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Mysterious Radiohead Tweet: Speculation Galore

Radiohead’s new album The King Of Limbs will be available in just two days from now, Saturday February 19th. But is there anything else we can expect?

The band just sent out a tweet with a mysterious Japanese text: 渋谷 ハチ公広場 金曜日 18時59分, which translates as ‘Hachiko Square Shibuya, Friday 18:59’, referring to the square in Tokyo, Japan. Depending on the translation, it could be something at 18:59 hours this Friday at that square or 59 minutes on Friday the 18th. Is it an announcement on one of the square screens, a webcast, a surprise show or are Radiohead just giving us something to do? A show in Japan has already been ruled out by Radiohead’s management. Go ahead and speculate…

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  • Ground Zero?

  • they alaways go to Japan…they haven’t visit my country, Korea and i think they’re never gonna visit here…so sad 🙁

  • ground zero for The King Of Limbs First Concert?

  • I can’t describe how effing excited I am right now.

    Especially ’cause I don’t have the slightest clue what’s gonna happen

  • AWESOME, any show would be good.

  • This is all too much

  • why can’t i join the message board? And yes, when they start touring countries other than usual europe japan US canada South America? India anyone?

  • at the time of the tweet, i checked out and there was “error 404”. but now the site is all black! i foresee a webcast!

  • So, maybe a webcast at 4 AM Uk time then?


  • So thats tomorrow 9:59am GMT. Cool

  • Aron they are nine hours forward not back.

  • a webcast “On a Friday”, maybe?

  • Why can’t I get on the message board? Please!

  • Scotch Mist was “on a friday” 11/9/07

  • they wont fly to Japan
    likely there’ll be a billboard or something with the tracklist

  • So it’s normal that is down? Here’s to hoping:webcast ^^

  • Hachiko was a japanese dog that loyally waited at Shibuya station for its master every evening, even long after he died. There’s a statue of the dog at Shibuya station.

    I would suggest to people scouring the web for Japan airtickets that think this is a reference to fan loyalty with a webcast from probably the UK at 23.59 on the 18th, rather than a secret gig at a square which backs onto a train station that handles 2m people a day.

    Can’t see the Japanese authorities permitting that !

  • is as always :
    error 400 on
    black page on

    It had been like that since ever, but maybe it will change.

  • Monkeysee: Nice! I’m convinced.

  • All I know is this…

    if I were in Japan and had the chance to be at Hackiko Square, I would definitely be there.

    A revealing of the tracklist would be pretty cool.

    A live performance (webcast) of the entire new album would be HISTORIC.

    2 days to go everybody!

  • My money is on a concert projected on one of those big electronic billboards at Hachiko Square.

  • Correction- tomorrow, when all will be revealed what’s up with Japan and all, we will know more

  • 金曜日 18時59分

    means friday 18.59pm

    時 means hour

  • So… at 11.59 o’clock GMT and in the UK 10.59?


    The tweet is gone?

  • @SubSickAlien: Revealing the tracklisting just a few hours before to release the album is rather pointless. Particularly after keeping it secret for the week. I think we will get a concert. But in what form? I hope webcast for the rest of us.

    @Arjan: No, it’s in japanese.

  • @mime

    It’s strange! The last tweet I see is “Thank you for waiting”!

  • Monkeysee: yeah that makes more sense. Lets hop a bunch of die hards don’t waste a grand getting last minute flights to Tokyo, only to see a webcast from Scarborough or somewhere on some giant tv screen.

  • I tio would like to join the message board, alas it won’t let me. Maybe just maybe The King of Limbs will have a running time of 59 minutes, pretty please?

  • @Arjan: Here is it :

    Try to delete your browser’s cache or do a hard refresh (Ctrl-F5 in your browser)?

  • It means that the new album is an elaborate hoax, and that on that day, at that time, in that location, Thom Yorke will, in front of a raucous crowd, cop a squat, take a shit, and proceed to wipe his ass with our money.

