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The King Of Limbs: Conspiracy Theories

Last week when the news about The King Of Limbs first dropped, many people noticed that the Japanese site for the album stated the record would contain eight songs. That information was quickly scrubbed from the site but at the time it was the only indication of how much music we could expect on the record as Radiohead had not released any tracklisting (in fact, they never would). When the album was suddenly released on Friday with its eight (wonderful) tracks, some were taken aback that so little new music (37 minutes worth) was released after such a lengthy recording period.

I think it this apparent disappointment that has led a certain segment of fans to speculate that Radiohead have more music in store for us, that The King Of Limbs is going to sprout more branches in the not too distant future. The evidence? Well, personally, it seems a little thin but here’s a brief overview of why some people think Radiohead have more music up their sleeve, ready for us.

1. Order Numbers – When ordered through Radiohead’s official site for The King Of Limbs, all orders featured an order number that began TKOL1-XXXXXXXX. Many think that the 1 indicates that there will be a TKOL2 or perhaps TKOL3.

2. Separator – The last song on The King Of Limbs is called Separator but it was known as Mouse Dog Bird when Thom performed it last year. Since it’s the last song on the album, some think the title was changed to indicate a separation from this set of songs and a future set of songs. In addition, the lyrics contain the line, “If you think this is over, then you’re wrong.” I’m going to refrain from outright stating people are clutching at straws here but those words were written quite a while ago (probably long before anyone in the band knew it would be the closing track) and it seems incredibly unlikely Thom would write coded lyrics indicating to Radiohead fans more music was on the way.

3. Stanley Donwood – In a recent interview with Creative Review, Stanley discussed his new exhibition in London and in reference to his artwork for The King Of Limbs said, “Also, the other thing was the sense of the music not coming to a halt – it was almost like this was kind of a report on its current status.”

4. Chieftan Mews – The former host of The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth Of All Time is on Twitter. And tweeting gibberish. OR IS IT? Some have interpreted recent tweets as corroboration of the theory that The King Of Limbs is going to sprout other branches/soldiers. Of course, we can’t even be 100% sure this account is someone affiliated with the band (though he is followed by Stanley Donwood on Twitter).

5. Other Twitter UsersTransition APEXXX has now been more or less revealed to be a hoax while decath10n‘s tweet about the record sparked some theories because he is actually followed by Thom Yorke. His tweet implied that The Present Tense (a new song played by Thom last year that is not on the album) would eventually be a part of the record (presumably on a second disc). He has since posted on the message board saying his tweet was not meant to be taken literally.

6. iTunes & Last FM Fakes – A few people with too much time on their hands even tried renaming songs in their iTunes Library to create an “Exclusive Bonus” disc that a few lucky fans were allegedly sent. These songs were then scrobbled to Last FM creating a buzz. Fake, of course.

7. The Newspaper Album – The lack of a specific description song-wise in The Newspaper Album pre-order page has led some to speculate more music might be included in that version of the album. Two 10″ vinyls are not overkill for an eight song album (Kid A, at ten tracks, is also split over two pieces of 10″ vinyl) but that hasn’t stopped some from thinking it must include more music. There is also the matter of the CD that comes with it. But I certainly wouldn’t be expecting anything more in this package (not that I’d complain!).

Now given Radiohead’s history of bonus discs and b-sides, it’s nearly certain that the band have more completed material awaiting some sort of release. Personally, I’m thrilled with The King Of Limbs but it wouldn’t surprise me if the band have more music for us before the year is out. But The King Of Limbs part 2? Well, I’m not so sure about that.

But others disagree, as you see above. Again, we’re just reporting these theories and certainly do not put any faith in any of them. Let us know what you think in the comments or discuss it here on the message board.

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  • If more music comes up then wonderful. If not, also ok, because this record is really spectacular, and it got to me after some serious weekend listening. So those of you who still think it’s rubbish, keep on listening, you will get it.

  • I don’t understand where this connection between “disappointment” and speculation comes from. It’s only an insinuation, and a wretched one.

    In fact it’s quite the reverse – it is precisely because TKOL is so wonderful that it has sparked speculation, probably in hope more than anything, certainly more than disappointment.

    Personally, I love all this stuff.

  • I’ve been an adamant follower of this speculation.

    Initially it was due to disappointment at the record’s length, and the omission of several songs that had already registered an emotional impact with me. It feels like they’ve recorded and held back so much quality material from these very fruitful sessions that there has to be more coming, you know?

    It’s a divine record that might not click immediately, but grows on you with every listen. Deep, powerful stuff. I expect critical reaction to echo those sentiments in the long term.

    With all of the little clues in place, most of them covered in this news post, it’s hard to ignore the possibility of a surprise TKOL Part 2. After waiting on the edge of our seats for the past few months as LP8 news trickled out, who’s really surprised that we’re foaming at the mouth for more?

  • Maybe, with bloom and lotus flower, this is the band’s spring release. Another 6-8 songs EPs would be release in each station in a newspaper whose numbers are released each 3 months.

  • Thanks for posting the link to the thread!
    It’s worth mentioning though that the Chieftan Mews account holds more credibility, as it tweeted “I am hidden in your 8-track” before the album was released (and before anyone could confirm it was 8 tracks long).
    Sure, if it’s a hoax the user could have seen the whole Japanese order page deal, but I feel like it lends a sense of authenticity to the account.

  • Rob: the connection between the “disappointment” and speculation is pretty strong in various places that I’ve been reading. Not all disappointment leads to it, of course, and not all speculation is borne from it. But it does seem pretty intertwined here…especially the way things unfolded on Friday/Saturday.

    Blade: Your last comment kind of….I don’t know, saddens me (and you are far from the only person that has echoed that sentiment). We just got this brilliant record and people are already “foaming at the mouth” for more…I’d hope that The King Of Limbs is enough to satiate fans for a while.

    Jeboo: No worries. Thanks for all your work in that thread.

  • Perception is guided by intentions and expectations. The way people decode the world tells us more about themselves than about the world itself.

  • And honestly, as far as decoding stuff goes, Radiohead have themselves to blame since they’re the ones that unloaded all that semaphore stuff on us just before they announced In Rainbows.

  • I’ve not looked at the thread so this is probably mentioned elsewhere, but I’ve heard a few times that a £30+ box-set for 37 minutes of music seems a little OTT.

    I am also not sure that the final package details is known yet as we are 2.5 months away from it shipping, so maybe there’s something to clarify here.

    I can understand releasing 8 song EP’s, but charging fans £30/£33 for them is a little harsh in some people’s eyes.

    I am still getting into the album but I am far from disappointed, just passing on the thoughts that paying £33 for what is essentially an EP is fairly expensive. I know you get all the artwork and everything else, but when all is said and done, it’s 8 tracks, one of which is an instrumental. Not disappointed as such, but surprised if it’s all we get for our money.

  • chieftan mews has been on twitter for ages

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  • i don’t think there will be something like “part II”. but there might be some singles with new songs on the flipside, and that’s what i’m looking forward to.

  • A few thoughts:

    1) Radiohead owe us nothing..they put out stuff, we lap it up like sick puppies.
    2) The King of Limbs is a cracking record, and what’s most exciting is that I’m yet to have my most satisfying listens of it. I personally think it’s another 5* album.
    3) I would expect they have more tunes on the way. a) because I’ve got a few live versions and b) because they’ve been recording for so long.
    4) I’m excited about hearing those new tunes, but I won’t let that stop me enjoying the record I’ve got.
    5) I don’t really care how they release new material, and that includes releasing some as Thom Yorke solo stuff (although i prefer Colin Greenwood to Flea…)
    6) conspiracies are fun, but for the most part exactly that…

  • i wouldnt call this a conspiracy, it makes it seem foolish, its very possible you know, what it means to me is that it wont be another 3 years until the next one

  • I like the theory… It takes the concept album to include a larger body of work vs just the album.

    That might be neat to see…. a story over a series of albums.

  • TKOL was an inside job.

  • My theory – it’s a double album, they’ll release the second part later saying ‘surprise!’, the 10′ records will become 12′, ‘The Present Tense’ will be on the second part (maybe even TAMTW – maybe a different mix of TAMTW, the acoustic version Thom played was awesome).

    Another possibility- a string of singles coming later – ‘limbs’

  • If there is indeed more music forthcoming (and I think there very well might be) you can rest assured that it won’t be TKOL part 2. The reason songs like Present Tense, Super Collider and Daily Mail didn’t make the record is, I’m assuming, because when they went to record them they didn’t really end up fitting in with the stuff that ended up being on TKOL. If Radiohead releases another album soon, it will almost certainly sound completely different.

  • I also believe there is more music on the way but I’m not convinced that RH intentionally put out clues in a conspiracy-theory fashion to make us believe so. The band is now in a situation where they’re not beholden to a major record label that expects an album of a certain length or ‘hits’ that can be marketed. They can now be more focused, and it’s been obvious for a long time that they have become much more interested in creating interesting ‘soundscapes’ than just easiliy digestible songs. The King of Limbs holds probably the most coherent atmosphere of any RH album, and 8 songs seems just about right for that. In Separator, though, the talk about waking from dreams and the almost happy guitar lick at the end is, I think, a preparation for the theme of the next album, whenever that may be.

  • Let us not forget that DIY records labeled TKOL orders as “TKOL-1” as well.

    Also, Radiohead has been talking up how they have been exploring new ways of delivering music, and how to do it more often since In Rainbows, surely there is some connection to the “Newspaper Album”.

    I then find it curious how there was NO talk of TKOL or its tracklist for months before the album to its release. In fact, the only thing we knew was how many songs would be on the album. Nothing like the massive list of songs we saw during the In Rainbows sessions, just a humble set of eight with no names. I find this highly suspicious. Why not detail some of the other material they were working with as they have in the past?

    It all seems to be pointing in one direction.

  • The most obvious thing will happen: 2-3 singles with b-sides, all of which will be on the CD of the Newspaper album, as happened with In Rainbows.

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  • What pressure to have every release compared to OK Computer – an artist can only have one masterpiece. I love Thom’s voice and lyrics and I’m assured the quality of the music has been mastered to perfection. The negative reviews always express disappointment that a new album isn’t groundbreaking, genre bending, a new direction – I don’t agree. Each one of their albums is exactly that.

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  • in regards to #6, it was already admitted that the tracks were faked on purpose, so why is that even up there?

