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Radiohead’s The King Of Limbs will not get a follow-up

Despite all the speculations from Radiohead fans, the band’s recently released album The King Of Limbs, will not get a sequel, Ed O’Brien said.

Speaking to BBC 6 Music last night guitarist Ed O’Brien ruled out more releases from the band. At least, not from The King Of Limbs sessions. When discussing the two new tracks that will be out on Record Store Day, Ed O’Brien said: “The Butcher is from the King Of Limbs sessions. Supercollider was recorded during that period and finished off after the album came out”. Ed added: “It’s just the way the album is sequenced best” and that “40, 41 minutes is the optimum time we feel for a record”

“There are [other] songs that we have started, that we never finished, but there’s not like seven or eight finished songs waiting in the wings to be released now, or in the autumn, or something. When we start a new record, we tend to start afresh. It’s kind of an evolutionary thing – only the fittest survive.”

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  • A minute ago I read one of those TKOL 2 – conspiracys. Well…….. New Album next year i hope, with “present tense” “wake me before they come” and so on…. waiting on LP9

  • Here’s comes all the flaming from the poor suckers who got ripped off by buying the crappy Newspaper edition.

    You guys got shafted.

    Radiohead have sold out!

  • Well that settles that. I’m happy about it, frankly. I think the King of Limbs is a masterpiece, and I’d hate to see them marginalize it by releasing another album in quick succession.

  • closure

  • @ The end is nigh!

    Starting to feel that way. I would like to think Ed is trying to fool everyone, but at this point I’m starting to not care. Other new albums by other groups have taken over my ipod, so any newer Radiohead stuff will just get put in the playlist.

    How about stop working on new tunes and tour again?

  • If 40-41 is optimum then why is TKOL only 37-38?

    They could have fit another 3-4 minute song on there ! 🙁

  • well they release another 2 songs, so that will add up to 40-41 minutes right?

  • @ OK_Kid

    i could’nt agree more, TKOL is a masterpiece. a part 2 would only ruin the minimalistic beauty of this album.

  • The webmaster of has to feel slightly foolish this morning.

  • love that they like Tame Impala.

  • I am still wondering what the code of “The Universal Sigh” is for. Did anyone found out?

    @Name: LOL x’D

  • Too bad all the conspiracy makers has to think of something new to fill up their lives. Im glad the case is closed! Thom Yorkes gonna do Hip Hop and Electro. RHs days as the most inventive band on earth is over.. Anyhow, Kid A/Amnesiac still proves that their the best band on the planet!

  • “Recorded during TKOL sessions” ….translation B-sides
    I’m glad this is finally over. Although I think TKOL is a beautiful record I think they hurt themselves a little but not coming out and denying it earlier. I’m just disappointed that I paid for the newspaper album / artwork
    Like someone mentioned before LP9 The Present Tense

  • what i think is that everything seem a bit messy . but obviously people ourselves make it that way . i do not understand what their [ RD ] moves really are and the way they are bringing their art out for us this time . but that s because i am not RD so i should shut up and just receive and enjoy when there is something available . i was super happy with TKOL as it is but of course , the temptations of more [ we re all human beings ] stared with all the crazy demanding people asking for more and more . its kind of contagious . so now i feel weird , like there s this supercollider/butcher i might not be able to get [ i dont want anything unless its the vinyl for quality and entertainment reasons ] , and there is supposedly no more releases or xtra material coming . but but but i think ED is lying hahah or in the newspaper edition [ that i payed happily for stanley art not only for more music there ] there ll be a lot more to a beautiful release that we know nothing about it . so let s just wait , but i think i would be far better if i wouldn t read RD message boards and comments and speculations for hungry [ not in the best way ] fans [ not real fans real fans just love what it is ] .

    but it is as it is . TKOL still is and will be what i was really hoping for . and i feel that way . happy . THANK YOU RD ! !

  • OK-Kid nailed it.

    Quality is much better than quantity.

