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Radiohead’s The King Of Limbs available now!

Radiohead have decided to make the digital download of new album The King Of Limbs available a day earlier than planned, which means it’s available Today!

With everything ready on their website, the band decided to bring forward the release by a day rather than wait until the planned date of Saturday, Feb 19 to deliver the music. The band have brought forward the digital release of their new album The King Of Limbs by 24 hours with the album now being sent to those who pre-ordered it earlier this week. It is also available for new orders through at a fixed price of £6. The special Newspaper is also available for pre-order.

As rumoured the album is indeed an 8-track album. Not all of the 8 tracks are entirely new. We have heard half of them before, in one form or another. Lotus Flower, Morning Mr. Magpie and Give Up The Ghost have all been played live before, either on a webcast or live show. Closing track of The King Of Limbs, Separator, has been played live as Mouse Dog Bird at Thom Yorke’s Green Party benefit in Cambridge last year. Here’s the full track listing of the album.

Radiohead The King Of LimbsRadiohead – The King Of Limbs

01 Bloom
02 Morning Mr. Magpie
03 Little By Little
04 Feral
05 Lotus Flower
06 Codex
07 Give Up The Ghost
08 Separator

The video of the first single, Lotus Flower, premiered earlier at Today.

Below you can stream all 8 tracks of The King Of Limbs:

We would love to hear what you think of the new album. Post your thoughts below.

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  • Mine is downloading right now! aaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!

  • Which means it’s available right freaking now. I bet that’s what the 18:59 deal was. Omg i’m shitting my pants right now with this slow internet connection.

  • So is mine!!! This is bliss!!

    BTW – I haven’t got an email yet to say download. I just went to Order Tracking and it had a DOWNLOAD button appear. It’s only 86 MB zipped. Doesn’t sound big for 320 bit???

  • Hell yeah!

  • Holy mother of god its downloading, though it keeps getting slower…

  • Here’s the track list.

    1. Bloom
    2. Morning Mr Magpie
    3. Little By Little
    4. Feral
    5. Lotus Flower
    6. Codex
    7. Give Up The Ghost
    8. Separator

  • taking so looonng

  • True, which might sound disappointing but I’m too busy shitting myself right now to care.

  • Bloom is so fucking good! I know how i’m spending today haha

  • Mine keeps crashing! :'(

  • how did you get it? i have had no email, and when i go to order tracking it says i have no orders?

  • ok that was firefox, for once internet explorer works!

  • If you have no email and you have no orders I suggest you either:

    1. Haven’t bought it
    2. Contact Sandbag

  • What is the easiest way to unzip a file on windows?

  • How long is the album?

  • @Foetus C

    Mega Thanks! ! ! !! !

  • @a noob – try downloading winRAR

  • Amsterdam is listening right now !!

  • Seperator has to be the strangest Radiohead closer I’ve heard.

  • Review: Awesome – NOT LONG ENOUGH!!

  • Separator has to be the strangest Radiohead closer I’ve heard.

  • Los Angeles, California is Listening to it now!!!

  • and its what I hoped for

    ‘KID A’ vs ‘The Eraser’ with a little bit ‘In Rainbows’ on top

    its sexy !!!

  • 37.4 minutres

  • Córdoba, Spain está escuchándolo!!!

  • Just put it on the iPod for a first listen, WEEH!!

  • It is really influenced by Flying Lotus… i mean with this soundtextures (thom mentioned that in the interview with flying lotus) …. and Codex and Give up the Ghost are hauting, wounderfull, amazing!!!! this album is a real experience!!!

  • Codex !!

  • Brilliant!! 2nd listen right now. The album is soft, beautiful is the right word.

  • have listened to whole thing very very disappointed am gutted

  • Already downloaded it. But I can’t listen to it right now, as I’m @ work… F*ck
    I’m gonna quit my job… 🙂

    By the way, to those who already listened to it, what about Magpie?? I always wanted to have a studio version of this song. Is it good?

  • Boston, MA is listening

  • its really jarring the first listen, i was so amped to be blown away, and really this is just a awakening of an album, like waking up early for no reason on a sunny dew filled morning. i cant explain it well enough, but it has a softness to it, less bitter and more loving some how, i’m happy with this album, but i have no idea why

  • Definitely Radiohead does The Eraser II.

  • A beautiful morning. Haven’t just laid back & listened to a full album in ages.

    ‘Feral’ and ‘Codex’ are my respective electro and organic faves.
    ‘Separator’ starts up almost sounding like ‘…twisted words’.
    The guitar tone & movement in ‘Little by Little’ at times reminds me of parts of ‘i might be wrong.’

    Seems quite symphonic at times, and at other times lots of open space…both of which lead to a similar ‘Kid A’ remark of “What are the other guys doing?”…a lot seems like Thom, Colin (awesome bass sounds), and Phil/drum machine…Ed & Jonny–at least in any traditional sense–don’t seem to feature too heavily, not at least that can be immediately heard.
    This all makes for excitement as to how these songs will be performed by the full band in live context, where presumably they won’t be touring with a bunch of horn players.

    Again, a beautiful morning has bloomed.

  • MorningMrMagpie and Little by little and Codex…
    Top ones…

  • Onto second listen… the first part of the album will get better and better with time, onwards from LotusFlower is amazing. Separator is a mixture of all they’ve done before, lets hope it’s named that for a reason!!.. Part two coming soon!? 🙂

  • First listen.
    Can’t but believe but I’m a little disappointed..
    Maybe it will grow on me

  • @declan – Huh?! Maybe you downloaded the wrong album…

  • Kid A for the second decade. wow

  • It’s breathtaking. Such powerful, subtle soundcapes. People who don’t appreciate music like this should go buy a Bieber record instead.
    Too short though. Hope the boxset features more where this came from.

  • If In Rainbows was their New Adventures in Hi Fi is this their up?

  • Give Up the Ghost really turned into a stunner…
    So beautiful…

  • people are too obsessed with guitars. This is contemporary music. Also I love how secretive they were during the process.

  • It would be neat/interesting if the vinyl in the ‘newspaper’ release had different songs on it. A push for folks to buy record players again.
    Just making excuses/specs towards a relatively short album (not complaining though)…I’ll suspect there are more recordings where this came from that will make itself known at some point.

    Listening my second time. Nigel Godrich does love his reverb.

  • I think there will be part two to this some time in the near future, last song is called Separator (separating two parts maybe?) and Thom sings “if you think it’s over youre wrong”.

  • -john- I’m getting the vinyl just bc it’s on 10″. how cool is that?

  • montreal qc is listening now !

  • Nothing short of brilliant. It holds together pretty well and has a strange feel very similar to Kid A.

    As far as the length of the album goes, I’m feeling this is just a first in a series of shorter albums they plan to release before they begin to tour again. I know they still have some unreleased stuff stashed somewhere.

    I’ll be indulging on The King Of Limbs for now.

  • A lot more like the Eraser than I expected. Tons and tons of layering and electronica.

    Bloom, cool as shit. Nuff said.
    Morning Mr. Magpie, wicked tempo. Makes me feel like I had way too many energy drinks.
    Little by Little, sounds more like a b-side, but I’m sure it’ll grow on me.
    Feral, definitely been worked on since Amnesiac through Eraser.
    Lotus Flower, a standout to be sure
    Codex, prety damn cool, the most chill song on the album.
    Give up the Ghost is as beautiful as I expected. Goosebumps. Leave it to Thom to take a simple song with simple effects and turn it into something spacey and ethereal.
    Separator (formerly Mouse, Dog, Bird) is a different closer for them.

    My prediction is the box set will have many more songs to complement these 8.

  • Kansas City is listening now

  • I think it’s Nigel’s cleanest mix in a while. I felt that the last few records had too much mid range

  • Indonesia is listening right now 😀

  • The first half is going to grow on me I’m sure but the second half is just delicious

  • love it love it love it!

  • I want layered guitars

  • don’t care about guitars. care about forward music.

  • oakland, ca listening in, surprised but not upset, intrigued, it’s five in the morning out here, time for another beer and another listen, morning mr. magpie, lotus flower, and separator stand out thus far, now it’s time to announce the tour eh boys?

  • The mp3s are a bit bollocksy quality wise. Wish I’d gone for the wav now.

  • listening to wavs in Logic and super crispy. Hifi. Bloom is fucking sick in Wav.

  • Not so sure of the comparisons between this and kid a..Behind kid a’s abstract sounds were awesome melodies. Not so sure with this record. But I’m sure it will grow on me 🙂

  • “If you think this is over, then you’re wrong.”

  • This is so far rocking my ears. Yes it sort of resembles The Eraser/Kid A/ In Rainbows, but this is original in it’s own respects. Lyrically overall more positive and light when put up against Eraser or Kid A and it kind of flows with the mood of In Rainbows. After the first run through the thing that jumps out at me most is Colin’s amazing amazing bass work. TKOL already has my favorite bass lines from any Radiohead album. Yeah! I have no background in music training but even I can tell that the time signatures and drum patterns are way funky, which I personally love, there for sure is a flying lotus influence as someone mentioned before, but not being the biggest flylo fan, I would say he can take a few notes on getting it right ;). Sorry for rambling just a very excited fan! with all this praise though, I must say it’s only my first listen, and parts of the album feel a little rough and patchy (maybe purposely) Codex and GUTG are by far the favorites for me at the moment, and the biggest compliant…TOO SHORT! .

  • Top news today!!! Downloaded and listening – an amazing and beautiful acheivement, I must say. Thanks, you guys – cannot wait for your gigs in Europe. Cheers from Estonia!

  • my friend is Lotus’s manager and Thom is a fan, I’m just happy they are staying current. I really don’t give shit about guitars. make forward future music!

