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Colin Greenwood reviews the Guardian writers’ Creep cover

When Radiohead announced they’d be releasing a newspaper, some writers at the Guardian decided to take action. In their own words, “If a band could wade so recklessly into the Guardian’s area of expertise, could we not wade into theirs?” With tongue firmly in cheek, the Guardian dutifully knocked out a cover of Creep. With a banjo!

You can listen to the Guardian cover Creep here.

Radiohead’s response came courtesy of Colin Greenwood who wrote a column in the Guardian today reviewing the Creep cover. Colin should be writing lyrics because he is great with words: “Having heard quite a few covers of Creep by artists such as Chrissie Hynde and Roland Orzabal, this is definitively one of them. I thought the Radio Eds dispatched it with pitiless ease.”

OK Colin, now get back to perfecting Bloom’s bassline for future performances.

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  • the girls voice sounded very good.

    the banjo sounded awesome

    and the floor tom sound really deep, everything else: meh

  • good luck with kid a :))))))

  • Richard Greenwood, eh? Is that part of the April Fools or am I missing something?

  • guys check this out…it must be an april fools joke, because I doubt Radiohead would ever play in this festival in Puerto Rico (not that I would complain at all…but would be very pissed if this is a joke). on the other hand, it would be hard to think why a fest that is in no position to be joking around would come out with something like this… hope it’s true, but if not, then I hope they pay for it.

  • At moments sounded like Modest Mouse and Arcade Fire

  • Radiohead and these newspapers….

  • Nice cover, but creep have like 99999999 covers. something from the king of limbs would be great, anyway, 🙂 very nice cover “You float like a feather babe…” 🙂

  • @ me
    the picture on the site does link to wikipedia aprils fools day page…

  • The Puerto Rico indie link turns out is fake, but what can anyone expect from a place that is home or Reggeaton.., The cover was great, these journalists really know to rock. Great cover.

  • It was an April fool´s trick, (i live in Spain)

  • Someone told me Thom Yorke is going to show up at Glee, I was about to drop Thom….., thanks for April’s Fool Day. 😀

  • “OK Colin, now get back to perfecting Bloom’s bassline for future performances.” LOL.

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