  • IF you have a smart phone and you have one of those barcode scanning Apps , and you scan the barcode- it takes you to the universal sigh website. Thats what the barcode does. I would like to think of these next two songs ( despite limited release) you will still be able to obtain. Are the final 9 & 10 songs for TKOL. I love TKOL and i agree with those who think anything else would marginalize them. TKOL is its own entity- people didnt get shafted, in fact the speculators out there make you feel shafted- not RH. RH have done what they say they are going to do. If you cant appreciate TKOL for the awesome masterpiece that it is, then you shouldnt be begging or whining for more- you should be spending more time on TKOL. A great record is one that takes time to grow on you- definately got my $ worth!!

  • Iiko Dakara Damattete is Present Tense

  • the more you try to erase pntrs the more that he erases you .

  • Why call it Album (LP) when it’s only a 37 minute EP?!
    Are they going to offer a refund to those fans who paid for an (as yet undelivered) Newspaper ALBUM??

  • “These are my twisted words” should have been on the album. I think it would have fit perfectly.

  • @oliver : just change the delivery address . i ll pay for it . i would love to give 1 as a gift for someone who knows how to appreciate art .

    ps : what did you buy the newspaper album for if i might ask .

  • @Joey: Thank you for your help, although I feel sorry for having explained myself so badly. What I really meant is:


    (I mean the infamous ‘TUS1-XXXXXX’ code)

  • @Oliver
    Just because it is 37 minutes does not make it an EP. Is Beck’s ‘Modern Guilt’ album only an EP because it’s 34 minutes long? Are the Ramones’ first four albums only EP’s because they are all only 30 minutes long?

    Originally, EP’s were either four songs long or between 10-15 minutes in length. But, EP’s are no longer based on length or number of songs. Look at Marilyn Manson’s ‘Smells Like Children’ EP. It’s 54 minutes long, but it is still considered an EP. It depends on what the artist wants to release it as.

  • @The end is night!

    I did not pay for the newspaper edition for the chance at extra music. Those who did have only themselves to blame. I paid for the artwork and the 10′ vinyls.

  • I love TKOL the way it is. It’s a beautiful little album.
    If you want it a bit longer may I suggest slipping in These Are My Twisted Words (same art work) in after Lotus Flower. Personally I’m looking forward to what arrives with the Newspaper Album, more music or not.

  • It is what it is, but these are my true feelings since the release of TKOL:

    I love TKOL, call me a slow pole or anything, but things doesn’t sink in on me quickly, so I slowly built my relationship with this album with deeper understanding now, and is a lasting bond.

    Loving TKOL the art itself is one thing, but how they market and sell it is a whole other issue, which it has kind of puzzled and troubled me.

    So there are 2 separate entity here, the art and how to display/sell the art, this is and will a constant struggle in all forms of art.

  • @RML

    Same here! The second I read “10” clear vinyl” I knew I was purchasing the newspaper edition. Anyone who pre-ordered it based off of baseless speculation that there would be more songs can only blame themselves for feeling ripped-off.

    Just as anyone who feels ripped-off or slighted or who is pissed off at the band for not following the FAN-BASED marketing strategies — there being “branches” (new singles or EPs), or the newspaper edition being the start of some sort of subscription-based string of releases from the sessions — only have themselves to blame for buying into the speculation and hyping themselves up over nothing.

    Hopefully, somewhere down the line, those people will look back and laugh at themselves.

  • So all those ChieftanMews tweets were all for not, and 2 months of band silence was all for not. And now we get Ed telling us that TKOL followup is basically dead. Why wait 2 months to put a dagger in the whole deal? doesn’t make much sense but nothing with TKOL has made much sense so far.

    The whole Universal Sigh Newspaper makes no sense, an 8 song album for $48 makes no sense, all the silence from anyone assosiated with the band makes no sense, Jonny’s absense makes no sense, excluding all these unreleased songs that have been played live makes no sense either.

    At least we will get 2 new songs with Supercollider/The Butcher. And TKOL’s brought us Codex which has to be one of the best Radiohead songs of alltime.

    I know I should let it go but I still feel like we will get more music released from Radiohead this year. Either going a different direction and only releasing singles, or having some truth to the whole Newspaper Subscription Theory. After all if you think this is over then you are wrong. And I am not talking about artwork, and newspapers – its all about the songs.

