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Radiohead manager: ‘The King Of Limbs’ release is logical progression’

Radiohead’s manager Chris Hufford has described the release plan for the band’s new album ‘The King Of Limbs’ as a “logical progression”.

After the pay-what-you-want-release of ‘In Rainbows’, the follow-up has a fixed price. Hufford said he was trying to look after the band’s interests by charging this time round.

Radiohead The King Of LimbsResponding to the release of ‘The King Of Limbs’ yesterday, Chris Hufford told Music Week: “Our allegiances are to the band. We manage Radiohead, we don’t manage retail or labels, we just manage the band and are just trying to do the best possible thing to allow another brilliant record to be embraced by the fanbase.”

In 2007, when Radiohead caught us by surprise with their seventh album ‘In Rainbows’, The Guardian wondered if the pay-what-you-want-model was Radiohead’s bid to revive music industry.

Almost four years later with the announcement of ‘The King Of Limbs‘, the Guardian is asking almost the same question, headlining an article with ‘Will Radiohead’s The King of Limbs save the music industry?‘. With the Newspaper edition of Radiohead’s eighth album the paper draws a parallel between the music and the newspaper business.

The CD market saw a 7% decline in sales last year, a growing realisation that digital revenue will always struggle to replace the once lucrative CD market, and with tonight’s line-up at the Brit Awards intended to celebrate the best in British music, but which boasts the likes of Mumford & Sons. If that’s the best we can muster, the feeling is that the industry really is broken, writes the Guardian.

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    I may be naive, but I found this on youtube…check out that video called ghost. the reverse sounds at the end made me think of the way we heard the first sounds off I.R. (posted on youtube as well). hm?

  • C’mon, it has been 3 years and 4 months since In Rainbows, not “almost 4 years”… I don’t mind paying, but I bet there will be some backlash this time, people saying that pay-what-you-want did not work out that well because they they don’t do it again.

  • ^_^

  • Amen

  • the youtube “ghost” video is the first few chords of give up the ghost

    gah dunno if its actually from the album, but those are definitely the give up the ghost chords

  • there’s a tracklist as well…

  • Anybody can stick up a youtube video of themselves playing Give Up the Ghost out of tune. I think it’s definitely a fake.

  • Link?

  • yeah but its not out of tune, just slowed down, and most people couldn’t produce a recording that sounded as good as the one on youtube does. as for the link, it’s here

  • get the message board back

  • “most people couldn’t produce a recording that sounded as good as the one on youtube does”

    Come on man this sounds like it was recorded on my laptop’s built-in mic

  • “Come on man this sounds like it was recorded on my laptop’s built-in mic”

    How can you tell that? Its slowed down lol

  • sped up it sounds like the guitar has delay on it

  • IPS Driver Error

    It’s never coming back is it.

  • also the reversed bit at the end does sound like thoms voice..

  • it really doesn’t sound like a fake
    which means that the tracklist could be right
    i’d cut my dick off if i’m wrong
    they created a radiohead channel on youtube
    why wwouldn(t they do the sam for their lp8

  • re tour – Bonnaro line up just announced – they are not on the lineup this year

  • The YT channel wasn’t registered until after the album was announced. If the band really planned on registering that name on YT they’d have done it before there was a risk of some fan grabbing it.

  • true
    the end of the recording of GHOST on youtube sounds like thom’s voice
    could anyone record it and reverse it ?
    even if it only lasts 5 seconds

    and, if the tracklist is ok we’d get 10 OR && or 12 songs, aint it ?

  • ” The YT channel wasn’t registered until after the album was announced. If the band really planned on registering that name on YT they’d have done it before there was a risk of some fan grabbing it ”

    not sure

  • yeah


  • ther’s a new one now on youtube
    after King and ghost, they added ” burn” 15 minutes ago
    now i think that might be a fake

  • seems like i’m the only one getting excited round here


    should i go back to real life ?

  • ‘Burn’ sounds like something someone could make on their laptop in three seconds. Definite fake.

  • looks and sounds legit to me.
    does anyone remember the song snippets befer IR?
    or the way that ‘twisted words’ just ‘appeared…
    they love a little tease.
    and if birds o prey is the song a.k.a. ‘wake me before…’ then I’m going to seriously cry w/ joy on saturday.

  • Why do these stupid music columnists always make Radiohead out to be some “savior” in all of their articles. Can’t they just do things without it being overanalyzed like crazy? Every single time they release an album its got to some kind of “savior” to rock, album releases, or some other ridiculous subject.

  • Don’t care if its fake or not… Its still a part of the increasing excitement! I am looking very forward to saturday!!!

  • there’s no way followmeround is gonna be on this.


