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Radiohead’s The Universal Sigh, here’s what’s inside [download]

Radiohead’s newspaper The Universal Sigh is available for all those people who are close to one of the 63 locations or those who travelled there Today. But for those who were not able to, here’s what’s inside.

For those who weren’t able to get a copy. View the paper here.

If you’d rather download a copy,get it here.

[via Kicking The Habit]

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  • Nice thanks for the online version. Great day to be a Radiohead fan.

  • Thank you soooo….. much, this is the site I will download, it’s safe. Great effort from you as always. Proud to be RH fans! XOXO

  • Wait.. it isn’t yet available in the US right?

  • @ Meefo – Not available in the US until tomorrow.

    Does anyone know why the Washington DC location says Union Station, but the address listed isn’t the address for Union Station?? I don’t want to go to the wrong place.

  • Thanks Adriaan & KickingTheHabit – this makes up for a) not being anywhere near London or Manchester and b) the somewhat minimalist packaging on the KOL CD

  • In its right place?
    Hey buddy above, go to the location listed on the universal sigh website, I had the same problem, the address was different on this site than it was on the official one. Goodluck

  • Thanks SteOne3,
    I went to the universal sigh website and it says – Union Station, Historic Downtown, 830 Jefferson Dr. SW ., DC 20002

    But the address for Union Station is 50 Massachusetts Avenue Northeast, Washington D.C. which is quite a distance away… I guess I’m just going to show up at Union Station and hope for the best.

  • Gonna have it

  • old news is old

  • […] Listen up, Chicago Radiohead fanatics. The band’s King Of Limbs promotional newspaper, The Universal Sigh, will be available while supplies last at two local spots starting at 1 p.m. Tuesday: outside Reckless Records in Wicker Park (1532 N. Milwaukee) and at the corner of State and Van Buren in the South Loop. For those who can’t take off work to go pick up a paper, the whole thing’s available online. […]

  • link for download was taken down! D:

  • Please repost the newspaper! I suggest multiple sites like rapidshare, megaupload, depositfiles, filefactory, fileserve, etc. Some of the links may last for longer if the first one was taken down for coypright issues 😉

  • I found a new pdf link…

    Knock yourselves out 😉

  • *** old news is old ***

    Indeed, especially if you compare the news 20 some years later, way too old…… Yup, annnnnd they don’t need championship. 😉

  • Does anyone know what the tag is for on the back????

  • Thanks for the link, Gray. My friend is going to try and get me one in LA today since I have to work but I’m not too hopeful so this is nice to have. 🙂

  • Get it for free here

    Please spread the word, free copies and money for charity.


  • If the Mediafire download link expires, I found it here:

  • Page 7 appears to have lyrics on it?

    But not TKOL’s lyrics?


  • You can find copies on if those fail.

  • What do you people think about the articles?


    i love how not one person wants to actually broach the topic of what that newspaper says, save for one timid question.


  • I wish to finish reading the whole news paper, can’t wait to discuss about it.

  • One day he froze up.

  • […] E ele ainda foi distribuído em várias outras cidades, no mesmo dia, mas parece que só na Europa, Estados Unidos, Austrália e Japão.  Como ninguém veio se aventurar a distribuir aqui na Sé, aqui está o link para download. […]

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