  • GOD!
    RDHD aways surprise us!
    and what a good way to waiting while downloading is to watch Lotus Flower Video.
    have to say that the sound of the song is very FeelingPulledApartByHorses alike.
    and with many other songs floating around, i think we can expect another release anytime soonish, very Kid A era.


  • Just listened to it for the third time, and I am near crying. This is formidable, waaaay better than In Rainbows.

  • The first half ending with Lotus Flowers, sounds like what Thom Yorkes freak out dance would sound like if it were sounds =)
    after that it sounds like what it would sound like if he relaxed a tiny bit after.

    in other words amazin

    but then again these guys can fart n I’d say best fart sounds $ can buy

  • that build up in Morning Mr Magpie? so subtle but insane… the production is subtle but really complicated.

  • Rainbows was too romantic. This is rough and tough

  • Anyways,,,
    Morning Mr Magpie owes something to Masoko Tanga by The Police…
    Best sound? Little bye little… very Optimistic-like, but beyond.
    But, great album, nothing to say except, great album…

  • Downloading in Brighton, UK. Super slow connection = 50kps. Reminds me of ISDN days…. 🙁

  • Great album, my favourite tracks so far are Lotus Flower and Codex. I think I prefer how the live version of LF sounded though. Sounds like there is a massive Four Tet and Flying Lotus influence on a few of the tracks. Well Done guys!

  • too excited to write it right, buddies!!!

  • Seperator has been played live by Thom as well – I think it was tentatively called Mouse, Bird, Dog

  • TKOL getting better and and better after every music! Repeating all the day today!f

  • I’m a bit stunned…. Not exactly what I wanted…. but I will keep listening.

  • Russia is listening.
    It’s awesome.
    We don’t have enough words to explain it.

    And we wait for Disk2 🙂

  • It’s definitely a flying lotus inspired electronic-jazz album. I’m only part way through it so I cant get too ahead of myself. The one thing I really come away with though is how peaceful they sound. I get the eraser II complaints, but let’s be happy we have an album.

  • tomorrow can I download the disc. I’m from Chile. Today watch the videoclip Lotus Flowers, Very, very, very good.


  • desde colombia, feliz!

  • give up the ghost is my new favorite radiohead song. ever.
    this is incredible. the album is great. simply brilliant. it´s very self-confident, it has lots of textures, and it´s very rhythmically daring. totally agree with other people: it´s sexy. brilliantly sexy.

  • This further proves that In Rainbows had the shortest life of any Radiohead album. This is sooo much better, while In Rainbows teased with the idea of fully re-amping my love for them, this brings it home.

    Burbank, CA is tuned in and waiting for 625 pieces of smally art 🙂

    oh and what’s that umpa lumpa chant in feral LOVE IT!!!!!

  • I can tell I am going to listen to this over and over, probably the most optimistic warm selection of tunes I think they have put out. Does feel a wee bit short and the “present tense” isnt on there.

    Am I wildly speculative to suggest they might have something else up there sleeve? The final track is called the Separator with the line “if you think this is over then you are wrong” haha Another selection of tracks on the way??????

    I just can’t get enough. Beuatiful stuff!!!!

  • What a dance-what a Song

  • Absolutely loving it so far, think Feral is waayyyyy too short, what a great track!


  • It’s Radiohead’s stoner album – In Rainbows was chilled but this also has a slightly psychadelic feel on some tracks. It’s even separated into eighths!

  • Lotus Flower vid has so much energy, makes me emotional, lost in the song… Brillaint!!

  • 4th listen now… I’m seeing the light!! ahahah!!!
    Jokes aside, every radiohead album is shit at 1st listen, the second one is good, 3rd and 4th is masterwork. This is a very intense record. Keep loving Little by little… GORGEOUS SOUND NIGEL and GORGEOUS PATTERNS GUYS…

  • they obviously did the feral thing on purpose

  • Give Up The Ghost moved me to tears. Did not expect that.

    It reminds me of Kid A, in that it’s completely different from its predecessor.

    You done good, kids.

  • love & respect to the artists who choose to create honestly — a humble thank you as a fellow human listener on this rock___making my day that much brighter

  • I have never ever been able to judge a Radiohead album after the first listening.

    Hagen, Germany, switched on

  • Need more time to digest this! At least it’s short.

  • Morning Mr. Magpie is so fucking good.

  • Belgium listening and loving it. Damn it, Feral and Seperator are genius

  • Serbia is listening…and liking it a lot.

  • Listening to Codex again, and feel like I should be floating. My ipod better do some stretches because I am gonna be running it on repeat all weekend long

  • codex is so stunning

  • I really hope this is part 1 of 2 and that part 2 will be very different because this is really underwhelming. It just all sounds so restrained and defeated, beautiful in its own way but there’s nothing on this record to send a shiver down your spine or even raise the pulse tbh. I felt Thom really didn’t do justice to feeling pulled apart by horses and I feel the same about the treatment of good morning mr magpie on this one. Fingers crossed they’re saving up burn the witch, present tense, super collider etc for the second instalment and that they take the shackles off next time round.

  • meh…i’ll have to say i’m disappointed. i hope i change my mind but on first listen, these songs aren’t even as good as in rainbows disc 2.

    What ever happened to the not repeating themselves?

  • 2nd listen was just fucking plane great ! ! !
    this album is awesome

  • I love it

  • Portland, OR btw…

    There are part of this album that definitely will need growing… But I am so impressed by this band’s ability to continuously grow and create new sounds.

    So fascinated by this album. It’s their most interesting work since Kid A. So complex and layered it’s going to take some time for this to sink in..

  • Subwoofer is getting a workout… The King of Limbs is an upbeat dance/rave record similar to the faster songs on Kid A. These songs will be awesome in concert! This is my favorite album since Kid A. Warning: not a rock album though if that’s what you were hoping for…

  • Major love for bristol uni internet speed.

  • Feral isn’t new either…

  • this is a newspaper album right? Maybe we’ll see different “papers” (ep’s) over time…

  • Seperator WOW – AMAZING TRACK. can’t wait to hear it live.

  • Need To Say:


    “And If You Think This Is Over, Then You’re Wrong!”

    Complex Layers, Bute Deliciouslee To Hear

    Thom Should Trade Mark His Boxing Dance!


  • this production is amazing

  • I’m really impressed by what they’ve achived on this album in terms of creating a cohesive soundscape and an album again that sounds different from anything you’ve ever heard before.

    My overriding feeling i get listening to it though is that I just want them to wake up and come back to the world airbag style.

    The last track is called “separator” and includes the lines ‘if you think this is over then you’re wrong” and “wake me up, wake me up”…I think I’d be ready to love TKOL if it was a counterpoint to a more emotionally engaged second half

  • like a film soundtrack

  • Fucking great album.

    Note: Last song is called “Separator” and ends with the lyrics
    “If you think this is over then you’re wrong”

  • It sounds like a compromise between what most people seemed to want. Part Amnesiac b-sides, part In Rainbows.

    Except with production that makes those two things look amateur in comparison, hah.

  • Feral is a fucking masterpiece if you remove the idea of a live band scenario

  • Korea is listening to The King of Limbs and loving every single second and microsecond of it. <33 Radiohead




    Thank you radiohead thank you thank you thank you thank you

  • Bloomin’ ‘ell

  • Hey there, for anyone interested, I’ve just finished a live blog on the album. Maybe you can have a read while it’s downloading ey?
    Momentous day.

  • love it. Seperator background groove sounds like “meeting in the aisle” sample Overall, very impressed with the album.

  • Bloom is just amazing. It’s like there is a nice Miles Davis influence and vibe underneath, and very ethereal. Production is amazing…and that is just the first song!

  • three years since last album and all we get is 8 tracks, some of which are old songs, it’s nice stuff, but feel so let down, are radiohead getting lazy?

  • codex is the most beautiful thing i’ve heard in a long time

  • Forest Park , Chicago, IL tuned in, reading, but must wait until I leave work. I ordered Boxset/WAV can someone tell me if I should have received an email concerning download?? procedure/expectation. Thanks and enjoy your morning/day of celebration…

  • Love LP8, wish it was more songs but whatever, on a side note, my iTunes on my Mac is NOT letting import the simple photo to the iTunes Library, thus NO artwork on iPod, is this happening to anyone else? It says Artwork not available, ugh.

  • I must say that I am upset a few songs are not on it and I def. need to listen to this a lot more before having a truly fair opinion. But this better be a first part and I am even hoping that we get the second half saturday or soon. There is no way they used that much studio time in europe and LA for an 8 song outcome. It has to be a part one which would better explain the same mood through the whole album, the second act would be slightly different in emotion. And I am sure I will get bashed for saying this but I was hoping for a more organic sounding version of Magpie but again with Radiohead you need a full day to digest.

  • First reaction: this is rubbish
    Second reaction: I don’t get it

    At the moment, every track sounds smothered in electronica. There are some songs in there fighting to get out, but the production doesn’t let them. Some of it (Feral in particular) is a throwaway. This is the first time I’ve been bored during a Radiohead first listen.

    I refuse to believe this is no good so I’ll give it another listen tomorrow. I suspect I’m too tired to see through the soundscapes to decipher any of the actual music.

    I can hardly understand a word Thom sings on this. It just seems so…cobbled together and gimmicky. “Let’s add more echo, then some delay, then some distortion. “Yeah!” Godrich needs to ease off.

    I don’t know…I think it’s a Thom Yorke solo record.


  • i was able to import the artwork. I just imported the whole folder and the .jpg was in there and it works.

    the album is ok. it will probably grow. i just wonder how they do this live? do ed and johnny have much work to do when this is live? I can see colin and phil rockin’ but i dunno about the other guys. Think Thom can cover all the simple guitar parts.
    wonder if they release another album in short time because this one is so short.