  • The King of Whims


  • I think it’s gonna be the Kid A / Amnesiac thing again. same session, different albums. because:

    1) this is the shortest Radiohead album ever. I think that releasing an 8 track album (after 3 and a half years) is not much.
    2) Feral is not really a track. it’s a filler (like treefinger was).
    3) there are a lotta good leftouts….

  • i don’t really believe in singles anymore. it’s old fashioned. but I’d bet that they’ll release another album this year! definitely not KoL2

  • This is a very disappointing release from my fav band. Almost four years of a wait for only 8 tracks is plain unacceptable. One of which (Feral) is big yawn that goes absolutely nowhere. This album feels like radiohead hiding from themselves, like they’re too afraid to come out and play and they’d rather stay insidewhile we watch and listen through the window. Codex and Lotus Flower are mesmorizing. Bloom and Morning Mr Magpie are as exciting as anything they’re ever done Rhythmically. The other issue I have here is Thom’s lack of melody. I get this music, I appreciate the fact that this album sounds like nothing else. But at the end of the day, along with risk taking I just wanted more songs like tracks 5-8 which is without question the highlight of the album. We’ll see more music from these sessions in some form with the hard release in May.

  • There is definitely more music. Remember, one lucky winner will get a signed 12″ vinyl with (2) tracks. So there will be more to come.

  • It makes me chuckle to think that what a lot of people have been concentrating on is the supposed ‘conspiracy’ about the release of this album, and less so on the actual music itself. I bet Thom and the others are having a right old chuckle themselves at the moment. There music frequently causes controversy, more so than another band I can think of. I believe that this response was their intention.

    Looking back to 2007, they released an album where we could pay whatever we liked, probably knowing full well that the vast majority of people would pay a decent enough amount. Those that payed for the ‘deluxe edition’ were treated to an extra cd of songs that could perhaps be described as very good b-sides – but are they actually part of the ‘proper’ In Rainbows musical experience? Mk1 follows on from Videotape almost seamlessly so I guess it was their intention to include them all together, just with the first 10 songs being the highlights – all 18 tracks fit nicely onto a single cd!

    Fast forward to now, and I believe that these first 8 tracks are part of a larger whole. Maybe TKOL is the ‘b-sides’ release? (Albeit a very good one, but look to the b-sides from The Bends and OK Computer – some of them are great songs in themselves). Maybe this is the experimental part to the album with Part 2 containing more conventional songs? Radiohead have a history of releasing music in unconventional ways so maybe the reality is something completely different.

    Other bands release a double cd album but personally I prefer to have music in ‘bitesize’ chunks a la Kid A/Amnesiac. (Morning Bell clearly links those two albums so they could actually be one double album).

    Whatever happens, Radiohead are the king of musical innovators and I look forward to whatever they release next, however long (or soon!) it arrives.

  • The King Of The imbs “BRANCH” 2

  • err.. a newspaper album it’s like a subscribtion. You ‘ll get new issue of the Limbs in next 3 months.

    happy huh?

  • Someone: I was just trying to include as many different reasons as possible for people thinking there were more tracks and the lengths others were going to perpetuate the hope/theorizing. That’s why I included #6. I noted in the post that it was already debunked.

  • this album is going to get pretty expensive if it costs 50$ every time a new ‘branch’ comes out

  • Hay! I just thought about something. Remember, “The Daily Mail” that Thom has been toying around with live? Why isn’t it, or any variation of it, currently featured on the “Newspaper Album”?

    Seems like an obvious fit to me.

  • Chieftan Mews is legit, He started gibbering in Japanese before the Tokyo thing was announced, he talked about the 8 track (there is even an 8 track in the background of his page). He talked about footage before we got the video. What the hell his post album tweet means though is anyones guess:

    Mob Likens Fight ** If XXXX Links, Beg ** Fib Me, Ghost Link! **

  • The biggest conspiracy for me just comes from a pracatical standpoint: What the hell happened to all that music they were working on? They’ve been working on this stuff in soundchecks since the IR tour. They’ve spent over a year and a half recording on an off. Thom premiered 8 songs solo on the AFP tour, most of which he was known to be working on with Radiohead — only 2 of them are on this album. One of Phil’s favorite of the new stuff isn’t here (The Present Tense), Thom mentioned that his favorite of the new stuff was Dawn Chorus — which is also not here — and Colin talked about Wake/Ring Me being one of the new songs that was among his favorites.

    When Twisted Words was released Jonny said they’d been recording “for a while now” (that was in August of 2009!) and that song was only one of the things they finished in those sessions. They did a solid bit of recording in LA and even held a wrap party for what they completed there. On the IR tour Ed said in an interview that there was “loads” of new stuff. In June Ed said they were weeks away from finishing — that was 8 months ago. Colin wrote his article about finishing “a new batch of songs” over 6 months ago. What the heck have they been doing? All this recording and they came up with 8 tracks, one of which is an interlude (Feral)? 37 minutes of music out of all of that?

    Jonny was interviewed on the red carpet at the Norweigan Wood premiere, and when asked about the upcoming album said there would be “ten tracks, maybe a few more.” That’s anywhere from 2-5 more songs than what we got that would have been in consideration.

    Again, where did it all go? The appearance of Mr. Magpie — which I don’t think anyone knew they were working on — along with the revisiting of Follow Me Around and I Froze Up suggests they were reaching back and trying to finally finish some of those songs that have been a work in progress for a while now. And, as we know, Nigel has long promised that he was going to force them to sit down and finish stuff that has been in the pile for a while. Couple that with unknown new stuff like Bloom, Little by Little, Feral, Codex, and all the stuff that was premiered by Thom, and I think it’s easy to think that they finished quite a few songs over all these sessions.

    When the stuff started piling up, it doesn’t seem out of the question that they decided to split things up in groups and maybe do two releases of relatively equal size (or maybe a series of eps). To me TKOL feels like it could work both as its own release and as part of something bigger. I guess if you believe this though the question then becomes why didn’t they just release it as a double album already? And I would really have no idea.

  • i dont get people who think this is a ‘short’ album.

    37 mins is not a short album.
    in rainbows was only 5 minutes longer than the king of limbs.

  • To add to the conspiracy theory – I’m really surprised nobody mentioned the cover artwork yet.There are clearly TWO characters visible, and to me they represent two parts of the album. We got to hear the yellow, relaxed, jazzy one on the left so far. The right one, darker and more guitar heavy, is still out there… Right?

  • The only reason I want new music is because I love what they do. I am also fascinated how they release this stuff and how it will be.

    I am hoping the box set has ‘room’ for albums 2 and 3 and they release them both conventionally as CDs (and downloads) every 3 months and those with box sets can slot the CDs in nicely.

    3 x 8 tracks. One can dream.

  • Reddy:

    Now that’s the part that’s less practical and more conspiracy, but I’ve only had that same thought. We have three pieces of art from this album so far and they all echo the same thing: two main something, four limb somethings.

    “Thank you for waiting” has the two main figures with eyes, and four limbs. The album cover have two main ghoulish figures with four limbs between them. The band press shot them centered between two big trees, with four of the band members extending their arms like limbs. It could all be coincidence, or it could all be calculated. Who knows.

  • Is Sean AKA crazy disco party from the board who wrote this article? lol!! “eight (wonderful) tracks”

  • @Voyeur

    Feral is amazing. Probably my 3rd favorite after Bloom and Codex. It’s not a filler!

  • hmm, i mean it very well could be. Colin did mention how facebook and twitter plays a role in society now, and that they know that music has to be released differently in a world that’s changing so rapidly. Maybe this is the way to make releasing music exciting again.

  • @Brian: nope, not that Sean. A different one.

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  • ZOMG … Chieftan News just twittered more jibberish about twisted woods and limbs. I don’t know a word he’s saying but I’m excited for TKOL-2. 🙂

  • I think the answer lies in the meaning of the “newspaper” album. This has to refer to more than a mere packaging element. By definition, a newspaper is a regularly scheduled publication. While all of the double-album/10″ talk fails to add up, it’s reasonable to expect more music in one form or another in the coming months. This coming from someone who is very pleased with TKOL.

  • people should listen more to what chieftan mews says !!!!

  • new tweet –
    I tried to arrange the 14 pieces of limb art to make something out of twisted woods and temporally displaced my unit. NOW GO ON!

  • Mob Likens Fight ** If XXXX Links, Beg ** Fib Me, Ghost Link! **

    This is a string of anagrams. Mob Likens Fight = Fib Me, Ghost Link! = If XXXX Links, Beg, provided that XXXX = MOTH

    Leaving us with a moth. Appropriate imagery methinks.

  • Chieftan Mews’ tweets are full of anagrams! Check this out:

    “XXXX, I tweet wry addresses. Sweet shattered rowdyism! Draws yet the worst demise! Drowsy sweet death merits! These are my twisted words”

    Every sentence above is made out of the same letters. By process of elimination, the “XXXX” is the letters T-H-O-M.

    But what does it mean?

    “Mob Likens Fight ** If XXXX Links, Beg ** Fib Me, Ghost Link!”

    XXXX here = T-H-O-M again. All of these are about links and leaks… perhaps of new material?

  • I am guessing Chieftan Mews is legit. I am pretty sure of it.

    He claims that something is hidden in our “8 track” and that the current TKOL is the heart, while other limbs / soldiers will be released and “do what we want them to” (like a loyal dog as per the references there)

    He just tweeted about arranging the “limb art” to “make something [out of my twisted words]”

    I believe there is something about re-arranging the tracks… or the tracks “re arranging themselves” (by order of tkol?).

    Now I don’t know how this could really be accomplished when the media they are supposedly releasing this on is vinyl/cd (non writable) but somehow i think it ties in… also with the many pieces of artwork that will need to be arranged (Stanly and now Chiftan claim this). What is revealed when they are arranged correctly?

    This ties in with the sound clip before Codex as well.

    Something is definitely afoot with this Album and some “missing pieces”.


    This is proof–3 albums!!!!!

  • Speaking more of the re-writing/re-arranging/hidden between the 8 tracks…. the page also states the clear vinyl will come in a “purpose-built record sleeve”.

    Now call me crazy but tree’s sprout branches…. and maybe its possible to have this “purpose built sleeve” etch/sprout more grooves slowly into the vinyl as it rests in its sleeve… secretly adding tracks.

    Wow ok… that may be going a little far but that would be very neat.

  • well there are weird transitions between the tracks, maybe we need to rearrange the tracks? or something – jesus. I really do believe there is something to this. I mean what’s with all the noise in between – I am satisfied with this album, but there is something strange,

  • ChieftanMews says:
    What is your Queen of Diamonds?

