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BBC to broadcast Radiohead’s The King Of Limbs live from the Basement

BBC Worldwide Music Television will broadcast a Radiohead show when performing their latest album The King Of Limbs live.

The BBC has signed a deal with Radiohead to distribute internationally a new and exclusive live performance of Radiohead’s eighth album, ‘The King of Limbs’. Radiohead – The King of Limbs: Live From The Basement is a 55-minute performance by the band and will feature the notoriously elusive band performing the entirety of their celebrated new album in a studio setting with some additional behind the scenes material. It is scheduled to be the first time that the grammy-award winners are captured on camera this year.

In a press release Bryce Edge of Courtyard Management, Radiohead’s management company said, “This will be Radiohead’s first collaboration with BBC Worldwide and the band are excited at the prospect of having their first live performance of ‘The King of Limbs’ broadcast around the world . The band will be filmed and recorded by the From The Basement team, which includes Nigel Godrich their long time producer, Dilly Gent ,who commissioned many of the memorable Radiohead videos and Grant Gee who filmed the Radiohead documentary ‘Meeting People is Easy'”

Radiohead – The King of Limbs: Live from the Basement becomes available to international broadcasters in June and is embargoed for broadcast until 1st July 2011. The programme is filmed in HD, will have no audience and no presenter – just a rare opportunity to see an intimate performance from one of the greatest bands in the world.

Several years ago Radiohead played their previous album ‘In Rainbows’ live at that same basement. This is what it looked like:

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  • Great news! I was really hoping they would do something like this as I’ve been very curious to see how this material would be performed live.

  • Gosh. I hope it’s my basement.

  • This is some very exciting news. I was r early hoping they were going to do a basement performance for tkol

  • NEAT!

  • great news, finally see some of this live!

  • yessssss

  • LIKE

  • “RADIOHEAD – The King of Limbs: Live From The Basement is a 55-minute performance…”

    So that gives more than enough time to just perform the songs on TKOL right? Will they play older songs or… OMG! Newer songs!!!

    Looking forward to watching them perform Bloom, Feral and Morning Mr Magpie!!

  • Very good news! I hope they release it later, as they did with the In Rainbows from the Basement.

  • excellent! can’t wait!!

  • 🙂

    Good day.

  • Sounds good, it’ll be interesting to hear how these songs are arranged for live performance.

    Although, this is a little confusing for British viewers. It keeps mentioning ‘international’ distribution, but it isn’t clear if/when it’ll be screened in the UK.

    Wasn’t From The Basement on Sky Arts 1 last time?

    Oh well, I’m sure there’ll be plently of uploads (& who knows, if it’s good enough Radiohead might finally get off their arses and release it officially- though I’d doubt it!).

  • Sounds awesome!

  • @ IntheBellyofaWhale:

    I don’t believe the entire FTB IR era performance was released- only a few tracks on the series DVD- or did I completely miss this?!?

  • Hopefully they’ll play the butcher and Supercollider as well, but with Live songs sometimes being longer and “behind the scenes” stuff there’s no way of knowing what we’ll get soley based on a 55 minute running time.

  • In Rainbows: From the Basement is on i-tunes and hopefully BBC releases it there a week later or something. Would be nice to get an actual DVD, but I doubt it.

  • I must be dreaming

  • Love. Full Stop.

  • YEEEESSSSSS!!!!! 🙂

  • TKOL
    +behind the scenes

    55 minutes long boner

  • seeing TKoL live will prove everyone who said it sucked wrong. gotta spoon feed some people

  • I really like this:

    “This will be Radiohead’s first collaboration with BBC Worldwide and the band are excited at the prospect of having their –> first <– live performance of ‘The King of Limbs’ broadcast around the world."

    I was a little concerned by the vagueness and the radio silence following the release of KoL regarding live performances, particularly given Thom's ambivalence on touring due to environmental reasons, and this indicates exciting things in the future.