  • Ah Birdsong Jonny you and your Messiaen.

  • The album opens strong…really like the first 5 songs. They definitely create a new radiohead sound motif, an amalgamation of drowny ambiance, thumping bass, multi-limbic rhythms, and an over all drained-of-color, as in blank and white (like a newspaper) feel to it. Thus making it the antithesis of In Rainbows, which was iridescent and filled with color. A polar album in that sense.
    They have again morphed and yet retained their essence, which is a signature of all their great albums.
    A bold and mesmerizing artistic statement in my opinion.

  • Mixed feelings. I’m really looking forward to hearing these songs live – the record is a little too overproduced/electro for my taste. I thought Radiohead has always done a wonderful job balancing the electronic stuff with the raw acoustic stuff, but I think they let Thom noodle on his laptop a little too much on this one. A bit less Radiohead and more “Eraser” than I would have hoped for.

    THAT BEING SAID, great music. Awesome to hear a studio version of Mr Magpie, Lotus Flower rocks (but we already knew that), love Give Up The Ghost, still sorting out the others… Have to say I miss “Walk Down the Staircase” – feel like it would have fit perfectly, perhaps as a closer. Not like there wasn’t time for a track or two…

    Oh well. Feel like I’m complaining too much. Still extremely grateful for a new Rh album. Yay!

  • Agree with the “Meeting in the Aisle” sample on Seperator. Heard that too.

    Also heard a Harry Pitch-ish flourish somewhere.

    And tell me the riff from “Little by Little” ain’t ripped straight from Black Swan.

  • I’ll try again on importing, but it’s just not working, (first time this has ever happened) I hope it’s not b/c I bought the WAV version instead of the MP3, that would be stupid.

  • Same problem here kukheart! 🙁

  • Feral, Codex and Separator are wonderful tracks. I’m not too fond of the first few songs yet, but, as always, this is likely to evolve during the second and third listen-throughs.

    Just a bit sad they did not include The Present Tense. A ‘second half’ would be one hell of a great idea. Still, I’m quite impressed so far.

  • First listen….it’s Kid jAzz (especially first half). A bit disappointed so far, as it’s a bit lacking in song structures that you can get your teeth into. ‘Difficult’ drum loops get a bit annoying after a while, would prefer to hear Phil etc all having a bit more of a say. But this is all on first listen…usually tracks the tracks I dislike at first end up being favourites by them after you let them sink in etc.

    Managed to hide away from the tracklist while I listened, disappointed Present Tense isn’t on there, as that sounded like it had loads of potential.

    But agree with a lot of other people that there could be more to follow on from this.

  • hey Aron, did you get the WAV version? This is kinda starting to piss me off.

  • Indeed, I think that’s the problem. But I don’t get it, this shit never happened before.

  • I think one play doesn’t work for a review…but it is melodic, accessible, holds together as a complete piece, would play perfectly on the back of In Rainbows and the biggest clue is that I am going to put the headset back on and listen again.

    How do we pull the video of Lotus Flower for enjoyment

    Salutations from Detroit

  • LotusFlower is heart-wrenchingly beautiful. The video is glorious. I can’t help it… Radiohead has been, is, and will always be tops in my book.

  • Australia is on board and loving it after first listen. as always expect the love to grow with each listen. My boyz have done it again and as if anyone thought they wouldnt

  • us WAV people are not happy about NO artwork for the iTunes/iPhone/iPod Touch users. Not Importing. Major Fail.

  • Sounds like Eraser II. Maybe a little too much electronica. Lotus Flower is beautiful though. (Even though I think Magpie…sucks.)

  • Truly fantastic album, I prefer the 2nd half though, songs like Codex and Give Up The Ghost are so poignant, Separator is going to be a classic.
    Well worth the wait

  • LittleByLittle is the current standout.

  • 1. I love the Flying Lotus influence.

    2. The music will sound the same without a .jpg depiction of what you’re listening to.

    3. I would jizz for a second half tomorrow.

  • Here’s our review 🙂 That quick? Of course 🙂

  • Downloaded. Now my boys and I are having a listening party.
    We agreed, no one listens till we all listen together.

  • Just about to take the first listen! Cheers to the best bend in the world, greetings from Serbia!

  • Not sure what other people are hearing, when they complain about the album. Everything from Lotus Flower on is nothing short of superb. I am sure the first four songs will grow on me over time. It is a tie between Codex and Lotus Flower for my favorite at the moment.

  • I think they’re going to release more music tomorrow…

  • Calgary is listening.

  • It’s like a whole album of Amnesiac B-sides. It also sounds like the album Thom’s been aching to do since 2000 but the other kids wouldn’t let him. It also sounds like The Erasor on crack.

    So in other words: SUBLIME

  • Fantastic. Took the day off not knowing this would be released – I plan on listening to it a few more times (at least) this morning… The album, more than any RH album to date, has such a flow and progression… Definitely it starts with the more electronic element and ends with softer, more acoustic sounds, but somehow the transition is seamless and you don’t notice exactly where the changes take place – it’s like magic, and when it’s over, you’re slack-jawed and stunned in amazement.

    Whereas other albums may not have flowed as much as this one and the antithesis of HTTT which seems like a listening marathon, this album leaves you hungry for more (in a manner unlike any other RH album to date)

  • it’s too soon to say anything. but lotus flower sounds (and looks) very interesting.
    Romania is listening

  • I think they’re going to release more music tomorrow…

  • Codex is by a million miles the best song.

  • I like how they are doing something different and strange but I feel like RADIOHEAD over studio their songs now. They create too many loops. I don’t want a RADIOHEAD album to sound like a solo Thom Yorke record.

    Morning Mr Magpie for example is interesting and of course the vocal is good but it loses the poppyness and catchyness of its former self. Magpie really did take their melody I guess. Similar things happened on the songs Four Minute Warning and Up on the Ladder they had interesting and cool things going on but lost their catchyness. When that happens it sounds cool but doesn’t make me want to listen to it again.

    The vocal melodies are catchy but the music is sometimes a jumble of loops. The music and vocals feel disconnected. I love the interesting vocal mixing and treatments. Most artists do nothing else with vocals but perform them when there is so much that can be done with them.

    Now, this is coming from someone who loved Kid A on first listen. I think RADIOHEAD have done something amazing with this album it is sometimes boring and interesting at the same time.

    First/second impressions of tracks
    Bloom- from beauty to bungle, still pretty good but perhaps telling of what it to come
    Morning Mr. Magpie- I’m missing the webcast version here because that had catchy music.
    Little by Little- works the formula well but the vocals feel very disconnected.
    Feral- Cool vocal treatment, mostly boring music that becomes a little more interesting at the end.
    Lotus Flower- Excellent, catchy vocal, the music works well here and everything feels connected. Fresh yet familiar
    Codex- Loved the beginning, enjoy the mood, feels like a different RADIOHEAD in a good way, fantastic aura of sound/music, nice ending too
    Give up the Ghost- the transition from codex is nice, i like how things slowly are added, great way to use vocals as instruments, so much vocal enjoyment to be had from this one, using vocals as loops is a good idea and I enjoy not having a strong drum loop dominate, nice ending fits the mood. My favorite!
    Separator- vocals and bass work great here, thankfully we get some guitar in the middle to flesh out the music. “If you think this is over then you’re wrong” lyric is creepy for a final track. Things improve from the middle to the end of the song, it is important to have you feel good at the end

  • After my first listen of the album in whole my thoughts:

    Loved what they did with all the previously heard songs.
    Give Up the Ghost is my fav but i knew it would be.
    Wish “Supper Collider” and “Skirting on the Surface” were included. The unheard new songs are pretty good but will require more listens till they seep into my brain.
    Too short though! Cmon Radiohead! Give us more than 38 minutes of music!!!

  • Come on guys, they will not put new music out tomorrow, enjoy this! It’s awesome!

  • Also, i agree with Emperor MAR above in that the whole band doesn’t seem to be present for most of this album. This felt very much like a sophomore Thom Yorke album than an 8th Radiohead album. Not that i hated the Eraser, i loved it. But The Eraser and Radiohead were different animals. They went a little crazy with the loops and such. Still great though, i love that kind of music.

  • OMG. Give up the Ghost and Codex are freaking amazing. Great album.

  • NYC is listening!

  • i hear a lot of four tet and fly-lo on this one. separator has quite a bit of beck vibe.

  • The comments of this being Eraser 2 remind me a lot of the descriptions of HTTT as OKC2.

    From some perspective it was, it was that return to rock-y sound, but infused with Kid A/Amnesiac’s electronic influence.

    To me, this very much sounds like the basic sound of the Eraser, but infused with all that warmth and soul that was there on IR.

  • Maybe they planned this from the start.
    But maybe tomorrow is a disk 2 coming out?
    Would be neat.!
    But probably not I love this album anyway so far.
    Hope that they’re coming to Lowlands.
    Wanted too see them since I was 12, I’m 18 now.
    Have missed them every single time…

  • Not sure why everyone is jumping on the 2nd disk bandwagon. Yes this album is short, but I’d rather have that then force extra tracks on here that don’t belong.

    Will there potentially be some b-side material from the recording sessions, yes. But all this discussion of a double album seem like it’s completely just wishful thinking. No idea why everyone is so on board with the concept.

    I’m sure RH would appreciate people saying ‘omg there has to be more music than this’ within hours of it coming out 😛

  • In Rainbows had 2 discs – i think this is the second disc and disc 1 will be release tomorrow – with slightly more ‘commercial’ music on it…


  • Question: I just got to work and found out about the release. Can I download the album here and then also download it at home? Or will the link only work once?

