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The King Of Limbs sequel axed; a disappointed Radiohead fan

There was no second The King Of Limbs to begin with. However, Radiohead fans expected more after the release of ‘only 8 tracks’. Some people can handle disappointments better than others


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  • Here’s what really happened when a fan found out the disappointed news:

  • unfollowing chieftain mews jajajaja

  • Gold! <3

  • Perfect! Amazing! Very funny and represents exactly what I’m feeling about radiohead now! Really nice job! =)

  • ah ha funny!

  • Very funny 😀
    (but I love TKOL…)

  • That is so very awesome. And ya.. fucking dubstep. Worst music ever.

  • LOL this is brilliant!!! whoever made this knows their shit!!

  • Old-ish meme, but hilarious all the same 🙂

  • hilarious!!!

  • I just saw a part two of this Hitler thing that makes TKOL totally amazing now.

    Hitler’s chief engineer explains to him poly-rhythm, using the Talking Heads as an example since that’s where Radiohead get their name, and shows him the end part of the Pyscho Killer song from the Stop Making Sense movie as an example of a simultaneous sounding of two (or more) independent rhythms. Hitler threatens him to get on with it and the engineer grabs a vinyl copy of TKOL and then one of Kid A, Hitler’s favorite album of all time. He puts them both on seperate players placed right next to each other and the four speakers in the four corners of the room, and then starts both albums at the exact same time. Hitler’s face grows angry, but he listens intently. Nervously, the engineer tries to explain the importance of starting the records together at the same time, at the same speed, and how the continuity perfected so eloquently by Mr. Nigel Godrich really does make Radiohead so great, but Hitler shushes him. Mr. Magpie starts up during Kid A’s title track and Hitler’s anger vanishes with a smile. I won’t give away the rest but it gets really funny by part five when Hitler’s listening to Birthday and Back in the USSR together and suddenly starts questioning the lyrics.

    anyway, I’m now ACTUAQLLY glad I purchased a CD copy instead of just pirating my preferred 1/2 of this new album

  • That is funny.

    But on a related note…

    Even though I’m disappointed with the outcome of TKOL, the more i’ve thought about it and read things online, it’s kind of crazy how angry everyone is getting. These guys are human beings, and shouldn’t have to be pressured to do anything against what they feel. If they released a post tomorrow that said they were breaking up, we should all be grateful for getting an amazing body of music and memories from shows and videos and all that stuff. I don’t want that to happen, and I hope they continue to do what they do, but we as fans AND fellow human beings should not obsess to the point that we curse and damn someone because they don’t do what we want. Just be happy they decided to form a band in the first place.

  • Holy hell that was funny.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAH That was good! But rmember Ed is the most Gigantic Lying Mouth Of All Time!!!! Thom calls the ball!!!!

  • Lord, does there have to be anymore whining about TKOL? I like Radiohead because they are artists, and since I like them as artists, I try to find deep appreciation in what they create, and I am willing to suspend unrealistic expectations and follow where they lead. A while back, I just decided that I would except whatever direction they go and suspend judgment, while listening deeply over a period of time. I have not been disappointed. It is like having a bunch of different fruit in a basket. You have oranges, apples, bananas, etc. Now, I may like oranges the best, but I always can find some appreciation for an apple when I choose. Because of this, I am never bored with them because everything is different. Some days I am in the mood for Thom’s solo stuff. Other days, OK Computer; and still other days, especially at work, I like to listen to Kid A. What’s the big deal? Why all these expectations? They don’t owe us anything. They are artists, and we can either evolve with their work and open our minds, or go listen to Lady GaGa or something. No one is forcing anyone to listen to, buy, or like TKOL, and people should know the band well enough – if they are on At Ease – to stop with all the expectations. They never promised a TKOL2, and I am enjoying the first one, frankly, different as it is…

  • ever since the TKOL released ther been this hoo-haa that Thom has overtaken the band completely and its more of a one man show and all the crap.. but the fact is he writes the song and all the other band members follow his directions, here is interview of jonny and colin which doesn’t show up in youtube if u search for radiohead or greenwood interview but it just sums up how much thom yorke is the mastermind of radiohead and they all follow him:

    I’ve never saw/read any other radiohead band member interview where they sum it up that they are just glad to play with Thom Yorke. Watch the interview till the end.

