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Voila! A new Radiohead press shot and a message board

With new album The King Of Limbs comes a new press shot. Guess you will be seeing this picture quite a number of times in the coming months. Photo is taken by Sebastian Edge.

So then your message board; back from the dead on a new server with up-to-date software. Not everything is ready yet, but go ahead… invade here.

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  • i dig. this album is going to be amazing

  • 😮


  • the message board isn’t loading.

  • Less than 5 days!!! XoD

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  • they’ve totally been hiding in the woods.

  • The messageboard is sooo slow. It has been loading to get onto main for like 20 minutes now.

  • Well, that’s it, then. This picture clearly indicates that everything Neil Young-esque we’ve heard thus far (“Open the Floodgates”, “Come to Your Senses”, “Mornin’ M’Lud”, etc.) is going to be on this album. With the exception of “Spooks”, which will be the (exceptional) opening track. And I base this on next to nothing.

  • Yeah!!!!!!

  • […] out this new press photo of Radiohead that atease shared with us today. It’s a artsy black and white photo of the band in the woods. If this […]

  • new message board is slow.

    fix it.


  • let me in, LET ME IN!

  • The new message board not working is part of the atease charm. 🙂

  • Well, I finally managed to get to the mb. It took a long time to sign in. When I try to get into the main forum I get kicked out of the site. It’s not working.



  • adriaan i swear to god if i lost my spot as member #10 im gonna be so pissed

  • i wish i had just been riding my bike through the forest this day and seen a radiohead doing a photo session by a tree.

  • esbern, you should be fine. all that stuff is unchanged as far as i can see. 😉

  • will my 50k+ postcount be intact?

  • Is there still a view new posts option?

  • Are we about to get an acoustic Radiohead album??

  • here’s what i think;

  • Well, that lasted all of nothing. Guess we’ll be able to talk about LP8 around the time LP9 is released.

  • I’m thinking that might be a good thing. If there’s no mb to go to we can all listen to the album a few times before we discuss it with anyone.

  • Back from the dead, huh? Pfft.

    (I kid because I love, Ade.)

  • i would have been disappointed if the message board didn’t crash…its all part of the radiohead experience, am i right?

    anyone think johnny finally got his wish and we’re getting banjo this time??

  • If this press photo is indicative of the sound, it looks like we’re getting a pseudo-acoustic folky post-rock drone album.

  • Well, the band’s clothing does point to something like that, doesn’t it? 😆

  • Phil looks like a ghost.

    I like this aesthetic. Kind of gothic. A welcome contrast from the “WE ARE THE REAL COLDPLAY” look they represented themselves with during In Rainbows press coverage.

  • just give me my posts back

  • Fleet Foxes, Part 2 perhaps?? (minus the beards)

  • “pseudo-acoustic folky post-rock drone”
    god damnit i can’t wait 4 more days

  • more art on their myspace:

  • that’s my new desktop – kind of “In Rainbows In The Trees”

  • There are beards there.

  • Love the new picture and yeah it kind of makes me think this will be their folk album.

    Message board is still dead.

  • I do have to say I wish the new message board worked.

    At all.

  • It would be amazing if it were all/mostly acoustic, but I seriously doubt it.

    And yeah, the new mb was incredibly slow and then just crashed. Don’t have any idea what the problem is, but maybe it’s just too big for one server. Maybe they should consider two servers: one for the Radiohead forums and one for the other stuff.

  • This will have to do as our temporary mb for now. 😆

  • I’d be so down for some banjo

  • I’d go down on a banjo

  • Only if it returned the favor.

  • you sound like a man who knows the possibilities

  • I’m surprised there aren’t more people complaining about the message board being down.

  • what messageboa


  • And it’s a new mb… I don’t understand.

  • The tree on the right in that myspace link looks like a penis. :p

  • it looks poop compared to the old one

    I feel sad even saying “the old one”



  • It’s like Mortigi Tempo vomited all over us. Maybe now we’ll be able to post images.

  • I see penises :fun:

  • I miss the mb so much.

    MT just isn’t the same.

  • How are you guys getting on it.

    I just keep getting ‘Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage’

  • what in god’s name has happened


  • The mb is down right now. It was up for a bit but it died pretty fast.

  • Link:

  • Is this the end of zombie Shakespeare?

  • more people finding out about this place and another crash is in the cards….

  • I’m normally not a praying man, but if you’re up there, please save me, Superman.

  • You mean the news section will crash? Yeah, probably.

  • “They call them fingers but I’ve never seen them fing…Oh, there they go.”