    Even King needs a queen right?

  • what does this translate to 私はそれらに日本語を教えた.

    yeah, we should REALLY be paying more attention to chieftan mews twitter

  • “Mob Likens Fight ** If XXXX Links, Beg ** Fib Me, Ghost Link! **

    i found this !!

  • I tried to arrange the 14 pieces of limb art to make something out of twisted woods and temporally displaced my unit. NOW GO ON! ␄

    aarghhh. there’s more! starting to make a bit more sense..

  • muzzatron – careful…people will actually think to download that. I’m pretty sure that’s probably porn.

  • There were 14 pieces of Limb art in the These are my Twisted Words download. Maybe print them out and arrange them, like the instructions said?

  • Remember this?

    “A new song “These Are My Twisted Words”, was made available as a free download. Jonny Greenwood explained that the song had been ONE of the first products of the band’s recent studio sessions.”

    That suggests that there were more songs done, or at least in the works, at the time. That was almost two years ago.

    And what ever happened to this idea.

    “In a mid-2009 NME interview, Yorke suggested that Radiohead would turn their focus from full length albums to releasing EPs, including the possibility of an EP of orchestral music.”

    That was taken from their wikipedia article.

    They obviously have more music they’re hiding from us, unless they want us to think that. This just adds to the speculation.

  • “feral” does indeed have lyrics, moreover, is a song and not a filler, as some claim/label. we have to start to thinking in other dimensions and directions or else we will have to suffer more slowly through the evolution and paradigm shifts that this album’s songs help to usher in….

    “codex/bloom” will be on bar jukeboxes in 2234 A.D.

  • kyostiiiii, says it’s audio.

    Also says this message:
    Enjoy the most greatest romantic melodies ever…

    Dunno.?? Is 1.89gb so is pretty large!

  • well download and listen then? haha I really doubt it’s anything except what it says…

  • @kyostiiiii: it translates to “I taught them Japanese.”

    Just go to and paste the text and then the translation from japanese to english 😉

  • oh yeah, hah i did that already – sorry just getting into this whole mystery – it’s pretty interesting

  • It’s fun even it is all just BS haha

  • I think that piratebay file was uploaded in may…

  • @muzzatron: I looked at whats in the torrent file and it really has all kinds of romantic songs from Celine Dion to Enrque Iglesias, Janet Jackson to Kenny G….I dont think it really is something usefull. Also it was uploaded in may 2010 so almost 1 year ago.

  • Mob Likens Fight ** If XXXX Links, Beg ** Fib Me, Ghost Link!
    The king of limbs..the king of limbs…the king of limbs…
    (If xxxx is moth,…or Thom)
    A link somewhere?
    .com perhap

  • The tree in Wiltshire’s Savernake Forest ,for which the album is named after, does split into two as well. Just thought to throw that into the conversation.

  • Take it for what it’s worth —> #8

  • The band have not yet officially released a tracklist. Fact. Until they do, speculation is free to roam.

  • Anyone have any thoughts on the “Branches and Limbs” YouTube channel?
    Also, the Transition Apex twitter feed-
    Not sure if it’s a big hoax (a well done, super cryptic hoax) or if this is further down the TKOL rabbit hole…

  • Oh, that “Mob likens fight” business on Chieftan Mews’ twitter, is an anagram for “The King of Limbs.”

  • newspapers are periodicals

  • jigsaw falling into place

  • Chieftan Mews’ latest tweet keeps disappearing and reappearing…

  • This is basically the Enid Blyton syndrome. A “secret seven” society with a sense of membership demonstrated by a willingness to purchase products without any definition other than a sense that we will be not only treated fairly but even rewarded for loyalty

    How wonderful if all the reviews have been published and it is only part of the story.

  • Don’t forget the japanese site said “you’ll get 8 songs from the album”, that to me hints at being 8 songs out of who knows how many.

  • Another proof that the album is part of a compilation and/or that there is certainly more to come: A codex (Latin caudex for “trunk of a tree” or block of wood, book; plural codices) is a book in the format used for modern books, with multiple signatures (two, four, or eight sheets which are folded, stitched, and bound), then typically bound together and given a cover.

  • chieftan mews also mentions that he mite visit grayfriars bobby instead of hachiko. this as another memorial to a loyal dog, this time in edihburgh. maybe an appearance there??

  • maybe we shouldnt believe the most gigantic lying mouth of all time

  • i want a webcast right noooooowww!!!!

  • it’s glaringly obvious radiohead has captivated it’s fans and the press with this new release. obviously, ppl can’t get enough of radiohead…pleading and hoping for more; likewise, i have yet to give ‘king of limbs a brief rest. i’ll admit, i was expecting something similar in scope to in rainbows and initially was somewhat letdown. i know it’s their trend to redefine from one album to the next. but, as with in rainbows, i kept listening and tracks started to stick. i’m blown away because basically they’ve delivered what feels like a jazz album. bloom is dope…period!…the beat/drums on little by little that come it at 1:32 are slick. feral definitely shows off the bands prowess as if to say…’hey we can do that too’ respectfully>>>burial *cough* burial. separator is such a good track and morning mr.magpie is that mindless track that you just enjoy…haha…talk about digressing…

  • I’m sure that the records would have two songs on each side, so it’d be nice if there would be more songs because I’d be very sad if I would have to flip the second record instead of getting the awesome transition of codex into give up the ghost.

  • My prediction (taking into account some of that cheiftan mews babble) is that what has just been release is the main offering (the heart) and what will follow will be a number of small (3 or 4 song “soldiers”) releases that when it is all combined will make a large album/”newspaper”. To me that last song Separator sounds nothing like a “last song”. It feels like a mid-way point in an album.

  • I have another conspiracy theory.

    King of Limbs is just 8 song. There are no other songs, and no follow up album.

    But these are incredibly dense 8 songs, with layers of meaning, , endless sonic landscapes, and a concept and narrative running throughout the album, which will keep us occupied for a long time.

    We don’t really need any more songs. I think we have plenty to listen to for a while.

  • I’m loving all this speculation!

    I wonder what the band make of it all?

  • Reason #91 is that we LOVE Radiohead.
    They spent 3 years 4 months( have to be precise or a fan will kill you) waiting for relief.
    Relief of all the worthless bands that come and go.
    Relief to know we are going to get quality.
    Relief that there is a TRUE band that has stood the test of time.
    But what we got was only 8 tracks!
    We love Radiohead. Yes. They do not owe us anything.
    But I am so looking forward to this. We want more and feel
    let down.
    Please Radiohead. Give us more! We will pay you more than $50 an album.
    We love Radiohead. We can’t get enough of you. Soon you will get bored and we will be left empty with worthless garbage the radio spits out and tells us how wonderful the pop bullshit is that they are packaging.
    So, let us be right in saying a true conspiracy.
    Radiohead is the best conspiracy of my life.

  • Sorry guys, I wish I knew more about this and didnt have to ask questions, but who exactly is ChieftonMews? Isnt he a fictional character from Lying Mouth and not an actual person associated with the band? If this is true, it’s leading me to believe that the ChieftonMews account holder on Twitter may actually be Thom or another member closely involved.

    Also, what’s up with randomly capitalized letters in his posts? Maybe they need to be part of the anagram..

  • maybe we need to put all of the track names in the king of limbs together and have an anagram party to figure out what they truly mean!!! I’ll bring the beer!

    >In all serious though, still says that our product hasn’t shipped (if you downloaded the digital copy only)

    >ChieftanMews is the key. Everything he talks about is rearranging or anagrams or whatnot.

    >Mob Likens Fight ** If XXXX Links, Beg ** Fib Me, Ghost Link! ** ␄ <<<<<<< and what the hell is that thing at the end of his tweet

  • i have a feeling we aren’t trying hard enough. Also – (could be nothing) but there was a comment on a music website saying disc 2 is already on our hard drives.

    anyone seen this?

  • is it just me or does magpie transition into give up the ghost perfectly?

  • sorry with ten second fade. end of magpie has the same bird sounds on codex and ghost

  • that youtube link is bogus. no one fall for it, as obvious as it may be.

  • @say I
    yeah you’re right

  • and what’s with that tweet about ‘i’m hidden in your 8 track’ and these anagrams ahhhhhhh

  • ChieftanMews’s twitter “profile line” just changed from “parts unknown” to “hibernate mode” plus that little eot symbol. I dont think we’re gonna be hearing from him for a while.

    His first posts were from May 09 when RH began work in the studio for TKOL. Then “hibernated” for a while and didnt reappear for almost 2 years, until the album was about to be released.

    Im so confused and intrigued.

  • The twitter profile also now has the word FOREST.

  • ChieftanMews has also RT’d
    what do we know about him/her/them? whoever it is seems to contact chieftan a lot. furthermore, the comment made by tyler about the ‘proof of 3 albums’ with the video link, well their twitter page is also following assumepseudonym. Only 16 people, myself now included are following assume… the plot thickens.

  • what the heck is this??

  • maybe you all already have cd 2 & 3 on your hard drive

  • @dario that appears to be taken from the most gigantic lying mouth of all time

  • @captain howdy am i the only one who doesn’t see the logic in that? i don’t understand how a file can just open on a specific time

  • ChieftonMews: “I am all but a sleeper agent who will soon be GOing back TO SLEEP. What is your Queen of Diamonds?” Now he’s in hibernate mode.

    IDK, but its starting to seem to me that he will reappear a few days before “The Queen of Diamonds” is released.

  • this is interesting. or maybe not at all.
    the same youtuber, ‘yams’, or mays? newspaper released in may?, that was posted before as ‘proof of a third album’ by @tyler, has posted this and at the end, it says ‘listen to fog moar’.

    the music playing in the background is clearly the band ‘fog’, but then i remembered the radiohead song fog with the lyrics, ‘he will never leave’. ‘yams’ has a link on their/his/her youtube page linking it to who’s latest tweet is ‘he will never leave’. is there a hidden message in the song? will fog be released on the next album?

    this may well be a hoax, a clever and confusing one at that. the video is titled ‘BURN THE WITCH’, which is the last 5 phrases, if you like, on the ‘scrapbook’ link on radioheads website. why would someone go through so much trouble? unless they’re trying to get us to listen to the band ‘fog’….

  • which by the way I think will happen in about 10 months and IS NOT already on your hard drive. thats crazy talk..