    This will be followed by the fiery self-immolation of Chris Martin.

    Don’t hate me; that’s JUST my opinion!

  • No Tim, I hope that DOES happen. It’ll be really funny.

  • Lets hope it’s not an annoucement that this is their last album – ‘and thank you and good night!’

    Webcast is about 90% likely though…

  • It could just be the announcement of the two lucky winners of the two “signed 2 track 12″ vinyl”.

  • @biofse: DON’T… EVER… MENTION… THAT…

    @the poulpe: Who care except the two concerned?

  • So we agree on a TKOL concert webcast on the largest of electronic billboards in Tokyo.
    @Thom, we figured it out; you can proceed!

  • Yeah, if you consider timezones this is probably the exact time the download will be available in Japan. It’s pretty unlikely they’d fly to Japan and set up their gear in Hachiko Square, but god damn that’d be amazing. I lived in Tokyo last year and went there every weekend. WHY COULDN’T THIS HAVE BEEN LAST YEAR?!?!?!?!?!?! Anyway, my girlfriend still lives there so she’ll be sending me pics and videos galore of whatever the event may be. So exciting.

  • Hachiko Square Shibuya is a very special place. I’m sure Tom and the rest of the boys saw the new Richard Gere movie, Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. The album must be somehow connected/inspired with this true and moving story.

  • Darn Radiohead and their brilliant marketing tactics!

  • well i’m headed to japan now…I’ll see you guys there! – – –

  • New Info.

    The Hostess, Japanese Record company, won’t have a plan that Radiohead will appear and play in public~blah

    Anyway, I’m going

  • I really don’t think they’re playing at Shubiya Square, probably webcasting to a screen there.

  • Does this presumably have something to do with the fact that South East Asia on The King Of Limbs website still doesn’t take you anywhere?


  • Those of us who are silly stupid overstuffed Americans … who can’t fathom world time …

    When I search the webbernets … it says that it’s already Friday there. Matter of fact, it’s 3:22 AM Friday there. Has anyone even considered that this thing isn’t happening tomorrow. It’s happening today.


    I think it’s real, guys.

  • @Indieman: No it’s not : it’s amateurish, desorganized and talentless.

  • It’s not real. Someone obviously put together a track from Norwegian Wood soundtrack on top of themselves playing Present Tense.

  • How did you find that link so fast…?

    Cryptic and excellent. Saturday can’t get here soon enough.

  • @wu well if it is fake they’re getting better at it.. plus that tracklist looks more realistic than anything else we’ve seen..

  • I will say its got the same wonky sound as the prevouis in rainbows snippets.

  • That YouTube list is not real. When have they ever called “follow me around”, you follow me around???

  • Nme also confirmed that RH will NOT be playing in Japan

  • wait so what time is this in NYC

  • I found a review of the album here:

    The track list is listed as well as a track by track guide.

  • Never mind. Disregard my last post. The review is a joke. I should have read further. The secrecy around this album is such a contrast to when In Rainbows was released. That album was leaked onto torrent sites at least two weeks prior to release, but no matter I much I search I can’t even find as much as a ten second clip from this album. Does this mean it will be there best yet? I hope so.

  • @drew

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe it will be 5 a.m. NYC time…

    2 a.m. California…

    Tomorrow (morning) for us in the USA and Today at 7 p.m. for the lucky fans in Japan.


  • What time is that for Uk?

  • @Mark

    It will be 10 p.m. in the UK tomorrow friday.

  • Only good thing for east coasters is that news about whatever it is will be up right when we get up. lol

    As for the comment about In Rainbows leaking… wtf are you talking about? The album was announced 10 days before it was released online and it didn’t leak before its release.

  • Elisa – – if you read the article, it’s clear that tracklist and review are a joke….

  • @SubSickAlien

    Are you referring to them as lucky because they might actually get to watch whatever happens in person, or are you calling them lucky because they get to see it today?

    Our 5 a.m. tomorrow and their 7 p.m. today happen at they exact same moment.

