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Radiohead – Feral – Unofficial Video

We’ve already heard some unofficial remixes and now it seems as though it’s time for the unofficial videos. First up is a video for Feral by American music video director and photographer Steven Murashige. It certainly captures the manic energy of the song.

RADIOHEAD | FERAL | THE KING OF LIMBS from steven murashige on Vimeo.

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  • That’s seriously good.

  • Great video and all but the images used doesn’t capture the feel of the album, like woods and trees. You’ve still done an amazing job though, goes well with the song. Anyway I think TKOL is a great album. If your still not convinced then listen some more. Take it easy all.

  • Pitchfork gave this album 7.9 They are fucking idiots.

  • zzz

  • something funny happened last night while hearing TKOL. Ive heard many complains on how TKOL is fully electronic and you cannot hear the whole band and so forth, but after a few listens i realized all i was hearing was strings, its truly amazing but most of the songs have regular/basic (radiohead) effects and the rest is very “accoustical” so to speak. God forgive me but i can hear Jonnie and Ed now.
    I came to the conclusion that 1: Phil is an awesome drummer, and 2: this stuff is gonna sound gorgeous live!!! 😀

  • @Bikd

    “Pitchfork” ?… What is it ?… ; )

  • very very very good

  • @ Bikd Yes, I’m shocked with their review… They used to understand Radiohead so well but with this album they kind of said that it was the second worst album of their legacy…

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  • The Pitchfork review was badly done, honestly. Barely talked about the song’s. Half the review was about the hoopla sorrounding the band, and the album. Just as boring as anytime, anyone ever bring’s up ‘In Rainbows,’ it’s incestuously about their “pay what you want” escapade. Just talk about the fucking music, already!

  • Oh, and the videos, not bad. I could really see something like that befitting a movie, of some addicts, drug induced coma.

    As a music video though, it’s nothing really that imaginative, I mean fastworded clips of cities at night, and double images blending together, is pretty old hat, I’d say.

  • This track so far is my least favorite on TKOL.

  • Yeah, nothing really that creative, makes my head spin and nauseat….. ><

  • @costa rica : i want to be your friend . I LIKE U . ! ! I LIKE THE WAY YOU FEEL AND UNDERSTAND ! ! !

  • @Costa RicaFebruary 25, 2011 at 9:38 am,

    You nailed it! I remember I was complaining about the electronic from initial listening. TKOL is tricky, electronic sounds pop right out while complimented by acoustic, and the more we listen, the more acoustic come to forefront.

    It wasn’t because the electronic I didn’t like at initial listening, it was the overly ambient lounge like electronic I have trouble with. But again, it’s always fun to peal off layers after layers from Radiohead’s music, and TKOL offers me the pastry I always love. 😉

  • Who cares what Pitchfork think! What I feel is most important!

    I’m so ready for their concert, this would be a great concert, their music is my drug. 😉

  • Pitchfork is literally The Worst. Always has been.

    Nice video!

  • Why even bother reading reviews – it’s just an opinion really – they’re obliged to it as much as we are. what do number scores even mean? ‘mmm yes definitely a 7.9, an 8 I don’t think so’


    Very nice video, Feral is amazing, it’s so frantic, then that low synth bass pours in and surrounds you. ahhh

  • I am a huge radiohead fan and I actually agree with the pitchfork review (the number, at least) Although KOL is a good album I think it is not in the same league as all of their other albums after Pablo Honey.

  • Song. What song?

  • I made a dance music video to Feral from The King of Limbs. Hope you guys enjoy it!

  • so some of you haven’t learned your lesson from amnesiac did you? I guess you skipped revolving doors. I don’t know what makes a song for you, apparently there are some restrictions I didn’t know of?

  • @ James Larry Yes, everyone has it’s ranking and we totally respect that, what I don’t feel in the Pitchfork review is the immense resource and study they put on the other albums. I mean, even Com Lag have better content than the The King of Limbs review.

  • And add on the fact the reviewer only allowed himself about two weeks to digest, not only a record, but a Radiohead record? Seem’s a little short sighted, and rushed to me…

  • lol, sorry…it’s been about a week since it was released.

  • That’s their issue…. Maybe in a year they will re-review it and give it a better note like they did with Kid A if I’m not mistaken… Either way I’ve seen better reviews from users on sputnikmusic then the one on Pitchfork… Great staff Pitchfork!

  • Made my own video for this track last week!!! It’s fairly similar in some ways, just uploading it to vimeo now!

  • Link here when it’s ready pal…

  • check out this video for “Bloom”

  • NME gave it 7 out of 10

  • Check out my video for feral…

    Weird that we both went for a similar mirrored effect!

    It’s the first of eventually a complete album of videos!

  • @ not chieftan Yeah, the ones that made that horrible “top 100 albums of the decade” with In Rainbows in 10th and Kid A in 14th…

  • wow that was great symonds

  • Meh. “Unofficial” is right. Seems neither special, nor original.

  • Thanks! Would be great to get a feature on atease!!! It’s the first piece of many on my current project… I plan on making one for most/all the tracks on the new album! Currently working on something for Lotus Flower.

  • Well, I’m definitely going to follow along with your progress! Good work!

  • @Ben Symonds – really like your video for feral, it captures the way that track rushes by. nice effects too.

    and about time the good old british electricity pylon featured in a music video 🙂 i’m near derby, so appreciated the east midlands signpost too

  • @Ben Symonds

    Good job, much more original than the other video. Nicely abstract, and odd in it’s progression. It’d seem fitting as a short in a Radiohead vid of some sort.

  • Hi, it would be amazing if we could get my video for feral and my current video project for The King Of Limbs noticed by the guys that run Atease! I would appreciate it if you could submit it as news :). Thanks! Ben.

  • I made a “Feral” video of a friend doing fire spinning. I think it works with the music beautifully… check it out:

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