  • When you Google ‘Queen Of Diamonds Meaning’, the first website is this: It’s a tarot site which says ‘Those born under the Queen Of Diamonds are diligent and dependable. Dilly Gent is one of the 6 people who Chieftan Mews follows.

    The site also mentions Queen Of Diamond birthdays: February 13 (Aquarius), March 11 (Pisces), April 9 (Aries), May 7 (Taurus), June 5 (Gemini), July 3 (Cancer), August 1 (Leo). Maybe these dates are relevant in relation to new releases? Or maybe I’m properly clutching at straws? Loving the intrigue no matter what!

  • […] Radiohead At Ease News – The King Of Limbs: Conspiracy Theories Radiohead The King Of Limbs Verschwörung – Kommt da noch mehr? Radiohead At Ease News – The King Of Limbs: Conspiracy Theories Radiohead The King Of Limbs Verschwörung – Kommt da noch mehr? … […]

  • Ok, I want to play conspiracies too! To me, TKOL is great, I’m really enjoying it, but I can’t escape the feeling that it doesn’t seem finished. I don’t know why, it just doesn’t feel complete to me. I’m most intrigued by the ‘newspaper’ album, and track 6 being titled codex (with a snippet of something else at the beginning)

    As Pogo says above (and lifted from wikipedia), “a codex (Latin caudex for “trunk of a tree” or block of wood, book; plural codices) is a book in the format used for modern books, with multiple signatures (two, four, or eight sheets which are folded, stitched, and bound), then typically bound together and given a cover.”

    So, if codex is in the middle at “page 6” then we’re missing 4 pages of the newspaper plus it’s cover. So there’s 4 more to come? Or “pages” 1 and 12 are the cover so we’re missing 2.

    I’m enjoying the speculation even if it doesn’t come true!

  • from the lyrics to Seperator

    If think this is over, then you’re wrong
    If you think this is over, then you’re wrong
    If you think this is over, then you’re wrong
    If you think this is over, then you’re wrong

  • Jfiller: That DillyGent thing is interesting because he has 118 followers and a grand total of ZERO tweets. Strange things

  • Loving the album .

    Here is hoping for further excitement. Interesting that the radiohead lads talked about realising music in a diffenent way , to bring a buzz back to the fading album scene. Instead of letting the internet Kill the idea of buying an album, RH are now using it to their advantage.

    BTW the Lyrics of separator are truly sublime…

  • I’m just glad we got something in the first place. There are so many bands that I love that have fizzled out or released garbage, so the fact Radiohead is still making good music is enough for me. If we have to wait another 3 years then so be it.

  • Dilly Gent is a female video producer who’s been working with the band since OK. Has worked on all the videos and was a producer for The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of all Time.

  • About the “EOT” in Chieftan Mews tweets:

    EOT is an abbreviation for:

    * Embedded OpenType, a font file format
    * End-of-tape, a term in magnetic tape data storage
    * End Of Train device, see Flashing rear-end device, as used by the railroad industry
    * End-of-transmission character, a transmission control character in telecommunication
    * Engine order telegraph, a ship or submarine’s speed control
    * Equation of time, a timekeeping correction
    * Equivalent oxide thickness, a term for the oxide in an electrical transistor
    * Executive Office of Transportation (EOT), a division of the Massachusetts state government in-charge of Transportation.
    * Extraordinary optical transmission, an optical phenomenon
    * Greek National Tourism Organisation (EOT)

  • yup! we all feel/know there must be more to come, but for now we can enjoy in these 8 tracks that are truly awesome with rich texture, revealing you something new after each listening. so sit back, relax, put the volume up and enjoy it! i bet the bend members are having a blast when they come across the articles like this one.

  • i cant wait to see what the oxo-degradable piece that “holds it all together” is…. perhaps all the tiny pieces of artwork are tree limbs that branch from the oxo-deg piece forming an installation. that would look lovely next to the couch.
    radiohead has always been pretty straight forward… i cant understand why so many people talk about conspiracies.
    i would love to hear some b-sides though (some of their best stuff is released as b-sides), but not now… it makes no sense to hear b-sides at the same time as a-sides.

  • With regards to Separator, although the lyrics were written long ago, it doesn’t mean they can’t use it as the closer for TKOL to indicate a continuation. I don’t think it’s grasping at straws at all. Of all the conspiracy theories, I think this one is the strongest for TKOL-2 actually.

  • HAMYITOS …These are the hidden letters I’ve decoded in Chiefton Mews Twitter messages…

    Example: THeSe Are MY twISted wOrds



    YI THOMAS (yi – binary prefix for yobi representing the number 2)

  • All Chieftan Mews his Tweets are gone.
    He deleted them and went to sleep.

    Can somebody Repost all his tweets here?
    so we can start looking! we need abit more time chiefton! 🙁

  • Chiefton retreated..we got too close.

    We love you Thom, we love you all. Thank you eternally for everthing you give to us, and do for us. i for one appreciate all of it.

  • Part of one tweet…

    draws yet the worst demise
    drowsy sweet death merits

    these are my twisted words

  • yeah, someone already said it but when you take the letters away it leaves thom. maybe he’s also releasing a solo record or something…

    also, he has some capitalized letters
    which the fifth song from httt?

    hah I don’t know

  • “I tried to arrange the 14 pieces of limb art to make something out of twisted woods and temporally displaced my unit. NOW GO ON!”

    I’m starting to wodner if this has something to do with these are my twisted words and the king of limbs. together. he’s talking about making something out of twisted woods (twisted words). is there soemthing hidden in tamtw?

  • I noticed something while I was listening 2 the seperator just now and thought I had 2 write this down!!!

    Chieftan said: I am all but a sleeper agent who will soon be GOing back TO SLEEP. Also he said: I am hidden in Your 8 track.

    In the end of the Seperator (track no. 8) the last words that keep repeating are: “Wake me up”. I dunno but maybe we have to wake him up……but then again…how?????

  • the smil means replced my text. It should be -> track number eight

  • you might be onto something…i mean it is the digital age…anything is really possible – could more songs be hidden somehow…

  • is chieftan the eraser? (erasing his tweets). was last friday just thom’s solo album? chieftan talks about thom (or XXXX) a lot.

  • I found it! Fast forward a while after track 8…..

  • what? how can you fast forward on itunes?

  • to add on to what tchock said…

    the album sounds stripped (doesn’t sound like the whole band)

    decoding the messages that say keep saying THOM…

    the video of just THOM dancing…

    PS on a entirely different note…put the songs in order of TRACK LENGTH starting with the smallest time…Feral…ending with Separator

    (they seem to flow perfectly this way…)


    It might just be right!

    (about the thom yorke thing, i’m going to try your thought now :))

  • + wasn’t it just thom playing the already heard tracks live?

  • And the Go To Sleep song form (HTTT) has (Little Man Being Erased) as the subtitle. It fits with all that tchock and LotusFlower say 😉

    But whats that about fastforwarding track 8 Neto? You mean after Seperator? It just finishes and its the end of the song 🙁 I dont get it. Please enlighten!!!

  • + the lyric ‘i’m such a tease’???

    am i just getting too excited?

  • Could very well be tchock but so am I 🙂

    Did u find out about the ffw on the 8 track what Neto said?

  • nope. for me it just stops. i wonder what software he’s using. as long as it isn’t trolling.

    i agree with lotus flower about putting the album in length order. it does seem to fit nicely.

  • i think that shortest to longest song thing works really well, up until bloom. It just works too well as an opener. there are some weird things happening though when i put magpie then codex following it, especially with the 10 sec cross fade. It’s a mystery.

    And would you really think that they would do that? This is a radiohead album. They named it one, and they’re selling it as one. no no no, it’s not just a thom yorke album listen listen!

  • but..but……but…..we’re so close!

  • I’m almost positive putting the tracks in this order could be some clue…they flow perfectly together…


  • Yep I did that too and it does fit nicely only I dont know why it would be released in the way they (or he) did.

    If it were true that its just Thom’s album, it would be a hell of a stunt. Think about the reviews that praised the drumming of Phil and the bass rifs of Colin etc on this album. They would have to be erased cause it wouldnt make any sense anymore 😛

  • or they could be replaced by the names of atoms for peace musicians?

  • sorry yea i am trolling

  • rome to come

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh neto, you left us in despair 🙁

  • I know i suck but.

    wake me up, wake me uuuuuup…..

    I know there is an easter egg somewhere on the downloads, its there somewhere!!

  • What does this mean?? Or, is it just non-sense?

    LISTEN: The heart is the king of limbs, and all other limbs are just like soldiers… …Whenever the king tells soldiers to do something, they will do it. Likewise whatever the heart tells the body parts to do so they will do So: Don’t Drink Merchandise 7X and consume aspartame. And the rest of you go away as you can observe but cannot Do.

  • maybe it is in reference to all the revolutions going on?

  • Louts where is that from?

  • that’s from chieftanmews tweet.

    track 8 of WHICH ALBUM?

  • track 8 from in rainbows 2 is 4 minute warning.
    back to this guy (he’s looking more and more legit as each day goes). on the 19th feb he tweeted ‘4 month warning’. any connection?

  • Yes there will be a B side. But i am sure that Thom laugh of how far these conspiracy theories go.

  • notice whats in the background. the rest of the artwork may be to come with future releases?

  • i’m sorry haha – it’s just – wouldn’t that be misinforming people about they’re buying…to me it doesn’t sound like a thom yorke record. He has big influence on it obviously – but I’m 99 percent sure they wouldn’t do that.

    Anyway, I’m convinced that there’s a way of unlocking something on these files hahaha – I just am

  • well maybe theres more to come? maybe this isn’t it?

    i love the album btw and i won’t be too disappointed if there isn’t more. but i’m kind of in too deep with these conspiracies now.

    i still don’t understand how you can unlock something on a file, or like someone else said, some sort of timer releasing more tracks on your hard drive. i don’t get how that works.

  • + has anyone seen anything on lately?

  • I am going to scan the download zip, see if there are any hidden files or something weird

  • Has anyone tried to print out and assemble the 14 pages of artwork from the “These are My Twisted Words” release? Because.. there are 14 pages (minus the first page of text). Just wondering- all out of printable trace over here!

  • these are my twisted words had 14 pages of artworK? Yeah he did mention that . maybe someone should – i gotta go to work so– let me know how it goes ! heh

  • Yeah- kind of an interesting packet, actually. It’s still available on the waste site, too.
    In the .zip file there is the TAMTW mp3, a text file with song info in it, a 15 page .pdf (first page of instructions, then 14 pages of tree limb-like art), and a .tif file of the constructed artwork. I threw the .tif file into photoshop, just in case there were imbedded layers, but no dice. Planning to do the same with the .pdf at some point, you know, for kids.