  • I thought so. Radiohead really isn’t the band to play around with these “misterious” things.

  • Good riddance, at least all the stupid speculation shit will stop now. The reality is that Radiohead have peaked and are cashing in on their rep at this point, the cd proves this. 10.99 for a flimsy cardboard package that rips easily and has no lyrics? Absolute rip off, and i suspect the newspaper edition will be a huge disappointment also.

    Radiohead are dead to me now, i like TKoL yet its nothing compared to most their previous work in my opinion.

    Wont be checking this site or any RH affiliated sites again, theres many more relevant acts emerging, lets give them the listening time their deserve.

    Bye Radiohead. You blew it.

  • I also have pre-ordered the Newspaper Album, I have no more or less expectation of it, I bought it because I love Rh, and I know the quality will always be there, simple as that.

    But the US 9.00 basic download, especially it’s a statement of rebellion against music industry, to prove music can be more accessible and affordable, a “direct” sale to fans, without any middle man, I find that price is too high basing on their preaching principals.

  • hahahahaha fuck i love this – i hope these people here are not real but someone playing a joke on everything –

  • “playing a joke on everything” ?? Who let this retard near a computer?

  • do you listen to yourself or do you read yourself dMonkey ?
    do you listen to listen to these people ‘s comments ?
    who s the retard here .

  • Read your original comment again horse, then proceed back to school.

  • Oh and yea i read myself all the time, great read, bleedin deadly in fact. Snarf Snarf.

  • It feels like April Fools. Are you sure this interview wasn’t on tape from April 1st? Ha

    Well time to move on for me. Love the album but really felt like there was more to come. Now I will just sit back and read the damn newspaper that just talks jibberish.

    I love Radiohead and their music but the last few years has brought us an incredible amount of new music and artists. So much out there to hear, time to stop obsessing about a few extra songs I suppose.

    Honestly I have been listening to alot of Arcade Fire lately and their music has been tying me over of late.

  • “Good riddance, at least all the stupid speculation shit will stop now. The reality is that Radiohead have peaked and are cashing in on their rep at this point, the cd proves this. 10.99 for a flimsy cardboard package that rips easily and has no lyrics? Absolute rip off, and i suspect the newspaper edition will be a huge disappointment also.

    Radiohead are dead to me now, i like TKoL yet its nothing compared to most their previous work in my opinion.

    Wont be checking this site or any RH affiliated sites again, theres many more relevant acts emerging, lets give them the listening time their deserve.

    Bye Radiohead. You blew it.”

    maybe when dMoniKer grows up he’ll learn not to have such a sense of entitlement

  • when he said ‘these young puritans’ did he mean ‘these new puritans’ I think it’s awesome if he listens to them.

  • Love reading these pre madonna’s whining away. Love it. Really I do. There is no limit to the spite some people have. It is a line that goes forever and ever.
    Perhaps this release strategy is a bit wonky, deceptive etc. but the only people who are being fucked over are the ones saying this is a malicious and callus plan from the band. That they are somehow taking advantage of us and our good faith and loyalty to all things Radiohead. Keep at it the words you write do my heart good.

  • People are really pathetic. RH never mentioned more songs so they havent exactly blown anything! they just released a great new album thats 4 minutes shorter than the last one (which, in turn, was a whole 10 mins shorter than HTTT)

    Enjoy it, or move on, stop whining

  • These Are My Twisted Words – Could Ed just have posibly twisted some of his words in this interview? He said No immediate sequel, not no new songs.

    The whole thing is a GAME to the band

    And I thought The Present Tense was suppose to be released or rumoured to be. Unless The Butcher is really The Present Tense, or until we hear The Present Tense it is hard to say that it is all over just yet.

  • Even if Radiohead is passing through history, they are who they are, they do what they do, their music will NEVER be replaced with any other band in the same way they’ve touched my soul. This is a band doesn’t happen very often, and I’m thankful to happen to be in the right place.

  • O’Brien told 6 Music that those are the final tracks from the King of Limbs sessions that the band will release: “‘The Butcher’ is from the King of Limbs sessions. ‘Supercollider’ was recorded during that period and finished off after the album came out.”