  • “I was saying Boo-urns”

  • “Well, he’s kind of had it in for me ever since I accidentally ran over his dog. Actually, replace ’accidentally’ with ’repeatedly’ and replace ’dog’ with ’son.’”

  • @Patricia – it must be i’m getting tired but i checked out your “penis” tree in the right of the picture and i can see faces almost like on a totem pole…am i hallucinating or does anyone else see it?

  • For all those complaining about the messageboard. Shut Up!

    Do you pay for the service? No. How can you then demand a service that is provided to you at no cost.

    Lost your posts? Get over it! Seriously. As soon as you post something on the internet, you no longer own it. You sold it. You’ve all sold your souls you’re crazies!!!

    Guess what … you will lose your member number, you will lose your post counts, you will lose.

    I am member number 1.

    Suck eggs!

  • yeah i can see the faces, there seems to be 8-10 some are very subtle, nice observation!

  • Kid54, yes, on that penis I can see the figure of a man crouching on the bottom and then faces. I must be tired too.

  • Hey has anyone else realized the MB is down?

    What if Radiohead were cats?

  • I swear you guys…maybe I chose the wrong day not to have a smoke…hahaha! Who needs drugs when you have radiohead.
    tree penises? totem pole faces? Radiocats?

  • I’ve been saying it all along. Radiohead are going folk. Stripped down, with trees on the stage. I swear, if they do a theater tour again, I will die a happy woman. The 2006 tour is still my favorite thing in the world.

    Also, Thom looks like Neil Young. Me likes.

  • Treenis.

    Also hats.

  • Reminds me of the White Stripes (but with more people)

  • look at thom, phil and Ed’s Hands, is that some kind of code or just a normal pose?

  • Their hands? A code? Like pseudo-semaphors that tell us absolutely nothing?
    I think Phil has no hands. That’s why he is the drummer. Maybe that’s what they’re trying to tell us — no more drums b/c robots can do it better.
    Or maybe Phil’s just cold, Ed’s throwing a stick to a dog, and Thom is dancing to his iPod.

  • the myspace pic is definitely my favorite yet…i dont want the logical progression of music on this album to now be going super dark and dreary because in rainbows was a burst of light. this picture perfectly represent what i want from the,: you can still hear in rainbows in the music but with some seriously new textures and shit happening and a nice splash of darkness to change things up. The album cover for me is a little spoooky mishmash im not that into it.

    question: is that definitely the album cover? maybe its not…

  • belum mandi

    It’s like they are that guy from The Eraser. I don’t think it’s a code.

  • […] (via At Ease) […]

  • Under the picture:

    “Radiohead news on this day..

    Auto Draft – 2011”

    What’s that about?

  • why does this make me think of jack white? i’m sorry 🙁

    but hot damn i can’t wait until saturday!

  • From Chieftan Muse

    If all the holes were filled in Albert Hall then there shall be no leaks. I am at a casino and need you to transfer me funds: 112872391247

    Ok Sgt. Peppers? Casinos? Whats with the numbers?

  • time to play the lottery!

    is ChieftanMews legit? he also has a post that says he is hidding in your 8-track. i will be slightly bummed if this record only has 8 songs.

  • ^^ I don’t know if hes legit, but its interesting. I’m presuming the reference to The Beatles ‘A Day in the Life” is because TKOL is a newspaper album (I read the news today oh boy…)

  • oh, and for anyone who thinks ‘twisted words’ will end up on the album, I wouldn’t count on it. There’s an interview somewhere on ‘citizen insane’ with ed saying it was something more akin to in rainbows, and was more in the moment thing. They were proud of it, but they’re moving away from that direction. I’m surprised more people aren’t quoting some of these interviews. There’s another one with ed, and he says that in rainbows was kind of the end of ‘tier 2’ of radiohead. He talked a lot about music ‘without fear’.

    I would expect ‘the king of limbs’ to be a fresh change for radiohead.

  • Love the “old timey” look. Very Tom Waitsish.

  • There’s a face on Jonny’s body as well.

  • The new photo press looks radiohead like a metal band. I like it!

  • ^^^ Yeah like an Opeth promo shoot.

  • Is the message board working for everyone else?


  • they went Matthew Brady and civil war era on us.


  • This artwork kind of suggests that the album will be a folk album :/ They look like really bad farmers. 🙁

  • Some people have been saying ‘big boots’ will be on the album. I’ve heard that about all their albums since Kid A. I don’t that song will ever see the light of day, but here’s hoping speculations are right this time. I am sure it will be great regardless.

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  • Will this be going any further or is that it?

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  • Yours is the hotest blog I saw on my new Droid Tablet. I’ll be back.

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