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Listen to short snippets of Radiohead’s The Butcher & Supercollider

Radiohead’s Record Store Day release is two days away now. Someone got hold of the twelve inch vinyl already, posted short snippets of the tracks.

As reported earlier, Radiohead are releasing new tracks The Butcher & Super Collider on Record Store Day, Saturday April 16th. The release will be extremely limited for Europe and Japan. Just so you’re warned, the quality sorta… sucks.

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  • must……resist….damn

  • Why doesn’t that bastard rip it?!

  • Wow, sounds amazing. I cant wait.

  • He doesn’t have a turntable that can do vinyl rips, so he can only post the video

  • The Butchers sounds DELICIOUS

  • The Butcher sounds DELICIOUS

  • ‘a turntable that can do vinyl rips’ is any turntable plus the right lead – just plug the output of the turntable into the audio input on your computer (or usb audio interface) and hit record on the audio software of your choice. Rocket science it ain’t – although those who sell ‘turntables/tape decks that can do vinyl rips’ would like us to think so ;o)

  • Supercollider sounds great :D, im going to put the audio of that video on my iphone, no, im just kidding 😛

  • here’s hoping that these tracks will be included in the newspaper album cos the majority of us are never going to get hold of this 12″ on saturday……

  • I’m not sure I like the key change for Super Collider, but then again the audio quality was absolutely awful. Can’t wait to hear the full songs 🙂

  • these. sound. awesome.

  • I like the way you think Leo…just make sure you play it through the iphone speakers. Headphones ruin the experience.

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  • […] website At Ease has managed to get a copy of the Record Store Day single and has posted snippets of both tracks […]

  • Will we be able to get mp3’s of these tracks ? I don’t live in the States… not sure where to get them!

  • want it now

  • Just classic. We will ALL have this by tomorrow night.
    Thank you Radiohead.
    Thank you Atease for all the discoveries you make for me even when my head is still on a pillow and wake up to this.
    All the fans make me so happy.
    I have a LARGE crowd that waits in expectation just like me.
    All of you are special.

  • My local record store is not doing it and its the only one in my town 🙁

  • I can’t wait any longer!! I need ’em now!!

  • rolling stone has full versions of both here:

  • […] Radiohead’s Record Store Day vinyl is available in Europe and Japan tomorrow. However The Butcher & Supercollider will be out on vinyl on the 14th June. The version that’s out tomorrow however has misprinted […]

  • […] other day we posted some clips of someone playing the vinyl of The Butcher & Supercollider from the Record Store […]

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