    I guess that is the key 🙁

  • and in the right moment of time…… 😛

  • @eesh

    What are you talking about, “sense of entitlement”? Im talking about how much of a rip off the cd is, how sub standard the album and how they are cashing in with the newspaper album. I have no sense of entitlement my friend, read my comment again. Im just bitterly disappointed that my favourite band are on the wane.

  • Re: Part 2 – All that he said is that they’d start afresh with something. Doesn’t mean it’ll be ages before they start afresh. But interesting that TKOL is over pretty much – all those limbs/branches conspiracies have turned out to be hokum.

    It was lovely to hear Colin getting his nerd on, listing record shops in Oxford. Sounds like Oxford at a certain time would have been a very cool place to be hanging around.

    Slightly amused by the fact Ed talked about records and then mentioned that he went into RTE and bought 8 CDs!

  • The whole 40 minutes is perfect is crap. How about a double album with each disc being 40 minutes, then? I don’t believe it. Something’s up. The Universal Sigh hints at something bigger. And Stanley Donwood’s gonna do his biggest artistic work over and take 2 years to do it for this album with only 5 very good songs and 3 so-so tracks? This is a misdirection before the unveiling. It has to be…. : (

  • Well even if there’s no TKOL’s sequel, Ed mentioned there’s currently material in the works! This new direction in sound the band has taken with TKOL is exciting. Radiohead sounds like a band morphing into their next incarnation. Something similar to what they did with Kid A when many listeners expected guitars, remember? TKOL is just a little taste of where they are headed next. Another Radiohead masterpiece could just be around the corner.

    Don’t see them touring behind TKOL since there’s not enough new songs for a fresh setlist, but who knows? There will be another release coming later this year or early in 2012.

    You all should be excited and some of you should stop whining so much. If you hate the band because you were disappointed with what they did on TKOL then maybe you weren’t the Radiohead fan you thought you were.

  • Present Tense – This one’s for Jonny, Thom says!! 6:00 min. in

    Coded art work TKOL

  • Its official Ed is Mews!

  • Found this article from back in Jan 2010 about Ed’s take on the music industry.

    “I have a problem when people in the industry say ‘it’s killing the industry, it’s the thing that’s ripping us apart’,” O’Brien said in a video message for the Midem music conference. “I don’t actually believe it is… [Pirates] might not buy an album, but they’re spending their money buying concert tickets, a T-shirt, whatever.”

    “It’s an analogue business model in a digital era,” he explained. “The business model has to change. You’ve got to licence out more music – have more Spotifys, more websites selling more music. You’ve got to make it slightly cheaper to get music in order to compete with the peer-to-peers.”

    He added: “I find it staggering that the industry seems to be really dragging its heels on this – this is stuff that you could do in one week. Move quicker!”

    Here is the youtube link to the 3 part video interview

  • Present Tense was a special one-time only thing using a Greenwood melody later heard a couple times in the Norwegian Wood score. Really the best part of the whole soundtrack, aside from track 5. With all his fantastic solo work it’s obvious Jonny does more than lick guitars, so nonsense about his absence on the album is purely that. obvious.

    If you feel like there is more to the King of Limbs than what your being told, you’re probably right.

    We’ve got heads on sticks. You’ve got some nerve.

  • don t blow your mind with why . exactly the opposite they are receiving from lot of people since the release of TKOL . a beautiful album .

  • dMoniker:

    I’m sorry you were dissapointed by the album. Many people think it is fantastic, and there are some songs on there that I personally feel rival their best work (Bloom, Codex, Lotus Flower,Separator). That doesn’t mean your opinion is wrong. Everyone is entitled to have different feelings on music. The problem is making blanket statements that Radiohead is dead, blew it, and that we should all cease listenign to them and focus on other acts You can say “I didn’t like the album as much as their other work and I’m dissapointed there isn’t going to be more” without all that other histrionic garbage.

  • WHY OH WHY did Ed have to stretch it out all the way to Autumn? =( He could have said ‘Summer’.

    Now we’ll know for sure it’s either winter 2011 or sometime in 2012 that we’ll get LP9.

