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A new Official site redesigned

Radiohead have refreshed their website. The official Radiohead site is now even more in the King Of Limbs style.

There are no new sections on, but you can reach all sections from the new ‘dock’ at the bottom of the screen with a lot of ‘limbs’ turning the site from white to black and vice versa. Have a look here.

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  • snif snif . . . very nice [ but i used to play around with scrapbook a lot during my music nights . . . ] . but new is good . even when [ no news is good news ] .

    still incredible in love with TKOL . i just can t stop listening to it . and may is the beautiful month ! ! ! [ or something b4 ? ]

    we love you JAPAN .

  • my bad . it is still there even when it looks will no longer be updated .

  • looks ugly

  • HELP I still can;t get on the atease boards, ever since TKOL’s announcement I get an error when I try to log in, I even made a new account. Same problem.

  • Nice that you can stream the playlists above the track listings. I’m sure many will hate it and admonish the band for making the changes.

  • Hey, Adriaan,

    When are you going to fire your new admins. They’re arrogant and rude and encourage bullying. This isn’t worthy of Radiohead, bub. I’m sure there are other people who’ve proven their intelligence and decency. The new admins even make fun of the fact that they can do whatever they want with impunity. Get rid of Clairey and Beachbum.

  • Ash should be an admin :angry:


  • Its nice to see something new.
    It means that there is still forward progress on the thought of Radiohead!!!
    Please keep growing strong branches for us to sit on.
    We love you Radiohead and all the joy you bring to our ears.

  • I love the changes! (And hope it means they are prepping for an announcement!)

  • Well it seems there will be some new material from Radiohead tomorrow…

    – Sebastian Edge whom so beautifully photographed Radiohead’s ‘The King Of Limbs’ promo sent out a tweet that states “I’m at the edge of the land tonight. A portrait tomorrow.”

    – ims menoo


  • Adriaan: The Tweet and Share buttons keep sticking in the middle of the page even after scrolling down and get in the way of reading news posts – this is with Firefox 3.6.15 on Linux. It’s been like this for a while now. Any chance of a fix?

  • They’re supposed to do that…

  • Open your mouth wide.

  • The site is disgraceful in both design and more importantly programming.

    Take for example the navigation menu which is present on every page.

    Firstly, this isn’t actually a menu. In HTML, menus are defined as ULs(Unordered Lists), which contain LIs (List Items) which containg A tags (Hyperlinks) which contain the link’s text. This is the most sensible method of producing a navigation menu and I see no reason why it has been completely disregarded in this instance.

    Furthermore, to add insult to injury, the developer has opted to place H1 elements WITHIN these a-tags.

    H1 is a header – it should only be used once per page and should always be the page’s title.

    I cannot understand how on earth someone who is clearly capable of understanding the fundamentals of jQuery (used within the homepage animation) has such blatant disregard for semantic mark up.

    Any idea who built this version of the site? I’d like to suggest a few improvements.

  • u r hired

  • Er.. so they’ve basically added one unnecessary screen to click through at the front of the website yes?

    Feels transitional / work in progress.
    Much like their last album.

  • are you having a feeling of self-entitlement?

  • and then…

  • were the ‘office charts’ always playable?

  • Yeah, if you like. Not feeling this incarnation of Radiohead, sorry. Wake me up when they release their 9th album. Sorry. 🙂

  • I’ve just tried to sign-up to the forum, and clicked the validation link. But I get the following message when I triy to log in:

    [#1000] You are not allowed to visit this forum

    for anything I attempt to do, even clicking the help link shows this.

    The designers of IP.Board (the forum website software) have this on their site:

    If by any chance an admin in charge of atease sees this, can they please try and fix it?


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