will headline Bonnaroo… ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well it is called King of Limbs and has an octopus on the cover. 8 tracks like the 8 limbs maybe?

  • Someone on the site’s live help chat thing told me the site is real, asked where I’d read it was fake, said they’d “look into it”.

    If that same person is reading this comment now – hi! thanks for your help!

  • Also did someone pull this tracklist out their ass:

    Sterile (5:35)
    Nag (6:55)
    Orange, But Still Blue (4:39)
    Oddly (8:53)
    In Air (6:00)
    The King Of Limbs (14:57)
    Midafternoon Sunset (4:15)
    Couldn’t (4:23)

    Whats the original source for this?

  • i’m so happy i dont what’s on the album and i dont want to. It will be a complete surprise and shock to hear it and i havent had that from rh in years! They toured all their other albums before they released them and ir we heard a year and a half before it came out so this is really refreshing. I dont want ANY OLD songs on there i want all new stuff- the songs that thom and co did over the past year are b-side quality and I have a feeling this is gonna be a kid a style CLASSIC. Besides why be so mysterious about the album if they were gonna put old songs on there?

  • I want to hear the 15 minute King of Limbs.

  • Oh this tracklist

    Sterile (5:35)
    Nag (6:55)
    Orange, But Still Blue (4:39)
    Oddly (8:53)
    In Air (6:00)
    The King Of Limbs (14:57)
    Midafternoon Sunset (4:15)
    Couldn’t (4:23)

    adds up to 56mins – the time of 2 10″ records….hmmm the plot thickens.

    It may be complete bs…but its intriguing.

  • It would be side 1

    Sterile, nag, orange

    side 2 oddly, in the air

    side 3 the king of limbs (which is the right length to fill one side of a 10 inch)

    side 4 midafternoon sunset, couldnt

  • Where are you guys getting that tracklist from?

  • Years ago Thom was quoted as saying that the band would eventually move towards releasing music in the form of EP’s. Then came inrainbows which wasn’t en EP but definitely a change to the way their music was released.

    Maybe releasing just 8 songs (if that is the case) will allow them to release music more often, say twice a year?

    From what I remember, they do have a couple of albums worth of material no?

    Also applaud them for giving the fans the choice of just downloading digitally or buying a nice thought out package for those who really want / NEED it.

    Just my thoughts, correct me If i am wrong.

  • Does anyone know if this will be released at each location seperately at 12:00 AM on Saturday (respective to your time zone), or will it be available for download everywhere once it hits 12:00 AM on Saturday in the UK? Big time difference.

  • It’s great that Radiohead have finally realised they should give their fans access to uncompressed downloads. I only hope they do the same with Harry Patch & TAMTW at some point.

    I love that they haven’t played the songs on this album to death ahead of release. I also love that there’s no tracklisting provided. There’s no chance of endless exhaustive speculation draining the life out of the album before we’ve even heard it. The contents of this album will be the first genuine surprise for most Radiohead fans in years.

    But I REALLY hope that isn’t the cover. I’m looking forward to the ‘Newspaper’ but that’s definitely the worst Radiohead artwork & lettering since Pablo Honey! JESUS, STANLEY!

  • So guys i have few things to notice:
    First of all I think this: “Two clear 10″ vinyl” means that nothing is going to be on it. That would mean that the album could easly has 30 minutes of runtime.
    The Second: Do you remember the cover for “these are my twisted words” which was included with the song, that you can download from the site? There is a tree on it, or just a bunch of brenches and limbs. So that song can easily become a single for The King of Limbs album.

    Just a few thoughts from Hungary

  • Dave

    I also love that I don’t know the tracklist and the cover is one of the worst’s.

  • that tracklist from above was mentioned on GreenPlastic’s forum, Mortigi Tempo, it was speculation.

    as far as I’m concerned, nothing is known until Saturday. just chill out! =)

  • A 15 minute song? No thanks. I very much hope this is bullsh!t.

  • I don’t think the album will be just 8 tracks. That doesn’t make any sense since they are charging $9 for the MP3. As we all know, Radiohead doesn’t really care about how much their albums cost, so there would have to be some value attributed to that amount of money. 8 tracks isn’t going to cut it, and I’m the biggest Radiohead fan ever.