    Hey, it’s Ed though and he’s been known to say things that aren’t true. I hope when he’s telling us bad news; it also mean it’s not true.

  • Sure didn’t feel cheated by these album lenghts –

    Kinks – Village Green 40 min
    Beatles – Revolver 34 min
    Bowie – Ziggy Stardust 38 min
    Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon 42 min
    Pixies – Doolittle 38 min
    REM – Reckoning 38 min
    Sex Pistols – Never Mind the Bollocks 38 min
    The Smiths – The Queen is Dead 37 min
    Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say 41 min
    The Strokes – This is It 36 min
    Vampire Weekend – VW 34 min
    Wire – Pink Flag 39 min
    Neutral Milk Hotel – Aeroplane Over 39 min
    Replacements – Pleased to Meet Me 31 min


    There is my last hooray post about TKOL. Time to pick up the pieces and move on.

  • who cares what happens next. bloom and morning mr. magpie have got me completly transfixed. especially the middle part in magpie which is so carefully crafted it’s ridiculous. these two songs alone are gifts. I still gotta get a hold on this album before thinking about what’s coming next.

  • They told us exactly what you will get. If it was suppose to have a second disc, it would of said, just like it did whin In Rainbows came out. Silly fools.

  • some real idiots on here. shouldn’t be allowed to call yourselves radiohead fans. king of limbs is a perfect piece of music as it is. no need to add or take away anything. i don’t get the people saying that the album isn’t inventive as we’ve come to expect from radiohead. i think it is. it certainly doesn’t sound like anything anyone else is doing. radiohead are evolving exactly as i’d expect. nice one lads..keep doing exactly as you are doing. ..having said all that..the only thing i will say and agree with is that i’d love to hear a studio version of present tense as i do love it 🙂 though i can live with the live ‘latitude’ version just fine. in fact it’s probably best left the way we know it.

  • The only reason there’s been speculation is because many people are underwhelmed by TKOL. That’s the reality. I like the record. It’s a solid effort, but it’s far from Radiohead’s best album. It actually reminds me a lot of Thom’s solo record The Eraser. The last power of TKOL is what I question. I don’t remember ever being so bored this quickly after a release. Obviously, not everyone feels that way, but many fans do.

  • I agree. This album was pretty damn good, but not their best or worst either. three things to look forward to now:
    1. tour? lets hope so. i’d love to hear these songs live.
    2. supercollider and the butcher
    3. the newspaper album

    Usually, for me, what makes a Radiohead song is how well they can perform it live. Most of the songs i fell in love with were actually from the live versions i had listened to first.

  • So many people love or spect something from radiohead that even if TKOL had 20 “epic” 5 minutes songs with a lot of guitar and fisic drums, some would say “Radiohead sucks now, its better a small good album with fast drumloops…” jeje :O

  • The other day Separator made me cry. It’s about the 200th time I’ve listened to it. Rip-off indeed. I need 12 brilliant songs that have infinite listenability for my money instead of 8!

  • Why do Radiohead fans delude themselves?
    [note: My credentials as a fan include listening to every song ever written by them, outside of like a dozen. Saw them live 3 years ago. Paid In Rainbows download. Got up early to go to Target to buy Hail to The Thief deluxe edition the day it came out when it was ‘delayed start’ day at school and I could’ve slept in an extra hour and a half. Told everyone for years they were the best band in the world. Currently, they don’t really engage me anymore. I liked King of Limbs enough to listen to it like 4 or 5 times in a row and other individual songs a few times. Haven’t listened to it since. At this point, I know what this band has to offer. One small percentage of the reason I hope the world becomes a better place is so that Thom Yorke has a reason to write a happy song. I wonder a legitimately, happy in a blissful way song written by Thom Yorke would be like, don’t you?]

