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Radiohead Anonymous – Fan tells all

Not much of an introduction needed. Go ahead and confess.

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  • Brilliant satire 😀

  • I love The King of Limbs, but that is a great sketch!!

  • Brilliant!

  • That’s fucking ace! I can definitely relate to the amnesiac bit! hahahaha! Awesome!

  • i absolutely love these people ! ! ! excellent ! ! !

  • Not so funny… really… I’m Italian and I don’t like some sort of pedestrian granted humour that we Italians use simply to call “english humour”… like this.

  • Pablo Honey?? GET OUT

  • This was great! Its like atease come to life.

  • I think.. Kid A.. is a bit weird! hahaha flawless

  • Yet I can’t imagine the atease message board being as civilized.

  • This is funny, but Amnesiac will always be my favorite Radiohead album.

  • It’s a bit tired and obvious actually. It’s cast well but not really that funny. I’ll take the Thom Yorke Smashes Dead Fish on Washer-Dryer video for satire over that any day.

  • Just to be clear, my favorite albums are mostly and especially post OK Computer, so I don’t relate that much with the “humorous” opinions in the video. But in terms of satire, and very well done, this is spot on. Again, brilliant!

  • I thought this skit was hilarious!
    Amnesiac is my favorite album with all its beautiful B-sides.
    The Amazing sound of Orgy
    This album has made me go back and appreciate the oldies but still goodies.
    I Want None of This. Beautiful.

  • Amnesiac had the fuckin best b sides – I don’t think i’ve listened to amnesiac a lot as a whole, maybe I just want to keep the whole experience fresh each time. It has so many different styles on it.

  • it’s just amazing! i fell under table. to be honest, I like the bends and PH very much, even more, the bends is my favorite album after holy ok computer:) but i found this sketch really droll)
    great job!

  • The Amnesiac comment is classic. All the hours wasted trying to like it…it would be funny if it wasn’t so true…:p

  • Kid A is my favourite album, and I generally like ‘rock’ music, BUT I think OK Computer is a bit overrated, it’s still brilliant though

  • Bravo!

  • @fangus

    GET OUT.

  • Wow, this had me rolling on the ground laughing. Great stuff.

  • That is so damn funny! Brilliant!!

  • That was quite entertaining

  • brilliant!!

  • @:JACK challanges LIAM to FIGHT: Because your humour’s so funny it gets exported all round the world right? Roberto Benigni? Pfff

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  • lol! Funny As!

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