  • @Sean it’s nice to hear not everybody will blame you because you may like TKOL.. also because when i’m listening to RH songs, I barely remember my name, figure how much I care about past stuff.. “Criticism is the worst way to approach art”

  • Hitler just wishes it was the 90’s

  • Damn you ppl! TKOL is fantastic! too many negative reviews! Whenever radiohead releases an album, the human race evolves!

    and that video is funny.

  • This makes me hate Hitler even more!

  • TKOL is really good, chill the fuck out guys. Yeah Magpie and Little by little aren’t so good but all Radiohead albums have their duds. Sulk, Subterranean homesick alien, In limbo, Dollars and Cents, Sail to the moon, Arpeggi…

    So okay we got a short album this time around. Kid A was really short too. We got Separator which should be in the top 5 best Radiohead tracks ever and in general the album is awesome. Quit complaining

  • “Fans” that are still complaining and whining about the length of TKOL should really start to question whether or not they are true fans of the band. Nothing else that will be released this year will compare to it. Also, two new songs, THIS FAN couldn’t be happier.

  • I agree with you Isaac that people should stop complaining, but Subterranean Homesick Alien, In Limbo, Dollars and Cents, Sail to the Moon, and Arpeggi were duds? Don’t know about that one buddy.

  • Its not that the record was 8 tracks long or that they came with a lot of pitter patter overdrawn drum beats, its the fact that they didn’t put the track listing on their webpage.
    They deceived us because those that bought the In Rainbows box set got 18 tracks.
    I would of never paid $48 dollars for 8 songs. I would of paid $9 for those tracks and then later bought the 2.
    This album deceived us.
    I believe Radiohead knew what they were doing. That’s what makes it hard to understand.
    If this is all a joke then I hope its on me.
    If it true and there is no more music for the box set.
    If its true, Radiohead you FUCKED UP!!!!

  • =( Poor Hitler, everyone’s always bringing him bad news.

  • “all Radiohead albums have their duds. Sulk, Subterranean homesick alien, In limbo, Dollars and Cents, Sail to the moon, Arpeggi”

    @issacT: You fucking idiot. You’re right about Sulk, but the rest… You’re naht good, you. you’re just a chicken. cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep.

  • Before the release they should have let us know the record was only going to be 38 minutes long! That would save them a lot of disappointed fans who paid €39,-

  • everything was so accurate!

  • IsaacT says:
    April 17, 2011 at 7:45 pm

    “TKOL is really good, chill the fuck out guys. Yeah Magpie and Little by little aren’t so good but all Radiohead albums have their duds. Sulk, Subterranean homesick alien, In limbo, Dollars and Cents, Sail to the moon, Arpeggi”

    You’re a fucking spastic.

    Anyway, I like this new Hitler video. It expresses every feeling I have about Radiohead and King of Limbs at the moment. I like a few songs on the album but overall it’s a massive disappointment after 4 years of waiting. The album is too heavily influenced by Thom and his new love for dubstep and hip hop. I want more guitars and great music, not drivel like feral, little by little and magpie.

  • It’s true, I agree, Rh should’ve listed the name of tracks, like every album out there, fans & consumers should know what they’re buying.

    But I also agree some fans really burnt the bridge when In Rainbow came out with “name your price”, which would never work.

  • what a terrible post. This is not Radiohead news.

    We’re not entitled to anything and things like this just emphasize this mindset that we actually do deserve something. Its a nice album, and the extra tracks are pretty good too.

    If you don’t like the album, don’t listen to it. It’s not that hard to figure out. (Go listen to some other bands instead of putting all your eggs in one basket with Radiohead, despite how great this band is.)

  • A lot of people just lisen TKOL like 1 o 2 times and say “it sucks, is not a masterpiece.” come on, you dont have time to enjoy it, but you have time to come here and say shit. I think all you pissed off fans should first download “illegally” those songs and then dont buy them… and erase them. Imagine this “crazy fan kills jonny greenwood because TKOL isnt great.” and then the killer on jail thinking “damn, im starting to like Morning Mr. Magpie Little By Little” XP

  • …anyway, the Hitler video is very good too. XD

  • This is fucking bullshit. I had respect for this website, but… Seriously? The guy who’s made this is a fucking tool with far too much time on his hands. Chill the fuck out and get on with your life and enjoy bursts of art and music from everywhere. TKOL is a great piece of work that can be listened to and fits in along side alot of other great music from alot of different genres…

  • I can’t believe the number of people here who are angry at Adriaan for just posting something funny. It’s done so well, that people are reading whatever they want to into it. The video doesn’t take any “side”, and neither does Adriaan.

