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Good Times: Here’s Liam Gallagher on the new Radiohead

Secretly we’ve been waiting for this one. Liam Gallagher parted with Oasis and started his new band Beady Eye. We were curious to know what he thinks of the new Radiohead album.

Talking to the Quietus he stated: “I’m well aware that our new album has been done before. It ain’t nothing new but it’s fucking great.” On the The King Of Limbs however: “We just like what we do. I heard that fucking Radiohead record and I just go, ‘What?!’ I like to think that what we do, we do fucking well. Them writing a song about a fucking tree? Give me a fucking break! A thousand year old tree? Go fuck yourself! You’d have thought he’d have written a song about a modern tree or one that was planted last week. You know what I mean?”

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  • wat

  • maybe i don’t really want to know how your garden grows….

  • No one reviews an album like Liam Gallagher. Nailed it!

  • Hmmm. Respect for Liam just went down some more.

  • Dear Liam Gallagher, Fuck you. And your band.

  • he’s right.

  • There comes a time in every tree’s life when it’s impossible to write a song about it – or so I thought. Radiohead did it again.


  • I like how every other english musician is green with jealousy when it comes to radiohead.

  • You wish you are making music, yet YOURE NOT. Anyways when you fall into oblivion you can always go work for pitchfork, as you seem to match their hiring criteria.
    Last but not least, fuck u liam

  • Liam Gallagher in outspoken soundbite shocker?!

    I like/love Radiohead, I really like The King of Limbs (but i want more!),I liked Oasis sometimes, I quite like the new Beady Eye record, I think Liam Gallagher is an under-rated comedy genius. Some people will think I’m an idiot for one, some, or all of those views, I couldn’t care less. It’s only (electronic) rock ‘n’ roll but I like it!

  • This guy needs to shut the fuck up for once. Damn I hate Oasis , are the English always this shitty toward each other? Because from what I see on the Internet, TV, etc they bitch about everything, hate’s each other success and are like a country full of crabs in a barrel.

    Also to add, to the guy who said that all every other english musician is green with jealousy when it comes to Radiohead, nah bro every English band seems to think they’re better than the next ,especially from the 90s Brit-Pop(Shit-Pop like all pop) movement. Radiohead gets more hate though due to the fact that they differentiated them selves from the pack with The Bends and further more with OK Computer.

  • in before thom yorke writes on das something about how he respects other artists and never snubs them or anything like that, cause he went to university

  • Agreed Paul. He’s taking the piss, he may not like the album, who really cares, he is making me laugh though. quite the manipulator of the media much like paris hilton is.

  • FuckOasais and The Gallagher brothers – if that is your real name – yes, yes we are all that shitty to each other. But not just to each other, we’re quite a xenophobic bunch too – god help you if you’re American, German, French or, god-forbid, Welsh.

    It’s a deep-rooted, class thing, if you’re working class then you don’t want to be seen to indulge in the high-brow, and frankly, poncey world of artistic music. If you’re upwardly mobile in the middle class then those frightful oiks ‘avin it large are terribly ill-educated philistines! For those of us awkwardly straddling class boundaries it’s all a bit confusing, but strangely straightforward. I’m not sure what goes on in the upper classes.

  • How can u offend Liam? He’s so stupid and you’re even giving him importance? ahahahha! C’mon folks, leave him play with the so influential band Beady Eyes!!! Ahahahahha!!!

  • I think this goes to show that Mr Gallagher will always be around to give his topical, bird-brained opinion. It’s too bad that people will still print what he has to say. What a deutsche mark. And by deutsche mark I mean cocksucker.

  • Liam is like the dumb republican of the music world.
    The first commenter is a homophobic twat, and his comment should be deleted. (If it does get deleted, and the first commenter is wondering what the hell I’m talking about, there was a homophobic remark before you.)

  • nob jockey

  • I think Ed should beat him up…

  • There he goes again, hahaha

  • He’s barely even making a semblance of a point, he just knows that if tells Radiohead to go fuck themselves he’ll get media attention. Case in point: This news post. It’s not like his statement is pertinent to Radiohead, us, or reality in any way… Must we indulge him?

  • I didn’t know he left Oasis and I haven’t ever heard of Beady Eye. Does that band sound exactly like the Beatles too? Funny how he comments on Radiohead writing a song about an old tree, when all his shit sounds exactly like music that was written 50 years ago.

  • i can’t respect anyone who blatantly rips off everything about the sound of john lennon. have you heard liams new one? it should be illegal. sad to see a man so empty of imagination.

  • Hahaha, this guy is funny. So dumb I cannot do anything but laugh out loud.

  • YEAAAHHH I love to read his comments, is fucking hilarious cause you can see that he’s an asshole.

