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Thom Yorke to release 12″ single with Burial & Four Tet

Thom Yorke is set for another single release. This time round it’s a split single with Burial and Four Tet.

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke has released several singles over the past years and, again out of the blue, another one set for release on Monday March 21st on Four Tet’s Text label. Rough Trade have a 12″ vinyl listed by Burial (‘Ego’) backed with a Thom Yorke and Four Tet collaboration entitled ‘Mirror’.

The 12″ is available for pre-order starting Today, but the last time we checked the black label single was out of stock. According to, the tracks will get their first airing tonight (Tuesday 15th) on Rinse FM during the Four Tet vs Floating Points 2hr back-to-back 2300-0100 GMT

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  • Sweet.

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  • how about radiohead Thom?

  • consider my pants shat.

  • The tracks will get their first airing tonight (Tuesday 15th) on Rinse FM during the Four Tet vs Floating Points 2hr back-to-back 2300-0100 GMT

  • Out of stock within about 5 minutes. What a fucking waste of time.

  • It’s sad really….thom trying to be hip with the young guys….maybe…god i just want radiohead

  • Very annoying that this is so limited, but I’m looking forward to it.

    With Burial & Four Tet as collaborators this might just be the first chance we’ve had to hear Thom’s voice being backed by genuinely good electronica since ‘The White Flash’.

    Let’s face it, Thom’s recent solo excursions & most of TKOL sounded about as cutting edge as music from a Nissan car ad!

  • I´d give my left nut to see the last two postings deleted.
    Guys, you don´t know what you´re talking about.

  • I second Christian Mack’s comment.

    At least Mandy’s post should be removed. It’s just stupid…

  • I was kinda kidding, but I would rather he spend his energies with Radiohead, especially since their the ones with the new record.

  • Carl,

    Where do you see this as out of stock? I just ordered a copy.

  • Come on guys, they are label-free!

    That’s why an album came out of the blue. Why Jonny is talking about his soundtrack and not the new album. Why Thom is DJing instead of promoting the new album. Why there’s a sudden new solo track. And probably why b-sides will randomly show up with the vinyl (hopefully).

    I think this is great – they are being totally free and liberated from any standard constraints. For us every day is a surprise, whether good or bad, and that’s great.

    Leave the standard album release + tour + etc to other bands. These guys have earned their total independence. And we are getting, and pretty sure will continue getting tons of new music as a result of their freedom.

    I personally love Warp, Rephlex, Skam, Hyperdub and everything on Bleep so I’m not complaining but can slightly sympathize with the guitar-loving crowd. Sorry, it’s just not where they are at right now 😐

    I have no idea what’s up with the low punch at TKOL’s electronica by Mandy – the songs are great and up to par with anything on the aforementioned labels. And might I add, Nissan commercials have had some serious producers on them? 🙂

  • waiting

  • Great news 🙂

  • oh. it seems that arturo’s right.

  • Have they played it yet? Cant the the stream to work 🙁 someone upload and mp3 somewhere! :).


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  • Amazing… how about mirrors?


  • @Flanela:

    Why is Mandy’s comment “stupid”? Because it dares to criticise Thom & Radiohead?

    Unstitch your tongue from the seat of their pants and grow up, you sheep.

  • Carl:
    It´s obvious that Mandy doesn´t know shit about electronic music.

  • @christian mack:

    I repeat: Why? Because she critcised TKOL and thinks that Modeselektor, Burial & Four Tet have produced far better work in this field of late?!?

    You and Flanela obviously believe Radiohead & Thom are beyond any form of criticism, hence your ludicrous suggestion that any negative posts about them be deleted.

    You’re like those boring sods who think all music begins and ends with Your Favourite Band. If you like TKOL, great. But plenty of others think it’s shit and are just as entitled to their opinions!

  • ridiculous how the second batch of this from sold out in minutes!! missed out again. …oh but look people are selling it on ebay for like a million quid! ..gets right on my proverbials 🙁

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