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Radiohead’s King Of Limbs newspaper album has arrived

And the wait is over.

Earlier today, the first editions of The King Of Limbs “newspaper album” began to arrive on the doorstep of Radiohead fans who had preordered the special package. At this point, it seems most of the fans that have receieved their copies are in the UK so the rest of the world might have to be a bit more patient.

Photos of the package began appearing very quickly on the message board and you can view some of the photos here. But if you want higher quality photos and some thoughts from Stanley Donwood on the package you should check out this article published today at Creative Review.

The newspaper album seems to come pretty much as advertised. The album is presented on two pieces of clear 10″ vinyl (45 rpm) with two songs appearing on each side. Each piece of vinyl comes in its own sleeve. The album also appears on CD. The newspaper that comes with the album is much more substantial than The Universal Sigh at, reportedly, 36 pages in length including some photographs of the band. The sheet below the CD sleeve above features the tiny 625 pieces of artwork on blotter paper that can be torn into individual pieces if you wish.

We’re not going to go into all the details here (I don’t even have my own copy yet!) but there appears to be lots of artwork to explore when yours arrives at your door. If you’ve received yours already let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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  • It’s here and the vinyl is tasty.

  • Stanley Donwood is to Radiohead what George Martin was to the Beatles. Pure genius.

  • they ripped u off lol

  • Digging it. Massively. Very much liking the fractured, dislocated stories scattered throughout the paper. Help give the music another dimension and vice versa. Well done lads.

  • @ wot dat

    No, they didn’t. That’s exactly what I paid for, nothing more. How about you let me decide, the one who purchased it, whether or not it was a rip-off?

  • love it! although i don’t get the point of the 625 pieces of art… not complaining though, everything else is beautiful!! the vinyl sounds great

  • Stanely Donwood should fuck right off.

  • So it reminds of the Freddy Fender and Doug Sahm stuff.

  • That looks like a nice package, but I’m glad I saved my money and just bought the regular vinyl edition.

  • @separator – Not sure, but it looks to me like Radiohead gave you some fancy looking blotter paper to put your LSD on. maybe they’re trying to get people to drop L more often at the coming shows.

  • I’m jealous of European right now! 😀

  • LSD is nasty! > <

  • Ive bought every radiohead album ep single for the artwork, never again what a rip off feel so let down there is no extra songs even pack of sack munchers. What are ya supposed to do with blotting paper if ya dont take Acid? Ive seen better blotting paper too the king of let downs. Radiohead should fuck right off lost so much respect

  • “The album is presented on two pieces of clear 10″ vinyl (45 rpm) with two songs appearing on each side”
    what does it mean by that?

  • “The album is presented on two pieces of clear 10″ vinyl (45 rpm) with two songs appearing on each side”
    What does it mean by that? Is it Supercollider and The Butcher or two new NEW songs?

  • Radiohead ship out exactly what was advertised and people feel “let down”. the sense of entitlement people feel around here is slightly disconcerting. I got my copy of the newspaper album today, and think it’s a great purchase, am very pleased with it all.
    I think some people here maybe need to dial down their expectations, branch out to other artists, or try reconnect with reality.


    a joke 😉

  • I’m with ashman on this one. People were told from the outset what was going to be in the package, you got what you paid for. Stop your complaining about what you’re “entitled” to or the “lack of extra material”. It looks like a pretty sweet package based on the photo, can’t wait for mine to arrive.

  • Also, I think the main thing this album gave the world, is that a lot of Radiohead apologists learnt a new word: ‘entitlement.’ Is this to replace ‘hater’ or ‘basher?’

  • People are allowed to buy something. Absorb it. Take it in. And then form their own critical opinion on it y’know.

    It’s not automatically genuis just ‘cos Radiohead have a history of amazing music.

    Anyways, with that, bye. x

  • @16546064064164506541654

    Believe me, you can’t tell.

  • “The album is presented on two pieces of clear 10″ vinyl (45 rpm) with two songs appearing on each side”

    “What does it mean by that? Is it Supercollider and The Butcher or two new NEW songs?”

    Two vinyl records = four sides. Two songs on each side = eight songs. It’s just the album, sorry pal.

  • I have no problem people vent or complain, and this is a good place for it, anything about Rh, but let’s do the math:

    Price based on Amazon:

    MP3 Download $5.00
    Audio CD, 2011 $9.00
    Vinyl $10.97
    Shipping $10.00 (my guestimate)
    Total $34.97

    The rest $13.03 is for newspaper and artwork, that’s where it gets tricky, you be the judge.