  • Having dug out my headphones and listened to this another 4 times I think I’m actually starting to really like this album. Only 8 tracks but they hang together very well- might even be their most cohesive record since Kid A. Funnily enough this makes Kid A look populist in comparison cos there really arent any songs here, but there is a really dark, wierd mood enveloping the whole thing and that’s what carries you through the album.

    Happy to say my early disappointment is slowly being replaced with a feeling that they might just have done it again after all.

  • Phil, you can download it more than once…

  • Second time thru and its fucking great. Was a little suprised by the lack of guitars but on this album not necessary. The last 3 songs are exceptional. Great grouping and I love the little ‘Like spinning plates’ mixture at the end of Ghost into Separator. Def worth the wait. Just hope the box set has more.

  • Thank you kindly, mr./mrs./ms. large7!

  • Everyone got the idea of this not being over because of Thom Yorke singing “If you think this is over then you’re wrong.”

  • Yeah, I think there’s another album on the shelf, but not for right now, and certainly not for tomorrow

  • im definitely hearing some broadcast-esque sounds….which is great because it influenced kid a. definitely a lot of flying lotus. its fucking fantastic. so amazing to hear the songs as just thom on an acoustic and to see what the band does to push the walls around the melodies. im kinda disappointed present tense isnt on here……that song definitely gave me goose bumps when i heard it. i really hope they do release smaller albums more frequently.

  • Uruguay listening. Great at first listening, but too short perhaps. Wish there was a second part.

  • no animus but i have to say, too, on a few listens and reading the whole string — a lot of folks might still hung up on the bends, imo. that band has gone, left for new ground. and does anyone really want them to U2 up a “we’re back to our old tricks” album? if so, i gently hope you’ll be waiting a long time. because this is the real deal, why i wait.

    strong throughout and the second half/closing sequence is the best since kid a, imo. whole thing rewards close attention like a sunny autumn day. entrancing.

  • Just listened to it for the first time. It has some beautiful tracks I’m really loving it so far, and thats just the first listen. Standouts for me are Lotus Flower, Codex and Little by Little. Radiohead can do no wrong.

    – Reis, Ireland

  • and forget another release. let this breathe. it’s just too fucking good not to be “it”.

  • Hey guy’s if you’re having problems with importing files/images, just highlight the individual files, right click, then select ‘open’ with (itunes.) You’ll have to enter the tag info yourself though.

    In order to add the actual cover, you need to convert from ‘Wav.’ to ‘mp3,’ or ‘apple’s lossless’ format, which will preserve your CD quality audio. Got to Edit>Preferences>General>Important Settings then “okay” to select your encoding.

    Fastest way, is to Select first track>hold shift key>and select the last track>right click>and select either create mp3 version/or apple lossless version, and you’re done.

  • Damn….Morning Mr Magpie is mezmerizing….wish i had a joint

  • the cd is magic
    it acutally has an infinite amount of songs already on here that unlock after the band writes them




  • Not to keen on the eraser sounding, drum loops, which don’t seem to go anywhere.

    Can’t but feel a little underwhelmed. Theres nothing on the album which comes up as a fav, or repeat listens for the future.

    I want more of OK computer, not electronica sounding bs.

  • not all of these tracks are worthy of their usual quality control. feral is a good track, a good bside, but not LP material.

    codex is the only one that makes you stop and think it would be worthy in a set with their other classics.

    otherwise, sounds like they just got together and made some songs. im shocked if this was what 3 years of careful deliberation produced.

    thom is everywhere, but where are the fingerprints of the rest of the band?

  • trumpet anyone?
    “if you think this is over then you’re wrong”
    little by little’
    brightest day to start a snowy haze


  • Dubai listening!

    Very very good. Love all the tracks. Better than Amnesiac. On third listen, I think better than In Rainbows – I think could be up there with Kid A. Perfect timing, mix and ambience. I understand where The Eraser references come from, but much, much better than that album in my opinion……Welcome to RDHD2011.

    Rgds, Tim

  • listened to it now at least a dozen times (its easy at only 37 minutes) i love this album, and cant wait to see them rock these out in concert.

  • so after all that, i need to know, what do the idiots who created all these fake tracklists get for their efforts? Is it funny? No. Why even bother? Are these people sitting home, laughing like “omg! they think that’s the real tracklist. that is so funny, because its not– but they think it is! Ha! won’t their faces be red when they find out that the tracklist i posted is made up and that those aren’t the real song titles. Ohhh, i can’t wait. Everyone will look so stupid because i said these were the song titles– but they aren’t! Ha! Genius!”

    bunch of idiots.

  • Love Radiohead seen them alll over the world. They need to stop with the techno crap though….For real

  • Nice to see the usual ludicrous hype surrounding Radiohead is as healthy as ever. I can’t believe anyone who’s listened to more than 2 or 3 records in their life could
    possibly make an argument for TKOL being anything other
    than a bottom-drawer electronica album.

    To even begin comparing this damp squib of a record to Flying Lotus is an insult to the man. This is electronic music for people who don’t like electronic music.

    It’s painfully obvious that Radiohead have reached the point where each member is ready to go their own way. Jonny has his soundtracks, Phil obviously spent the time writing more songs for his next solo record, Ed was dreaming of his next holiday to Oz. Meanwhile Thom & Nigel spent
    the last two years alone in the studio working on the follow-up to The Eraser, which they obviously decided would sell better if it had ‘Radiohead’ plastered on it.

    Is it appalling? Absolutely not. It’s simply the very definition of ‘Competent’.

  • i haven’t been this happy in so long

    feral->lotus flower->codes

  • I actually forgot all about Colin just there. He probably divided his time between visiting the local library & nipping down to Homebase to buy some plugs for Thom’s laptop.

  • first listen. bloom sucks. Hope the rest of the album grows on me. Its hyper experimental. Seems to me a lot of these tracks should have been left to a b-sides album.

  • A little birdy told me that there is a second disc coming…i know two of the bands audio engineers and they were working on completely different tracks when I visited last june. I just expected them to be on this disc…they aren’t

    Two discs of 8 tracks is perfect.

  • What an absolute shame!!! Always felt like a natural evolution throughout there albums, liked the balance they reached in In Rainbows – seemed logical – No logic here – seems cheap and basic layoured in not well thought out loops done just for the hell of it.

    Hope theres more – but not more of this

  • oh also –
    Comox Valley, Vancouver island, British columbia, canada is listening. for the 6th time i believe hahaha!

  • I don’t get all people complaining about the length of the album. I prefer an album with only 8 tracks that contains no fillers and flows perfectly, and leaves you with the feeling of wanting more, instead of an album which makes you feel like it’s too long.

    And come on: why expect an another album tommorow ? This is bullshit, just enjoy what you’ve been receiving.

    People use the word “over-produced” to describe it, but I feel like it’s somehow minimalist (especially the second half).

    After a nearly complete first listen, I have to say I am amazed. Only Radiohead can mix such strong emotions into electronica.

  • It’s beautiful…All and more of what I expected!

  • No longer in the remit of who this is aimed at. Goodbye Radiohead – good to know you (will never forget How to disappear completely)

  • Torrington, WY is listening right now! HAHA.

  • I want my money back!

  • @RasChris

    That techno crap, made the greatest album of the past two decades.


    You definitely make a good point. Why are the other members featured so little on here, and what will they even be doing when they’re playing this song live? Hanging out in the back drinking some tea?

  • I geekily submit that this album is the morning edition. it’s a slow waking thing. lots of tweeting birds through out. Didn’t an official tweet mention sgt pepper? A day in a life?

  • @Dave and other “wise men” – how the hell do you knows who does what on this album? Were you with the guys in the studio when they recorded this? No. So please stop this bs. And may I remind you that a lot of people had similar concerns when Kid A came out, saying that Phil or Ed will have nothing to do when they play this live. We all know how wrong they were…

  • First Radiohead album that truly disappointed me. Sounds like a Thom Yorke solo album.

    I hope we get something else from them

  • It’s interesting to see so many fans’ premature reactions to this album, based solely on their out-of-control anticipation (and comfort zones). I’ve listened to the album once through and I’m excited by what I feel it promises but to either express disappointment or tout it as an instant masterpiece would suggest that Radiohead album’s are immediately accessible. Personally, the challenge that Radiohead albums present upon first listen are what I find so exciting about them.

    For anyone more interested in Bends-era Radiohead and/or not looking for a challenge,

  • Little more then halfway through now…

    Ppl seem to be assuming that this is a Thom Yorke joint…and while it definitely feels him imprint (like all Radiohead), I think it’s a mistake to overlook the rest of the band, just cuz there’s no guitars…

    Jonny and Ed seem to get a kick out of playing with all the electronic sounds on stage, and there’s a dubby, ghostly feel that reflects everything Jonny’s been doing outside the band.

    If Yorke wanted to make a solo album, he could’ve done something with Atoms for Peace.

    They’ve talked over and over again about tweaking expectations and redefining an ‘album’…TKOL looks towards that goal.

    I think voiced desires for an immediate follow-up just reflect secret disappointments. This is not a rock album, and is not trying to move tectonic plates with sound and vibration. Its just a well-sequenced collection of songs, nothing more or less.

    And its pretty good…though no In Rainbows (why does that album get so much disrespect on here?) or Kid A.

  • What are people complaining about???? We have been waiting forever for something new from them….and its always quite a shock when you hear what they actually put out. But its always freakin brilliant. Just chill and enjoy…it may be another 3 years till we get something else.

  • nevermind the tunes…why can’t I open the fucking album art in iTunes!!! Arrgh!!!

  • Listening in Berkeley, CA and loving it!

