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Radiohead’s The King Of Limbs: Artwork & Credits retail edition

Radiohead The King Of LimbsThe official release date of the ‘retail version’ of Radiohead’s The King Of Limbs is nearing. We got our hands on a copy of both the CD and Vinyl. Here’s what’s inside; the artwork and the credits, which actually include the name of Drew Barrymore

There’s been some speculation on the contents of the album, expecting a bit more than the eight tracks that have been made available digitally last month. But this edition of The King Of Limbs has those same eight tracks. The cd is housed in a 4-page wallet, with the actual cd in a slit on the right side. On the left page you can see 8 illustrations accompanied by the following titles; Roots Of Roots, Ragnorok, Urpflanze, The King Of Limbs, Codex, Axis Mundi, Yggdrasil and Arbor Philosophica. The albums credits are below. The back has the word RADIOHEAD mirrored and the track list. Catalogue number is TICK001CD.

Radiohead The King Of Limbs

For the vinyl (TICK001LP) expect the same front and back as the cd. The actual record is housed in an inner sleeve with a drawing (like the right page on the cd edition) on one side, and the drawings and credits on the other side. Inside the sleeve you’ll find a card with a download code to obtain the digital edition of The King Of Limbs.

Radiohead The King Of LimbsExpect the same edition of the CD and Vinyl in all territories as all labels (XL Recordings, TBD Records, Hostess Entertainment) have their logo’s on the back. There’s one other logo, which is Ticker Tape Ltd. It looks like this is the name of the band’s own label and publisher.

And last, but not least, the credits: The music and sounds of The King Of Limbs were conjured up by Radiohead and Nigel Godrich. The imagery was summoned up by Zachariah Wildwood and Donald Twain. Engineered and mixed by Nigel Godrich. Additional engineering by Drew Brown. Additional assistance by Darrell Thorp and Bryan Cooke. Flugelhorn on Bloom and Codex performed by Noel Langley and Yazz Ahmed. Strings on Codex performed by The London Telefilmonic Orchestra, led by Levine Andrale and conducted by Robert Ziegler. Mastered by Robert C. Ludwig at Gateway Mastering & DVD. Also thanks to Peter Yozell, and Neil Whitcher. Studio equipment etc., kept going by Plank. Ourselves kept going by Kat and Tim. And our office! A big thank you very much indeed to Drew Barrymore. This one’s for new Henry, Zohar and all our little ones. Hello Guys

As you’ve noticed no recording location has been given, but thanking Drew Barrymore might confirm the earlier rumours that the album was indeed recorded at Barrymore’s house. Zachariah Wildwood and Donald Twain are credited for the artwork, who are obviously the new alter egos of Stanley Donwood and Thom Yorke.

Radiohead will release The King Of Limbs on Monday, March 28th in Europe and Tuesday, March 29th in North America. Several countries have an earlier street date: Friday, March 25th.

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  • “thanking Drew Barrymore might confirm the earlier rumours that the album was indeed recorded at Barrymore’s house.”

    Whoa, wait, what? What rumors? Do these guys just invade the homes of actresses and set up shop?

  • this is sad. I love those eight songs, but I was hoping for more in the physical release. I wanted Radiohead to shock the world once more. oh well, next time, maybe.

  • drew barrymore? huh?

  • “Zachariah Wildwood and Donald Twain are credited for the artwork, who are obviously the new alter egos of Stanley Donwood and Thom Yorke.”


  • Donald Twain? Looks like Stanley’s been watching Withnail & I…

    (P.S.- Zohar? Poor little bugger’s going to be lucky getting through school without a bullying for that name!)

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  • Donald Twain from Withnail and I…?

  • I wish I could lie on my deathbed while telling my grandkids: “It’s cool, don’t be sad.. Radiohead recorded one of their albums at my mansion. I can die happy now”.

  • This crushes my TKOL2 hopes as well

  • I love all of it, except the CD artwork itself is a bit dull, but then again so are CD’s in general.