  • @Gickna

    You’re angry with the band because you got what you paid for? It’s your fault for thinking there would be a surprise, not the band. They laid out exactly what was included, and that’s what you get. I can’t believe how many people like you bought this expecting surprises and are now pissed.

  • I sort of like Thom’s idea of using old fonts before fonts got too sophisticated.

    I like the idea of imperfection with some clumsiness, instead of being too sophisticated that our commercial industries have over emphasized over post war years, imho.

  • I enjoy Stanley’s artwork with my Radiohead albums.

    But this time – don’t you think they’ve tipped the scale in the wrong direction?

    625 mini-pcs-of-art. 8 songs. ?

  • I bought the album. ENTITLED to form my own opinion.
    10 tracks for $48 dollars.
    I’m “stealing” the next two albums.

  • RE: “They laid out exactly what was included, and that’s what you get. I can’t believe how many people like you bought this expecting surprises and are now pissed.”

    A chap above made this comment, but I don’t really think it rings true. So I thought I’d list why:

    1) Radiohead have previously sat on music to be released at a later date. When they released Kid A, they sat on some of the most well received songs (Knives Out, Pyramid Song, You and Whose Army?)

    2) It’s only 8 songs long and came after an unusually long 3 year gap.

    3) They’ve previously played new songs (Present Tense, The Daily Mail) not included on TKOL live, echoing their Kid A / Amnesiac period.

    4) When TKOL was made available for pre-order, it was left ambiguous exactly what music was on it. The different formats were explained, but not actually what was ‘on’ these items. Couple this with In Rainbows having additional material, and it was easy for people to make that leap.

    Anyway, there we go. 🙂

    P.S. – Just for the record, I paid £6 for the mp3 version.

  • Well I’ll be the first to say in these comments that the album makes a lot more sense if the songs are considered in pairs, one on each side.

    Bloom / Morning Mr. Magpie
    Little By Little / Feral
    Lotus Flower / Codex
    Give Up the Ghost / Separator

  • @ RML

    Im just pissed at the option available as a fan when you get a sniff of the new album you want it as soon as possible right? And you will pay what ever it is because you know in the past the band have always come good. To be honest I dont want the vinyl I just want the album on cd and all the art work If I didnt buy it online I would miss out on the art work. I just dont think you should be allowed sell an album for that money IMO is very overpriced for what it is. And for a band who care about waste really should start thinking about sticking to the digital downloads.
    I feel robbed!
    @ Entitlement Rights
    I’m with you on that one never paying for a Radiohead album again
    @ Radiohead
    dont rely on gimmick’s Id much rather great music

    Before that angers anyone im allowed think these things doesnt make them right/wrong

  • @16546064064164506541654

    RE: Kid A & Amnesiac

    Completely valid comparison, the only difference being when they recorded and released Kid A and sat on those tracks which would become Amnesiac, they didn’t say “Surprise! Here’s some free stuff you didn’t expect!”. They released a second 10 song album and charged just as much for it.

    Am I disappointed that there aren’t more than 8 songs + the two newest additions? Sure. But not at all in Radiohead. I agree with everyone here who has talked about this false sense of entitlement Radiohead fans have developed after TKOL.The band taking so long between albums probably has everything to do with the fact that they had a bunch of side projects going on where they didn’t between previous albums.

    Do I want more songs? Absolutely. But that comes from MY greed, in the same way that when I listen to a 10 track album by them, I’m always left wishing it weren’t over. If people want to express that sort of disappointment, I’m all for it! But I think it’s flat out fair-weather to act like they OWE you more. In the end, we all got 10 songs. If people don’t LIKE those songs, that’s fine, but I think people also need to stop crucifying the band for delivering what they promised, plus two more songs, and not surprising us with some secret second album.

    No surprises!

  • I think at this stage in the game, whether you’re a happy bunny or disappointed, we can all agree that this has been their most divisive release since Kid A – the difference here is that whereas Kid A divided opinion because of their new musical direction, KoL is dividing opinion because of a) the quantity of material, and b) fan expectations.

  • Stanley Donwood is a freaking genius. He has managed to encapsulate TKOL into art.

    The music stinks and so does the 625 pieces of crappy artwork.