    There was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING meaningful to suggest that there was a ‘secret’ album release on the way. This small frenzy reminds me a lot of classic Biblical Interpretation. If something doesn’t make sense (like: a short, non-masterpiece, non-world changing Radiohead album) coupled with the fact that people don’t understand how many songs a certain LP size could hold and the taken completely out of context lyrics “If you think this is over, then you’re wrong” (it’s a song about a dream!!), suddenly that means that there is a “cryptic” meaning to this record and it’s release that must be uncovered! And the love and respect Radiohead fans have for the band’s records and the bandmembers borders on religious adoration, and reminds me of how people believe the Bible is of divine origin, and therefore everything within it is perfect. All errors or inconsistencies, great or small, are really secret meaning, or suggest a figural meaning (even that bit about begetting). Same thing with Radiohead fans. I’ve read silly interpretations of Kid A that the band says, “wow I wish I had thought of that” and so on. Radiohead is just a band with gifted members and a lyricist whose lyrics don’t always mean anything, but can seem like they mean a whole lot. Just like with the Bible, this music was written BY PEOPLE and you crazy fans are just going to have to accept that the band isn’t perfect, nor are they the best band ever, just a great band full of talented musicians that fill a niche in music that no one else can fill. This makes them special and unique and sometimes subject to fans with weird ideas about the band.

    That’s all I wanted to say. Seriously, just listen to the Replacements. Or Arcade Fire. Or Nick Cave. Or something. Just quit deifying this band.

  • Both new tracks have hit youtube guys, ENJOY:


    The Butcher:


  • Pablo Honey -12- $10.99
    The Bends -12- $11.99
    OK Computer -12- $11.99
    Kid A-10- $10.99
    Drop dead B-sides $10.99
    Hail to The Thief -14- $11.99
    In Rainbows-18- $40.00 +two records
    King of Limbs -8- $48.00 + two records
    Come on guys, have some hope!!!
    Radiohead has never cheated us before.
    There IS definitely still a surprise.
    If not, I will, like so many, will never fall for this again.
    Youtube will be my only friend for the next album.
    Free burns on a bit torrent next album I’m sure.

  • Radiohead,

    If you are reading this please record a walk down the staircase on your next album.

  • @Zack,

    Your point is well taken. I do find it’s easy to deify or idolize our beloved musicians, just look at how we act in concerts, almost as same as worshipers in the church. If we don’t step back for some introspection, we are easily sucked in by unreal expectation & conspiracies.

    But to some Rh fans’ defense, I find Radiohead’s fans have broad musical interest, love exploring new music. I myself sometimes listen to nothing but Rh’s music for weeks, or NO Rh for weeks. I can’t even listen to some of their music depends on the mood. But to some, Rh’s music must has fulfilled something in us.

    So I’m not sure which description is more fitting, religion or drug addiction? 😀

  • Is that all amazing releasing plans that Thom was talking about?
    disappointed a little bit… .

  • @lifeistao

    If it’s religion then that means people are reading into and looking into and holding onto something that isn’t really there either because they don’t understand it, or because they want to believe in something really special so they make that thing more than the sum of its parts, if it’s drug addiction then it’s people becoming insatiated with an uncontrollable desire to do something that is so good it over-stimulates their pleasure centers and they cannot do without it.

    I’ve kinda gotten over the band, and let me say that it wasn’t a drug addiction. I don’t really see much that I like about the their total package. Thom’s voice bugs me, and I just don’t think it’s very consistent. The guy can’t sing, but he can definitely wail in a unique way. The music is really great most of the time. The lyrics are usually there to create a feeling and most often mean almost nothing. They can kinda mean whatever you want them to mean…(kinda like biblical verse!). Yeah if I had to choose between your two choices I’d steer away from the drug addiction one. Radiohead doesn’t really give me pleasure. They’re mostly just to obsess over. At least that’s been the experience in my life.

    Honestly the things that I like most about Radiohead are in this cool newer band, Little Dragon, except they take their stuff in a different direction I find more appealing. And the lyrics are more satisfying, and the singing is almost too good to be true. Nice new young band. Anyway, I don’t mean to get over the top about this stuff. Just so long as people don’t start believing Thom is the messiah of anything, I’ll be satisfied haha. Cuz if anything, it’s Johnny.