    Wonder what the newspaper edition would be like now.. probably amazing

  • and by CD artwork I ONLY meant the print ON the CD itself

  • Drew Barrymore’s house!?

  • […] reported over on At Ease… Radiohead’s The King of Limbs CD is housed in a 4-page wallet, with the actual cd in a […]

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  • No lyrics?

  • this all looks like a big fake

  • yeah it doesnt look so genuine to me either. how did atease get the copy + why the small pictures?

  • Why doesn’t the comment board work?

  • Kind of reminds me of Metallica.

  • “who are zachariah wildwood and donald twain? its not clear yet. but the facts are emerging from the fog, from the woods”

    this is posted on stanley donwood’s twitter since march 3rd. why do the credits not credit stanley donwood?

    WTF is going on?

  • This doesn’t look fake at all. AT ease wouldn’t have posted it if it was. Plus, the artwork makes complete sense. It matches the banner ads that have been posted around the internet and we have seen all the images before except for the inside cover.

  • `LOL Drew Barrymore! No surprise the album was a piece of shit.

  • LOL

  • People are forgetting the Newspaper Edition.

    We may get a few new tracks with that.

  • 8 EPs???????

  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i want now

  • @Onlineatron

    that’s right mate… Is there any sign of a NEWSPAPER ALBUM in these pictures?? Nop.
    So let’s wait… and wait… and wait….

  • To anyone questioning the veracity of this post: I can assure you, Ade has copies of the CD and vinyl in his grubby little paws.

  • Who is new Henry?

  • guys, you’re so hopeful that there will be the 2nd part of tkol, that the newspaper album may disappoint and upset you. yes, hope is great, but the same time it’s groundless… I think the best way is not to suppose something and not to wait for tkol2. Just wait for 9th May…

  • According to someone on the board Henry is Colin’s new baby.
    Didn’t know he was expecting!

  • I wish people would stop calling this record an album. It’s a fucking EP

  • I’m so sad…

  • […] rumoreado lo contrario no incluirá temas nuevos. Dicha disco, como podemos ver en el fan site Radiohead At Ease, estará incluido en una cartera de cuatro paginas, la cual incluirá, además del cd o el vinilo, […]

  • @Jon Lovitz

    The designation of “EP” has changed a lot over the years. But technically, most today, would define an EP as 4-tracks/25 minutes in length, usually with songs of equal importance (no singles.)

  • I don’t think anyone noticed this before, so I will point it out. Shouldn’t it be 2 vinyls? Isn’t that what we are getting on the Newspaper edition? Adriaan just mentions “vinyl” which implies one disc. Does it mean those who bought the Newspaper edition are getting two discs??? Wtf?

  • @Flanela, this one 12″ vinyl. The Newspaper album will have 2 10″ vinyls.

  • @ Flanela:

    The commercial vinyl release of In Rainbows is a standard single 12″. The discbox vinyl was a double heavyweight 10″. It will be the same with the Newspaper Edition.

    As the Newspaper Edition is made to order and costs alot more than a standard commercial release they can afford to spread the album across 2 heavyweight 10″ vinyls, which will also offer greater sound quality than a standard single pressing.

    This is one of the reasons that special editions are targeted at the “superfan”, who cares more about these things than the average punter. There will certainly be no extra tracks on the vinyl at 10″ size, which will most likely equate to a neat 2 songs per side..

  • I am already finished with those last 8 tracks. Guess we’ll have to wait 4 more years for anything clever!

    What a bummer!

    Radiohead is dead!

  • Damn it. I thought I had found a “loophole” here.

    Anyway, can’t wait for my Newspaper album. I still hope we’ll get more tracks on it.

  • I’m guessing Ed was bangin’ Miss Barrymore?

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  • Excuse me for being “outdated” on vinyl, how do I play vinyl without a turntable? And what in the world Radiohead is thinking to produce more petroleum waste while they beat on drums for saving environment? Hypocrites!

