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Stanley Donwood discusses the artwork for The King Of Limbs

At the moment we have the music but we don’t have much of the artwork that will accompany The King Of Limbs when it is released in shops next month and in the special “newspaper” version of the album that will ship in early May. Stanley Donwood, however, has been talking a bit about the artwork for the album in a couple articles concerning his current exhibition in London.

In The Independent, Stanley discusses the influence of newspapers have had on the special edition of the album:

“A newspaper is a snapshot; a physical record of how things are. If you turned the electricity off, digital records would all disappear, but newspapers have the physical reality, the longevity, and that’s brilliant.”

Meanwhile over at the Creative Review, Stanley delves into more detail about where the inspiration for The King Of Limbs artwork originated:

“It’s very much about natural forms. I’d heard something about the northern European imagination, in the sense of all our fairy stories and mythical creatures. They all come from the woods – Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel & Gretel…we’ve got all these stories and myths. Me and Thom were working on these ideas of strange, multi-limbed creatures that are neither malevolent or benevolent, they’re simply there, part of the living spirit of the forest. That’s come through into all of the work.”

We’ll have to wait a little while longer until we get to see the artwork for ourselves.

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  • fuck this give me new songs

  • I can’t help but laugh and desire the statement above.

  • […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Radiohead Indonesia, Sean. Sean said: I still have the keys to @radioheadnews: Stanley Donwood discusses the artwork for The King Of Limbs […]

  • agreed.

  • Enjoy the release for what it is. Are you a double amputee? Are you deaf? Even these limitations wouldn’t stop a person who has a keen desire to play music.

    If you want more songs, write them yourself you spolit little brat. Me? I’m enjoying what was released on Friday and will continue to do so.

    Man, there is just no pleasing some.

  • haha nicely said flabber. Maybe we should all try to write some songs…and pick the best ones and make it our king of limbs 2, since we seem to desire it so bad.

  • @Flabbergasted

    thom yorke doesn’t read this – stop kissing ass!

  • What if flabbergasted IS thom yorke? 😐

  • For some reason my wav download does not take the jpg cover artwork in iTunes… furthermore, it states that the artwork of the tracks are not modifiable. I find this quite strange…

    Is this the same for everyone else?

    I hate not having the artwork next to the tracks.

  • i think folks should enjoy the theories about additional albums, but… remember, they didn’t have to release tracks to us, or do so quickly.

    this new stuff is amazing, but different from what i think most were expecting.

  • You can’t add artwork to WAV files because they don’t have tags

  • Also, when I imported the album into my ITunes, it doesnt even include “Radiohead” under the artist category, neither the title “The King of Limbs”.
    Also, there are no spaces in between the words of the tracks, and a tracknumber preceeding the name, such as:

    – 03 LittleByLittle
    – 02 MorningMrMagpie
    – 05 LotusFlower
    – 07 GiveUpTheGhost

    Strange… I don’t believe it has anything to do with conspiracies, but I think it’s a bit sloppy for such a perfectionist band as Radiohead.
    the music is pure bliss though….

  • Listen to Towering above the rest if you think you deserve more

  • Thanks panacea. that all makes sense then.

    hmmmm… i’ll just listen without seeing, until I receive the newspaper album.

  • You can always convert your files to Apple Lossless if you want to add cover art.

  • Thanks.

  • I found a secret track, fast forward after the last track, like Tools album back in the 90’s.

  • Whatever….

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