  • yeah i just downloaded ‘again’. hmmm, he did mention arranging it or something, but I mean, that was like what a few years ago?

  • i mean they released it a few years ago

  • Fan / Jiffiller..
    ChieftonMews: “I am all but a sleeper agent who will soon be GOing back TO SLEEP. What is your Queen of Diamonds?”
    Queen of Diamonds seems to be a reference to Thom’s girlfriend Rachel. see:

  • Yeah- TAMTW was released in August 2009, around the same time Thom (and the others) began to give interviews regarding new methods of releasing music, the “end” of the album, extra EP’s etc. Probably just misdirecting my energy at this point, but who knows? Clever bastards.

  • The tweet about rearranging the These Are My Twisted Words artworks was recent, Feb 18th I think. Yes the music was released August 2009 I believe.

    But that doesnt mean its not a good idea. Can someone do this please? I cant print them.

    It seems like Chiefton is telling us to. At the end of that tweet, after he says that he just tried it, he says.. “NOW GO ON”. Telling us go ahead, try it. Or the capitalized letters may be another anagram, giving a clue on how to do it correctly.

    Those CAPS have seemed to be helpful so far, maybe they can be here too.

  • basil..

    Would that make Thom the King of Limbs?


  • ahhhh, i know there’s something. Check out that link in greenplastic. There’s other information. Something is going to happen this friday or saturday.

  • Dunno why Pitchfork had not yet published a review about the album… That seems odd because they are so fast posting them… Are they speculating too?

  • Fan..
    The Queen of Diamonds reference also seemed to hint that the tweets would be deleted:
    “It is revealed that the Communists have been using Shaw as a sleeper agent, a guiltless assassin subconsciously activated by seeing the “Queen of Diamonds” playing card while playing solitaire. Provoked by the appearance of the card, he obeys orders which he then forgets.”

  • My guess is that there will be 3 “limbs” each containing 2 tracks. One of those is the signed 2 track 12″ vinyl that is given away when purchasing the newspaper album. This will bring the track count to 14. There are 14 limbs in the art for These Are My Twisted Words.

  • Wish Ade had a Gawker-like pay-scale and I got paid by the comment.

  • These tweets hint at him not being able to take a piss. As in, currently missing certain limbs to do so? He EATS, loves, prays, but can not use the Loo.

    Also, the Japan tweet mentioned Friday 18:59 with no date. There’s another friday coming up! The year 1859’s friday the 25th had a full moon, a weird little detail Ed posted when released the King of Limbs.

  • Shit’s goin down on Friday. I have a feeling.

  • Also, all day orders are the same if you compare 1859 to 2011…

    If you think this is over you are wrong!

  • why is no one asking why chieftan randomly tweeted MosDef?

  • On Feb 14th, the day Radiohead announced the release of TKOL, the moon was visible for 76%. Next friday’s moon is a ‘last-quarter’.

  • Slowly we unfold
    As lotus flowers
    Cause all I want is the moon upon a stick
    Just to see what if
    Just to see what is
    I can’t kick your habit
    Just to feed your fast-ballooning head
    Listen to your heart


  • The collective entity “radiohead” is The King of Limbs, a reference to the cohesiveness of the group and the collaborative nature of their song writing and production. Each member of the band is a limb, and they take their cues from the group’s unity (“Radiohead”, or “The King of Limbs”) more than any individual person. Chieftan’s tweets explain just that.

    Chieftan’s tweets also keep referencing Thom because, as someone pointed out, these seem to be slightly more his creations than anyone else’s.

    With each new “edition” of the “newspaper”, we will get another member’s primary eight tracks. The tracks Phil said he enjoyed the most will be on his edition, etc.

    Or maybe not. haha.

  • I miss the old times of The Bends and Pablo Honey =/

  • This is all so exciting. I wish I had a new angle. I also was thinking the placement of Separator at the end of the album with the lyrics “If you think this is over…” suggested there could be more- but wrote it off as wishful thinking.

    Great work by Basil with the Manchurian Candidate reference.

    I was puzzled why some of my favourites from the live performances weren’t on this album- The Daily Mail (would have fit the newspaper format well), Past Tense and even Super Collider or some other past classic like Lift or I Promise (haha- I know they won’t)

    Here’s hoping something happens this Friday then…

  • they would have denied this all too, if it were not true. Shit is going down – – – this is what the music industry needs

    “I had a bit of a problem with my order last week, and one of the Operators said to me that next week everyone who ordered the digital-only copy would be contacted to see if they want to upgrade to the Newspaper version.” “There may be more information available early in the week (other than just the music) that may change people’s minds about the Newspaper version”

  • also, you can’t tell me bloom works as one of the last songs on the album (with that song order you have)

  • I just noticed this,
    in the url for the king of limbs site it says type of currency you want
    for example for US Dollars. Do you think DI=Disc 1?

  • I’ve also found something REALLY strange…
    Go to the King Of Limb order page, that you reach from the Dead Air Space website…
    Then go to “order tracking” after entering your e-mail and password.
    The URL of the page ends with : OrderTracking/memberindex.php.

    Now try to add “2” right after “memberindex”, like this :

    Then hit “Enter” : the page reload immediatly

    Now try to add “3” : you get a blank page saying “BYE”

    Try to add “4”, or “5”, or any number you want : you get a blank page saying “No Imput File specified”

    Now i don’t know if i was clear enough, my english is not that good. But the idea is this : “2” is Ok, it’s surely a clue, cause “3” says you “Bye” while it should have only said “no imput file specified” as it does with the other numbers…

    What do you think???

  • Try playing the whole album backwards.

    I listened to Codex backwards to hear the birds and listen for a secret message, but it just sounded like a legit forwards played song. I’m too tired to do this now.

    Good luck guys.

  • […] 相關連結: The King Of Limbs: Conspiracy Theories ( 陰謀論 The King Of Limbs Part 2?? […]

  • The King Of Limbs consists of 14 letters, therefore, I think there will be 6 more tracks to come in the near future. Radiohead and Thom have used that type of model before for number of tracks on albums.

  • I think ‘These are my twisted words’ has indeed something to do with this whole conspiracy thing. The artwork has 14 limbs and so forth.

    I do not think however, that this is a solo record from Thom. It doesn’t sound like a solo record and the influences from Jhonny and surely Phil are immense. And next to that, Ed was the one who posted the message on deadairspace that the album was ready.
    But was there more to his message? It’s a full moon? It’s almost THE weekend?

  • Maybe the “hidden in your 8-track” tweet means there’s information embedded in each track. Anyone try running the tracks through a spectrogram yet?

    Or, maybe it’s like the radio tracks in Portal, which turned out to have static images that could only be seen via SSTV.

    I don’t know. It’s late. Just a thought.

  • ims menoo, my buck

    this is underneath mews’ twitter name. what is this?? i put it into an anagram machine and couldn’t really find a relation…

  • Here’s a nice warm fuzzy idea and sorry if it’s been said before.

    To me, this album sounds more like a Thom Yorke album than the rest of the band, and with all the solo stuff coming out – how about each limb being an album being centrally focus on one band members music, but with the rest backing?

    Nice isn’t it!

  • I was unconvinced initially but there is something going on in that old time photo – the way each of them use their hands with Colin as the separator is telling us something. Also I remember the interview where Thom suggested they had a good idea for the next (this) album release.

  • There’s some sort of conversation-like thing going on in Seperator. Listen with headphones, first 12 seconds especially. Sounds like someone talking, mumbling or whatever. Someone can figure this out with neat software?

  • Kid AmnesiacFebruary 23, 2011 at 9:58 am
    I’ve also found something REALLY strange…
    Go to the King Of Limb order page, that you reach from the Dead Air Space website…
    Then go to “order tracking” after entering your e-mail and password.
    The URL of the page ends with : OrderTracking/memberindex.php.
    Now try to add “2″ right after “memberindex”, like this :
    Then hit “Enter” : the page reload immediatly
    Now try to add “3″ : you get a blank page saying “BYE”
    Try to add “4″, or “5″, or any number you want : you get a blank page saying “No Imput File specified”
    Now i don’t know if i was clear enough, my english is not that good. But the idea is this : “2″ is Ok, it’s surely a clue, cause “3″ says you “Bye” while it should have only said “no imput file specified” as it does with the other numbers…
    What do you think???


    It works, that’s really weird !!!

  • I certainly would not complain if something else came out… but I’m amazed by what they already put out… and all that talk about this being a solo release from Thom, that was all heard when Kid A was released 10.3 years ago… everybody said KidA was just thom and nigel, until everyone saw the band playing the songs live. until this day, the kid A/Amnesiac live versions are some of their best live tunes.
    cant wait to hear them play all this live! it will sound amazing…

  • @reckoner86

    I hear nothing at the first 12 seconds..
    You can try to figure this out with Audacity

    By the way..has somebody check this?:

  • that marbecks page is interesting. how could they dare publish that and put a price on it, by just making it up or even copying it from an unofficial site?

  • so:

    is this the full album then? and what we have in the download is a starter/taster/bonus disc?

    if so, I wonder what the pricing will be for those that didn’t order the newspaper boxset package?

  • Other retail websites have put the original (the one we could download last week) tracklist with the cd.

    So i think marbecks is a hoax? Anybody has experience with it?

  • “Tracks:
    To be confirmed…”

    did you not see this

  • i did, but why bother making up tracks. some of which we expected to see on TKOL, rather than just leaving the tracklisting blank.

  • However,

    this could point out that there are 3 releases, each with new songs.

    18 feb. Download
    18 march. retail cd release
    12 may Special edition.

    So each release with 8 songs? In other words, 3 ep’s, each released at least 1 month apart?

  • march 18, should be march 28.

  • Yao! I’ve got a theory. It might have been brought up before but here goes:

    Those of us (everybody) who have bought the album have actually bought a subscription for the “newspaper album”. I think a couple of more songs will be downloadable until the cd-release.

    Might be a crap theory, but that explains the newspaper album at least. Whaddayouguys think?

    Love the album!

