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Radiohead make Supercollider & The Butcher digitally available

If you’ve previously ordered the Newspaper Album/Digital Album you should head on over to your Order Tracking page at the official King Of Limbs store for a little bonus from Radiohead. There on your order page you’ll find a link to download the two tracks from Radiohead’s Record Store Day 12″ Supercollider/The Butcher that was released over the weekend. No more having to put up with crappy iPhone YouTube clips or less than perfect vinyl rips (which were much appreciated over the weekend, don’t get me wrong).

The two tracks are only available for those who ordered the The King Of Limbs digitally or the Newspaper edition. Oddly enough, if you ordered the Newspaper Album with mp3 you’re stuck with 128kbps mp3s (now upgraded to 320 kbps), while those who ordered the WAV download get the songs in WAV form.

As previously reported, the Supercollider/The Butcher 12″ will be available in the US and Canada on June 14. So if you’re keen to pick up a copy but missed out over the weekend, maybe wait it out a couple months and try your luck tracking one down then rather than paying a silly amount of money on Ebay.

As the band posted in an email message:

Thank you – Merci – Gracias – Grazie – Dankeschön – Obrigado – Gui lah hui te ha – Ashoge – Shukran – Tsikomo – M goi – Tak – Dank u – Vinaka – Aabhar – Köszönöm – Go raibh maith agaibh – Arigato – Tashakkur – Dziekuje – Gestena – Hvala – Tack – Tesekkür ederim – Spasibo – Dêkuji – Sas efharisto ……

Right, that’s most of you covered, apologies to those we’ve missed out … ok, so here are two tracks for your listening pleasure:

Supercollider and The Butcher. We released these as a limited edition 2 track 12inch vinyl to mark Independent Record Store Day last Saturday, April 16 … so in case you missed out and didn’t get a copy here they are.

It’s a thank you for being SO supportive of what we do …

p.s. This is not part of a new loyalty points scheme, a Radiohead clubcard or even an air miles redeemable reward type thing…

It is just a big old-fashioned thank you!

Hope your Spring/Autumn is good.

Ed, Colin, Jonny, Philip & Thom


FYI… ‘The Butcher’ was recorded and mixed during ‘The King of Limbs’ sessions, but we couldn’t make it work on the album; ‘Supercollider’ was started during those sessions and finished off in March of this year.

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  • It’s available to everyone who purchased The King of Limbs online. It showed up in my order tracking page as well, and I only sprung for the cheapest version of the album

  • thank you Radiohead !!!!!!!!!

  • 128kbps? FAIL

  • Just downloaded, more Radiohead is always better!

    I’m just perplexed as to why the mp3’s are 128kbps.

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  • Hells Yes! See Radiohead still love their fans, they might send us on a crazy adventure but they still love us!

  • Sweet! Listening now.

  • Why haven’t they announced this to their loyal paying customers?

  • why why why why why . dont you listen to them ? DON T BLOW YOUR MIND ! ! !

  • I see an angel hanging over the balllllllllllllllllllllllcony . . . fuck i love them !

  • wot dat

  • 🙂

  • Now i’m even happier i ordered the WAV format.

  • thanks radiohead for the rest of king of limbs…


  • Just one doubt, how to put it in the IPod? Will you guys add it as “TKOL” or something else?

  • add tkol

  • NOTE: There is an error in the article!

    I just downloaded the two tracks. I bought the MP3 version of the Newspaper album when it came out. I downloaded Supercollider/The Butcher and the files are ***320 kbps***. Just as in the MP3’s that I bought. Sean, edit the article. It is leading to many confused Radiohead fans!

  • The ones I downloaded were 320kbps MP3s.

  • “Little by little by hook or by crook
    I’m such a tease
    And you’re such a flirt”

    Sounds like their marketing strategy here. 😉

    Heck, money talks, you pay more, you get “a little” more. I’m hoping to get all the extras by paying for the Newspaper Album. 😉

  • Same here.
    320 kpbs

  • I downloaded the tracks and they were 128 kps mp3s. I deleted them and logged back into my TKOL order confirmation page, downloaded them again and they came as 320kps mp3’s.