  • Wow- I am in Japan, but Tokyo is a long haul from here. I think they will perform some songs from the album live on the big screen. I hope those people saying they are flying to Japan were joking- don’t know if that would be worth it. Well 13 hours from now, we will have some idea. Can At Ease handle the traffic?

  • @elisha and to other fans

    I read the blog and immediately thought it hilarious and well done by someone who is obviously familiar/intimate with RH. I highly recommend it as a fun read to all fans. A bit of levity perhaps in these heavy and uncertain days awaiting this release. Although I doubt it and dont want it (i like its current, unreleased status) True Love Waits may be on TKOL given “thank you for waiting” message on DAS. I briefly met thom after AFP show last april at aragon ballroom and, like an idiot, asked him about LP8 and “I froze up” , which he had played that night on piano; he wryly responded, “well, we’ll have to wait and see-true love does- doesn’t it?” And then he thanked me for not asking him to sign anything and proceeded to spin records with Nigel tll 3am at a club on Milwaukee Ave.

  • @angelheadedhipster

    Well probably both but that’s irrelevant because whatever happens will happen at same time everywhere. I for one got stuck with time 4 a.m. time-zone, which is probably the worst time to be awake at second only to 3 a.m. IMHO.

    And it’s been known Radiohead love Japan and their fans so much that I truly believe they will get something special from this.

  • No Sub Sick Alien…lol I’ve seen so many people fail at time zones today! It is 10 AM (not PM) tomorrow in the UK, they are 9 hours ahead of us in Tokyo. See:

    Just so you don’t miss it 🙂

  • Chieftan Mews from twitter (definately legit because he was babbling in Japanese before the Tokyo stuff was announced):

    I cannot use the Loo so I shan’t TAKE A LEAK. Nor should you. All the footage you’re about to see has not been pre-watched by adults.

    Maybe some sort of Radiohead TV style footage to be shown?

  • @SubSickAlien – Think you’ve got PM and AM mixed up there – has 7pm Tokyo as 10am London, unless I’ve massively misread it,

  • Tim’s right, you kids should be watching Chieftan.

  • @ TIm

    lmao. I’m teaching a geography unit to my 5th graders tomorrow and I think tomorrow’s question of the day will go like this: If Radiohead (they all know I’m obsessed) is planning a huge surprise in Japan on Friday at 7pm, when will I need to tune in to see it as it happens? I use RH all the time for instructional purposes of increasing variety. Actually, grading poetry 2 yrs ago for 7th grades i came across the lyrics, word 4 word for How to Disappear..I confronted the student and asked him, “what is the ‘Liffey’?” hilarious, he fessed up to having his older brother write it for him saying you teacher will not know who radiohead is…. 2funny

  • “Chieftan Mews from twitter (definately legit because he was babbling in Japanese before the Tokyo stuff was announced):

    I cannot use the Loo so I shan’t TAKE A LEAK. Nor should you. All the footage you’re about to see has not been pre-watched by adults.

    Maybe some sort of Radiohead TV style footage to be shown?

    what the fuck is this about ?

  • The tracklist mentioned before ( IS the actual tracklist. The owners name is thekingoflimbs, the web page of the channel is the official page The tracklist and one song came on the same date (too fast to be a prank) plus all the clips have layers, inside sounds and all this things only obtainable in a studio version.
    Listen carefully to the present tense clip, its got a backfilling sound that could only be part of the studio sound, not a live performance.
    We have had the tracklist in front of our noses all this time

  • ^^^ Chieftan Mews was the weird looking host of Radiohead TV – if thats what your asking .

  • Forgot to say, whatever happens in Japan, is gonna happen 11 hours from now

  • @Sam

    Yes it’s a.m. instead of p.m. It gets confusing for us on the other side of the Atlantic.

    Do we have a Japanese fan here who plans to be at Hachiko Square that could keep us posted on what happens?

    I’d hate to be up that early and find out there won’t be a webcast afterall.