  • @er

    Ain’t that the truth.

  • I wonder why everyone thinks that 8 songs seems to imply a shorter album than any of the albums the band has released before. There is no set length for a song, so making an assumption that this means they’re releasing a shorter album is pretty absurd. Personally, I hope it’s 8 songs long and the length in total of any album before it. If any band can keep me interested in one song for upwards of 7 or 8 minutes, it would be these guys. I’m sure they’d make brilliant use of the space.

  • Jim you’ve hit it spot on.

    some great albums are under 8 songs. I think the worry is unjustified. We haven’t heard the record yet, and if it is 8 songs, I’m sure there will be 1, 2, longer recordings that make it a good 40- 50 minute album.

  • I don’t understand why no one is commenting on this: It looks fairly legit to me!

  • @brad

    do you thing radiohead would make a song titled “creep II”?
    cause i don’t think so.

  • lol. is that what tipped you off? really? great job!

  • we might as well make some wagerss. I bet you $53 that there are 11tracks. and one of them is under 3min

  • i just commented as you asked.
    i don’t understand why are you being this rude?

  • It can’t be ep length because it comes on two 10″ records…I somehow don’t think they will be blank lol,


    8 limbs anybody?? Just kidding, I just like that part about “descend[ing] through the various layers of consciousness towards the very center of consciousness” (referring to Samadhi even though this can’t possibly be related to Radiohead) and I can’t believe I’m actually adding to the speculation (haha) but I did the research, so you can aim flame at me.

    Have a nice week everybody. 🙂

  • I think it might be because it was obviously a joke and you gave a smart arse reply in addition to the fact that the only thing you picked upon was that Thom probably wouldn’t call a song creep2. He went pretty easy

  • Led Zeppelin IV : 8 tracks, 42’48”.
    Sigur Ros (Untitled white album) : 8 tracks, 72’05”.
    In Rainbows : 10 tracks 42’34”.

    I’m not sure where anyone should see a problem in the possibility of an 8 track album…

  • No way Follow Me Around gets recorded and released commercially by the band – unless they recorded a Neil Young tribute album.

  • I have a got a sneaky feeling that Present Tense, These Are My Twited Words, Skirting on The Surface and Super Collider are going to be in it.

  • go check the other post about their manager
    i can’t fin the likn now on youtub about the tracklist and the snippets you can hear there

    doown down in the comments

    i’m suprised noone has posted this, review and track-list.

  • @the poulpe

    And don’t forget Sufjan Steven’s All Delighted People EP from last year lasted just under 60 minutes with only 8 tracks.

  • Give up the Ghost would make an awesome closer.

  • i think the concern about the ‘8 tracks’ is not so much the possibility of it being a short album,
    its more that we dont associate radiohead with “epic 6 -10 minute jams”. and all the new songs we’ve heard dont run very far over about 5 mins.

  • other than paranoid android of course

  • So, when has a new Radiohead record ever been something you would have associated with them before? 😉

  • average track length is something thats been pretty consistent over all their albums though

  • Well, maybe they’re branching into a new territory yet again. I wouldn’t see that as a problem. Personally, the idea of some epic post-rock Radiohead album is something I’d get off to so hard.

  • yeah long self-indulgent songs are not really their style (not that i dont love a good epic). cant see an album of 6,7min+ songs though. maybe 8 solid 5 minute pieces would be cool though with some interludey stuff to tie it all together


  • They don’t have a style! That’s the beauty of it!

  • Wow, we got confirmation that The Present Tense is the only one of the newer songs that made the cut… One of my friends from Germany said he got an email confirmation that listed the tracklist, and it was 8 songs, all of which he didn’t recognize except Present Tense!!!!!!

    He is a friend and could be screwing with me, ha but he has let the joke go on way to long if he is, and he says he is dead serious. Interesting.

  • why would a friend of yours get an email containing the track list

    i still remain confident that no one knows shit all until saturday.

  • Guys, come on. It’s pretty obvious.

    The King of Limbs is an octopus. There will be 8 tracks.

  • No. The King of Limbs is a tree located close to one of the cabins they recorded In Rainbows at.