  • this guy is always a prick’s just for the sake of being a prick …no one really pays attention to anything he ever has to say …… jealousy ….it’s sad really

  • …and apparently I can’t type ….this guy is always a prick

  • Look if that ginger midget wants to write a song about a fucking tree thats his choice but my band will always be mad for it lets fucking face it anything I do will be great so go turn on your cd player and listen to pop is dead you yank bastards!

  • You have to love that bloke.

  • Grammy Nominations:
    Oasis = 3 vs. Radiohead = 14
    Grammy Awards:
    Oasis = 0 vs. Radiohead = 3

  • The response of another cog in the music business , get the attention but even the media know him, nobody is picking up the story, Jealousy over having to sign to a record company and not have the liberty to record someting creative, he´s old news, sure he was creative as a Band but theis egos got the better of them all. Love Radiohead, they´re the greatest.

  • a good laugh, well put

  • It’s called a metaphor; go look it up. Just because you are working class doesn’t give the right to ignorance. In fact, we need to be MORE perceptive and conscious. Radiohead are very positive in lots of ways.

    I just think Gallagher is still unclear about metaphors. And anyway – come on – that Beatles album? These guys rip Beatles, and U2 – there’s really no room to complain. I’m absolutely baffled, but I have to admit that someone in Oasis has talent and comes up with good ideas now and again. I guess it is like Cobain – raw, edgy, angry, but perhaps spiteful and unproductive.

  • […] no es sorpresa que Liam no deje de abandonar sus tendencias agresivas contra la banda.A través de ateaseweb.comComenta! Escrito por AbYo soy Abraham Sáyago, tengo 23 y soy de Cuernavaca, Morelos. Llevo toda […]

  • @Neal

    Really? No one should ever equate quality to how many Grammy noms and/or wins someone has.


    Comparing Cobain to Gallagher? Bleh…Cobain was spiteful toward’s the right people. Liam, is doing it purely out of jealousy, and attention. The Brothers Gallagher, acted like assholes, and took one melody, and ran with it…that’s their legacy.

  • who cares what Gallagher thinks?! obviously too many of you guys.

  • So when was the last decent Oasis/Gallagher project.. Be Here Now? That was 1997, mate – the same year Radiohead released the rock-epic “Ok Computer.” Now think of how much more great and influential material Radiohead has released since then, it’s no contest. Radiohead are still relevant while Oasis and Liam Gallagher are just a bunch of old filthy balls that should have been washed up years ago

  • What a retard

  • Lets Not forget this lovely Wonderwall cover Thom did…. lol

    Liam is a douchbag I think that’s pretty well established. Oasis have written some great great songs, well noel that is. But Radiohead have written great albums. I love when they take shots at each other…. its like England’s pussy version off biggie vs tupac…lol

  • Moderator Can u please delete Eric Wheeling’s post above? It’s extremely offensive.

  • Beady Eye – унылое говно

  • Very amusing review, Liam is a clown anyway, he does what he always does best. 😀

  • Liam is very funny without meaning to be!

    And yes because Liam is a prick the whole of England hates everyone else except those exceptions who are in Radiohead who are amazing.

    Honestly some of you are just as retarded as Liam sometimes.

  • I think that the size of his brain oscillating between walnut or fucking peanut!

  • Liam, you’re a retard, can’t even string a coherent sentence together, let alone offer an informed comment with any merit whatsoever.

  • Liam is Latin for Fucktard. Look it up. I am not bullshitting.

  • I wonder if Thom listens to new Oasis albums. ; )

  • It’s not surprising that he has something bad to say about RH.
    He is just an attention seeker.

  • No I dont know what you mean. But If I do it sometime, please kill me

  • Lame Gallagher needs to be beaten with limbs and fed through a wood chipper….

  • Awww… How sweet. Liam’s got himself a little rock ‘n roll cover band! Isn’t that cute? And he’s grown his hair out and everything. Isn’t he just the most darling thing ever?

  • “Green Idea for 2011 says: March 2, 2011 at 4:30 am Lame Gallagher needs to be beaten with limbs and fed through a wood chipper….”

    …best post ever! i like that!

    liam is wack…his new record is wack. let lennon go dude!

  • Who’s Liam Gallagher?


  • This may be the funniest thing that I have ever read.

    This is probably exactly how my 86 year old grandmother would’ve reviewed this “song”.

  • a comment from a jealous man…he wishes so band he amounted to something as big as radiohead…what a fucking horrible band…lol oasis…lol

  • his reviews are as good as the last 4 albums from oasis and his musical sense is as good as his hairstyle…. so yeah liam yeah you are right kid… go rest on the lap of your deaf redneck fans

  • Face it, Liam. Beady Eye’s music is so weak it’s not even in the same galaxy as TKOL. Radiohead continue to make music that is original, moving, and is miles ahead of both Oasis and Beady Eye. I still like Oasis a lot and if it weren’t for Liam’s excellent vocals I’d care for him about as much as Justin Bieber.

