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Thom Yorke responds to fan mail

Letters Of Note is a great site that gathers and shares interesting and notable correspondence written by artists, politicians, actors, etc. Today they’ve got a post up sharing two letters written by Thom Yorke in response to fan mail received in the mid-90s. Given how much Radiohead (along with the rest of humanity) have embraced the digital era, these letters provide a nostalgic snapshot of a bygone era. Of note to me, the second letter in the post (and the one shared below) was in response to a letter written by a friend of mine and a former prominent member of the At Ease community.

I remember Melissa showing me this letter a a number of years ago when I was staying with her in Los Angeles. So yes, she did manage to get out of her town and see the world.

Be sure to head over the Letters Of Note to read Thom’s other response.

(Via Stereogum)

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  • neat

  • gay

  • bleh

  • Haha…. I love how they went along with Thom’s typo “you’dbe”.

  • That’s pretty awesome, but the typos! “You’d be surprised how many people TO do.” Still, I’ll take a typo-ridden letter over nothing!

    Very exciting to get such a thing and very sweetly honest: “I hope you feel okay today” is so much more real than what most people say.

  • SO let me get this right. Thom is only now responding to a letter he received way back in 1996. That’s like 15 years ago.
    That’s like before when the Radiohead’s got really big, like pre-OK Computer. Then there is Kid A, and everything else after that.

    I sent a letter in 2008 after I really liked listening to In Rainbows. So by my reckoning, I will have to wait at least 13 years before he responds to mine. And I reckon it will be longer, since surely Radiohead have only gotten more famous and well-known since then. Gee, how many fans would they have had when the awful Pablo Honey and cringing Bends came out?

    I reckon I could be waiting at least 20 years. Perhaps even more. That would make me in my 60s, and Thom as well.

    Actually I’m stuffed. Because I just realised I sent the letter from my old house. We moved at the end of 2010. I am not going to get my letter because the postal company will not forward mail on forever.

    I am sad.

  • deep…

  • Foetus: these are old letters that were written and replied to in the 90s.

  • Foetus C: how about changing your name to “stupid fucking idiot”?

  • Nice to see this, this kind of documentation really is fascinating to an obsessive.

  • I think the fact the article stays true to Thom’s typo is an nice and honest touch. 🙂

  • Old news. Old pictures.

    Sean, I know you’re new and stuff, but just because something’s on the mb doesn’t mean it’s front page material.

  • @Name:

    1. I know it’s not new.
    2. I didn’t get it from the MB (as mentioned in the post, it came from Stereogum).
    3. We don’t have back pages
    4. Things are slow news-wise these days, so why not?
    5. Obviously this was “new” to some people.
    6. I’m deeply sorry this post wasted your time.

  • @Name,

    No matter how old the information is, if people don’t know, it is news! Besides no one owes you anything for front page material 7/24.


    Bravo! and always thank you for your contribution.

  • @Foetus: Cringing Bends? Really?

  • Sean the letter was a cool idea.
    Foetus C like the inner monologue you wrote, hilarious!
    Carl for insulting a complete stranger.
    AND Thom for responding.
    And ALL of you for liking this band as much as I do.

  • @Sean – Things are slow news-wise for Radiohead? What? You should have seen last year. They just released a new album – a new 2 track EP is coming out and there’s no story for this on the front page:

    Maybe you should read the mb more.

    @lifeistao – Really? If people don’t know it, it’s news? That’s the worst excuse I’ve ever read for something like this.

    Hey, guys, 10 years ago, Yorke stubbed his toe! I bet you didn’t know that… so … it’s news!

  • @Name: I’m sure you’ve noticed that we have in fact mentioned the album in the news a couple times and that EP a couple times as well. We’ll likely have more on the 12″ at the weekend. So yes, this week, news has been slow…and the fact that the only thing you countered it with was an interview Ed will be doing confirms it’s slow (thanks for the link though…will try to get that up soonish).

    And I do read the MB every day…as painful as it can be sometimes. I find it funny that in one post you (wrongfully) blast me for poaching a story from the MB then in the next post tell me to read the MB more.

    So you can criticize what is news and what is not (that doesn’t bother me at ALL) but it was your condescending post implying that I’m new here and don’t know what I’m doing that made me respond. I’ve been posting on At Ease since 2002 (OLD) and a Radiohead fan much longer than that so I’ve been around (probably longer than you). What’s more, Ade and I communicate daily about what goes up on the site and I assure you he’s 100% fine with absolutely every post I’ve made here.

    Alright, I’ve derailed this enough now.

    Sooooooooo anyone write a letter to Phil asking about his awesome suits?

  • Thom’s Letter to Melissa is really cool. Bet it made her day. Thanks for posting this, old or not. 🙂

  • @Sean: Wow this is very cool and awesome. And thanks for linking to her blog entry about this.
    Sean, I didn’t know you are new at atease but welcome anyways! This was a very cool post, thanks! Keep’em coming. This is definitely a fun post to read on a somewhat slow RH week.

    @Name please go away.

  • LOL ok you’re not new (I just read the last response to whoever), so, again, thanks. Cool post. 🙂

  • @Name:

    *** Really? If people don’t know it, it’s news? ***

    Yes, really. A dinosaur fossil was dug up, but it has existed before human, you bet it’s showing up on all news.

    If Thom stubbed on his toe causing him surgery, that’s a bad news, but still news, eh?

  • ahhh wow that´s so freaking cool!!!!!!

  • Sweetheart Thom’s always welcome!

  • @ Sean:

    You report the news, we read it. No need to get involved and defend your stance. I know there are total douche bags on here that try to get a raise out of people, but dont let that happen to you. Your suppose to be the strong one. cause when you respond not one or two, but three times defending yourself and follow that up with “So you can criticize what is news and what is not (that doesn’t bother me at ALL)”, it makes me NOT believe your fine journalism.

    You should just take a back seat, relax and let your humble responders turn on one another.

  • @ Radiohated If he feels that he should respond,let him respond. People are different,just because you are a lay back type,doesn’t mean he should be,too.

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