  • We could speculate all week. I’m more concerned about when exactly the download is available. will it be based off a single euro time zone? Or based on the individuals location? I don’t remember how rainbows was released. or rather when

  • What about Spooks? Personally I’d love it if it were stuff we’ve never heard before.

  • Anyone else notice if you look back at the “in the shed” pic from DAS that you can see the two ghost characters on the cover of TKOL. Back wall far right.

  • Its an 8 song record because the King Of Limbs is an Octopus???

    Each song is staggering in its scope and length?

    Only radiohead would have an 8 song record named after an Octopus!

  • Its a tree thats over 1000yo heres a pic

    …but there is an octopus thing on the cover so maybe its that too? Who knows

  • it used to be common for 8/9 track albums.

    heres a few
    the fall – wonderful and frightening world of… (8 tracks)
    -your future our clutter (9 traxs)
    nick cave – from her to eternity & first born is dead (7 tracks)
    bob dylan – infidels (8ntracks)


  • Yea, he forwarded me the email he got, and unless he is a dick with too much time on his hands (likely) everything seems legit, maybe it is just a coincidence…

    It says… Order Date 15th Feb. Available for Download 19th of Feb.

    Full MP3 – $9

    1. King of Limbs
    2. Slave
    3. The Present Tense
    4. Terra Plane
    5. Ark Syllable
    6. Dawn
    7. Whenever I Am Real
    8. Before They Come

    This is what the email said and like he said, only the present tense is recognizable… and of course he could be an idiot and messing with me, but if so, the joke isnt that funny and he has never screwed with me before. So I don’t know… Could be legit…

  • I could hardly imagine that only a few people recieved email with the tracklist.

    Mine also says…Order Date Tue 15th Feb 2011 and other stuffs but no tracklist. :S

  • Why woud only he have this email? No one else has mentioned it.

  • Not sure how your pal received that but it most definitely is legit. Congrats!

  • I very much doubt we’ll see “TAMTW” again. The song can give us some clues into the direction of the band during their post-In Rainbows recording sessions, but I don’t think we’ll see a song officially released by the band a year-and-a-half ago make the cut for LP8.

    Nor do I expect a studio version of “True Love Waits”, although I suppose the Valentine’s Day announcement and “THANKS FOR WAITING” note could lead one in that direction.

    The only song of those mentioned in the original post that Atoms for Peace joined Thom for during the ’10 tour was “Daily Mail”, right? Of course, that doesn’t preclude it from being a Radiohead track.

  • Maybe a freak accident… Ha, I guess I will find out on Saturday and make fun of him if he came up wit those track names…. Ark Syllable? What the hell does that mean? Ha

  • I’m starting to believe it’s gonna be 8 tracks with another album coming our way in late fall or winter…

    with Spring/Fall tours in 2012 of course.

    @Joseph Statson

    Whether your friend is messing with you or not, I would love it if Radiohead actually include a The Present Tense on this new album.

  • @Joseph Statson

    What does “arpeggi” mean?! 😀


    Do you remember the cover for “TAMTW”?
    It has limbs on it. So I can imagine anything.

  • I too am wondering about what time it will be released. Will the download be available on the 19th UK time or just depending on your part of the world? I live in Hawaii so does that mean I’ll get it on Friday night or…?

  • Here are MY THOUGHTS:
    I saw a list of ELEVEN POTENTIAL TRACKS flash up on RADIOHEAD TV…it did this ever hour or so for about 30 seconds. Only a few people seemed to have seen it, but those that did, corroborate.

    I posted it here and on greenplastic, and it got taken down.
    I posted it on Wikipedia and it got taken down.
    I posted it on the message board and it got scoffed at.

    SO my thoughts are SUCK IT! I saw the list, and I have a decent idea of what the tracks *might* be, despite whether all the pretentious message board trolls and wiki-fascists believe it or not.


  • @_Rail_

    Could you post it again?

  • @MPAS

    I do remember the “TAMTW” artwork. And when I look at the artwork for The King of Limbs, I do agree that the song “feels” like something I’d expect to hear on the new LP. But maybe that’s just because “TAMTW” is all we have to go on in terms of where the band’s been at creatively since In Rainbows (besides Thom’s acoustic stuff).