    Problem fixed. Mistakes happen.

  • 320 here too.

  • At first I downloaded it and it was 128kbps… I just re-downloaded it they changed the files to 320kbps!
    The Butcher is fantastic!

  • it’s still the 128kbps version is the one you can download!

  • me to the same the second time the file its bigger

  • The WAV files are 24-bit so stop your bitching everybody.

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  • mine are 320

  • For the iPod I’m just adding it as “Supercollider The Butcher” exactly the way it’s labeled, its definitely not apart of TKOL. They don’t fit with the record, i for one love both songs though. When Phil starts smashing those drums at about 2 mins in it’s insanely awesome.

  • 2304kbps!!!!!!!!!! Now thats what I call quality!

  • The ones I downloaded were 36999d1!!1 megamonsters.


  • Aaahhhh…… I’m such a happy camper, sweeeeett…..


  • for some reason i’m having trouble with the order tracking. i log in and it redirects me to the ordertracking page, i click download the butcher and supercollider HERE and then it redirects me to log in. its a neverending cycle. can anyone help?

  • I downloaded at 320 kbps, first try.
    It also came with a free bag of crisps.

  • No, thank you Radiohead. And boo hoo to all you winers who complained about their release style, hope you feel moronic and self-centered.

  • 2 months to the day that it came out…. any coincidence?

  • Wouldn’t it lovely if new tracks just kept appearing like this over the next while! Whenever they had something finished!

  • did anybody else get a .pdf ticket for radiohead’s upcoming show at the troubadour?

  • doesn’t fit? are they crazy??? they could of put super collider eithet before or after feral.. it doesn’t fit in the 2nd half of the cd, but it works on the first half.

  • I love Radiohead, but you guys are freaking crazy, just take it as it comes, fuckers!

  • I heard there are 3 more songs coming out.

  • Is it just me or does the Butcher not have a good sound quality to it? I downloaded the wav format and it still sounds weak. Any thoughts?

  • Just heard both of them. Awesome! Love them!!!
    Btw, I just wanted to know how to include them in the iPod because I didn’t know how they would be labeled. I added them as they came…

  • Loving the new songs.
    They are at the same level as Lotus Flower to me!

  • Is it just me or do these sound like the vinyl rips already out there? Plus the audio levels of the 320 kbps mp3’s are way quieter than the 320 kbps mp3’s that were available for download from the main website. Seems like they got lazy and just gave out the already ripped vinyl version.

  • Bought the WAV version and they downloaded as WAVs. Also noticed Supercollider is 48kHz and The Butcher 44.1kHz.

  • Something sounds wrong with the butcher at the first of the song? I don’t think these sound any better than the vinyl rips. The first of the Butcher sounds like it was recorded by a 5 year old? Why can’t the recording quality be as smooth as in rainbows? Why does this band take forever to release two new songs and the quality sucks!??

  • I have the WAV version. To be honest, The Butcher recording sounds a little better then “Supercollider”, but that probably has something to do with the instruments they used too.

    But overall, I found TKoL has a lot more crisp and better sound.

  • Help! I downloaded the WAV files and though they play just fine in iTunes, they won’t play on any of my two iPods.

    Any idea why?

    I tried downloading the tracks afresh but still the same result. Plays fine in iTunes but not on the iPod. (I didn’t have this problem with my WAV download of TKOL.)

  • Aha — found out why the two WAV format songs play on my iTunes but not on my iPod — they’re 24 bit when they should be 16 bit. So hopefully Radiohead will fix that!

  • To Stephen H
    Try the instruction they gave you on the sign in page. It appears you are not the only one with this problem. I wish you the best.
    When you type in your email account, down on the left in one of those clicks are instructions if you are having problems.