  • Ok, so I have the ‘limb art’ and the first clue might have something to do with the first picture which we’ll call the “stand alone image” with overlapping limbs (they become more transparent the further back they go…)

    The other file includes 14 pieces of limb art…

    When you open it up you will notice directions that tell you the “artwork accopanies the audio file. we suggest you print them out on tracing paper. use at least 80gsm tracing paper or your printer will eat it up. you could put them in the order that pleases you.

    another file …a text document says…

    these are my twisted words:

    written and played by radiohead.
    recorded and put together by nigel godrich.
    tracing paper images by donwood and tchock.
    additional engineering by drew brown.
    technology maintained by plank.

    published by 41GP Music ltd
    P 2008 _xurbia xendless limited
    C 2008 _xurbia xendless limited

    the 8th limb is the first limb in the “stand alone image”

    the 5th limb is the second limb in the “stand alone image”

    the 10th limb is the third limb in the “stand alone image”

    the 9th limb is the fourth limb in the “stand alone image”

    are the order of the limbs a clue to something bigger?? like the track order they should be placed in? But, currently there are only 8 tracks making the 10th and 9th limb confusing…

  • 8th limb = separator
    5th limb = lotusflower
    10th limb = ?
    9th limb = ?

    or do they mean nothing at all??

  • the images are by tchock and godrich…

    tchock is on these boards… dunno if its really him…

  • These are my twisted words
    When I feel you still walking
    I know I should not look down
    But I’m so sick of just talking

    When are you coming back?
    I just can’t handle it
    When are you coming back?
    I just can’t handle it

    When are you coming back?
    I just can’t stand it
    I just can’t handle it

    -lyrics to ‘these are my twisted words’ – Radiohead

  • isn’t that referring to Dr. Tchock? Thom’s alter-ego as an artist?

  • I feel like a crazy person haha…

    but, if you add these are my twisted words to the rest of ‘the king of limbs’ it makes the album a perfect 43 minutes long… found that to be strange it was an exact length…

  • or maybe there are going to just be 6 more songs and nothing else to interpret from the limb art??

  • i did some more snooping around with this “ims menoo, my buck” business from chieftanmews’ twitter page, because it is strange to me.

    ims menoo = semi moon


    but that leaves out the “my buck” business, which doesn’t really turn into much. unless “semi moon, by muck” means something to someone…

  • I enjoy a good conspiracy so I’ll put in my 2 cents.

    In the TAMTW tracing paper puzzle, (starting with the most visible) I get something like limb 6 – 9 – 12 – 10 …..then it gets a bit difficult to discern. Perhaps the 6, 9, 12 order is referring to release months which would make TKOL a 4-part ,somewhat seasonal or subscription based album (newspaper anyone?). Three more releases would also agree with the lone band photo with three more arms or “limbs” held out.

    I also like the idea that Thom’s limb is first in the photo and tkol vol. 1 is very Thom sounding. I think it’s a stretch that the rest of the band will now follow with their sound/favorites but it’s an interesting thought. If that’s the case….poor Coz!

  • hey, i’m not really tchock (thom)! my names sam. i’m definitely not thom yorke. i do live near oxford however. i also have contact with someone who knows the band. not sure how much light they could shed on the subject however.

    back to the ‘hidden inside your 8-track’. an 8-track can refer to an 8-track tape anyone have a way of putting this album to a tape?

    also, maybe ‘your eight track’ is an anagram or has something inside it?

    also, maybe if someone puts the tree art together correctly, theres could be a message in it? like a number?

  • 5-8-11-9 (if you don’t count the instructions)

    6-9-12-10 (if you count the instructions)

  • Friday is semi-moon day 😉

  • “My translation device has been temporally displaced. I am searching and yearning for someone that speaks Plymouth. Ooo ooO”

    he’s back 🙂

  • @reckoner86 i hear something although i think it carries on throughout the track? maybe its just some mumbling..

  • yay chieftans back!

  • My bucks, must I go out on a limb here and say more is revealing at Ελληνική οδός? That man: ims menooo! Juicy pre-watching. Beware you not!

  • Do not beware ye Ides of March as all the footage shall disappear by then. My trail in the woods leads to a lost love letter. Written by me.

  • must I go out on a limb here and say more is revealing at GREEK STREET????


  • Ελληνική οδός = greek street.

  • IDES OF MARCH – 15TH MARCH!!!!!!

  • His twitter is still blocked for me! Can someone link me up?

  • ?

  • just follow him, he’ll let you.

  • lost love letter = true love waits????

    no, i don’t think so either

  • wonder if Marbecks got their tracklisting from the youtube video from 14th Feb:

    it’s the same. but is it fake? is it disc 2?

  • new show=work on paper, 17th feb – 12th march, the outsiders 8 greek st soho london.

    Straight from donwood’s twitter.

    March 12th, Greek Street?

    Could it be anything?

  • theres a semi moon on the 13th march and chiefan mentions the 15th march (ides of march). something linked here?

  • geez, I really have to join twitter to see it? gah fiiine.

  • on the site it mentions ‘twisted woods’ collections. cheiftan talked about this before.
    also atoms for peace, back to the thom yorke solo album theory! 😛

  • if anyone’s in london, go check out stanley’s exhibition for clues

  • ‘bucks’ also refers to a bull or a stag. not sure if this is relevant

  • I was thinking about that tchock. He also says “My Bucks” later like he is addressing someone in a tweet. Is Oxford near London? You should definitely check out that art exhibition and see if you can figure anything out. 😀

  • ah i may have double fooled you. i do live near oxford, and i also have friends in london, however i am at uni in manchester with little funds so i doubt i can get down, however much i’d love to!

  • hell, if i lived in london I’d probably go to that exhibit regardless

  • If your friends are in London, and are into this as we are…

    Check that out. Donwood’s blog. He’s talking about a door not to go into at the exhibition, and also posted on his twitter about not going up stairs, and the models weren’t for you.

    Maybe I’m just looking too deep into this, but it really seems like to me that Donwood is the next step after chieftain.

  • um. that link has made me want to go through that door!

  • someone here, please go to that exhibit!

  • Yeah, tchock. I really want to know what is around over there. Maybe Nigel is hanging out there with another clue? Maybe a rogue piece of art to help us figure out what all of this is?

    Clearly Donwood knows someone(body) had been back there, because he mentions it.

    My friends and I have deduced that SOMETHING is also up with the moon. There is too much of this “Semi Moon” stuff relating to March 13th and 15th to just be nothing. And the full moon release? Dammit Radiohead..

  • my friend said he might go.
    the thing is the 12th or the 13th have nothing to do with a semi or full moon.

  • I don’t know anything about art, but “Aporia” aka possibly Thom Yorke posted this pic on the message boards.

    Will that painting be at the exhibition?

  • that’s munch.

  • (never took art history)

  • In Topic: The King of Limbs/The Queen of Diamonds
    Today, 04:44 PM

    If we are a metaphor of the universe, the human couple is the metaphor par excellence, the point of intersection of all forces and the seed of all forms. The couple is time recaptured, the return to the time before time. [OP] In Topic: Rate my crappy Radiohead art
    Today, 04:34 PM

    In Topic: Tkol Album Art
    Today, 03:10 AM


    In Topic: Bird Song
    Today, 01:52 AM

    The king is in his counting house…

    In Topic: The King of Limbs 2
    Today, 01:39 AM


    2. Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. [MP]

    2. Everything that exists is in a manner the seed of that which will be. [MA]

    2. With every deed you are sowing a seed, though the harvest you may not see. [EW]

  • ^these are all posts by APORIA (whom some believe is Thom Yorke)

  • From the nursery rhyme ‘Sing a Song of Sixpence’

    The king was in his counting house,
    Counting out his money;
    The queen was in the parlour,
    Eating bread and honey…

  • actually, march 12th is the start of the waxing moon crescent. and march 15th is directly in the middle of the second quarter of the lunar cycle, meaning it falls between a crescent and a full moon.

    march 15th = a semi moon?


    The Ides of March (Latin: Idus Martii) is the name of 15 March in the Roman calendar, probably referring to the day of the full moon.


  • IMS:

    IP Multimedia Subsystem: An architectural framework for delivering internet protocol (IP) multimedia services. The IP Multimedia Subsystem is a collection of 3GPP and ITU standards which propose a technology infrastructure to enable an all IP based Telecommunications Network based around the use of protocols such as SIP and DIAMETER

    Information Management System: a database and transaction management system that was first introduced by IBM in 1968.

    Intelligent Manufactioring Systems: IMS is an industry-led, international research and development (R&D) program established to develop the next generation of manufacturing and processing technologies. Companies and research institutions from Australia, Canada, the European Union and Norway, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, and the United States of America participate in this program. Other regions are encouraged to join.

    Innovative Machine Solutions: Engineering/Mertology/Service

    All about computers and technology.

  • you guys probably already know about this – a collection of everything we’ve been discovering —

  • Meno:

    Meno then proffers a paradox, “And how will you inquire into a thing when you are wholly ignorant of what it is? Even if you happen to bump right into it, how will you know it is the thing you didn’t know?”

    One feature of the dialogue is Socrates’ use of one of Meno’s slaves to demonstrate his idea of anamnesis, that certain knowledge is innate and “recollected” by the soul through proper inquiry

  • in sing a song a sixpence, i know it’s painfully obvious but incase people have forgotten, mention of both the king and the queen (cheiftans tweet included the queen of hearts, or something).
    again, i don’t think that means anything.

  • oh. that was the topic of what truchd wrote. my bad.

  • gahh we need like a team to examine all this crap – i guess all we can do now is wait…I really hope we don’t have to wait till half way through march to find anything out…


    The KING was in his counting house,
    Counting out his money;
    The QUEEN was in the parlour,
    Eating bread and honey.


    What is your QUEEN of diamonds?

  • kyotsiiii i think thats what we’re doing 😉

  • someone needs to tell Chiefton that they speak PLYMOUTH. Maybe you can get him to say something. I would do it, but I dont think I can lie to him..

  • what do marcel proust, marcus aurelius and ella wheeler wilcox have to do with it? (the 3 quotes aporia wrote). do they have any connection?

  • Moon Phases/ Important Dates:

    TKOL1 – FEB, 18th (FULL MOON)
    – MAR, 4th (NEW MOON)
    – MAR, 19th (FULL MOON = Ides of March)

    Moon Clue 1: My bucks, must I go out on a limb here and say more is revealing at Greek Street? That man: ims menooo (SEMI-MOON)! Juicy pre-watching. Beware you not!

    Moon Clue 2: Do not beware ye IDES OF MARCH (FULL MOON) as all the footage shall disappear by then. My trail in the woods leads to a lost love letter. Written by me.