    Regardless, I don’t think there’s a chance Radiohead spends 5:32 of the new album on an already-released track.

  • This email business sounds a bit fishee. I mean, why would only one person receive an email with the tracklist. Slave is definitely a title that was teased a while back with Thom and Jonny, and The Present Tense is the only recognizable one.

    Your friend has done his homework thats for sure. I am still sketchy on the tracklist though…

    And for the people who want the message board back, lets just continue posting on this beastly 180 comment article! I keep refreshing and finding more comments!

  • What if your friend isn’t fucking with you and ends up getting that special 2 song twelve inch?

  • Slave was really a mentioned title????? Haha, he as well as I only thought Present Tense was the only recognizable one… Unless he is an elaborate hoaxer, I’m starting to believe him…

  • Don’t know if this helps,,, but Chieftan Mews tweeted that he is hiding in my 8-Track…..

  • 0 mkIII
    1 super collider
    10 give up the ghost
    11 clipsed
    100 the present tense
    101 the daily mail
    110 i froze up
    111 fishes, ever weirder species
    1000 big boots to fill
    1001 true love waits
    1010 how well it happens

    I think that’s the one that was flashing on Radiohead Tv

  • But to be honest there doesn’t seem to be that many unheard of tracks on there, which I don’t like. I ‘d rather be hearing new music. And the titles that aren’t already known songs seem like cheesy derivations of In Rainbows stuff. Would they really name a song “mkIII” or “fishes, ever weirder species”?

    I think that radiohead’s albums all exist too separately of each other to coincide that much with song titles.

  • Maybe what was posted isn’t a tracklist?

  • I’ve been thinking way too much about this album since yesterday. I haven’t felt like this much of a fanboy in… almost 4 years.

  • genial….

  • tkol site is down, if you try to access a region.

  • Back up

  • There have been so many different tracklists, it’s hard to believe anyone.

  • Also, think about how easy it is for stuff to get lost in translation, Japanese site designer might have mistaken eighth album for eight tracks, and it was removed. Simple mistake.

  • Well here is just a few IMPORTANT THINGS:

    1). If you take out the instrumental tracks usually in an album (including Radiohead), 8 tracks is not that bad. So maybe this release is strictly vocal/structured songs as compared to songs like treefingers, mk, etc..

    2). THEY BETTER HAVE PRESENT TENSE ON THIS ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don’t understand why people love Present Tense so much. It’s a great song but some people have said it’s up there with How to Disappear Completely.

  • I’m happy 8 tracks or not, I trust Radiohead after 7 great albums they’ll do the right thing.
    Also I don’t think Lotus Flower gets enough credit compared to a song like Present Tense when the title would definitely seem to suggest it will be in the LP – since flowers and nature complement the explanation behind the album (about Savernake Forest and all the ancient, archaic beauty it beholds).


    The track information for The King of Limbs was rumored to have been posted on the band’s Japanese website but has since been taken down. The “unconfirmed” track information that was posted is:

    1. Sterile (5:35)

    2. Nag (6:55)

    3. Orange, But Still Blue (4:39)

    4. Oddly (8:53)

    5. In Air (6:00)

    6. The King Of Limbs (14:57)

    7. Mid-Afternoon Sunset (4:15)

    8. Couldn’t (4:23)

    This can’t be right? Can it?

  • I don’t get the love with ANY song based solely off of solo Thom performances. There are surely songs we haven’t gear that have as much or more potential. I’m happy with whatever they put on the LP and no matter how many tracks there are.

  • @ bob
    well I highly doubt its true because there is no real source to that info and Radiohead have prevented leaks so well for this LP that everything else is just rumour. But one thing would suggest that info is correct – the total length of that tracklist is perfect for two 10″ vinyls. Even if it was true I’m happy that all these songs are not ones we’ve heard already, it would be good to hear new material although personally id like give up the ghost, present tense and lotus flower but thats near half of the “8” songs so that means only 5 songs would be totally new in a way.

  • @ joseph

    that tracklist looks like it could be the most believable one yet..dawn would be “dawn chorus” — thom said he thought it was one of the best things he’s done — and the last track would be wake me

  • @Jim
    I also heard about (& briefly saw!) the “flash” on Radiohead TV. The list you provided is the same as that other guy originally posted.