  • not interesting, in fact

  • @TheBoneyKingOfLimbs And? Anyone could have registered that name on the day. You can set your website to anything you like on your Youtube profile. The first video was just the image from DAS in negative with the text on top – anyone could have done that. Same for the audio clips that sound like they’ve been done in Cubase in 10 minutes. It could be real for all we know, but I think it’s far more likely it isn’t.

    @SubSickAlien Well, I’ll be in a politics lesson at the time, but if the UK hears anything, I’ll let you know 😉

  • @TheBoneyKingOfLimbs :

    I hope you feel stupid now? It was fucking obvious that it was a prank.

  • I have the perfect window in my work schedule to make it to Shibuya by 6:30. Have to leave around 7:15~20 though. Crazy, eh!

  • @mime even so, the instrumental on the beiber vid sounds lovely!

  • True or not I’ll be there this evening since I live in Tokyo…we will see….

  • i can’t sign up/log-in to the message board anyone tell me what’s going on??

  • FYI
    ハチ means 8.

  • I’m sure you guys might appreciate this link to the Hachiko Square Cam.


    Radiohead event will be 6min PV using 3 big street screens at Hachiko-square,advertising company revealed

  • whered u get that

  • Whatever they were doing it has been now been cancelled due to safety concerns.


  • Guys, check this link…

    i think this looks fairly up to date to me. Only problem is that the link just takes you to the same page again. Does anyone know where the link was meant to take us?

  • Sorry FC – didnt see your post 😉

    Anyway – my question remains – still not sure where to tune into at that time!

    Also – does anyone yet know what time the album is going to be released? I’m in Melbourne so am hoping (but doubting) this means i get it ahead of time

  • any chance it’ll come out midnight uk time?

  • “Whatever they were doing it has been now been cancelled due to safety concerns. ”

    That blog is coming to thye wrong conclusions. They never were going to make a physical appearance there – it was just a warning for fans not to fly there and be disappointed

  • Oopps sorry I’m wrong. Doh!

  • What time was it in Europe again?

  • GMT 9:59

  • RE: the Time out link and thing happening on their Japanese website – 6.59pm in Japan is in about 18 mins 🙂

    Does anyone know where we should be looking?

  • I have been wondering about this, thanks for the post on it.

  • The event was cancelled.
    Online event start from 18:59 on this sight.

  • im keeping an eye on and here

    Online event!

  • mmm, doesnt seem to allow me those outside of japan (or at least me) to stay on that website – just takes me to the .com version

  • nothing to be seen on, just “Forbidden

    You don’t have permission to access / on this server.”

  • nothing to be seen on, just “Forbidden

    You don’t have permission to access / on this server.”

  • Dead Air Space Lotus Flower video now!

  • LOTUS FLOWER!!!!! ON!!!

  • it doesn’t work!

  • A new video for Lotus Flower just appeared on their site…

  • nice misdirection there RH. While we all scurry to access .jp servers and stare at Japanese street cams they release video.

  • Hmmm…not that anything at all is “deserved”, but was/am still expecting something other than this video.
    Their YouTube site says the vid went up ‘1 day ago’, meaning it’s been there all day.
    So what’s the Japan thing? Nothing on Radiohead TV or elsewhere on YouTube…

  • Thanks very much.
    Excellent clip; Thom seems to have the X-factor after all.
    I was the 310th viewer. Wonder what the view-counter will reach today.

  • NME is reporting that the other broadcast (thom introducing the album or something) is/was on the japanese site but locked to those outside, and will be available worldwide come around 2pm UK time…

  • NME is reporting that the other broadcast (thom introducing the album or something) is/was on the japanese site but locked to those outside, and will be available worldwide come around 2pm UK time…update – NME now say the whole album is in fact coming out today (18th)

  • you can get the album now by order tracking and clicking where it says DOWNLOAD 😉

  • im downloading it now

  • Very interesting. thank you for sharing!

  • taking its time 😉

    8 tracks or not? shall soon see

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