  • WacoKid – and you forgot C : Radiohead sold out and some are not happy about that.

  • @Foetus C

    Statements like that confuse me though. Don’t mistake this as argumentative, I’m really just curious, but how exactly do you define selling out? The way I would define selling out is when a band compromises their musical integrity for money, ie – appearing in a commercial for a shitty product, or changing their sound because of record company pressure.

    If your basis for saying they sold out is because we were delivered less music for the money, I’d say keep in mind that TKOL is 5 minutes shorter than Pablo Honey and In Rainbows, and longer if you include Supercollider and The Butcher.

    If you don’t like the music, that sucks, because I would hate to listen to a new Radiohead album and think “ugh, what’s this crap?!” Fortunately, though it wasn’t at ALL what I was expecting, I still really like TKOL. For sure not my favorite album they released, but my expectations are just that – my expectations, and I think being ANGRY at Radiohead for releasing something you personally don’t like is akin to all the people who were angry that Radiohead didn’t release another OKC, or Weezer another Pinkerton, etc, etc.

    If you ask me, selling out would have been making music they didn’t WANT to make for fear of people saying “well, this isn’t what I pictured the next album would be like.”

    TKOL has revealed the subjective nature of some fans out there who say “I love how Radiohead evolves on every single album” until it goes in a direction they personally don’t like. I’m all for people PERSONALLY not liking the music, but to chalk it up to a band selling out rather than a departure from their own personal tastes just makes no sense to me.

  • Looking forward to getting my copy. The packaging makes me think of how for a while R.E.M. used to release the special box sets of their albums. Was able to get my hands on a couple of those (Automatic For The People, Monster, etc.), and I hope Radiohead keeps the tradition going on future albums. Good job, boys!

  • @allthehaters,

    I know your “entitled” to your opinions..but really? You hoped for surprises? New Music? More Music- RH released Hail to the Theif which has 14 songs and that is considered by most& critics as one of their worst albums- which I dont agree with. Now they come out with an 8 track album, +2 track EP puts them at approx 45 min of some pretty wicked tunes. They have stated their purpose, intent, desire to release their music this way- as a newspaper, a continuing thing. Your disappointment is your own let down and no body elses, if you dont like the music- thats too bad for you as thats 8+ songs you dont get to enjoy over and over…. go cry about it!
    (people who whine and complain & claim to be stating their opinion annoy me) – and I too, am entitled to my opinion 🙂
    I happen to live TKOL & I am glad that it is something unique and different. I have spent countless hours dancing & rocking out. I missed the “electronic” vibe when In Rainbows came out & they totally delivered it on this album. Some people just dont know how to appreciate a new masterpeice when they see/hear it. Sucks for you I guess….

  • @Joey

    Totally agree, except for the part about Hail to The Thief, I personally don’t have a bad thing to say about that album. But yeah, they made everything clear, especially if anyone followed interviews with Thom about their future album release plans. He said, to paraphrase, he felt they were done with releasing full albums, that breaking things up into shorter EPs was the way to go because it let them focus on the specific sound and vibe that they were feeling. I really liked TKOL, and I feel bad for anyone that didn’t, because as I said in my last post, I would hate to anxiously await a new RH release only to dislike it. But people definitely need to separate “I didn’t like that” from “you guys suck!” stated as universal fact.

  • @Joey

    Just re-read, thought you said “which I don’t disagree with” re: Hail to the Thief. My bad! haha

  • Bloody hell,30 quid is a night in the pub,stop getting worked up over nothing.Super album and.everything sounds better on vinyl(try OKC).

  • i am sleeping here . . . you guys are these boring little bitches coming out of you . . . . . .

  • This is basically the fiasco of Kid A all over again. When that album came out I was here reading the comments then and they seemed to be along the same lines as now; “WTF is this album suppose to be?”, “stop it with the dubstep bs (it was techno bs at that time).” “Radiohead sucks now”… Yadda yadda yadda. I honestly don’t see how people can say that about this album, especially Codex, but I will give the benefit of the doubt to them.

    As Tim said, Thom stated that Radiohead was going to go this route in later releases; forgoing LPs for EPs and singles. I am perfectly fine with this method of release, especially if it means less time between new material being released. Not saying people should be punished for not paying attention to all things Radiohead, but Thom did say this. You shouldn’t expect hidden tracks and bonus cds every time you buy a special addition album. In Rainbows was a tough act to follow, but I think they followed it quite well.