  • yo…the butcher fits. it’s a dope track. all these ppl starving for more radiohead content. tkol is like nothing i’ve ever heard before…how detailed, textured and crisp each track is. i’ll put on feral to stress my car speakers as the bass resonates throughout. sadly ‘littlebylittle’ is my least fav…but i’ll take 7 out of 8 tracks anyday. i think ppl fear them coming to the end of their career thus the high expectations and demands. lets not forget they have families…loved ones…lives as well.

  • Yeahhh…… it feels like Christmas! 😀

  • I’m madly in love with The Butcher 😀

  • Least they could do for such a disapointing album.

  • I honestly think that whatever Radiohead released, the reaction on here would be markedly similar.

  • yeah! wouderfull easter present…. the butcher is great, i love it. Its a kind of second “A Wolf at the door”. Radiohead rules.

  • I agree Daniau, it must be really nice to point at everything and criticize the world. I really dont care about the hating and 5 year old the give me give me some people have started around here. I think both songs are amazing, (specially The butcher) and anything that comes after this will be enthusiastically received.
    Thanks Radiohead, and apologize us humans for been such “butchers”.

  • @Daniau & Costa Rica: Totally agree..

    Its interesting to se how divided RHs fanbase are. RH have fans from evey musical genre, which really reflects TKOL reactions. As it has been said before on Atease; The office charts was an indicator on what we could expect from RH. TKOL is a record who pleases ppl who like Post Rock, Stones Throw Hip Hop, dubstep and other experimental electronic music. Personally Id hoped for more Shoegaze and Krautrock. Anyway, in total, TKOL is a really good record.

  • Radiohead really did the right thing this time, by giving free downloads as gesture of thanks, especially to fans “pre-ordered” TKoL without knowing almost anything about this album, who demonstrated trust in their music and art.

    Interesting, I had no problem on IPod with WAV 24 bit, humm….

  • @good morning sunshine:

    Can’t agree with you more, except I love “LittleByLittle”, “Feral” is really growing on me.

    Does anyone know why all the titles of TKoL songs has NO space between, each song title is treated as one word?

  • Stop whining!!

  • @ Stephan H. Convert them to apple lossless in your itunes menu. That should fix it so you can play them on your ipod/ iphone.

  • I’m going to eat crow and say that these tracks are pretty amazing after a few times listening to them. “The Butcher” is my favorite out of the two. I’m hearing this as a Track 1 song for some reason, and I have images of how RH performed “There There” live when I listen to it. Should be an amazing live song.

    I know they are their own release, but I ended up putting them as tracks 9 & 10 at the end of TKOL, just to make it seem like a full album………and so I wouldn’t have to hunt them down separately when I want to listen. 😀

  • And on my end, I think the reason I had an iffy reaction to this album was because I got it in my head that after In Rainbows, I thought RH was back to a more guitar based sound. I should have known better. They are constantly evolving, and this album NOW only makes sense. If I accept it for what it is and NOT what I thought it was going to be, it’s another great RH album.

    Moving on:)

  • *** Does anyone know why all the titles of TKoL songs has NO space between, each song title is treated as one word? ***

    Humm… interesting, they appear that way on my ITune and IPod, but not on everything else. Like most of them spell them with space in each word. Another myth. ;P

  • I love this band so much.

    I’m so glad I don’t have to steal this afterall. 🙂

  • we cannot expect the artist to do something this or that way , if not , there would be no artists making art , there would be us making art . doesn t make any sense . if we let them create we shouldn t want them to create our way . we either like it or not but we should not expect doing things our way . [ platon rough translation to spanglish ] .

  • Just love them!

  • Very good, I’ll always love Radiohead!

  • Any relationship, be it lovers, friends, or families, is a breathing living thing itself.

