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Thom Yorke reaches out to Radiohead fans in Japan

Thom Yorke posted a message on Dead Air Space, reaching out to the Radiohead fans in Japan, after the recent earthquake and tsunami.

Thom posted the following:

for a while I have felt the need to write something for our fans, I am very fond of japan and feel awful seeing what has happened since the earthquake and tsunami…
my friends in Tokyo tell me there are now big powercuts and though the city is still functioning there is a lot of re-evaluating going on. Tokyo the temple to light and power is something different now.
that such a fast paced hyperkinetic place can be brought to it’s knees is shocking even before the worries over radiation from the reactors.
it is hard to imagine how it must feel
to have witnessed such devastation by mother nature and so many dead .. and. I think a lot about the rest of japan and how it will rebuild itself. how much of a struggle and a leap of faith the Japanese will have to make.

I’m told that in the rest of japan life is carrying on almost normally but rebuilding what has been lost is going to be a massive job.
I hope that the Japanese people we have met over the years are not freaking out, and I like to think the way japan comes out of this will be an inspiration to us all.

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  • Thom, you are the man for reaching out to your fans in Japan. I wish more celebrities were as truly caring as you are

  • The Japanese people have been awe-inspiring with their stoic bravery in the face of so much loss. Before this disaster they were the envy of the world with their technology, style, discipline, among other cultural positive traits. I support Thom’s encouragement and support to this very deserving nation.

  • Thanks Thom.

  • Thom loves Haiti more than Japan.

  • @brtt..I agree.

  • this is boring

  • aww this is nice of Thommy but I think it would be even nicer if he made a charity show to help the victims of the disasters in Japan

  • you can’t please everyone

  • Amen Thom.

  • is very kind, … and I’m very sure he does a lot of supporting quietly…

  • My family lives in Japan and they have suffered emotionally more than anything. I was supposed to go visit them a week after the Tsunami hit, but had to cancel because my dad advised against it, worried about the radiation. They are carrying on. I feel so sad for the families who cannot give their loved ones a proper burial:(

    I’m not upset that Radiohead have not done a charity thing for Japan, as needs in Japan and Haiti are very different. Japan had more resources in their country than Haiti ever did.

    Thanks Thom! you’re wonderful!

  • @radiomama : ! ! ! !

  • As a democratic country, it’s time for Japanese people to stand up and challenge their government. Japanese inherited repressed, silent, cold exterior culture for too long, it seems their citizens always know when NOT to make a fuss when they actually really need to voice their opinions against injustice.

    My best wishes to Japanese people, and keep hope alive.

  • Is very sad to see all the Japan thing, and here are people saying this is boring?, I hope the family of that kind of people never have to pass through something like that, because isnt boring when it happen to you. If you dont have respect at least keep quiet dude ;). And if you like radiohead just for their music and not for what they´re saying then the new song are almost here :D…

  • Nicely said Mr. Yorke.

  • *** this is boring ***

    If you’re looking for 24/7 entertainment, look else where.

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