    The only thing people are ‘entitled’ to is having their own opinion.

  • The package includes everything that was promised. Nobody was forced to buy it. The artwork is a main part of it, which was clear due to the descriptions. Of course you can have different tastes and opinions about it but nobody got tricked at all. Everyone could have easily bought a digital version and maybe add the CD later, once it’s released. And don’t forget: We all got 2 additional songs as a surprise! In general I don’t think the longer, the better but adding those 2 songs, we got quite a lot of music for our money.

    Think package looks amazing and I’m excited to get mine.

  • I totally disagree! George Martin didn’t create art, besides the music!

    Stanley Donwood is more like STORM THORGERSON was to PINK FLOYD!!! The mastermind behind all the art & images for Floyd!!

    Check out the book “Mind Over Matter”

    And “Kid A” was Radioheads “Ummagumma” by Floyd! -∆~

  • The reply above was a response to:

    SubSickAlien: “Stanley Donwood is to Radiohead what George Martin was to the Beatles. Pure genius.”

  • @Dreamx

    I agree with you. And I know Stanley Donwood has nothing to do with music. Nigel Godrich was better suited there I guess. I used the George Martin/Beatles comparison simply to point out how important this man is to the band. Can’t imagine Radiohead without his contribution.

    RE: TKOL…

    You guys keep complaining about the price paid for 8 songs, etc..
    Get over it. Move on. Listen to something else. Ask for a refund. It’s been 2 months since I first listened to TKOL and I find myself loving it with each listen. I love the two new tracks, especially The Butcher. This new musical direction Radiohead has undertaken is pretty exciting. Already looking forward to the newer material.

  • @SubSickAlien about [ You guys keep complaining about the price paid for 8 songs, etc..
    Get over it. Move on. Listen to something else. Ask for a refund. It’s been 2 months since I first listened to TKOL and I find myself loving it with each listen. I love the two new tracks, especially The Butcher. This new musical direction Radiohead has undertaken is pretty exciting. Already looking forward to the newer material. ]

    reply : you can only understand that if you have a brain and a heart and a soul . they have none of that .

  • I think Stanley Donwood put in more effort for this record than the band did.

  • They did not rip anyone off because the Newspaper edition contains everything that was stated on the website.

    Unfortunately, Stanley has managed to put together a special edition that is eerily similar to the music it contains.

    Cheap, flimsily constructed and guaranteed not to last.

  • if miles davis could go back in time he should had called his album ” bitches bitches bitches ” .

  • last night i was listening with good headphones the album and i am like : ” are all these people serious ? ” i mean , you guys .


  • I for one can’t wait ti mine comes in the mail.

  • Half of you fools belong on a Justin Bieber Message Board.

  • ART

  • If people are complaining about the songs itself, ok.. thats fine. But as far as the pricing have a physical cd, the vinyl, the download, plus 2 extra superb amazing songs which calculate a bit over 30 dollars (depending on whether u got the wav or not, if u did get the wav. add an extra 5 bucks) Obviously the rest of the money goes towards the art that was put in this package.

    We got exactly what they told us we were going to get. No one got tricked. You just expected more.Thanks to some ppl like Josh from TKOL part 2 website. As far as im concerned, it was people like him who misled some fans with all of his bullshit theories that just made him look like an idiot. He and others gave some fans false hope, which is wrong. Anyways, I for one am extremely happy, and can’t wait for the mailman/woman to come knockin at my door very soon.

  • I may be the only one who thought this way, but when I saw the Newspaper Edition and the hefty price-tag, I thought it might had been a “Newspaper Subscription” – meaning more content to come in the ‘next issue’. This is obviously my own fault, but they are smart marketing people so it seems like they would have realized our minds would run wild about this album.

    Also, considering 14 dollars is the most I’ve ever seen an 8 track album sold for online digitally, I was mistakenly expecting a sort of ‘subscription’ service via the download also. Which again, was my own foolishness for expecting something that was not laid out to us in detail. It just made sense. All the conspiracy theories really made sense to me, and it felt like we were all part of a big marketing agenda, which was hypothetically awesome!