  • btw the reversed sped up segments in “ghost” is just the chord progression of give up the ghost sped up and reversed… no thom voice in there

  • noamforever: Prepare to cut your dick off then…

    I sped up the first part and reversed the second part of this video clip :
    (Where did you hear Thom Yorke voice seriously?)
    This sounds like shit and I could do more credible fake…

    Moreover, the band wouldn’t open the youtube account the day the album is announced…

  • Any clue at what time it will be available on Saturday?

  • Apparently, Vice magazine has the 1st review of The King of Limbs on their website.

    I’m not gonna check it out, though. I wanna be fully surprised on Saturday.

  • anyone who thinks there is an actual “review” is an idiot. that was a joke review. NO ONE has the album, not until Saturday. seesh

  • The vice magazine “review” is just an (unfunny) joke.

  • hahahahaha the review is hilarious. it isn’t real you retard.

  • figured just as much, but didnt wanna read/risk it. glad you guys made it clear for me, thanks!

  • Asking fans to purchase an album without a tracklist is fairly pretentious, imo.

  • Asking fans to purchase an album without a tracklist is extremely pretentious, but that’s what makes Radiohead great. As far as the album goes, they don’t give a fuck about you, just about their music and their vision. And while that can be incredibly annoying, I don’t see how you can ask for greater passion.

  • Stoked for the new Radiohead album! here’s more info from X1075 in Las Vegas

  • I just saw this torrent but I didn’t download to see what it is. There’s a tracklist, but It could be anything really. I hope it’s fake and that it didn’t leak.—The-King-Of-LImbs-made-out-of-the-WAV-version.html

  • Pretentious? How can that be pretentious in any sense?

  • LOL. If that torrent was real we have a Led Zeppelin cover and a track featuring Brian Eno to look forward to!!!

  • Someone’s really messin with our heads to put a tracklist this strange. It could be the farthest thing from the truth, or it’s dead on… O.o

  • That fake review is hilarious. C’mon now, I don’t think it’s mean spirited or in any way possible to interpret as a real review. They’re obviously just trolling for pageviews and fun.

  • Pretty shitty that the MB isn’t up yet.

  • @Ryan. Well said. 🙂

  • another one… this one sounds a little better…

  • Nevermind the tracklist… I still want to know just what the hell a “newspaper album” actually is.

  • it would be extremely pretentious if R. Kelly was asking me to pay $48 for an album i know almost nothing about.

  • The only person who would think selling album without a tracklist is pretentious is a obsessive fan who’s waiting for specific tracks to be included.

  • @h_e_n_r_y You don’t have to pay $48, that’s only for the deluxe version. There will be regular CDs and vinyl editions available in March (according to Pitchfork and other reliable sources).

    Also, if memory serves, they were still taking preorders for the IR Discbox for a weeks after the download came out. If anyone is worried about buying the deluxe KOL without hearing the album first, you can just wait and make the decision this weekend after you’ve heard it.

  • I’ve tried almost all the .torrent files to see if it leaked. All of them are Evanescence.

  • Hahahaha! that’s hilarious. Anyway, that “Give” track is weird. Sounds more real than the others at least.

  • @chiggychiggywahwah LOL, so no leaks yet thank god. it would be kinda funny if it did leak since the whole point of releasing the album so soon is to beat out any leaks.

  • @andy:

    I meant to say that I would consider it pretentious (among many other things) if someone as lame as R. Kelly was doing this.

    But since it’s Radiohead (pretty much guaranteeing the awesomeness of the upcoming LP), i’m more than happy to pay.

  • I dunno guys that youtube channel seems more and more legit and seems like something they would do for fun. but still that tracklist lists 10 songs not 8. at least it seems a more realistic tracklist, most fans make up tracklist crap like putting big boots and lift on it. buuut yeah its probably BS. if it keeps uploading stuff though, maybe something thats obviously legit in the near future.

  • be cool

  • Message Board please!!!!

  • pm album

  • abbreviating the King of Limbs to KoL makes me think of the horrible Kings of Leon 🙁

    so please, don’t abbreviate.


  • they’re releasing TKOL the exact same way they released IR (surprise announcement, can only order through the band’s website). They can get away with doing this again because IR easily met or exceeded most fan and critic expectations.

    if i remember correctly, around amnesiac, ed said something along the lines of:

    “we’d never intentionally or knowingly put out shit”

    now if this album failed to meet expectations, it would be MUCH harder to sell the next album for $50 with few details…

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  • “logical progression’….one word; BANJO!

  • One day; Xiao Ming another class …. a sudden “rush”(fart) a cry,sitting next to a small U.S. scolded and said: Xiao-Ming Ah ~ if you could not make a noise;

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