  • Why am I not surprised AT ALL? Cheers

  • I wonder why people still care…
    Radiohead of today is a wandering disoriented corpse made of half-baked tunes, quasi-meaningful lyrics and regurgitated “trendy” electronica. State of play cutting the fat we can’t finish the songs 37 minute perfect sequencing my ass. See, all they really want to know is how much of this bullshit you can take while still coughing up the almighty hard currency of your choice. But your resilience is truly remarkable. They’re counting on that.

  • Radiohead fans = ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….

  • That is lame; anyone who calls TKOL a masterpiece is just a jingoistic fanboy.

    Why the Hell they left off the best songs is beyond me… “Present Tense” is case-in-point of their egregious error on this one. They finally lost me as a fan.

  • @ Mozggg

    What a sad little individual you are to spend your time vilifying a band on a fan site.

    Why don’t you go and pollute somewhere else.

  • Hitler’s reaction to the news >>

  • Wow, I have to say that Hitler has summed it up precisely.

  • At least we have the new Coldplay album to look forward to, right???

    Radiohead will always be an all-time great, in my mind, and I think they’re still making great art/music. But I guess in some ways my own personal tastes have changed, and I’ve moved on to other bands and genres. And I agree with a few of the comments above – I listened to TKOL several times in the first few days and haven’t touched it since. Most of the time I just need music that’s easily digested, and that’s not Radiohead. Call me unsophisticated, and I might agree, but that’s just my reality at present.

    On another note, I’m growing tired of the ways they’re releasing their music. Be transparent. Stay in touch with the people who care about your music. And just put the music out there for the people to consume and enjoy without all this extra money/mail-ordering/record store stuff. I can’t afford all these little extras, and that alienates me as a long-time fan. Just release great music like every other great band, and be happy with your station in life. One more round of this and I’m going to stop caring …

    That is all. 🙂

  • I actually agreed with what Hitler had to say.
    Someone needs to send that to Radiohead.
    It is EXACTLY what a lot of us are feeling right now.

  • So are all those great songs dead until or if radiohead decides to resurrect them one day?

  • You guys are being fucking ridiculous. Suck it up. If you don’t like the album don’t listen to it. We don’t need to hear your shitty conspiracy theories. And we certainly don’t need to hear you whine your asses off.

  • You know, you fanboys can pretend all you want that TKOL is a “brilliant masterpiece” but the fact remains that the Radiohead fan-base has NEVER been so polarized. I have been a fan since The Bends and I have never seen anything remotely like this; not even the release of Kid A precipitated such frustration and debate.

    You ingenuous dismissal of those whom are speaking out as being “bad fans” really misses the mark and I would wager that the fact that so many of us exist says a great deal about the reality of this crisis.

  • This whole hate against TKOL is out of control. If you like Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Autechre, Flying Lotus, Burial, etc – then you probably LOVE this album (me) – if you don’t, then you call it The Eraser Part 2, etc.

    In Rainbows was a follow-up to OK Computer, in that it had the guitars back but it was a more mature Radiohead more happy with itself. Likewise, TKOL is a continuation of Kid A/Amnesiac in that it’s more electronic but again, a Radiohead more happy with itself. Both also observe the new trends of their respective genres.

    The album is great classic Radiohead doing its thing. The thing is this time around, not only is Kid A ten years old, but also many other rock bands have been drawing on IDM influences so it doesn’t have that conceptual spark that Kid A.

    But as far as music, it’s still pretty freaking awesome. I hear it all the time. The people that hate it just aren’t fans of electronic music and that’s that. But why would you try to lower the stature of the band and try to make this a lesser album as a result? Of course it’s a polarized audience. The Burial/Aphex Twin audience is not as huge as the Radiohead audience. So there’s likely not many true fans of that genre. One dude in the comments even admitted, I don’t like to digest music this complex anymore. Why trash the band? Just go listen to some other stuff.

    Radiohead, please continue on your path – exploring, doing whatever you feel like and doing music for yourselves. Sometimes one side of the fanhood will love it, sometimes, only a small fraction will. It doesn’t mean the quality is less.

  • The way some of you guys overreact you’d think Thom personally insulted your mother. The King of Limbs is not their best album. Am I going to throw a hissy fit on there and say that I’m “quitting” them. No. I’m not five years old.

  • I’m quitting them.

    Hiss that fit.

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