  • I think that is actually a real intriguing idea Jon. Very cool.
    I just think Radiohead deserves more, than all the negativity they’ve been receiving lately. They practically gave away In Rainbows when it came out. No one had a to pay a cent if they didnt want to. They gave us these are my twisted words for free, and the butcher, and supercollider for the ones who did purchase TKOL newspaper.
    c/mon, you know radiohead always has an ace up the sleeve

  • Anyone get the autographed one yet? I still have another week or so!

  • i think people would be less upset about the album itself and this whole conspiracy thing if Radiohead had not been so silent after TKOL’s release. To this day, i believe they have not had a single interview that actually went into detail with each band member about TKOL. Until Radiohead blow our minds with how they play these songs live, like with a webcast or tour or something, most Radiohead fans will continue to feel pretty pissed off about how they went about releasing TKOL.
    As for my opinion on TKOL, its a fantastic album. I ordered the Newspaper edition and i can’t wait for it to get in the mail.

  • LOVE the ALBUM, LOVE the ART. I’m a VERY HAPPY person 😀

  • WALL of ICE

  • Dear People Complaining About The Price,
    You do realize Radiohead supplied you with 625hits of fake acid that you could sell to idiots on lot at shows for 10bucks a pop right? bunk some custies at your next show and make your money back. In the meantime, why even bother complaining about something so entirely subjective? King Of Limbs is a delicious album. In my mind one of their most ballsy releases to date. Far more courageous than In Rainbows was. That is simply my opinion. Bloom = undeniably kick ass. Stop stressing your prepubescent balls off, it’s music not the end of the world.

  • It’s understandable to make the leap of wanting more music, but even the In Rainbows box stated that a second disc of music was included. Again, it’s not the band’s fault that you’re pissed. It’s yours.

    Also, I paid for the vinyl, and I’m happy as hell. To say that you’re not going to purchase any Radiohead music in the future is frankly immature.

  • Oh boy, we have some real babies here. “I’m never paying for a RH album again!” “I feel robbed!”

    Fuck you! Learn to appreciate reality a little. Nobody is swindling anyone, and anyone who is dissatisfied obviously purchased compulsively. They were clear about the contents of the packaging with the exception of the track list itself, and there was no need to purchase before the album was released anyway so anyone worried about that could have easily waited a little.

    This package has had more thought, creativity and love put into it than anything most artists put out. The same goes for the music itself. Radiohead aren’t trying to screw anyone, they’re trying to share their creativity with the world. If their creativity resonates with you on some level, great! Share the positivity around. Don’t like what they’re putting out? No problem. Get the fuck out of here and find something else to do that gives you joy. Don’t come here indulging your addiction to playing the victim, acting like Radiohead just stabbed you in the face.

  • radiohead are the only band whos albums i pay for that wont be the case anymore ………god its so immature to say that :). Buy what you want, like what ever band you want i dont give two shits if your happy to pay that much money for fancy eps fair enough that makes you happy so do it. At best ill steal first buy later if im satisfied its worth it. Basically blindly bought the box set my own fault but hey we learn from these things and behind it all Radiohead are a well oiled marketing monster

  • Radiohead, damned if they do, damned if they don’t, for different reasons.

    In Rainbow, it was a free or almost free lunch for some, it was our luck day, so be thankful.

    For TKoL, I agree with Gickna, if they are so concerned about environment, go with digital all the way. If I were Radiohead, I won’t even make cd or vinyls available at all, make it revolutionary. Because I believe they already built enough credential to make a radical and thorough statement, people will respect their conviction even not agreeable. Besides vinyls are just a passing trend, why get caught up by it? So it was my own damned fault I bought the cd and vinyl while I don’t need them, but tempted by their artwork, and their fault not making available choice.

    So I found different complains with different reasons here. But if you complain about not getting the 2nd cd, well, you are spoiled, and it’s still Radiohead’s fault, cause they spoiled you. 😀

    To sum it up, when we try to do the right thing, we got burned by the wrong crowd, when not, we burned the wrong crowd. 😀

  • Radiohead set a precedence with how they released In Rainbows.

    They did it again with Harry Patch and These Are My Twisted Words.

    By then, people EXPECTED clever tricks.

    Radiohead control their own marketing now.

    And (I think) it bit them on the arse this time.

    I hope they continue to be as bold as they are, as it’s fun and interesting.

  • *** To sum it up, when we try to do the right thing, we got burned by the wrong crowd, when not, we burned the wrong crowd. ***

    Sorry, “we” referring to human/people in general, not we as fans. 😛

  • @ me or not ?