  • Why do you guys get so upset? This is funny as hell!

  • You’d have thought LG would have better things to do – like read a book.

    Oh wait – the ignorant northern fuckwit can’t read…

  • Is it me or is Liam actually struggling to form a coherent sentances in that interview. Once again, bitching about other artists is the only way he is able to gather any media attention, cos he knows, I know and the whole world knows he won’t get any for the album he’s just put out, which is certainly about 47 years out of place. Just because other people are challenging themselves by musically evolving doesn’t mean you have to devolve to balance things out!
    Also, might I add ”The King of Limbs’ is an album title, not a song, so get your facts right.

  • This is the usual Liam’s stupid comment which aim is desperately try to get some public atention…
    Poor boy… must be painful to know that this kind of polemic atention is more than the one his shit music was/is/will be able to get, ever…

  • That Gallagher boy is a funny twat, tho. What a fucking epic comment about Thom writing a song about a tree! Hahahaha. What a fucking loser! Is he trying to promote his SHITE album or what?

  • Reading this article and all the comments has been the highlight of my day! Thanks for the laughs 😉

  • lol I see he hasn’t changed one bit. He acts like a 13 year old boy and does a terrible job of masking how bitter he is. This was a well needed laugh.

  • I think LIam is on a drug, and it’s called Charlie Sheen.

  • I can’t believe anyone’s getting offended by Liam’s comments. He’s obviously taking the piss and I for one have really LOL’d at the ‘modern tree’ comment, classic Gallagher!

    You’re Radiohead fans ffs! You’re too smart to be offended by a light joke.

  • lol @ Dave 🙂

  • Even the comments of pissed off fans are funny and amusing, keep up the humor, it’s a wonderful world to be around Radiohead’s fans. 😀

  • Nice insightful post. Thanks for sharing the information.

  • Who is Liam Gallagher?

  • Liam Gallagher is a sad sack of rotting garbage in the corner, off-gassing meager verbiage in a desperate bid for attention. Take him to the curb, city services will pick him up.

  • lol at all the people getting butthurt about Liam shit talking Radiohead

  • Ha ha very funny. Radiohead have got to be having the last laugh. The album is only available for download. Hope the band are laughing all the way to the bank when he or one of his cronies had to pay for it to hear it. If you dont like Radiohead, dont buy (or listen to) their music, DOH!!!!

  • which song is about a tree? The album was named after a tree, but I don;t think any song is about that tree… am i Wrong?

  • He is a plum but still love the fella. Personally big fan of both bands. Anyway, anyone else think that Codex sounds almost Oasisy? When Thom sings “Sleight of hand” he sounds a little Liam. Nothing wrong with that!

    Or is it just me?

  • this guy hates everything. no surprise, lol I’d be worried for the man’s mental health if he ever said that he liked something.

  • Boooooring!! oasis/ gallagher brothers never done nothing new for music, everything they do is a poorly made nineties sounding beatles rip off (and they have NOTHING to compare with The Bealtes though)… i guess they’ll always had a inferiority complex with radiohead, because Oasis allways said that they were the best band in the world, and radiohead, doing their art, trying to make good music became the world’s best band, without planning it

  • This is the kind of thing that killed Oasis’ fame. Liam is one of the biggest douches in music today, not far from being one of the biggest douches of all time. I still have respect for Noel, Oasis was once my favorite band – before ‘The Bends’. Go ram a tree up your ass, Liam. You self-aggrandizing, has-been, cockney prick. You aren’t a millionth of an artist that any member of Radiohead is.

  • Its sad to see that so many of you are actually taking comments like his seriously. Liams clearly just having a bit of a laugh and taking the piss! Oasis have been doing this for years and they thrive on these sort of reactions! Maybe its the northern humour not getting through to some people.

  • Blur and The Verve were always way better then these guys. It’s because he says stuff like this that Oasis ever had any success at all. Musically, they’re terrible.

  • I think Liam is hilarious and some of the Oasis stuff was really good.

    I don’t take what he says about Radiohead seriously, he’s just not into anything but straight ahead old fashioned rock music.

    Plus he’s trying to get publicity for his new album… seems to be working.

  • […] Radiohead. There’s Liam Gallagher with his new band Beady Eye who recently told Radiohead to fuck themselves… and his brother Noel is set to return with a new record soon. On his new tour he will only […]

  • haha what a silly old douchebag…he is a jealous man…wishing his band could have amounted to Radiohead..haha so sad and hillarious!

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