    Definitely chiller than past albums, reminds me of eraser as well. I would describe it as ‘beautiful’ – the sonicscape and textures layered to perfection.

    I hope they do come out with a 2nd half, but not waiting for it. Hoping for tour!

  • Giving up the Ghost sounds like Spoon…

  • To the people whining…..No one controls their art. They make whatever the hell they want. If it was the same/too similar to a previous release, you’d be bitching too. Quit complaining.

    ___lifetime radiohead fan tired of people crying because TKOL isn’t what they expected

  • But wheres the music – I like how they dress HTTT and In Rainbows songs up in electronica – but when you take the song away and are just left with electronica (hence this album) whats the point – I am an complete fan – I will continue to listen – I trust the bands instints completly – but I cant see the musical value.

    We will see I might be wrong (i miss I might be wrong)

  • Did anyone get an actual email saying the music was available for download? I didn’t. I

  • @TheKingOfRepeatListens- hahaha, so true!

  • […] don’t like to hear them in such bad quality.  For that reason, I’ve been informed (via AtEaseWeb) that 4 of the songs have been played live before, but the only two I’ve personally heard in […]

  • @Hell-Punk

    Yes I agree. I hear no presence of any of the band members on these tracks. I don’t want to create the impression that I’m one of these dullards who always wants guitars. My favourite Radiohead album is Kid A. I just want something worthy of my time. This selection of tracks is simply in-one-ear, out-the-other.

    Take ‘Feral’ for instance. Is that title supposed to be ironic? Because it’s about as Feral-sounding as a Sunday afternoon in Pets At Home.

    ‘Give Up The Ghost’ & ‘Codex’ are pleasant, but hardly earth-shattering. ‘Separator’ continues Thom’s penchant for recasting perfectly good songs in bland, unchallenging Laptop-fare.

    Save for Thom’s voice, I absolutely cannot hear any difference bewteen this music and the usual uninspired electronica that litters MySpace.

    I’ve just watched the Lotus Flower video on Youtube and can’t believe that either. This band made some of the greatest music videos we’ve ever seen and the best they can come up with nowadays is Thom poncing about a warehouse in a stupid hat? Jesus Christ!

    I was reserving judgement until I heard the tracks, but the moment I saw Stanley’s artwork I was hoping that the statement he made a few years ago would be proved wrong. When he was asked “If Radiohead became shit, would you stop working with them?” he replied, “Not only wouldn’t I stop working with them, I’d become shit in solidarity.”

    I guess we’re seeing that solidarity now.

    I’m pleased that we still have Jonny’s soundtracks, which I look forward to immensely. It’s plain to hear that he’s ceased interest in Radiohead but luckily his own music contains more inventiveness, beauty and SPIRIT in one second than the entire duration of this record. Roll-on Norwegian Wood!

    Meanwhile, to all the drones queing up to call this a masterpiece: listen to some non-Radiohead music for a change. You’ll shit your pants at how much better it is.

  • The reason we did not get an email saying the downloads are available is simply because there is more to come I bet. When ALL tracks are released, then the email will come out. Just my theory…

  • 3 listens in, I think it’s quite gorgeous and worth the time to really explore.

    The King of Limbs

  • 1. Packt Like Sardines In A Crush
    2. Bloom
    3. Pyramid song
    4.Morning Mr Magpie
    5.Pulk (Pull) Revolving Doors
    6.Little By Little

  • One more thing to think about. The last song is called “Separator.”

    Part two is coming…

  • When did they say there would be an e-mail announcement?

  • Okay, who thinks “These Are My Twisted Words” is better than the entire The King of Limbs album?

  • Hint: The box set comes with “TWO clear 10″ vinyl records in a purpose-built record sleeve.

    You really think they are going to put 4 songs on each?

    Hmmm 😉

  • Beautiful album, absolutely beautiful. Codex has me reduced to tears

  • complete and utter crap it is!

  • @Ace – I was thinking the same thing. Of course they could just be messing with us.

    @ 01 and 10 – I agree that this album is more like Amnesia than any other. The end of Ghost and beginning of Separator have the same loops as in Spinning Plates And Little by Little has the same beat as in I might be wrong. Good stuff.

  • It still says pre-order

  • So, I’m not really one for the conspiracy theories and the “There’s a 2nd disc coming”, but it is interesting that “Separator” has the lyric, “If you think this is over then you’re wrong” (or something to that effect).

  • This is it. No more tracks on Saturday, which is absurd to think someone would believe such a thing. Despite that, I don’t think it’s impossible that at least a few more tracks will be released from these sessions. I also think that, given the successful nature of this release, we will most likely be getting a couple albums within the next few years. If not from Radiohead, we’ll probably get something from Atoms for Peace.

    It’s unbelievable to fully embrace this record the day it is released. My first impression was honestly that of a let down, but I’ve yet to really listen at my leisure. It is certainly “challenging” to say the least. It’s probably due to the gift of In Rainbows. Most of In Rainbows had expected tracks that were mostly unchanged, besides Reckoner…but the overall aesthetic remained. This new album took it’s expected tracks and made changes to the arrangements. It is a completely different direction from that of In Rainbows.

    This is the strangest Radiohead album yet, and while it’s closest comparison is to The Eraser, it’s still much different from that. So, while I’m mildly disappointed this isn’t a more obvious blend of Rock and Electronic, I cannot deny a good change-up once in a while. I would be more at ease though…if this were just the beginning of some new changes. How about next year we get an album of a different style, and the year after that…different style.

    …but who knows…maybe I’ll hate this album in a few months. I’ll never know until then. But anyways…Thanks Radiohead. You win again.

  • @Ace- Both Kid A and Amnesiac’s vinyl editions contain two 10” discs, usually having two or three songs per side. Based on that, it doesn’t seem to me like they’ll be releasing more music too soon.

  • I fucking hate music

  • I absolutely love this album. I don’t know why everyone expects more music or feel that something is missing.

    It takes a few listens to grow maybe, but this album is beautiful.
    Just listen to it without moaning on twitter about the lack of tunes or guitar. Listen to it with 100% of your concentration and I’m sure you’ll love it.

  • Now that you’ve all heard it, which are your favorite tracks?

  • My first impression was very good – more interesting than In Rainbows and some really beautiful tracks in the latter half (Codex, GUTG). However after multiple listens the shine is wearing of a little. There seems to be less substance here than any record post Pablo. They are nice whispy tunes – gentle and pretty but weightless. Maybe this aspect will become a strength over time, but right now I’m on the fence with this one.

  • @ACE

    Yeah, they are 10″ discs not 12″ which the regular vinyl release will be on.

    Depending on the song length a 10″ disc can only hold at most 3 songs per side and with the length of these songs, which are most at 5 mins you won’t fit a ton of music on the vinyl.

  • this is Norwich, england calling in

    first listen – this feels like a transitional album; achingly beautiful and there are lots of subtle arrangements. lotus and codex are centrepieces, an axis of true quality; like the arrangements and each one hangs on thom twisting in with his ethereal vocals and I understand comments on Eraser, this is more subtle and promises more on repeated listens.

    in summary Radiohead goes underground and puts in a delicate, subversive take on our fears and hopes – a humanitarian approach that delivers progression and promise – thank you

  • People should stop assuming that Thom is the only one having any real part in this album. I’m pretty confident the other boys don’t just want to make another The Bends.

    Absolutely loving the album btw.

  • Not what I expected at all.
    Which is really exactly what I’ve come to expect.
    The artwork and the music have always been jarring at first, awkward or even unpleasant. They start to sink in, and make sense, after a few listens.
    Several listens in to this one, and I think its fantastic.
    Weird and beautiful, without being paranoid, anxious, cold or melancholy.

  • ok. i listened to it like 5 times. and it’s just so half arsed. theres nothing interesting going on and it is definitely my least favorite radiohead or even thom yorke solo there is.

    i went back and listened to in rainbows disc 2 and that is such as better album even though it’s not even and album.

    i just feel like they really didn’t put very much effort or creativity in this record at all.

    it really just sounds like a c-sides album to me.

  • !Ahhhh! Where’s “The Present Tense” or “Wake me (before they come)”… [or “Follow Me Around”]? A 2nd album is a sure thing…

    Just heard TKOL for the first time. I’m getting the same experience than with Kid A. A difficult album, but my favourite as of now.

    So, I guess I just need more time to digest it.

  • Bryan i pretty much agree with what you said. Having said that i still think its better than the eraser or pablo honey but as an album its nowhere near Kid A. I do really like Codex and Give Up The Ghost but everything else is just meh.

  • How can a Radiohead fan not like this record?

    Myself, the only track that I don’t like is “Little By Little,” – which some of have said sounds like a b-side, which I agree with.

    Follow Me Around would have fit PERFECTLY on this record. But it’s ok. Maybe they will re-work it for a later release?

    Speaking of which, I disagree with the idea that the band will release something else tomorrow. But I do agree with the idea that there may be another record within a year – like Kid A/Amnesiac.

    Radiohead obviously have so many new songs in their pocket – like Present Tense, Daily Mail, Skirting on the Surface.. that it’s hard to believe that they weren’t working on thos songs hard in the studio all this time. I just think these 8 tracks fit the best together (again, like Kid A/Amnesiac), so the band split them up (Seperator?) and will release possibly another 8 tracks in future months. Perhaps that one is more band-oriented with more emphasis on instrumentation?

    Well, I hope anyway. But I still like these 7 tracks (Little By Little is forgettable).

  • Love it. First half: Kid A on steroids. Second: In Rainbows on the moon.

  • Jon, Electronica is fine as long as its melodic (see kraftwerk) this is nowhere near as melodic as Kid A/ Amnesiac


  • I never understood why Thom Yorke had enough of melody and said that rhythm was everything he was a great melodist one only needs to look at street spirit, fake plastic trees to see this.

