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Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold covers Radiohead’s Let Down

Robin Pecknold from Fleet Foxes covered Radiohead’s Let Down a couple of years ago. A video now surfaced.

A 17-year-old Robin Pecknold, before the Fleet Foxes-era covered Radiohead’s Let Down. The track from OK Computer was played by Robin and his friend Aaron Mannino. You Ain’t No Picasso found the video on YouTube. Watch below:

Oh and here’s some recent Fleet Foxes stuff:

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  • Looking very posh Mr. Pecknold.

  • The guy on the left looks like a young Fred Armison…but I’m just a guy from Portland

  • Very nice, indeed.

  • strum strum strumetty strum

  • Such a good, good band. Their first album has got a lot of heart. Beach Boys, Byrds and obviously Beatles are in between their primary inspirations.

    Love to Fleet Foxes

  • Download the revolutionary Fleet Foxes Album Helplessness Blues free!

  • Excellent information even so Let me let you know that I think there is issue with your RSS feeds because they seem to not be working for me. May very well be just me but I thought overall I would state it.

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