    Nice article, it speaks for me. I especially like this phrase:

    “One reason Radiohead has always been an extraordinary band is bacause of their ability to balance grand lyrics and sounds without compromising themselves.”

  • All good points- i don’t think £33 is a piss-take to pay for good artwork like that. i might leave mine sealed and flog it in 20 years..

    my only issue is this whole ‘revolutionary release strategy’.. is that it? sell some cool artwork online? tempted to think it’s part of a long-term strategy..

    i have a feeling there may still be more to come, may be a while though. only been a few weeks, if there are more tunes coming it might not be until christmas or longer!

  • Radiohead, Codex.

  • Radiohead, Bloom.

  • Er, it maybe wrong of me to say this but I actually prefer TKOL to In Rainbows. It both works better and flows better as an album. House of Cards just slowed things down WAAAAAY to much for my liking. Making the second half of that album a little bumpy in terms of cohesion. Meh, what do I know?

  • @lifeistao

    ‘vinyls are just a passing trend’

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah right vinyl’s been a passing phase for nigh on two hundred years! Many you crack me up!

  • I would pay 33 pounds for Freddy Fender and Doug Sahm releases!!

  • I have the Wu-Tang clan Enter the 36 Chambers on Vinyl let me tell you the bass hits hard!! I want Kid A on vinyl so badddddd……Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, they all sound better on Vinyl!!

  • I love it when people call you a whiner when you don’t like something. Its like they whine when have an opinion.
    Stop telling people how to think. You like the album, good.
    Others did not. They have a right to think and feel any way they want.
    Oh, I’m sorry, I was whining.


  • I keep wishing we could hear a complete interview from the whole band in regards to The King of Limbs. Still seems odd that nothing has been said about the album from the Band almost 3 months in now.

    I am looking forward to getting this Newspaper album early – can’t wait actually.

  • To those saying this is a ‘rip off’. Firstly, the package contains exactly what was advertised. Secondly, let’s quote this page which states that of the £30, £6 was for the MP3s and £5 is for shipping. So what we actually get cost us £19. Take away the £10 that the CD would have cost to buy on it’s own, and we have £9, take away the £15 that the 12″ vinyl would have cost and… oh, -£6? And we haven’t taken into account that we get all the artwork too, the newspaper, and the fact that the vinyls are clear 10″ 45s and not standard 12″ 33s. Somehow, I don’t think this is a rip off.

  • @shakey_hill

    *** HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah right vinyl’s been a passing phase for nigh on two hundred years! Many you crack me up! ***

    ” Are you having a laugh? Are you having a laugh!?” — Ricky Gervais’s Extra 😀

    My parents used to have turn tables, no one has touched them since the 80s’, just donated them to Good Will couple years ago, now you tell me?

    Vinyls haven’t been around 2 hundred years last time I checked, but you got one thing right, they are going to stick around for hundreds of years, their waste and toxins. 😉

  • uhhh they need to eat too?

  • has it been confiremed that they are cut at 45rpm?

  • Is the band going to say anything about the album or perform any songs? Are they even a band anymore?

  • They just released two other songs on record store day, i am pritty shure they still are a band.

  • For those “fans” who keep complaining about Radiohead’s latest opus, just do us real fans who appreciate the music for what it is a favor and piss off.

    Beautiful album, beautiful packaging, couldn’t be happier. Radiohead always does an amazing job in encapsulating the feeling of the music with the artwork.

  • OK Computer was released as a box set with a t-shirt and mouse pad and extra art, I remember seeing that selling for about $70. I don’t remember what I paid for the Library Book edition of Amnesiac, but I’m sure it was at least $35, the special edition Hail to the Thief was $25-30, and these were all CD-only. I haven’t received my newspaper yet, but I don’t feel cheated getting a whole bunch of artwork, plus two vinyls and a cd for $50.

  • The best packaging extant! Just simply amazing, and I cant wait to see and feel it!

  • In contrast to the “it’s exactly as advertised” / “you went into this with your eyes open” argument, i feel to say ‘625 small pieces of art’ isn’t exactly 100% accurate..

    Closer to the truth is more like 10 small pieces of art repeated a further 615 times.

    The Mona Lisa is one piece of art. You don’t count all the reprints in gift shops around the world too and say its 1million pieces of art now, do you? (or do you? What IS art anyway?)
    Suppose for me that was a small let down.

