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Jonny Greenwood: Radiohead making music, rehearsing, working out what to do

Radiohead’s guitarist Jonny Greenwood was interviewed by Matt Everitt on BBC 6 Music this morning. Mostly on his movie scores and still vague on Radiohead’s future.

Talking about his score for We Need To Talk About Kevin directed by Lynne Ramsay, Jonny told 6 Music: “It’s an amazing film she has made, a serious subject matter, but a good chance to play with new instruments. We used this harpist called Jean Kelly, who plays harp strung with metal strings, so it sounds like nothing you have heard, wonderful.”

On his score for the film Norwegian Wood, he said: “There’s lots of stuff in the book about music lessons and learning to play Bach on guitar, this isn’t in the film but it helped me write lots of the guitar music.”

However, Jonny didn’t say much about Radiohead’s future plans: “We are recording with Radiohead and rehearsing, playing and making music and working out what to do. We have stopped planning ahead very far, just making music and wondering where to go next and what to do.”

Listen to the interview here:

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  • so much mystery…my ears are watering…

  • Nice to know the band is recording, but the “wondering what to do” and “rehearsing” are worrying. I’d rather another Radiohead album than a tour.

  • I’m hoping for a tour…

  • At the risk of mere cliche I have to say that this I like.

  • hey, greenwood….i got an idea what radiohead could do next…. headline glastonbury this year instead of fucking coldplay haha 🙂

  • Radiohead is fucking Coldplay???? OMG!!! Hahaha

    Now seriously, glad to hear they are still recording.

  • Humble as always. Keep it up Jonny! Fantastic work so far.

  • It’s great to hear /read/ about “rehearsing and recording”

  • Recording again? They must be sitting on a wealth of material right now. Good to know. It will ALL come out at some point in the future, in some way or another, I’m sure.

  • I have a feeling this was recorded before they released The King of Limbs. Which means when he says they are rehearsing and recording, he is probably talking about the stuff for King of Limbs.

  • you guys realize this was prerecorded…so it’s likely this was before king of limbs was even released. Was probably even around the time norwegian wood was released.

  • Nope, interview was done last Wednesday

  • come on guys… prerecorded. be satisfied with your 8 track LP/EP! rehearsing is exciting though!

  • Really Atease? This is clearly a pre-recorded interview.

  • If the interview was recorded last Wednesday, then it took place well after the album was already out, which means him talking about any recording with Radiohead, would be referring to new/unreleased material. Even if the intererview was before the album was released, but after the announcement, him talking about recording, would still be about new material…

    And on the site, it states: “Speaking for the first time publically since the sudden release of The King of Limbs, Jonny told 6…”

  • funny they did even mention the king of limbs then…
    well if that is true then – good news? They must be having a good time in the studio, keeping busy in a productive way.

  • I DON’T want a tour any time soon because the band always faces some existential crisis afterward or at least has to be apart, which means a massive halt to productive work.

    I’m glad the rumors of this being recorded well before “The King of Limbs”‘s release have been debunked by y’all.

    Thanks for posting as always, Adriaan.

  • I wanna hear Jonny play Air on the G string, beautiful piece on guitar!

  • I guess they could be laying down existing songs that haven’t been recorded to a satisfactory level yet…..?

  • Jonny is turning into a Mark Mothersbaugh. Which is great because he’ll’ be the go-to guy in scoring many great films but I do worry he won’t be devoting much time to Radiohead.

    The “worry” part of Jonny’s comment sounds to me like it could be the band trying to figure out whether to release the next batch of new material soon, play a few secret-gigs in the summer or possibly plan a huge world tour for next year. I would hope it’s nothing more than this though.

  • i think we should start to forget all the conspiracy theories and face the horrible truth, they are desbanding

  • Yes, still recording, I knew they would release Present Tense this year 🙂

  • DanMG, what you troll like?

    This doesn’t sound like the present tense “we are recording this instant”, but rather some sort of infinitive “recording happens”.

    At any rate, you can tell that they are being secretive about it all, and that they are certainly sitting on this release “plan” they’ve had for 2 years. Why ruin it by giving away the details? That’d be like a child’s parents telling the child what they are getting for Christmas a week earlier.

  • I like KisAmnesiacs point and i have to say though:

    This revolutionary release plan, i see it being a literal newspaper periodical, releases not release. Maybe. that or a bunch of EPs. Go with a bang, then, horribly maybe DanMG might be right……..sigh….so many questions.

  • DanMG cannot even spell DISbanding.

    I would moreso worry about the literate trolls.

  • sorry for the typo and for being so pesimist, that’s just a phase and now i’m more hopeful, waiting for the next full moon…

  • if nothing happens then i’ll keep the pain just for myself i promise

  • I also get the feeling they don’t know what to do with themselves and the band’s future is not yet written… they’ve all worked on their own for over a year now and maybe they don’t want to be back as Radiohead. Specially the rest of the guys when they get the chance to shine on their own.
    JG starts to stutter when talking about the band and yes, we know they’re all secretive but even TKOL doesn’t sound like a collective effort to me. Adriaan prolly has more scoop on the general state of the band. I don’t know, “I might be wrong”, hehe. Hopefully I am.

  • I love your work Jonny, I am really looking forward to hearing more soundtracks. I’m really grateful for all of their individual work in the past few years. No matter what they do (as a band) in the future, they’ve already musically done so much for us fans. I have nothing but love and gratitude. They’ve already received my vote into the “Hall of Fame”.

  • ^^^gay

  • sounds like they’re going to break up. oh well, they had a good run.

  • I have a feeling there will be some b-sides coming out at some point… but I don’t know if they will have a cohesive feeling to them like the In Rainbows bonus disc (which felt like a mini-album… with the MK segues and everything.)

  • New work up for Lotus Flower!

  • Do you people actually take Jonny seriously regarding what’s next?! He’s a horrible liar when approached. Earlier on he was so eloquent yet why the stuttering when asked about Radiohead? He’s trying his hardest not to bust out laughing and he’s trying to come up with a plausible excuse. They’ll have the last laugh when the next ‘Limb’ EP hits the stores 😉

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