  • I agree with the “part 2 is coming” thing.


  • The Present Tense was the best song from this new stuff that I’ve heard. It would be just plain bizarre to not include release it. An argument that it doesn’t fit the feel of this album is fine, but 8 songs in three years is mad. I’m convinced they’re sitting on more stuff.

  • No matter how much Thom Yorke wouldn’t want to admit it does anyone think that he’s much better at writing guitar songs than electronica?

  • Also, this might be the first Radiohead album where I like EVERY track. That hasn’t happened before.

  • @ Bob

    I think since 15 Step, his abilities with a drum machine have improved hugely. The electronic stuff on Hail To The Thief was poor.

  • Reminds me of the Amnesiac b-sides a bit and The Eraser. I want to like this album but am finding it hard. I know I need to give it time but I’ve listened 3 times now and I just find it boring to be honest. All of the tracks sound like experimental b-sides. But I’m going to keep listening and hope I at least start to enjoy a couple of the songs. Listening to this has made me realize how truly amazing In Raindows is.

  • @ aeuiaea I agree about the drum machine, i didn’t mind the gloaming on HTTT the only song i actively disliked was We Suck Young Blood. Don’t get me wrong i loved the electronic stuff on Kid A such as Idioteque but there were far more guitars on Kid A than this which just seems like Eraser II

  • Amazed at how many people have made their minds up already! music gets annoying if you listen to it on repeat all day. I like it a lot so far, but it took me a fair few listens of their other records to have any kind of opinion about how they fitted in with their other ones. I love the basslines so far…

  • Everybody needs to get their panties unbunched and cool out. I’ve listened to it twice now, and am letting it breath (a little bit of Neil Young before I delve back into TKOL). I am really impressed with the last two tracks. A good buddy of mine is a jazz musician, and he loves it. I don’t know much jazz, but the jazz influence on Cosmogramma was freaking brilliant. I’m pumped to see how these translate live. Who is seriously expecting another album tomorrow? It’s 37 minutes of Radiohead, and that’s more than we’ve gotten since 2007. So relax, enjoy it and figure it out. It took me forever to enjoy Kid A (I was 12 when it came out). So before we start proclaiming the end of Radiohead’s brilliance or saying that the band has given up, just wait and try again.

  • about 8 hours ago, after a couple of listens, I felt really disappointed with this album. Put it on repeat though, with headphones, and the grooves really start to worm their way into your head. Ive gone from thinking it could possibly be their worst album to thinking its up there with their best.

    I love the economy on this album- it’s their sound but stripped back to the elemental particles. Takes a while for it all to sink in and realise what an achievement this is…there’s a wierd suspense that runs the whole way through and makes it all hang together. The minimalist arrangements emphasise the tension and the melodies really well. Check out the strings at the end of Codex: you barely notice them at first, they come and go like a gentle breeze, but they are gorgeous. very close to perfection

  • Actually We Suck Young Blood is one of my favorites on HTTH! 😉

    Like how relentlessly bleak it is!

    Obviously there’s a Flying Lotus thing on the first side of this new album.

    I’d put bets on These New Puritans being played in the office too.

  • The one thing with Radiohead is, like it or not, they demand that you listen and consider new boundaries. I love the speculation of another release of tracks tomorrow or even over time as the Limbs extend
    I personally hear this as one integrated piece around Lotus and Codex. Music for grown ups ? 🙂

  • There is definitely more to come, theres a snippet of another track right before Codex. Plus the fact that the daily mail and present tense arent there has me convinced.

  • Everyone keeps mentioning Codex. I was on the Guardians website earlier and it was the same there.

    I actually prefer the first side.

  • I get the feeling there are good melodies here but are just buried, like Bloom starts off with a really nice piano part then enter loops.

  • I’ve watched the released music video a number of times today and really like how it is somehow simultaneously silly and poignant. I’ll say right now that it’s their best ever music video.

  • Better than There There?

  • maybe they are just being silly an releasing the b-sides album first?

    then soon the will release the real record????

    btw..i loved everyone of there albums since the bends from the very first listen. i’ve never not liked a radiohead record until this one.

  • Well….being a RH addict from the start and a steady follower since their first album, I don’t know what to make of this actually…first listen was disappointing….second already better….but somewhere there’s the feeling more’s to come shortly….this is not really good live material if you ask me….breakbeats on 80% of the songs…hmm…..hope it’ll grow one me

  • Well, I would agree with Dave. I think there is a lot missing…like the rest of the band. There is something to the other albums that we are not getting here…like 4 other minds collaborating. This album sounds more like a hollowed out tree with no roots. (enough wooded cliches). The ends of songs just seem to come to an sudden end. This album seems totally disconnected and drops off. I wonder if there is strife within the band, or they are getting bored with one another and want to branch out and start other projects. A lot of people mention eraser, probably because this sounds like a solo effort. I would love to see some liner notes. Not really sure what’s on but it just doesn’t have the same anything that Radiohead has done AS A GROUP. How long did this album take?

  • Bryan they unfortunately seem to be following the law of diminishing musical returns. It happens to everyone eventually just be thankful that there’s already so much to enjoy.

  • wow. love this record, Codex is prob my fave .
    I would bet there is another album on the way sometime soon , hence the last track called Separator has the lyrics
    “if you think this is over you’re wrong”
    Aw it’s pretty obvious

  • I dunno actually..

    Paranoid Android and Pyramid Song had pretty powerful videos..

    Hmm.. dunno

  • @ Cut the limbs

    It’s like Kid A: deconstructing what a band is supposed to be. The live arrangements will be different.

  • This album did seem to take off where These Are My Twisted Words left off, but I am slightly disappointed that Harry Patch wasn’t a touch stone for this release also. As I prefered that song.

  • Why is it cold “a first newspaper album”? Maybe they will release something new every weak or month… like it is a weakly newspaper?

  • One question is it don’t haunt me or don’t hurt me?

  • I thought it was don’t hold me?

    A might be wrong though.

  • well honestly, it’s completely floored me. absolutely phenominal. i don’t get the people saying that its ‘the eraser part II’…this is a completely different beast altogether. amazing. so happy.

  • I thought it was
    Don’t haunt me,
    Don’t hurt me

  • We’ll have to wait and see the published lyrics i guess 🙂

  • @ Peter

    Not sure. ‘cos it’s made on a newspaper printing press?

    I guess people will know for sure when they get it. 🙂

  • I don’t know. I gotta give this a few more listens, I guess…

    Morning mr. Magpie is my favorite for now.

  • From Barcelona catching up on it… I’m feeling a little bit like when I first listened to Kid A, a bit lost, although now bliss has replaced anxiety. Who said RH were a bunch of sad songs for unhappy people? It’s magic how I’ve been feeling this week, like a kid on Christmas eve, waiting for Santa to come… Next dats are gonna be magic as well, delicious,… I just can’t wait for tour dates to be announced. Bringing theses songs to direct show will be another magic thing. Music is not a pleasure, but a need.

  • My favourite is definitely Codex followed by Give Up The Ghost.

  • Conspirousy Theory

    I went back to the site, checked the help section and got an answer “order reference…….has not yet been shipped”

    Alright, put me on the grassy knoll but I am really starting to think that there is more to come

  • I don’t know, but I reckon that a lot of Radiohead fans don’t delve too deep outside of the mainstream, and a whole other portion of them do, and that’s why opinion is often so split. Some are introduced to leftfield stuff because of Radiohead too. I like this new stuff. My only gripe is that it’s short. But I’m with the conspiracy theorists on a 2nd release..

  • @ aeuiaea Is Trout Mask Replica far enough from the mainstream for you 🙂 ?

  • Love the album so much, hard to rank because it’s fresh in my mind, but it’s up there. “Lotus Flower” and beyond is amazing, but before it is great too.

    I do have a feeling that another album will be released, also. Only 8 tracks and the last song is named “Separator.” It also has a fade out which sounds like it could go into another song. Also, the newspaper albums don’t ship until May 9, and they come with 2 vinyls, which I can’t see 37 minutes taking up. But even if there isn’t another one soon, this on will satisfy me.

  • I own Trout Mask Replica, although it’s a slog to listen to the whole thing! Sorry if my post sounded judgemental, I’m a bit drunk. 🙂

  • Nah its fine 🙂 The King of Limbs reminds me of the Surf’s Up album in a way in that the second half is much stronger than the first half.

  • rushed home, had no problems downloading wav files. floated in a hashy cloud briefly. i have new “wooded” scene press photo as screensaver. Chicago’s weather today is unseasonably warm (52 deg) which is a welcome thaw from 4 foot blizzard of snow 2 weeks ago. Late afternoon sun danced through window onto both laptop and my face from a convenient angle. peering out the window, I have to look through bare tree limbs exactly like the ones in the press photo. 10 or 12 minutes into initial listen it was like organic xanax. this is the most lush, percussive album they have done. Thom seems to be savoring the overwhelming beauty of nature here instead of harboring angst/foreboding about its current destruction. So clean but with a responsibly splashy reverb throughout. I am so happy with it and do not want to quickly listen to it again- I want to simply savor what has been a monumentally memorable first listen. Even the cold/flu i suffered all week long let up this morning and i can breathe/smell/taste-and this is what this album reminds me of: breathing, smelling roses, letting go- in a wondrous and healthy way. Circumstances conspired in my favor, and that’s not to common for me. For those disappointed here, I am truly having a hard time understanding how/why. This is much the opposite of my Kid A experience, in which I never quite heard anything like that; it (kid a) wasn’t accessible to my immature, underdeveloped ears. It took time to recognize the imperial and profound tones. TKOL is instantly “accessible” to me and I’m unsure whether that is due to the construction/zeitgeist of the band or the maturity and development of my personal respect for art/creativity/experience. Quite life-affirming music can be. cheers RH. Thanks again.