  • Putting the music aside for a moment, I just want to say that whatever happens, whenever this music is completely released (or not released) or what not, Radiohead have once again turned the art of RELEASING music on its head. Bravo.

  • his translation device is temporarily displaced…he yearns for someone who speaks Plymouth

  • i hope thom posts office charts tomorrow as if nothing had happened haha

  • Another thing with the moon phases…

    The picture of the band with 4 of the 5 members (Colin – hands down) holding their arms out (like limbs) has also been hinted at as some sort of clue…

  • they may be dropping early clues at to where they may do live shows. The arena in Tokyo, Greek Stree, Plymouth.

    Maybe their new ideas about how to release music in smaller ep’s as opposed to albums will carry over to touring. Maybe they will stop doing full tours and just start making smaller sporadic appearances.

  • I admit I’m getting sucked into this. All this Chieftan Mews stuff really does seem to hint that something more will happen.

    From truChd’s research into the APORIA posts:

    If we are a metaphor of the universe, the “human couple” is the metaphor par excellence, the point of intersection of all forces and the seed of all forms. The couple is time recaptured, the return to the time before time – Octavio Paz

    The couple: The KING and the QUEEN.

    We have the King now, but maybe it’s soon to be followed by the Queen? It would complete the “metaphor par excellence.”

    King and Queen
    Arbor and Spyky
    The two figures on the album art

    I don’t know, I’m just rolling with it!

  • Theyve already mentioned many times how they hate touring, and it’s not in the best interest of the environment. It seems like proper evolution for them. Would be very sad though.

  • BTW, what is the other figure on the album art. A ghost? What do we know about ghosts? It was being said that King would be 8 tracks and part of the reason it made sense to us supposedly was the 8 legs of the octopus, the first figure.

  • My bucks, must I go out on a limb here and say more is revealing at Ελληνική οδός? That man: ims menooo! Juicy pre-watching. Beware you not!


    This makes it seem to me that this album is just a small part of a bigger picture.

  • Chiefton is merely a sleeper agent and will soon GO back TO SLEEP

    In espionage, a sleeper agent is one who has infiltrated into the target country and ‘gone to sleep’, sometimes for many years. That is, he or she does nothing to communicate with his or her sponsor or any existing agents, nor to obtain information beyond that in public sources. They can also be referred to as ‘deep cover’ agents. They acquire jobs and identities—ideally ones which will prove useful in the future—and attempt to blend into everyday life as normal citizens. Counter-espionage agencies in the target country cannot, in practice, closely watch all of those who might possibly have been recruited some time before.

  • @ say hi Thumbs up! Really interesting… Picking up the idea of the TAMTW artwork once again…

  • so something just might happen on friday – I would not doubt it.

  • Hey I just visited Stanley Donwood’s exhibit in 8 Greek Street today. The paintings were pretty much old stuff and a couple of TKOL-etchings of trees. but what was REALLY interesting was a cave like room that had a video playing throughout. Again, most of the material was past stuff (ie. a video relating to “down is the new up”, hail to the thief). BUT one of the segments was a video full of branches/tress with words flashing every now and then. I don’t remember exactly, but one of them was BURN THE WITCH. Now I was pretty shocked cos I’ve been on the branchesandlimbs youtube channel, thought it was pretty much a prank, but the video was REALLY SIMILAR to the limbs limbs limbs video (! trees/branches images with words flashing, the most revealing being BURN THE WITCH. the youtube channel also has a video about burn the witch ( For some reason, I don’t think this channel is a hoax anymore..


    this would be an interesting read..

  • I think that the guy from the Just video has the answer for this whole thing… =)

  • @trepator

  • @trepator

    shit just got real!

  • we’ve been looking in the wrong place all this time

  • ?

  • sorry don’t mind me – just in response to trepator

  • I’m still taking a look at the TAMTW artwork. I didn’t print it out, but I did separate each page, giving each one a layer in InDesign (if you want a pdf of it with all the layers, we can work that out!) So, funny thing starts happening- There are (mostly) two distinct forms- one of them is very much a gnarled tree shape heading to the top of the page, and the other is a more angular root-like shape shooting down the page. And, there is one that is, from the way I see it, a bit of a hybrid of the two. Start counting, and there are 7 gnarled trees, 1 “hybrid” (or, for the sake of argument, Separator), and 6 roots. Thoughts?

  • try putting the artwork next to each other rather than overlapping. like a jigsaw


    just a crazy thought: donwood is mews?

    after reading this i kind of got that impression for some reason. diamond dust? doing two things at once?

    who knows, but look at their twitter accounts. they both only follow one person… and it is one another.

    what if this is just a crazy scheme to get people to go to his show? if so, there better be something there…

  • just video?


  • @ momanddadiamgray Yes, in the end of the video the main “actor” says something that we can’t here and after that all the person just lay down… In fact if you look to the position of each person and compare it to the 14 piece TAMTW artwork…….. We’re going way too far now…. =)

  • Newspaper = subscription

    Newspaper album

    Maybe for zee ones that put up some money for physical edition?

    Moons theory is interesting – I can see it.

  • Also weird- Stanley’s tweets regarding some short stories– The first is EF Benson’s “No Bird”s Sing” Here:

    The other is AS Byatt’s first story in the little black book of children’s stories- synopsis here:

    Both stories sound nearly identical- there are a boy and a girl, a “haunted” wood, dogs, birds, and a creature in the woods.
    Also, both authors have a connection to Oxford.
    That’s all I have for now…

  • Wow.

    I hate conspiracies, and almost always find them silly.
    This one?
    This is legit, from what ive read Im so certian of more music to come . A subscription to music. for however many parts. Every piece of evidence here is truly compelling and honestly heres what i see happening.
    Later next week we will all get an email for reasons to upgrade to the Newspaper Album
    TKOL continuations and more….

  • anyone know what the background image is from? or is just artwork?

  • Bueno. Vamos a encontrar nuevas canciones. Si es como revista or comic book subscription, download what you want for a fee. That is awsome way of distributing music. But I love vinyl.

  • it’s friday tomorrow 🙂

  • Thursday for me tomorrow. you are in the future

  • i am in england at present

  • anyone else had chieftanmews’ twitter page open all day?

  • on another note, try adding artwork in iTunes to the songs…

    It won’t let me…

    Does this mean they locked for some reason?

  • i think that’s only for wav. files. It’s like that with all wav. files on itunes…sadly

  • Ok, so I know someone used ‘Bloom’ in wordpad…

    So, I decided to open ‘Separator’ in microsoft Word (using MS-DOS encryption) and if you can make out what the screen capture says… D 1/4

    Does this mean disc 1 of 4?

    heres the screen capture link…

  • ID3

  • strange, i posted a big thing when i opened separator into textedit on mac but it only came up with the first 3 letters/symbols.

    ok. basically i couldn’t conclude anything. a lot of number 1’s though.

  • yeah I did that with some of the songs – a lot of jibberish gah who knows

  • just noticed ‘sing a song of sixpence’ is mentioned in here as well. do the pictures mean anything?

  • oh. the pictures change

  • i’ve never seen this before on the scrapbook i don’t know, just seems to be saying to change my preferences even though i don’t need to

  • […] nach nicht mal 38 Minuten schon vorbei ist, freust Du Dich parallel zum ersten Hören über Spekulationen, dass da noch mehr kommen könnte. Dank Radiohead werden zukünftige Generationen mit dem Begriff […]

  • ‘i think im being shadowed by chieftan mews: ims menoo. more later. when i know’

    from stanley donwood’s twitter

  • I personally think that there will be more music to come. Chieftan Mews mentioned the other day in a tweet “the Ides of March.” And if we all remember our Shakespeare, that day is March 15th, and is a reference to a full moon… and when Ed wrote that the new album was available for download he said “its a full moon.” Who knows, I may be in denial about the album being too short, but this is something worth hoping for!

  • I think Stanley is Chieftan… and I hope he tweets some more…

  • My bucks, must I go out on a limb here and say more is revealing at Greek Street? That man: ims menooo (SEMI-MOON)! Juicy pre-watching. Beware you not!


    My friends, there is a clue at The Outsiders exhibit on Greek Street. The artists name is Stanley Donwood: This Friday Feb 25th; something will happen! His exhibit is part of the artwork from the newspaper album. Don’t worry!

    Do not beware ye IDES OF MARCH (FULL MOON) as all the footage shall disappear by then. My trail in the woods leads to a lost love letter. Written by me.


    Don’t worry, March 19th during the next full moon (a week after the art exhibit is taken down); my clues will end and you will be left with more beautiful music written by Radiohead.

  • wait, so what, chieftanmews is thom/johnny/ed/phil/colin fucking with us?

  • dunno, just my interpretation ha

  • interesting theory. that means we need someone down there on saturday now! i’ll ask my friend again

  • i wish i had a spare £890

  • Can’t help but note the poor choice of headline. A conspiracy theory is defined as a hypothesis alleging that the members of a coordinated group are, and/or were, secretly working together to commit ILLEGAL or wrongful actions including attempting to hide the existence of the group and its activities. I don’t think Radiohead is up to anything criminal and it really buys me when people use the term conspiracy theory improperly. It should be used to describe such things as the American Government’s official account of 9/11..and such.

  • can someone please let me know if the get on live chat and hear anything, I’m dying to see if theyll confirm an announcement about the newspaper album, i want to know if it’s worth getting….

  • I might be getting into those anagrams a bit too much, but “Queen Of Diamonds” may be an anagram of “Quad Defines Moon”… Dunno…

  • @Faust

    Or how about “Define Moon Quads.”

    In other words, define the moon quadrants…

  • Did anyone notice the *perhaps after the newspaper album description….

  • the “perhaps” is saying that they aren’t sure if its the first newspaper album.

  • Im not sure what to make of that XL Recordings post. Is the band actually working with XL? I thought they were completely independant. Under XL current artists, Radiohead is not listed.

    All I know is that the members of the band and those that are closest to them have all done a remarkable job keeping everything a secret. i dont think that if XL new something, they would leak it like this. And if they did have knowledge and leaked it, it would have been removed immediately.

    This “conspiracy theory surely is picking up a lot of steam though. ALOT of people are talking about this..its’ not just fanatics speculating anymore. Which is great fun for us and seems to be giving us more to look forward to.

    But on the other side of it, as one reply on XL pointed out, if this whole thing doesnt end up shaking out and it is just after all a theory that gets debunked, we sure have been set up for a lot of Let Down. Not because we’re dissapointed with what we’ve been given, but because it all just seems so obvious.