    But the paper and music are great and really i’m just glad to be a part of the whole event..

  • I can confirm, having received the album, that these are indeed 45rpm vinyls.

    And conspirators, there’s no extra music, ok? Piss off now.

  • Hi everybody,
    did anyone else’s order status change from something like “not shipped yet” to “order number … contains no physical items to be shipped”?

  • The price: I don’t feel ripped off at all with this purchase. It is EVERYTHING THEY STATED and a beautiful thing to own. I am grateful to all involved in creating it.
    Not only was it cheaper than In Rainbows, but the whole shift in materials used, in order to continue their dedication to all things green, could have meant production cost more than previous albums.. Just another thought?

    The idiots: People talking about “Never paying for a Radiohead album again” are missing the point somewhat. The fact that the sales of the online In Rainbows mp3 was so low proves how greedy and selfish most people are when it comes to music. It was an amazing social experiment to watch, and highlights again people’s misguided sense of “entitlement” – the offer was to pay what you thought it was worth; clearly people are evermore losing the concept of “worth”.
    Your views on music “theft” should apply to the whole music industry, not just one band .. You either understand that all the musician’s work you wish to “own” should be earnt/ paid for, or you don’t. It should have nothing specifically to do with Radiohead’s music.

    The music: is stunning, and a brilliant follow on from In Rainbows in my opinion!
    I will be enjoying the whole package for a very long time to come, and still believe Radiohead are pushing and altering boundaries in a positive way. Kudos

  • Thorsten – No sign of mine yet, and my order status is also “order number xxx contains no physical items to be shipped”

  • Finally, TKOL newspaper album is arrived at Japan!

  • Has anyone in the US received it? I am still waiting for mine. And for the record I doubt I will feel I paid too much. Considering the hours I have spent listending to their music the prices I pay are my way of saying thanks and hopefully ensuring they create more music in the future. Hell, i bought 3 copies of TKOL!!!!

  • No sign of it yet here in California. Can’t wait to get my hands on it! And I agree with “Think…le” 100%, I don’t mind paying what I paid given how many years of enjoyment they have given me with their music. Including TKOL, which I happen to think is fantastic

  • No sign of it yet here in Texas either. I didn’t get into radiohead until about a year or two after In Rainbows so I was ecstatic to buy this album when it first came out. I love the album and can’t wait to get my hands on the vinyl. Patiently waiting….

  • @Thorsten and PapaShango, I have the same problem as well.
    If you go to order tracking, check “I’m having issues downloading” where you can either directly chat with someone from the helpdesk or you can send an email (I just sent one). Hope that will resolve our problem!

  • Got this back from the helpdesk regarding the “no physical items” notification:

    “Thank you for your email. You are seeing this message because your physical item (newspaper album) has been dispatched, on 28th April. Please wait 25 working days from the date of dispatch for your order to reach you. This is standard shipping advice via our shipping authorities for all European and Rest of World destinations. ”

    Hope this helps!

  • @RonB, yep, my copy arrived in the meantime. in the first place, the mere fact that the status had changed made me guess that the copy had been shipped. Only after it didn’t arrive within a week or so (within-Europe shipment) I started to wonder what the message really meant. Still, thanks!

  • Just a thought, are the tiny artworks meant to be strips of Ticker Tape?

  • Tiny artworks are meant to be used as acid paper. Blow yourrrrr mindddd

  • Got mine in Miami yesterday.

  • Just got mine today! I’m kinda wish I got an autograph with this purchase! Packaging is cool though.

  • I’m in Texas also.

  • Mine arrived today (in Maryland)

  • I’m in Indiana and my copy hasn’t arrived yet…. It’s starting to worry me considering everyone else is getting theirs. It also worries me because my friend ordered the In Rainbows box set when it came out and he had to contact them twice because it didn’t come. In the end, I don’t think he ended up getting one at all. 🙁

  • Did anyone notice the messages etched into the vinyl? Right where there are normally just identification numbers (next to the label but on the actual vinyl) there are also little messages on each disk.

    Side one says “Endless branches”
    Side two says “uncontrollable”
    Side three says “a never ending mesh”
    Side four says “intertwined in to everything”

    Pretty interesting. Kinda reminds me of the hidden book in the Kid A CD. Pretty pointless but pretty awesome at the same time.

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