  • aeuiaea – yes! these new puritans. I also wondered if any of radiohead have listened to them. they should do a track together, or remix eachother’s tracks at least hah…I can dream…

  • I had to Wikipedia that. I don’t know The Beach Boys, obvious well known songs aside.

    New R.E.M. in a few weeks, and a master class in how to build a 12 track album I reckon..

  • @ kyostiiiii

    Hi 🙂

    Yeah, in the way that the songs threaten to explode, but never do. It’s the same building, building, building thing.

  • This album sounds like Johnny and Ed were at the pub during most of the sessions.

    Regardless it still sounds really awesome. It starts off a bit shaky in the first two tracks, but gets way better after that. “Little by Little” is great. All four tracks on the second side are amazing.

  • The fact that its been nearly 4 years since the last release and the fact that there’s only 8 songs makes it seems like another release will happen soon. Hoping for Lift.

  • “I think I have had my fill, in your arms.”

    I think that’s why I was thinking the lyric mentioned before was “Don’t hold me.”

  • Don’t haunt me
    Don’t hurt me
    Don’t haunt me
    Don’t hurt me

    Gather up the lost and sold
    In your arms
    In your arms

    Gather up the pitiful
    In your arms
    In your arms

    While it seems impossible
    In your arms
    In your arms

    I think I have my fill
    In your arms
    In your arms

    I think I should give up the ghost
    In your arms
    In your arms

  • All of this wishful thinking about a new album coming out tomorrow(?!!), you all sound like preteen girls going to a Justin Bieber concert and hoping to get pulled up on stage for a serenade.
    I’ve noticed a lot of posts about how the album sounds a certain way because not everyone in the group had input or was involved. How about Kid A and Amnesiac? Lots of songs without much guitar there but no one cries about how Thom must have taken over the band.
    I knew that Radiohead fans are passionate but after reading so many whiney posts a lot of you seem to be like spoiled children.

  • It’s Better than I expected. Although it’s as light as The Erase, King of Limbs is sooooo much better!

  • @ Bob

    Ah, no worries. I just sing whatever I want any way. 😉

    @ faceyuck

    Good for you! 🙂

  • Actually Kid A/ Amnesiac had more guitar than this. Is it really wrong to want more radiohead music ? 🙂

  • Feral!!!!!!!

  • Mr Yorke has more 1000 times plus the talent I’ll ever have so I’m not too happy with myself here for having a go but this is something I want to put out. The longer time has gone on it;’s like he’s got more and more sluggish, summed up by his hoboesque appearance that he’s been building up for a few years now. It’s like the more hairy scruffy he becomes the more slurry and lazy his singing sounds. I see him hanging round with these younger black guys like Flying Lotus and it’s like he’s some embarassing dad trying to stay current. I’m sorry if that sounds condescending to the likes Flying Lotus. Am sure they’re good at what they do but I just don’t get it. A lot of this release sounds like Radiohead trying to sound like that and it’s just a little alienating. It fits in with this sluggishness I mentioned as it’s like they’ve gone lets just copy this and not try and put out something fresh sounding. I feel really awful saying these things about my favourite band but I hope this isn’t the suture of Radiohead. If it is then let this be the end.

  • suture = future

  • @ endless

    His “slurring” way of singing came in with OK Computer.

    I always thought it came from an influence derived from In Utero.

    I might be wrong on that but that’s what I always thought.

    He’s sung like that for years now.

  • Admittedly his vocals are buried in the mix more than on previous albums.

  • very very cool and a quite little and shadowly revolution, so near to flyng lotus and four tet, it will growing into me also this nught when i’m sleeping.

  • why has nobody mentioned ‘supercollider’ yet? stunning song, hope it gets a release, don’t mind if it’s thom solo or radiohead. just need to hear the studio version one day!

  • “Admittedly his vocals are buried in the mix more than on previous albums.”

    I retract this. Not sure it’s true. 🙂

  • I was just thinking….39 euro for what is essentially just an 8 song album? Yea sure it comes with lots of artwork and the vinyl and all but still, bit of a fucking rip off. Im not sure i shouldve ordered it now…If we dont get more tunes im gonna be quite pissed off. From paying what you want to this is a bit….rich….to be frank

  • and the first album that you can listen all the moments of our life, also when you get up in the morning

  • I do agree that it does sound like The Eraser but The Eraser did not sound as full and richly complex as this. I personally loved it since the first sound it came from the first track. It is a continuation of These Are My Twisted Words but less dark. It’s Thom with the band and that makes sense 🙂

    There will obviously be more b-sides. As to what form they come in, I have no clue. Best album since Kid A in my opinion.

  • Got in my car to go pay my cable bill a couple hours ago and my local indie radio station was already playing “Codex.” That pretty much sums up how good that track is, and what a great day it was to be a Radiohead fan! …a real Radiohead fan that is, not some bitchy little twit who wants every new record to sound like an old one from years ago!

  • I’m gonna leave this site now. It was nice to chat to the people here. Take care. X

  • This album is so not what I expected and was hoping for. The Lotus Flower video sums up this album in four words – Thom Yorke solo album. Watch the video, is there any signs of the other band members? No. It’s just Thom. I love Thom, I think it’s a wonderful musician and I love his solo work however, this is meant to be Radiohead. Compare this album to In Rainbows and you can hear the band playing together, visioning them live but with this, there’s just Thom standing alone dancing like a prat with that stupid fucking hat.

    I’m really disappointed. Admit, the second listen sounds better, but I’m not convinced. I’m worried I won’t ever like this album and I thought that would never happen. I hope I’m wrong. Anyway, thank you Radiohead for more music, I hope for more in the near future.

  • Yeah, I feel like I’m back in 2000 and while I surf on netscape trying to napster some Jeff Buckley stuff, I can’t help to check how people are reacting to Kid A, saying that Radiohead was done, that Thom Yorke has gone crazy and self-proclamatory, Colin died and Johnny let his hair grow so long that because of that he can’t play any instruments. But then we all watched the Kid become an elder and bold statement to the music universe… And now we all worship that Kid A…

    The King of Limbs wants to distort us again like Kid A did, and we are following the hype of, not the release, but the hype of the urgency that we have to find flaws in the current radiohead art structure…

    And where is Colin in this album? Is all of the place, tweaking, texturizing and layering track after track with tiny but sharp details, just wait till you see them live again.

    So, The King of Limbs is another bold statement and a mezmerizing experience…

  • What if this release is the B-side and this was the a-side
    Sterile (5:35)
    Nag (6:55)
    Orange, But Still Blue (4:39)
    Oddly (8:53)
    In Air (6:00)
    The King of Limbs (14:57)
    Mid-Afternoon Sunset (4:15)
    Couldn’t (4:20)

  • I feel like im back in 2004, 2002, 2000 and so forth, always the same reactions, i dont think this, i dont feel that, and at the end everybody melting for the beautiful sounds they didnt hear in the beginning
    Im glad radiohead keep changing, while most of the people dont

  • @ZW. What if you people could stop posting stupid bullshit and just enjoy the new record?

  • Chicago in Radiohead BLISS. Thank you!

  • There must be a second album, this is not enough. Too many songs already played live are missing. Supercollider MUST be on the record. Yorke has played it so many times live, he can’t do this to us!! It would be so strange choosing FERAL instead of such a great song.
    But so far the sound is great. Lotus flower’s bass line reminds “This mess we’re in” (PJ Harvey feat. Thom).
    And Little by little is BLACK SWAN with a grunge chorus that reminds the line of Nirvana’s POLLY… Genius. Great Thom.

  • this has to be half or less than half of the album
    look at all the songs he played live last year that aren’t included here:

    Let me take control
    open the floodgates
    super collider
    the present tense
    I froze up
    skirting on the surface
    the daily mail
    judge jury executioner
    wake me before they come

    that’s more songs than are included in this release
    I’m sure they won’t be waiting another 3 or 4 years for release

  • and sorry to say but there could have been a much better video made for Lotus Flower

  • The sounds have a fresh innovative breeze, amazing bass and

  • …surrounding percussion. Loved Codex and Morning Mr. Magpie. Im amazed that Radiohead still has the power to surprise with unheard sounds…

  • To the sycophants telling anyone criticising the LP to be quiet: you’re missing the point. Just blindly liking it because it’s Radiohead helps nobody. Assessing it and reacting to it for what it is is all you can do. I’ve loved Radiohead music for years but that doesn’t oblige me to enjoy TKOL.

    I think the LP is totally overproduced and underwritten. Where is the soul? Where are the dynamics? Where is the humanity? Whereas on Kid A the electronica reached out and had a feeling, this doesn’t seem to. I don’t want OK Computer mark 2. In fact I don’t want anything in particular. It’s not that my expectations haven’t been met. I just can’t see the value in this (yet).

    The album doesn’t add up. There’s no focal point. It’s like they didn’t know quite what to do but felt they had to do something, lost interest then ran out of steam and just released whatever was in the can. I suspect that’s why people are insisting there is a part two. You really think so? I’m kind of glad it’s only 37 minutes. Another half an hour of this would be a bore.

    I think I need to come back to it in a few months.

  • Codex made had an orgasm so hard…I have yet to form an full opinion but bloody hell only 8 tracks….they are lucky that they are like crack to me or else I would feel somewhat annoyed.

  • There were things I understood about TKoL. But what I understood was not what I understood about Radiohead.