    I havent seen 1 interview with the band since the release. No one is taking yet. Except to give us cryptic messages that we cant seem to decipher. If nothing was going to happen, would they be toying with us like this? Adding fuel to the fire? Why havent we seen 1 interview yet? The questions being…what led to the sudden digital release only 5 days after announcing the album? What is the meaning of the newspaper album, and is there more to come? Its like they’re in hiding..

  • The Queen is coming…

    somniloquence = slic moon queen?

  • This was published yesterday:

    an interview with Stanley….

  • Interesting interview with Stanley…

    He certainly didnt deny the possibility of more to come. He simply said he had no idea, which seems unlikely since he’s been…”working with Radiohead on the album for the past 2 1/2 years”…

  • If they actually do release something else, I hope that 1) it’s not too soon, because I want to enjoy this a bit longer, and 2) they don’t use the word “queen” in the title, that would be awful. and 3) can’t wait to hear from the band… this conspiracy thing is getting out of hand.

    someday I would love to hear Radiohead make a really-feel-good-electronic album. i.e. Kid A-ish sound, but completely opposite in mood.

  • @ Pas: like worrywort

  • Exactly Drew. Love Worrywort…. it’s up there as one of my most played radiohead tracks. love the electronics there and Thom’s childish playful voice. by far my prefered b-side.

  • The interview pretty much confirms no new release before or when the newspaper album comes out, not to be a downer….if anything itll be an EP later on or something, i think we’re all just setting ourselves up to be put down.

    I hate being “that guy’ but this is what i think. And im not gonna lie: “oh, im happy with what i got” because thats not entirely true.

    whaaatever. if TkoL2 does come out itll just be a pleasant surprise for me

  • Well IF there is a new release and Radiohead is trying to keep it a secret i doubt Stanley would blad about it in an interview. I’m sure if the band asked him he would keep quiet about this whole matter.

  • very excellent point (again, being ‘that guy’)
    BUT the way i see it is that the “revolutionary releasing” strategy is, is the the mere fact it degrades and brittle to nothing. Literally.
    And on your side for a second, It does seem weird that he doesn’t refute the idea of more releases, simply (pretends?) he has no idea. But again, still not seeing enough evidence personally.

  • So we’re paying the extra money to get the newspaper edition, and the perk of the newspaper edition is the artwork and case which will be destroyed over time, leaving me…what? the cd and vinyl? That doesnt seem like good business. Why would I want what Im paying for to destroy itself over time? Theres gotta be more to this.

    And Stanley definitely doesnt deny anything. If nothing else was coming out, why doesnt someone who knows something say, nothing more is coming out. Are we supposed to believe Stanley, “has no idea”? I dont.

  • The idea of the Oxo-degradable plastic is pretty revolutionary in itself if you ask me, and you’re getting a ton of artwork to hang up on your walls or whatever. The In Rainbows Box set was 80$ so 48 isnt that outrageous. Youre paying the extra money for all the artwork and the care im sure they have to use to make this Oxo-degradable plastic.
    Im the only one contradicting this theory of a part two and i hope that only builds to the hype of the newspaper album. I really hope im wrong

  • Dont get me wrong, I dont think the band is obligated to debunk conspiracy theories and end speculation, but is it not out of the norm for there not to have been any post release interview? anything? the only interview we’ve seen is with Stanley and when asked about the possibility of more music to come, he skirted the question.

    I think the oxo-degradable plastic is very cool, but Im getting the impression that the artwork itself will also decay over time. Am I wrong? Because if I am buying the artwork, I want to be able to have it forever if I please.

  • “1. Change the King of Limbs album artwork from .jpg to .mp3

    2. Open in Audacity

    3. Lower the pitch 2 octaves and time stretch by 50% several times.

    4. Shit bricks.

    There is SOMETHING in the album artwork.”

    Just got this off of /mu/. Here’s the link of the finished product, be sure to open it in a DAW:

    Seems to have a 4/4, ABABCDB structure judging by the frequency. Will post more if it arises.

  • @ Fan: But that’s the point – the mortality of art: one way or another. According to the natural core of the album that seems pretty logical, not mentioning that it’s the (sub)conscious direction of art by today – accepting the death and the passing of things. Embracing the moment rather than keeping it. Wanting things to stay forever with you is killing their real nature.

  • To Kid Amn-
    I can verify there is SOMETHING there- I can’t seem to convert my original downloaded .jpg to an mp3 (let me know your process.. every time I try it doesn’t seem to create a valid file…). BUT, the file you placed on mediafire is… bizarre- I can’t seem to make heads or tails of it- still working on getting it into a listenable form.

    But yeah, if this is for real, it’s time to change everyone’s diaper.

  • downloaded it, won’t play.

  • kyostiii- I went through 3 different DAW’s (free… of course…), and Audacity is the only one that I could get to open the file up. Also, if you do manage to get it working… turn your volume down. It’s loud.

  • F… Thy 49 Tool Cringe

  • okay i heard it on that tkol2 blog. very fine job!

  • steam lost, fallen cliffs. ims menoo, the queen’s arise. in the forest, ye ides.

  • Don’t know if aporia just above here is just jerking us around but I couldn’t find any worthwhile anagrams for any part of that except the already-known “semi-moon”.

    Sounds like, joke or not, we have The Queen of Diamonds in mid-March, maybe?

    Also: on the limbs and branches youtube channel the second video features an image of a maypole, the trad. European celebration for the first of May. Don’t know whether that’s anything or not. So we would have three releases all spaced about six weeks apart, maybe.

  • So does anyone have a bigger picture of this picture, derived from code in the jpg on the album cover? I tried and failed to produce it.


  • I think that’s all it is — just a thumbnail.

    On a related note: has anyone noticed how the album art thekingoflimbs.jpg that came with the download is cropped right at the tops of the ghosts’ heads and the images that are embedded in the mp3’s (the one that would appear in Itunes) are opened up a bit more and you can see white branches at the top and in the top-left corner?

    Not sure if this matters but just bringing it up (apologies if it’s already been said)

  • Codex – well spotted. I’ve a feeling that there are treasures hidden in the data of the .mp3 files yet…

  • has anyone tried converting the mp3s to jpg? sounds silly, but they did that with the album art (jpg to mp3) and ended up getting the sounds of birds.

  • Chieftan’s Twitter status now includes ‘No News Is Good Mews’. They’re loving all this as much as we are 🙂

    And Chietan’s Twitter profile pic is definitely Nigel.

  • i guess NOW all we can do is wait…ah

  • Hold on…look at the Live from the Basement videos. Is Colin wearing a King of Limbs T shirt?!?

  • Yup it is Nigel, no doubt….the band knows they have big nerds as fans, i am sure they are laughing.

  • no, i have that shirt myself. it’s from like blue note or whatever it’s called.

  • no mews is good mews. is chieftan going away again?

  • They cracked it! There is an hidden extra cover with the download!

  • interesting, but a bit of a downer…. I think that’s it. i wonder if there’s more in that jpg….

    it would be nice to hear from the boys soon.

  • Hey guys, I haven’t contributed yet, but I think I may have just found something.

    Look at the cover art. Bottom right corner. The green ghost looks like he’s holding a playing card in his hand.

    Queen perhaps?

  • Still not convinced. I remember seeing something that said they were going to email us about upgrading to newspaper. Did anyone get this email/ is it even happening?

  • Stanley Donwood’s tweets of 21st Feb share the same theme:

    1. Ive been reading a story called. and no bird sings. by ef benson. i cant quite finish it. too ghastly. a horrible slug-thing in the woods

    2. another: a little black book of stories. by as byatt, i think. the first story. absolutely fucking horrible. recommended

    The first mentions a horrible SLUG-THING IN THE WOODS.
    The second refers to a short story called THE THING IN THE FOREST.

    Whether it’s the actual forest that the King Of Limbs is in, one of Donwood’s paintings of a forest currently showing at his exhibition, or even his album artwork, there’s definitely got to be something lurking for one of us to find! Too many coincidences, surely?

  • ‘You got some nerve coming here – magpie
    You stole it all
    Give it back;

    ‘There’s an empty space inside my heart – Lotus flower
    Where the weeds take root
    So now I set you free
    I’ll set you free’

    ‘I’ve my heart in my mouth’ – separator

    ‘The dark’s there
    The pillar of my soul
    The last one out of the box
    The one who broke the spell’ – Little by Little

    ‘I fell open, I lay under
    At the tea parlour
    I lost your number ‘ – Seperator – is this like alice in wonderland , falling down a hole beside the tree

    Feral – A feral organism is one that has escaped from domestication and returned, partly or wholly, to a wild state.

    That tree , could there be something up at it , or hidden , as there is a big hole in the tree??

  • “within next week” thats when “operator 1” says we can upgrade.

  • does anyone know why they need your email address?

  • who are zachariah wildwood and donald twain? its not clear yet. but the facts are emerging from the fog, from the woods

    this is from stanley donwoods twitter

  • I’m currently in hiding in a strange city far from my usual haunts. Events caused by or connected to the production of artwork had become a sort of sticky web of entanglement.
    But now, from here, they seem less ensnaring, and my new project, possibly the most ambitious yet, is taking shape across the digital lines of communication. This new project will, if everything goes to plan, involve many major cities of the world.
    I feel a little like a Bond villain, hiding from the world in this hilltop fastness, with lists of capital cities taped to the walls of my lair, scrumpled versions of my plans littering the metal floor. I should think up a suitable codename for it, perhaps



  • also, there is supposed to be a radio interview with jonny greenwood tomorrow morning, between 7am and 10am gmt on bbc6music

  • *perhaps

    DAS in 24h*


    3 new tweets from ‘cheatchief’

    DAS = dead air space = radioheads website.

    live broadcast today?

    he’s not the only one to post it. meeno now = new moon. 4th march is a new moon.


  • nope sorry. King of Limbs has no second part, their making music now for an EP. End of story, goodnight atEase

  • wheres your evidence?
    just because they’re recording new stuff, doesn’t mean they haven’t already got stuff ready to be released…

  • any mews?

  • maybe they’re going to post a message on the moon??? haa

  • wow. thats hilarious tchock.

  • […] it does seem a little short. But some fansites have gone to the lengths of compiling lists of conspiracy theories as to why they expect, some of the theories are plausible. For example, why does the newspaper […]

  • […] included with online purchases began with TKOL1, implying that TKOL2 might be in the works. Other theories were based on the title of the last track, “The Separator,” and its lyrics, “If […]

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