    So is the relationship between fans and Radiohead. If we feel so strongly with the art they created, I really believe they feel us emotionally as well, so I don’t believe they are indifferent to our feelings and opinions if they find certain expectations reasonable to them.

  • I am open
    I am welcome
    For a fraction
    Of a second

    I have jettisoned
    My illusions
    I have dislodged
    My depression

    I let the shadows
    Back into their boxes
    I put the shadows
    Back into their boxes

    I see angels hanging over the balcony
    I see angels hanging over the balcony

  • Thank you Radiohead, I love you. 🙂

  • fans+drama=zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………

  • I’m enjoying these two tracks, definitely powerful stuff.

  • Please tell me where their e-mail message, which you quote, appears on their website. Don’t see it on Dead Air Space or the King of Limbs link.

  • @Maria. It appears on your mail adress, which you used for downloading TKOL or if you are registred to W.A.S.T.E.

  • @Maria

    I received this email from the band in my inbox along with the link (here) to download the supercollider/the butcher

    I’m sure everyone who purchaced TKOL via waste received the same email…

    Many Thanx to Radiohead and Co. for the beutiful and fabulous King of Limbs-Great work guys TKOL makes my heart smile and I’m so in love with The Butcher. Also Stanly D. The artwork is amazing I love you…

  • I didn’t get an notified email until last night. In the email, they apologize to some of the fans are left out being notified on Monday.

  • The Butcher…… I hear almost every member of Rh present in this song, love the harp like string instruments along with drums, and the singing style…. just a really great song!

  • @lifeistao

    Agreed! We and everyone else love the track. It is nice to really hear the band in this song. So glad Radiohead did this. Such a nice gesture. Hopefully this will simmer down the all of the high pitch whining from all the ungrateful/unsatisfied/unappreciative fans.

    “The Butcher” is carving its way into our hearts and minds…

  • revised TKOL tracklist anyone?

    morning mr. magpie
    little by little
    lotus flower
    give up the ghost

  • Also has anyone pointed out the similarities of the artwork for These Are My Twisted Words and the new 12″? Same style, differnt colours…. Was Tw\isted Words the first limb, TKOL was second, and this is third?

    Let’s hope there’s more somewhere down the line….. Supercollider is beautiful – and I was not impressed with the live version. Beats anything on TKOL for me.

  • @Radiohated

    ” “The Butcher” is carving its way into our hearts and minds…”, beautifully put.

    It’s interesting how primal the drum and singing feel in this song, and yet the strings are soo…… subtle and delicate.

    At times people would say not hearing enough of individual instrument from each member, but personally I think their music is beyond musicianship and showmanship, instead, more interested in making expression through music. With that kind of curiosity, they are open for any kind of experiment and innovation.

  • It’s interesting, ‘Supercollider’s’ singing remind’s me of ‘Seperator/codex ‘quite a bit, and ‘The Butcher’s’ intro is reminiscent of ‘Lotus Flower’s.’

  • @editedfuckedup,

    I see your playlist left out “Feral”. It actually can be a proper replacement for “Feral” if one doesn’t care much for “Feral”. They both share similar primal feel and tune. Well done!

  • Thank you @bvb and @LM. I’ve just realised that the order I thought I had placed for TKOL, di d not go through at the time. Should have realised when I didn’t get a confirmation order, but was so excited about the new album that I didn’t think. To say that I am heartbroken is an understatement. I’m going to try and order it again if I can , and will try and get the new songs downloaded by someone.
    Have heard them and they are beautiful, especially the Butcher, which also reminds me of the opening track of Lotus Flower, and supercollider brings Separator to mind.

  • Thank you very much Gentlemen, really appreciated, especially as I own the CD and the MP3s

  • Those of you with the I-Pod issue on the 2 songs – Could you please direct me where there’s a discussion or solution for it?

    Is it causing other people’s I-Pod to reboot itself when you try to play it? Or am I alone in that experience?

    Thanks…..much appreciated!

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  • Thanks for the news of the new track release.

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