    I became a fan of Radiohead after Kid A came out, so I didn’t experience the “knowing OK Computer” transition to Kid A. But, I understand the dramatic change that took place there.

    I understood Kid A and Amnesiac. There was something discernibly Radiohead there: the dark, cryptic and disjointed beeps and bleeps; the haunting, frantic, yet sometimes calm sounds of guitars, pianos, and loops.

    I understood Hail to the Thief. It tried to make sense of the dark and chaotic elements of Kid A/Amnesiac combined with something traditional and something new. HTTT was a rocky attempt to make sense of where they’ve been, where they are, and where they are going.

    I understood In Rainbows even more. Unlike HTTT, it successfully synthesized the dark disjointedness of Kid A/Amnesiac with their raw, rocker era talents. They finally came to a conclusion with the mess that Kid A created for them.

    Then this…what is this?!?! I couldn’t make sense of TKoL. At first listen, I accepted it as something new…okay, I’ll give it a couple of listens. After the next couple listens though, it made less sense. It pissed me off, then I hated it. But I couldn’t hate it, I like some it, but not because it was Radiohead–the fact it doesn’t sound like Radiohead, I concluded it was boring. Yep, boring. It doesn’t make sense. It is unfamiliar to me–it doesn’t have Kid A inside it, it doesn’t build off of In Rainbows. So: boring.

    But it really didn’t bore me. I can’t just dismiss it as “boring.”

    This album has been compared to Kid A. But that’s just because (1) it’s different, and (2) it has more computers, bleeps and beeps. But it isn’t the bleeps and beeps of Kid A or Amnesiac. It’s tighter. I kind of like the songs…I don’t hate them.

    Then I realized I’m absorbed. These songs not only punch me in the face because they’re unfamiliar to me, but they are unfamiliar to what I’m familiarly in love with about Radiohead. And what I’m familiarly in love with about Radiohead is how they change, evolve, take on new things. This punched me in the face. I love these songs. I love this album. This is more groundbreaking than In Rainbows. This is as groundbreaking as Kid A (at least for Radiohead’s catalogue).

    Frusterating, but exciting.

  • Many compare this album to Kid A. Well if you think this album is much like Kid A then you must have blown your ears out jamming to it. That album’s tracks led smoothly into one another. You could hear each mind working together on the songs. I just don’t see it here. Its not about “old” vs. “new” Radiohead. Its about quality and effort. Its so funny thats the argument “die hard” Radiohead fans mention like the genius aeuiaea pointed out. Well i’m well into my thirties love the bands evolution into more progressive sounds but this album just falls short to me, especially for what kind of money they are asking. I really hope there is more to come because it sounds like a grouping of disappointing b sides, and beside that I have to listen to the groupies fawning over mediocrity.

  • my 2 cents:

    i am overjoyed this album has duped the bandwagon fans of in rainbows. it’s a nice return for the boys. this may be wishful thinking but could these be the b-sides satisfying us fans as an appetizer while our main course simmers. if so keep salivating until the band says bon appetit.

  • Liking it more and more with each listen, apart from Feral :). Would have been nice to have a couple more tracks, but still plenty to enjoy.

  • I think we are sort of being part of Radiohead’s Big Brother. I can see them laying in the sofa laughing watching the whole media world changing all the plans just to make the first review… It’s nice. I have decided to enjoy it in state of speculating. Let them be what made us love them: let them create and be artists.

  • (in state) –> instead

  • Man, sounds even better the day after, on listen 3 now… reckon it’s another 5* album from them, just a bit more mellow and groovily understated than The Bends, OK Computer, Kid A or In Rainbows (to my mind their other classic 5/5 albums). I love love LOVE that radiohead refuse to stay in the same place, think first listen I was hoping for a ‘bodysnatchers’ or a ‘reckoner’ but once I was over that I embraced the quietness of the album… but it does carry on the more soulful, subtle groove of some of the quieter In Rainbows tracks.. (think House of Cards, Videotape, Nude) although in a different place altogether..


  • Madison, Wisconsin here. So much anxiety in this city, this country right now. For me, certain music is tied to certain events in my life. I’ll always connect 9/11/2001 with Bob Dylan’s Love and Theft – it was released on that day and, for me, it became a refuge.

    Now, with government become increasingly hostile to people around the world – and even here in my liberal sanctuary – I have King of Limbs. I listened straight through at 6am this morning.

    I have to spend more time with it, but it was a comfort. As reality becomes more strange and dreamlike (not necessarily a ‘good’ dream,) I empathize with Tom’s call to “Wake me up, wake me up” at the close of the album.

    I’m 42, I came to Radiohead with Kid A and I’ll take acoustic instruments over electronic any chance I can. But this band, they continue to challenge and reward me unlike any other.

  • Longtime fans know that you shouldn’t go into a Radiohead album with any expectations or preconceptions. You will invariably be disappointed. I remember when Kid A came out and most people split into two camps; this isn’t anything like OK Computer which makes me not like it, then, this isn’t anything like OK Computer, but it is still awesome. I think time has proven us, the second camp, right.

    The trick with Radiohead is taking them for what they are. If you dwell on what they aren’t, then you might want to find some more bands to follow. The only songs I am unsure of now are ‘bloom’ and ‘feral’. I liked Magpie before it came out, but was unsure of the album version for a bit.

  • pixelife
    February 18, 2011 at 2:54 pm

    don’t care about guitars. care about forward music.

    What is forward about aping James Blake/Burial/dubstep/grime?

  • @Jim – where do you hear similarities? Really, this is just funny.

  • I’m not going to bother saying this is a beautiful album or just how great it is or even how much I love it after so-and-so listens. That’s all been said.

    What I will say is that I think people’s main problem with this album is that it’s not a rock album and they fall under the misconception that Radiohead is a rock band. This is not a rock album. Radiohead has not been a rock band for some time now.

    As for people saying it sounds like a Thom Yorke solo album, I don’t know what you’re hearing. The other members are there. They may not be playing what you expect them to be playing, but they’re there. Just listen.

    And as for this being one half of a whole album, I’d like that to be true, but I very much doubt it. Where would we be without wishful thinking?

    Good show, Radiohead. You never fail to impress.

  • At first I wasn’t quite sure about this album. I first listened to it at work and was kinda disappointed. Then when I listened to it through headphones I was blown away by all of the layers. I love this album. It is amazing. If you haven’t listened it on headphones yet, you are missing a lot. Feral and codex are amazing on headphones. I’m amazed how much it grew on me. Leave it to radiohead for releasing something totally unexpected!

  • […] because the British band quite literally honor the Los Angeles beat producer on their new album The King Of Limbs. Some fans even mistakenly called the new single Flying Lotus instead of Lotus Flower, a Freudian […]

  • for the people who don’t understand it, maybe go for a long walk and listen to it, early in the morning, with “no one around”. I think I get this album . . there’s a lot of things I think about it, but it’s all subjective anyway. It made sense to me this morning . . the reason it doesn’t ‘feel’ like a band is because it’s not supposed to. It’s one energy – the beautiful things you discover on your own.

  • @hihow are you today

    How can you not be sure about Bloom?!?!
    that’s the best track…along with Feral I think!

  • this is also the best radiohead album to get high to. lights a joint (well maybe later).

  • @one man camera – – cheers to listening to this album at 6 am, makes the most sense doesn’t it?! if in rainbows was a morning album to me, this album is like a peak of sunrise album – –

  • i’m an artist and a douchebag from toronto,
    check out my blog-a-log and read my review of the new album, ya?

  • I’m in love with LITTLE BY LITTLE, definitely…
    C’mon guys, this is a very good album. The older Radiohead get the many more listens u have to run for the album to be understood. AND I LKIE IIIIT!!!!!
    Love this band slightly less than how I do the Beatles.

  • For those thinking that the newspaper edition coming with two vinyls means there are more songs to the album: these are two 10″ vinyls, which usually hold, on average, 10 minutes per side without losing quality. It might also help to know that both ‘Kid A’ and ‘Amnesiac’ are on on two 10″ LPs apiece. Hell, ‘In Rainbows’ was released on two 12″ LPs, and that album is only 40 minutes. So more than likely what we’ve got is all we’re gonna get for this album.

    Could there be another album some months down the line — ala Kid A and Amnesiac? Sure, it’s possible. They could also decided to release more songs as b-sides to the singles. Or as free downloads, like These Are My Twisted Words. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Well… can we all at least agree that Thom’s vocals sound fucking AMAZING on this new record!? Because if you can’t say that then I really have to question your degree of hearing and musical knowledge

  • I liked every track on the first listen. Didn’t have the same experience with Kid A, it had a few standouts but I found myself skipping several tracks.

    It is probably a bit early to judge but I think In Rainbows is a more complete album.

  • Just an idea! Maybe this album is one out of a triptych?
    The second album could be: The Queen of head and the third one could be: The Prince of torso. Or something to that extent…

    With each listen I love The King of limbs more and more as I expected. It happens to me with every new Radiohead album. In the beginning I am a bit dissapointed and after a while I can’t imagine there was a time a did not like it 😉

  • The queen of head – that sounds sorta – kinky

  • LOL I didnt even think about that when I wrote it but hey there’s always room for kinky stuff when it comes to Radiohead 😛

  • I like it. If they released In Rainbows Part 2 (ehh part 3) people would be bitching about how they’ve lost their creativity. They’re free, they don’t care if you don’t think it has enough guitar or sounds like a TY solo album. Keep doing whatever it is you want to do Radiohead,

  • it’s good. but shit, nothing compares with this.

  • Also. Can we now agree that HTTT is an amazing LP? So varied, also very guitar orientated. I think time will tell that it is an amazing piece of work. Very 2003 in a way.

  • It’s a beautiful storm.

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