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Premiere: The video of the new Radiohead single: Lotus Flower

As of right now (10am UK Time) you can hear the first Radiohead single, Lotus Flower, from their new album The King Of Limbs.

The video for Lotus Flower is produced and directed by Garth Jennings, edited by Leila Sarraf, Choreographed by Wayne McGregor. The director of photography is Nick Wood. The video of the single is launched at Radiohead’s YouTube channel,

Thom Yorke premiered the song Lotus Flower at a warm-up show with his other band Atoms For Peace on October 2nd 2009 at the Echoplex in Los Angeles. The first time it was played at a Radiohead show was at the Haiti fundraiser they did last year. The last time Thom Yorke performed the song was at a solo show Cambridge’s Corn Exchange, February 25, 2010 and announced it as ‘something newish’.

And don’t forget to check these videos.

The Guardian had some questions (and answers) about the video though…

Pass notes No 2,930: Thom Yorke

There’s lots of excitement about Radiohead’s new single Lotus Flower, but what does Thom Yorke think he’s doing with that dance in the video?

Read the answers here.

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  • first post

  • Yes!

  • whoa, holy shit it is great

  • awesome!

  • very catchy!

  • Loving the bass!

  • Bring on King Of Limbs baby!!! I’m guessing Lotus Flower is the opening track!

    Also, thoughts on this link?

    It says they’ve pushed the album release to TODAY!!!!!!!!!

  • But is this what the “18:59” Japan thing is?
    Or is there something more to come? Perhaps the album a day early?!

  • Aha!
    “Radiohead have brought forward the digital release of their new album “The King Of Limbs” by 24 hours with the album now being sent to those who pre-ordered it earlier this week.”

    Oh…looks like someone posted the link already…

  • sarcastic streetspirit paraphrase video!

  • i don’t see the album for download yet…..

  • Love it! love it!

  • this bodes well

  • 18:59 Japan will be occurring in like 12 minutes.

  • @ Pete – Why did you just re-post what Radiohead posted less than an hour ago?

    @ Jim – wasn’t 18:59 Japan more like 48 minutes ago?

  • no. it’ll be in 4 minutes I’m pretty sure

  • Damn i got to see this song performed first at the Orpheum secret show Thom Yorke did where the band name was still ???? and then i saw Atoms for Peace in Santa Cruz… So glad they Radioheaded this song up from just guitar and Thom’s voice… to this

  • Yes, it appears the album is dropping a day early:

    As soon as anyone receives the album (today), please post the track list!



  • yea, i thought 18:59 had passed already

  • @Jim…I think you’re off by an hour…but no matter, it was cancelled.

  • I just meant 18:59 was in four minutes 7 minutes ago. I don’t know what that meant, if anything.


  • Here’s the track list.

    1. Bloom
    2. Morning Mr Magpie
    3. Little By Little
    4. Feral
    5. Lotus Flower
    6. Codex
    7. Give Up The Ghost
    8. Separator

  • Downloading what?!

  • There’s people on twitter right now claiming they are downloading the new album now!


  • The Bass in this reminds me of Pj Harvey’s THIS MESS WE’RE IN.

  • Yeah – I’m downloading the album right now, too! Just thought I’d check on a whim.

  • ….naw.

  • @ze_german


  • KIEF

  • KIEF

  • Well, shoo!
    Guess he was right…I’m downloading right now too…

  • really is only 8 tracks
    little bit sadface

  • god the bass is lovely
    what a nice surprise after such a difficult week.

  • Bloom
    Morning Mr. Magpie
    Little By Little
    Lotus Flower
    Give Up The Ghost


  • Sorry. I don’t like

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  • This was shown on the monitors in Japan – NPR reported it this morning…….


  • Reminds me of Clock Work Orange!! The rape scene!

  • Thom must’ve lost a bet, so Ed made him dance for 5 minutes straight for all the world to see.

  • To those who doubt: it’s absolutely true that the download is available now.

  • is it just me or does this song sound alot like the mess we’re in?
    Love the video though hom looks dare i say it quite dashing!

  • correction!, Choreographed by Mick Jagger jaja , its great!

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  • Doesn’t his swagger reminds you of Fred Astaire!!! awesome song.

  • Fred Astaire/Tom Waits jumbled up into Thom.

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  • Wow, I gotta say that that’s the worst video they’ve put out since the Pablo Honey days. Thom dancing around in a hat? Come on. Great song, though.

  • […] album The King Of Limbs. Some fans even mistakenly called the new single Flying Lotus instead of Lotus Flower, a Freudian slip the band itself could have invented. The song starts with a minute of electronic […]

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