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Radiohead – The Butcher/Supercollider artwork revealed

Yesterday we reported on the release of two new Radiohead tracks for Record Story Day. Now the artwork has been revealed.

Radiohead are set to release two new tracks ‘The Butcher’ and ‘Supercollider’ on April 16, Record Store Day. The 12″ will be available. We have heard Supercollider in its early stages, but The Butcher is completely new. However, now we know what it will look like:


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  • Interesting that it’s going with the KOL-style artwork. Can we read anything into that? Yes we will. No we probably shouldn’t.

  • Looks similar to some of the KOL artwork

  • Yay!

  • Nice, can’t wait to her it!!!

  • Can’t wait for this, it’s releasing on my birthday to. Yeah!

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  • OMG… Supercollider recorded in studio + a brand new track by the interesting title… OMG

  • American, FUCK YEAH!

  • Where can I order the vinyl from?

  • Record Story Day ?? 🙂

  • Does anyone know if this will be available for download in some time in the future?

  • is there any chance that ‘the butcher’ is a new name for a song we’re waiting for?…present tense? they do like to change their minds on song titles. just saying.

  • I wonder if Supercollider has been “glitch-ified?”

    It’s a song that kind of follows it’s own momentum, it could possibly benefit from a few breakbeats..

    A wish they’d put some harder sounds in Feral and Bloom.. although I do like those songs regardless.

  • bWaaahahahhaheha HERE COMES THE FLOOD IM a phantOm yaNking your chain #THEuniversalsigh #radIohed #imsmeNoo #imSmenoo #radIoheaD #EP #tkol

  • Clearly a “limb” from the album, much like TAMTW. Can’t wait 🙂

  • “If you think this is over, you’re wrong”…
    Glad to hear we don’t even need a single to get the Bsides they OWED us.

  • @Sergio Lucero
    Who says these are b-sides? From the looks of it it’s either a double A-side or a Supercollider single with The Butcher as its b-side

  • Looks similar to These Are My Twisted Words artwork..

  • it looks just like this:

  • I wonder if this is another Mouse Dog Bird turns into the Separator deal.

    The Butcher could be a song we have heard before just with a new title. I hope not but maybe it could.

    Glad to have Supercollider recorded as a studio version, Thom is amazing on the piano in this song and it will be interesting to see how the whole band handles the song.

  • Am I the only one who thinks £10 for 2 songs is a bit cheeky?! Already paid £40 for 8 tracks?! Or am I missing something?!


    What about a theory of releasing 2 songs each month? Not a new album, but 2 songs a month? Let me know what you think

  • @Paul

    Well you would have paid £30 for 8 songs right?

    But yeah £40 for 10 songs is a bit harsh, but this is a limited edition and the £30 includes the newspaper album, so it’s not like that’s all you’re getting.

    You could have paid £6 for 8 and potentially these 2 songs will be available in another format. So really you don’t need to be spending £40 for 10 songs. At the moment £16 would do.

  • @paul . or you can just accept or not , to pay, for what you had already payed . no one forces you . if you enjoy art you should be happy to pay for it . they put the rules – we enjoy the art and are not really obligated to pay for it . i just wish there will be copies enough to buy the vinyl . my soul needs it .

  • These Are My Twisted Words in colour

  • hoping/wondering if “The Butcher” might be a renamed/retooled version of the Atoms for Peace song “Judge, Jury, and Executioner”.

  • You foreigners with your slang words.

    It is a bit “cheeky” to spend 10 pounds for two songs.
    Just download it for free.
    Keep the pay what you believe system alive.
    If you think its too expensive just download for free and buy the ones you think is worth it.
    I would.
    I bought the box set and expect a little more than just extra artwork.

  • THERE now you’ll have a 10 song album you CHEEKY WANKERS!

  • You could do me a huge favor and purhase an extra one of these on RSD and I’d completely reimburse you for it. From a friend in America superannoyed but attempting to be understanding that it’s only being released in the UK.

  • Im with Vince. Anyone willing to help an American out? email me!

  • If you ordered the Newspaper Album version of TKOL
    Guess what you will find inside
    i guarantee you
    the vinyl is just for RSD
    that doesnt mean to say that these tracks and maybe more attach themselves to another edition of #TheUniversalSigh

  • there will be more . . .ear cheers . . .!

  • Another big let down from a band who is totally out of touch with their fans! What is with all the vinyl releases? How about keeping up with the times with cds or just a download? Why do they make it so hard to get their music. Radiohead have lost the concept of what their fans really want. They plan too much around the hype of the release. I bought their stupid box set in February and now I have to wait until the middle of May to get something that probably only has 8 songs on it. i think it’s time to find a new band that actually cares about what theirfans really want.

  • where did they even find this? it’s not on their website? i’m confused.

  • To: Radiohead
    From :Fans Like Freddy and me

    We pay for your creative product, so you can create more for us, however we no longer want the work to be the product of your inspiration and creative minds or to come from that special place were music comes from.

    We are paying customers and we demand your creations to be the way we want them to be, in fact we don’t want you to create but to do what we want, so from now on we demand that you ask us what we want, we will provide the desire lengh of the album, instruments to be use, the works, in fact we will even make the album for you, stamp the name Radiohead, add title and artwork and sell it, we will buy it as well.

    We own you ’cause we pay, if you don’t comply we will abandon you, and you will be lonely and sad and no more pretty house and pretty garden, No alarm and No surprises.


  • It’s obvious to me that the reason Radiohead’s doing all this vinyl stuff and etc. is that they know the torrenting is killing the music industry and they’re looking for ways to keep themselves alive, cause they suffer too.

    Don’t blame Radiohead. Blame torrenters. They didn’t think that they were making a big difference, but a single voter doesn’t make a big difference either, now does he? Also, if you’re a Radiohead fan AND you torrented their stuff, you have no goddamn right to complain. You fucked it up for all of us.

  • i’m sure radiohead are aware that this single will be pirated and intend it to be pirated – or at the very least put on the internet.

  • fugly art

  • I wished I lived in Europe so I could get this record!! But I do not and will therefore find a way to get it by other means. I paid for all their LP’s and have what I believe to be all of their released songs. It makes me sad to think I will not acquire these songs in a manner that will pay my favorite band

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