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Radiohead turned down Oasis as a support band (back in ’94)

Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien was a guest on the BBC 5 Live radio show ‘Fighting Talk’ this morning, where he revealed that Oasis were once offered to support Radiohead on tour.

Ed O’Brien was on Fighting Talk with Colin Murray (and also Steve Lamacq, Bob Mills and Dion Dublin) for an hour. The Radiohead guitarist revealed the band actually turned down Oasis back in 1994 when they were doing a tour for The Bends. “We were making an album, The Bends, back in early ’94 and we were doing this three-day tour and we were looking for a support band. And our agent sent us three demo tapes from various bands and one of them was called Oasis. There was a bit of a quick laugh, cause for us, Oasis was the Oasis Leisure Centre in Swindon, which was down the road, which apparently it was named after. But that was early days for Oasis. I remember seeing them for months later and they were well on their way to super stardom.

Colin Murray: So you didn’t pick them? Ed: “No, we didn’t. We picked a band called The Julie Dolphin.”

When asked what his best moment in music was, Ed referred to Radiohead’s show at the Reading Festival in 2009.

Ed: “Most recently, probably the Reading Festival. We played the Sunday night in 2009. We haven’t played Reading for years. It was the first time we done a festival that we enjoyed it. All these ones like Glastonbury and all that we were all nervous. were overcome with nerves. And we were actually able to enjoy the occasion, and know that you’re doing the business. It felt good, really really good.

Listen to the show here, where he also talks about football, Lily Allen and why sitting through a Radiohead gig is a far greater feet of endurance than a marathon. Ed: “Because we go on and on and on and on. And we don’t break it up in a Bruce Springsteen-style. We don’t take a break halfway through, we don’t have a support band. We are quite happy to play for three and a half hours and play none of the tunes, be completely bullheaded and as my father once said, after a show around the time of Kid A, ‘Where are all the tunes?'”

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  • this site is led by some Radiohead nerds….damn. I guess I’m far not the first person who wrote it.

  • I’ve been to two Radiohead concerts and them showing up and playing and playing their GORGEOUS music and can’t help but write Thank You.
    Radiohead DO NOT stop making such beautiful music and making LOVE to my ears.
    i am so glad you did not break up. Please keep making records.

  • Rejected Oasis in 1994? Clearly even then the Radiohead men possessed excellent musical taste.

  • The Julie Dolphin > Oasis

    is proven.

  • …RADIOHEAD seem to have always been visionaries…seeing to stay clear out of the way of a sinking ship by the name of Oasis…

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  • As much as I love Radiohead I do think you can have a gig be too long. Anything more than about two hours I think is pushing it, no matter how good you are.

    But I’m probably in the minority with that opinion…

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