    Either acquire a sense of humor, or lose some self-righteousness. If you can’t laugh at yourself or things you hold dear, you’re unlikely to be particularly happy or live terribly long in this world…

  • Maybe it’s the German side of me, but I’m a bit offended by the video. I guess poking fun of WWII and what Hitler did just doesn’t do it for me. Besides I completely agree with Sean.

  • You people who are saying “Get over it for fuck’s sake; Radiohead are human beings, and more importantly THEY’RE the artists, and they have every right to give us eight songs or twenty songs or no songs or an album full of fart noises” are right.

    But you people who are going from *that* somewhat benign observation into “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DISLIKE TKOL AND BE VOCAL ABOUT YOUR DISLIKE” are full of shit, and ought to know it.

  • That video is GOLD! I could not stop Laughing!

    “I’m going to get completely shit faced and listen to OK Computer.”

    That needs to be on a T-Shirt!

  • You love Radiohead because they experiment but you hate Radiohead when they experiment. I don’t get it.
    I’m listening to “The Butcher”. And it’s brilliant.
    Then I go back to Codex. A masterpiece…

  • Couldnt agree more Adam. And about the music; RH pleased u rock & roll people in the 90s and got bored with it. Theres still band out there for u guys. Liam Gallagher has even started a new band.

  • Subterranean Homesick Alien is one of the best guitar songs ever..

  • This is perfect for me!

    1. Bloom
    2. These Are My Twisted Words
    3. Morning Mr Magpie
    4. Little By Little
    5. The Butcher
    6. Feral
    7. Lotus Flower
    8. Supercollider
    9. Codex
    10. Give Up The Ghost
    11. Seperator

  • Supercollider was played on BBC6 msuic this morning, i think around half 11 ish, maybe earlier. people could listen to it on bbc iplayer on catch up if they wanted 🙂

  • @ Dan
    Codex a masterpiece?
    I would keep it in a downlow…
    You can like it, but EIIRP is a masterpiece, man! Martha my dear by the Beatles is (and it’s one of the less famous from the White album), I believe in you by Neil Young is and millions of others! How can you be such a little objective in your review?!?!

  • also well put Sean and mjd180,

    I love TKOL but i also thought this video was hilarious. its healthy to be able to see and get the jokes made about things you like or are personal to you. also how can people get so offended when jokes are made about an album they didnt even make!

    as Sean said Radiohead, or any artist, don’t owe you anything, they NEVER in anyway implied there would be a sequel, it was all speculation. and just because that speculation turned out to not be true doesn’t mean that Radiohead have ripped you off or anything, they presented an album to purchase, and you could decided whether to buy it or not.

    also if you think 38 minutes is short you should listen to some hardcore or power violence albums! spazz have got an album which is 24 songs and 22 minutes long! and one of those tracks is 2mins 30 seconds!
    they’re are a HUGE number of great great albums that are around the 40 minute mark. just because Radiohead’s are usually longer doesn’t mean this one should be as well. anyone who thinks just doesn’t understand albums; (good) albums are a finish whole piece of work, that plays well from start to finish as a single body of work. Radiohead had other material but they decided that TKOL was the best way of arranging some or all of the songs they had, and so ended up having to leave songs out. they’ve done it before, for instance bangers + mash was a favourite of theirs in the In Rainbows sessions, but they couldn’t get it to fit into the album, so they left it out for the greater good of the album. its while they’re albums are so good, because they are not precious about their work.

    I think ultimate what has happened is Radiohead did 3 quite experimental albums in a row (personally my favourite) which were not so commercially accessible as their previous stuff, and so their fan base probably dropped since proportion of their fanbase would have been made up of people that weren’t into that level of experimental music. then when they release In Rainbows (great album) it was much more accessible to a wider audience. for the people that hadn’t enjoyed kid A, amnesiac and HTTT, they saw those 3 albums as a bad patch and welcomed a return to more traditional song writing. for people who have enjoyed all of their music, they know this is not the case, and In rainbows was still progression in their music careers rather than reversion. so when TKOL came out, whilst again being progression, it was more experimental and less traditional song writing (little ABAB verse chorus verse chorus). the fans they’d picked up in the In Rainbows era don’t get it, whilst the long term fans do.

    thats how i sees it anyway, obviously its a generalisation and doesn’t apply to everyone who doesn’t get TKOL, but i think its the general trend.

    its basically a case of supply and demand; Radiohead supply a less commercial album, and the demand for that is less in terms of numbers of people, and so the fans drop off.