    Of course, it is all plausible, but only speculative. And could very easily be a ‘throw-off’ by Radiohead themselves. They’ve done that in the past, naming ‘bogus’ tracks just to lead people astray. All adds to the mystery.

  • @Jim (again)
    As for the potential titles though, the “cheesy derivations of In Rainbows stuff” doesn’t seem that off…

    For example: mkI and mkII are just brief electronic instrumentals, so why not start with another brief instrumental following the same naming pattern? Plus, I think MK1 & MK2 (etc.) also refer to some evolution in synthesizer technology…someone else may have more to say on this.

    ‘Fishes, ever weirder species’…well, Radiohead/Thom is big on the environment, and that might extend to the ocean and the ‘Census of Marine Life’ that was completed last year (which identified many new species, some likely ‘exotic’ and ‘weird’).

    The weird title I think is ‘big boots to fill’…which just seems to play on the old ‘big boots’ track that people have been going on about for ages.

    That’s my few cents. We’ll all know for sure in a few days…

  • Or, maybe they should just put ‘Creep’ on the disc, 8 times.

    (That’s one round of that old crappy song for each creeping arm of the magical octopus that everyone’s on about here…)

  • has anybody noticed the *perhaps* at the end of the pre-order information????

  • The perhaps refers to the question as to whether or not it is the first newspaper album. Jethro Tull released something like a newspaper album with Thick as Brick, so I would say it’s not the first newspaper album.

  • oh right! thanks man 🙂 i was starting to build up loads of conspiracies in my head.

  • theres no way the “flashing on radiohead tv” tracklist is the one that will be released. like i truly dont believe it at all. the one with dawn and wake me is the only believable one so far.

    i only hope for burn the witch and present tense…besides that i dont want anything ive ever heard of particularly

  • From Chieftan Muse

    If all the holes were filled in Albert Hall then there shall be no leaks. I am at a casino and need you to transfer me funds: 112872391247

    Ok Sgt. Peppers? Casinos? Whats with the numbers?

  • about that tracklist with dawn, and over 15 mins long king of limbs track etc- – don’t you think most of those titles are pretty ‘boring’ for a radiohead album. I don’t believe any of these tracklists.

  • I don’t know if hes legit, but its interesting. I’m presuming the reference to The Beatles ‘A Day in the Life” is because TKOL is a newspaper album (I read the news today oh boy…)

  • I think some are looking WAAAAY to in to the environment aspect and Thom naming his songs after them. I truly doubt that the “even weirder fishes” thing is real at all. I think it is a big prank. I think we will get anywhere from 3 to 6 of the songs we have heard live versions of and a few completely new ones. As much as I do love the instrumentals if there is only 8 tracks I hope there are no instrumentals then. And to BOB> I think that present tense has a lot of potential to be a very layered and much more intricate song than the acoustic live version we have heard but I do agree with you on the other songs you think should be on the album too.

  • And think about this too: remember on “the most gigantic lying…” DVD how rough and basic There There was? It became such a beautifully filled atmospheric song of perfection. That is why Radiohead is so amazing because you can here a song in its infancy that they throw around with just vocals and a bare guitar piece and eventually here the song matured and tweeked and the electronic aspect thrown in and have the basic song still there but with a complete face lift. It’s like a peacock before and after it spreads it’s wings. I don’t know I must admit that I am honestly just so overjoyed and excited to hear the album. I feel like a little child that has no patience. I just honestly and completely think that this album regardless how long or short will be one of their greatest works. And not because I think it will be very technical and complex but maybe even in just the simplistic beauty that they can make that no other can copy. Or if we are real lucky…. both! I just want to know if present tense and ghost are on it. All the songs they have played live seem to be possible of being flawless masterpieces, except super collider which sounds great but more old school radiohead to me. Cheers to new Radiohead!


  • It’s not “Big boots” it’s called “Man of war” hence the line “drift all you want, from ocean to ocean” like man of war (jelly fish like creatures) do.

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  • […] rumoured the album is indeed an 8-track album. Not all of the 8 tracks are entirely new. Lotus Flower, […]

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