    8 tracks of digital download for basic mp3, $9.00 is waaaaayyyyy too expensive! I still love TKOL, but a little bitter for how RH doing business today. 🙁

  • I have a feeling this is like the last surge before RH die, so they had to make as much money as they can from fans, then they will sing “take the money and RUN”! 🙁

  • @jon lovitz…and ‘wish you were here’ and ‘dark side of the moon’ were EPs too? i mean if radiohead stretched out two of their tracks on this lp past 10mins would the b!tching stop?

    i mean i like bloom, mrmagpie, feral, codex, ‘ghost & separator which is a hell of a lot more than your typical commercial album with the one hit radiospin track and the rest is filler/garbage.

    so go ahead and stuff in another tampon and go listen to your foo fighters malarkey.

  • “Waaaah! Radiohead didn’t put out an album that was long enough! Waaaah! I’m mad that they focused more on releasing an album that had a sustained atmosphere than cramming it with extra songs that didn’t fit in! Waaaaah! All the conspiracy theories I came up with don’t seem to match up with what Radiohead intended to do! Waaaah! I didn’t get my way so the band must be breaking up!”

    Get over it. Either like the album or don’t like it. Don’t throw all your ridiculous expectations over the band members’ heads because they haven’t come to pass yet. You’re just bound to be disappointed no matter what happens, like all those people who thought the last episode of LOST would explain the meaning of life or something.

  • …and the cd art/album art is pimp!

  • @aperturius>>>word!

  • Glad I only paid £6 quid for it.

    I wonder how many people will actually play their vinyl copies more than once?

    (I like this album btw. It’s not bad.)

  • […] there’s been speculation that the physical edition would include more songs. But the fan site Radiohead at Ease has got a hold of the standard edition The King of Limbs on CD and vinyl, and it includes the same […]

  • The King of Limbs is just a mere ‘Part’ of “THE NEWSPAPER ALBUM” .

  • […] Magneta Lane thank Antonio Banderas in their EP The Constant Lover and according to fan website At Ease, Radiohead has thanked Drew Barrymore in their latest album The King of […]

  • The newspaper album is probably just a huge “booklet” in a vinyl format with a lot of histories about codex and stuff… Haha, thats what im paying for, ridiculous. King of Limbs is a VERY good album though..

  • Folks, this has me actually quite excited. None of us could figure out how extra music could square with Radiohead not promising any extra music with the “Newspaper” version — and that does suck. However, my sense is that these could be the titles of 8 more EPs or albums! As Adriaan writes,

    “On the left page you can see 8 illustrations accompanied by the following titles; Roots Of Roots, Ragnorok, Urpflanze, The King Of Limbs, Codex, Axis Mundi, Yggdrasil and Arbor Philosophica.”

    Admittedly, one of them is entitled “Codex” which already appears on “The King of Limbs”, but isn’t it possible that the other titles are names of upcoming albums?

  • I agree I am on board this 8 EP theory. with EP’s titled Roots Of Roots, Ragnorok, Urpflanze, Axis Mundi, Yggdrasil and Arbor Philosophica.

    Why not? The Newspaper album is going to be GIANT. I wonder if it would be the fairytale ending to Radiohead’s music? End with a huge album such as The World First Newspaper album?

    If that was the case this could surely put them into Beatles territory. I hope not but just a thought I had.

  • the different eps theory kind of makes sense, now if thats truth, taking in account this “had”to be realeased in a year time frame, the next ep should be out by april 1sth… anyways just speculating

  • Stanley Donwood Tweets
    “a ride east and a ride west. starting work on a new print tonight: divided woods. many colours. a centrefold from the newspaper album…”

    find it interesting that he says “a centrefold from the newspaper album…” Not a centrefold for The King of Limbs.

  • what, no booklet comes with the CD? No lyrics??? lets hope the newspaper version is awesome!!

    the other names are a bit bizarre to have as song titles i think.

  • I’m not convinced the names within the booklet are any kind of ‘hint’ that they’re the names of extra EPs. They all just continue the theme of “King of Limbs” as they are the names of other trees from Norse mythology, references to rebirth, and the like. There are plenty of examples of insert art from other albums that are as cryptic or even moreso (Vitalogy from Pearl Jam, Machina from Smashing Pumpkins are just two), and didn’t have anything to do with hinting at future albums.