  • Have a laugh! Don’t take life too serious. 😀

  • Radiohead, I love your artwork, but don’t agree entirely how you sell them.

  • The King Of Limbs.
    bloom 8/10
    magpie 7.5/10
    little by little 8/10
    feral 9/10
    lotus flower 10/10
    codex 9/10
    give up the ghost 7.5/10
    seperator 10/10

  • @ A Rats Nest
    You took the words from out of my brain and typed them out for all to see.
    TKOL will be a massive clean up.
    Any fan that has been checking DeadAirSpace over the last 3 years will have known the direction of the band for this latest release.
    Personally I am open to every genre of music.
    TKOL ticks all my boxes
    And The Butcher makes me dance like a loon :^¥

  • It does’nt sound as dynamic as In Rainbows did.

  • The King of Limbs is far and away the biggest disappointment in Radiohead’s career. Period.

  • ‘i am going to get shitfaced and listen to ok computer fullblast because that’s how i roll’


  • *** Any fan that has been checking DeadAirSpace over the last 3 years will have known the direction of the band for this latest release. ***

    That is so true. And the funny thing is, before the release of TKoL, I prayed that please do not go that direction, cause I was getting pretty tired of listening to some of Rh posted Office Chart on their Dead/AirSpace. So I fiercely rejected TKoL the night I downloaded and listened to it. It didn’t take me long to feel the emotion again from their music, TKoL did it for me again.

    Someone in other post put it correctly, very few musicians transform and translate electronic music with depth and emotion, but Radiohead, Thom Yorke, & Bjork.

  • Listening to Separator…… so don’t want it end, want to stay in this beautiful dreeeaaaammmm……

    “Am I dreaming of a butterfly, or a butterfly is dreaming of me…..” 😉

  • Really love the way Thom sings in Bloom. It feels very ancient and folk like, one vowel drags on with multiple syllables……..

  • i see it this way :

    when butcher goes ” Though I lived a lonely life
    I was confused
    A butcher
    I feel nothing ” ,

    i melt .

    when it goes ” I’m a big slab of basic combination cut out chopped liver on the block
    My heart’s still pumping
    My heart’s still pumping ” ,

    i disappear in time .

    and finally analyzing [ not very technical myself ] , when close to the end we goes into

    ” He’s a warrior
    A warrior
    Here’s a little bitch coming outta him

    ” i cannot be more surprise on how original and great this sounds ” .

    and . . . maybe . . . you can go f”* . . . bahh . . . nothing . . .

  • I’ve always liked these Hitler videos. I remember seeing my first one around 3 years ago, pertaining to some random thing. The debate continues on, regarding The King of Limbs. I have heard and enjoy most every solo project Thom has done; The White Flash, A Rat’s Nest, and Hearing Damage are three of my absolute favorite songs. There certainly are elements of his solo work in the ‘new’ Radiohead sound. One thing you need to remember is that Thom used a lot of leftover pieces from songs to make The Eraser. Some of those bass lines and sounds you hear on Eraser were done by Colin, Phil, and Johnny.

    The thing you also shouldn’t forget is that Thom writes the lyrics, arranges the vocals, plays instruments on their albums, and is their front man. Of course he is going to influence the direction of their music. He is the face and the engine that drives Radiohead. He has always been that and will always be that for Radiohead. The rest of the members are fine with that arrangement or they would leave. They all have enough money to retire and never pick up another instrument so long as they live. At this point they make music for music’s sake.

    What would have been Kid A would instead been an acoustic double cd, had Ed got his way. Thom vetoed him outright. That would have been cool in its own regard, but I am sure most agree that Kid A was the right direction for Radiohead.

    Just because Johnny is one of the best guitarists in the world and has been for some time doesn’t mean he always has to, or wants to, play the guitar. In fact, most of the changes musically came about when Johnny started to become more composer than guitarist. Just look at the bigger picture and realize these are humans with their own wants and desires. Thom is certainly vocal about what he wants, but he is not forcing anyone to play his brand of music. This debate has been going on since Kid A, I hope that we can put it to rest at some point. I thought Reckoner would prove once and for all what Thom is capable of.