    Seriously, I know you’re all hurting for new music, but must we over-analyze EVERYTHING Radiohead does now??? I will be the Scully to your Mulder. Feel free to try to convince me.

  • Call me Mulder because I am trying to peice together Sabastian Edge’s Photo’s. Anyone remember on the original band photo shoot the white/blueish tint at the bottom of the photo? Well look at this newest photo by Sabastian. It has the same white/blue tone but this time on the right side.

    Just adding some more fuel to the fire. There could be 4 or 8 of these pictures with a white/blue picture in the middle (possible the Newspaper album)

  • Don’t get high expectations about different titles…check your hail to the thief booklet and you’ll see that the titles are different but the music is not… newspaper edition will have the same tracklist, 8 tracks and that’s it. For inrainbows boxset they said right away that we would buy the box with an extra cd of songs left off the album….

  • Here’s a solution! (Sort of..)

    Listen to it like this! > > > > >

    1. These Are My Twisted Words
    2. Bloom
    3. Morning Mr Magpie
    4. Little by Little
    5. Feral
    6. Lotus Flower
    7. Codex
    8. Give Up the Ghost
    9. Separator
    10. Harry Patch (In Memory Of)

  • […] site de fãs Ateaseweb publicou fotos do disco com a mensagem: “Um grande obrigada para Drew […]

  • so bored with TKOL already. not an album which much replay value. sad to say about a radiohead album. the only one since pablo honey. HTTT is 50x better!

  • I like your style, Fake Plastic Tunes.

    Also, Aperturius, you might have reason and skepticism on your side, like Scully, but, like Mulder, we have faith and The Truth! (Except on religious matters; there, Mulder was always wrong and Scully correct.)

    I can’t accept that “The King of Limbs” is all the band wrote. Donwood’s hints are too much. He talks of his most ambitious work yet for this album, work which began 2.5 years ago, by his own admission. There’s no way “The King of Limbs” is all. Perhaps, the Newspaper album in its current form will only be the 8 tracks, but I expect much more. Also, “Feral”, “Give Up the Ghost” and “Separator” bore me and are largely b-side material.

    And I say this as as the love child of Fox Mulder and Jerry Seinfeld!

  • Who are ‘Kat and Tim’?

  • 8 EPs? I’d be down with that, but I think it’s just setting oneself up for disappointment, so just be patient.
    But on note of a few of those ‘mysterious 8’:
    The King Of Limbs & Codex – You could think of the first half of the digital download of ‘TKOL’ as ‘The King of Limbs’, and the second half as ‘Codex’…there is a slight change in the second half…though four & four isn’t necessarily the way it has to split…

    For the conspiracy folk:
    ‘Axis Mundi’ is an anagram for ‘Unsaid Mix’
    ‘Yggdrasil’ is a mispelling/bastardization (& hemi-reversal) of ‘Lizard Egg’.

    My 3 cents…

  • Don’t you worry, folks…
    The band that goes by the name of RADIOHEAD will surprise You all once again in the near future… Patience wil pay Your expectations with another masterwork of an artistic, commercial and graphic operation. Don’t You lose faith in the biggest living band on earth…
    Love and Luck to everybody…

  • yes, i indeed think this is over, and i’m no wrong at all

  • The house is the same house where the Beatles stayed during their 1966 tour! Many famous photographs taken there!

  • It’s my guess that once the physical release is out there in shops, and people have their newspaper copies, Radiohead will end their clearly deliberate policy of silence that has lasted the last month.

    So only a little longer, then expect regular communications on Dead Air Space.

    Still.. way to maintain your enigma!

  • @HuntingBear

    You miscredent!!
    Don’t be afraid: TKOL is already a good album, but You’ll see what’s coming next… and only then you’ll understand what a gorgeous band you’re listening to…

  • @aperturius I think i love you.