  • funny stuff. Somewhat how I felt after hearing the news.

  • @subalien Good idea!

    who want’s one??

  • Thank god we still have Apparat.

  • @ George

    I agree! With these 2 new songs and 1 not-so-new (These Are My Twisted Words) my playlist of The King of Limbs sessions is now complete and ready for burning a CD.

    11 songs, 55 minutes… why should I complain? Besides, I got 3 of those for free.

  • Arcade fire anyone.. yes please.

  • @mjd180. I totally have a sense of humor but the thing I found dis-tasteful is the fact its Hitler and a bunch of nazi’s. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to laugh at that.

    Oh shit, I loved Inglorious Basterds :s ….

  • @Arde Not at all a good thing when you have to add on b-sides to an existing album in order to make it feel close to complete.

  • @The moron who said “I only like a few songs on TKOL but overall it’s a massive dissapointment” Please do the world a huge favor and buy a kanye west cd and go jump of a bridge NOW!! And also to all the whiny little bitches who refuse to see how beutiful TKOL really is just shut the f*ck up already because I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome TKOL is…

    P.S I’m still holding my breath for tour dates.. just saying 🙂

  • Dearest Thom, Please don’t ever stop making music! You somehow have the ability to bring hope to this ever chaotic world.

  • i think TKOL is a fantastic album, on it’s own and with the two new downloads. it’s quite a poetic, ethereal journey. adding supercollider and the butcher into the mix rounds out the project nicely for me.

    and this video is hilarious. i watch it periodically when i need a good chuckle. thank you for making this.

  • i think after listen the album 300 times, it’s just a regular album,,, we all love radiohead that’s why we always say,,, amazing album!!! be honest, stop saying they are fantastic, they can make a regular/bad album like a regular band,,, but honestly it’s just a regular album,,, some songs are good,,, but just that. And i think they need to stop to sabotage themselves just to justify the great seach for something original, they crucified their guitars and drum kits, I think in this record they lost everything completly,,,, and other thing, Phil,,come on man!!!! put your pants on and raise your voice!!!, and say,, i’m gonna play like this,,, I’m a fucking drummer not a drum machine, fuck Thom, I’m the drummer,,, i hope someday he will say that to Thom…. and the last thing,,, if they came out with an album just experimental like TKOL ,,, they must drop the name of Radiohead, and call themselves, Yorke, J. Greenwood, C. Greenwood, O’Brien, Selway (like a jazz ensemble) that would be great! and they will become more famous,,, and the last thing,,, drums machines are fine,,, but not too much,,, stop the sabotage!!!. THAT WAS MY BRUTAL TRUTH !…… Hitler said the truth!!!!!

  • Who are these morons on here who are so against us having an opinion? TKOL is in my opinion, and quite a few others (3.5 stars now on Amazon) nothing but a major disappointment. The first half comprises of a collection of noises that my washing machine makes. The second half is a collection of half finished songs which RH have almost made as an inaccessible as possible. And just for the record, In Rainbows and Kid A are works of art. I’m off to ask WASTE for a refund.

  • TKOL is a masterpiece right next to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Dark Side of The Moon, Kind of Blue, and A Love Supreme! In fact, with ten years’ hindsight it may even surpass them all!

    I can’t believe they wrote such harmonically and technically complex songs in only three years! Only a genius could make eight songs in only three years.

  • @ ILOVELOVELOVERadiohead says:


  • @ Darren,

    *** The first half comprises of a collection of noises that my washing machine makes ***

    Hahaha……… please tell me exactly what brand and model of your washing machine, would love to have one when I need to replace mine someday. 😉

  • I agree with those who reckon that TKOL is a weak performance. It’s not the length nor the number of trax which is disappointing, but the spunky, uncourageous atmosphere, the general lack of any dynamic vitality (you almost get the feeling that none of these songs has been performed by all band members at the same time rather by copy&paste on the monitor screen), a lack of contrasts (i.e. instrumentations), poor harmonics (i.e. “Feral” which is absolutely static und poorly mixed), a lack of poetic quality (“Listen to your heart” – That makes me fart!). As someone who has been a RH fan from their 1st release “Drill” till “In Rainbows” I assume that TKOL will presumably their last album.

  • @ ILOVELOVELOVERadiohead

    I actually disagree with you on TKoL, but your sarcasm is still plenty funny…..

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