    Roots Of Roots, Ragnorok, Urpflanze, Axis Mundi, Yggdrasil and Arbor Philosophica – it sounds like the new Muse ‘EP’ is imminent to me.

    Panic over, kids, step away there’s nothing more to see.

  • On the website, it reads that the winner will get a 12″ 2 track record. Could this be 2 extra songs or 2 songs the band liked best.
    Just curious.
    I am itching for some new songs!!!

  • […] That other RH site, At Ease, has some cool images and details about The King of Limbs packaging. […]

  • Whats on the dvd?

  • […] de mistérios que envolvem “The King Of Limbs”, novo disco do Radiohead. O site Radiohead At Ease publicou imagens da arte do tão falado álbum, que tem lançamento físico previsto pra semana […]

  • The newspaper album will ship with 2 10″ vinyl discs. 1 for the first half of the King of Limbs (EP #1), 1 for the second half (EP #2). It includes a “purpose-built record sleeve” because we will be seeing more EP’s (#3 to #8) to purchase in the future as part of our subscription to the newspaper album.
    Now go enjoy that absolutely gorgeous EP #2 – Codex!

  • @Mudfeld:
    Ain’t nothin’ wrong with faith! Just don’t take it too far, like those ultra-Baptists down in Appalachia who dance around with rattlesnakes 🙂

    I never said that TKOL is all they wrote in terms of music. Is there a chance another LP or EP could come out later this year, like Kid A & Amnesiac? Sure! But I’m just saying that people are looking waaaaayyyy too hard for clues that Radiohead considers TKOL to be an ‘incomplete’ album that they intend to add more to in the near future. The album, short as it is, has a very cohesive atmosphere and in that way it’s one of the most successful albums I’ve heard in years. I just think folks need to accept that what we have for TKOL is really all there is, and the next batch of music they release will have a different title and theme. I just hope it doesn’t take another 4 years, and I think that’s what we’re ALL afraid of here 🙂


    edited this post on the Sebastian Edge artwork. Looks like there is 3 pictures that all have the tinted blue on the edges. Makes me wonder what that middle picture will be???

  • It puzzles me why we get the silent treatment from them. Did we do something wrong? or do they have something extra up their sleeves. I mean it’s been over a month since they released TKOL and nothing happened – no interviews, no tourdates, seems like they don’t care about promoting the album. In my opinion they will either announce something special some time soon or split the band because they don’t have any more interest in it.

  • […] de Stanley Donwood que trabalha com a banda e no projeto solo de Thom Yorke desde sempre. Veja aqui. Tags: Drew Barrymore, lançamento, […]

  • […] Released digitally last month, the artwork for the CD and vinyl versions have been revealed by Radiohead fan website […]

  • There’s got to be a part two! This says the vinyl copy they got, which isnt the newspaper album, is on one record, but the newspaper album comes on two!

  • Has anyone noticed on the order form of the newspaper album it describes it as the king of limbs will be presentded as the worlds first newspaper album, insisting it will only be the 8 tracks then list’s everything then say’s the important word…PERHAPS.

    Radiohead can do anything they want! they havent really told us what were getting and that is genius.

  • @Dylan

    The vinyl thats released as retail on the 28th March is 12″, so it will fit all 8 tracks on it. 4 on each side.

    The vinyl that comes with the newspaper album is 10″ (higher quality, more expensive to produce, and smaller) thus needing 2 vinyls to cover the length of the album (2 tracks on each side = 2 vinyls)

    people seem to be reading waaaaay too much into this EP theory!!!

  • quote:
    March 23, 2011 at 3:55 pm

    Whats on the dvd?

    I second this! Does that mean we are getting more than we think? It would be nice to have a new DVD or even better – a radiohead blue-ray of great quality music –

  • Thank you to some of the above posters for giving me a good old chuckle. “This molecule in this picture is in a different place from the molecule in that picture…. this could mean another hundred new songs!” I wonder if the band try to ignore the fact that every syllable they utter, every gesture they make, each word or digit in every album is picked over and blown beyond any sense of proportion by greasy-faced adolescents, or if they actively encourage it.

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