  • Swweeeettt…….

    yeah… as far as tour, i’m as ambivalent as thom, but for selfish reason, I still fantasize their live……

  • Also the last FTB was arguably one of their best performances ever of that material. I’m really curious to see how they make some of this new stuff (Bloom, Feral, Lotus Flower) work in a live setting.

  • Really great news. I’ve been waiting for this so much!

    Hopefully they will perform also “Supercollider” and “The Butcher”…

  • @tpop

    tkol the words right out of my mouth !

  • radiohead in the basement – instant classic

  • thank goodness TKOL was so short, they can play some other stuff too!!!!! (not)

  • I hope the band fills up the 55 minutes with VH1 Storytellers-like explanations of the inspiration behind each song! and the divisive inter-band love triangles! and extended ed guitar solos! and maybe even some room for commercials!

  • Fuck it’s about time.. I really think this will make the 1st half of the album much more enjoyable for the haters of those songs. Phil being included minus the drum machine should spice it up. Just a feeling.

  • wait but WHEN?! im confused

  • *** Radiohead – The King of Limbs: Live from the Basement becomes available to international broadcasters in June and is embargoed for broadcast until 1st July 2011. ***

    Humm…. I’m confused too. Exactly when and on which network, they didn’t mention?

  • After Separator ends, I’d love to see them launch into a full-band version of Follow Me Around.

  • Wow! the last LFTB was excellent!
    There are SO MANY great songs left off…..

    Please Radiohead, if you are reading this, don’t leave out the 5-10 awesome tracks you DIDN’T record……

  • Is Ed going to be there??

  • Sounds great! Can’t wait to see it, I loved their last performance there!

  • That video is from my YouTube channel :).

    Thanks AtEaseWeb :D!

  • 55 minutes? Looks like we’re FINALLY going to get to hear the rest of King of Limbs!!! Y’know, the tracks that were supposed to be on the newspaper edition of the album…. 😉

  • BBC??? and the purpose of is…. ??????

  • […] Source:… […]

  • JULY!?!?

  • with colin’s face at 52.33 on the old basement session here, it is clear here’s having a special time.

  • Hope they add The Butcher and Supercollider to the live performance!

    This is definitely GREAT NEWS!

  • AWSOME! FINALLY !! Would this mean a first live event of many more to come this year?

  • 55 minutes = TKOL + Supercollider and the Butcher… plus some footage of the guys in the basement drinking water between tracks…

  • I don’t know why it’s so difficult for people to read. It’ll be shown on as yet to be determined tv channels outside the UK/EU sometime next month. Then the BBC will screen it on the first of July…

  • Didn’t anyone else notice Colin’s t-shirt From the basement In Rainbows, that it resembles TKOL? A tree with branches & limbs?

    • Yes, I did it bro.

  • Including the footage how to apply those 625 tiny pieces of artwork, there, we have all the questions answered…… 😀

  • 55 minutes…enough time for Thom to check his twitter while his laptop spits out the beats. Colin will play a couple of basslines and then loop it and go back to the other guys in the back drinking ales and havin’ a laugh. Maybe Jonny will lift a finger to push push a button or two.

  • Maybe it will sound decent live. There is no way it will sound as bland as it does on record. I think.

  • I wonder what the background setup would be like to go with TKoL. LFTB for In Rainbow, color scheme sort of fits the theme of IR.

    I imagine they probably take some of the color from their artwork to go with the mood of TKoL. But somehow I’m so stuck with the image of vastness and tranquil colors because of Bloom/Lotus Flower/Codex/Separator, but the rest the songs can go with earth tones. I don’t know, just rambling…… 😛

  • I have a feeling that as soon as people see these songs performed live, everyone will take back their negative opinions on this album. Radiohead always seem to pull it off with their performances. TKOL will be super interesting and I really can’t wait for this new In the Basement!

  • I hope supercollider & The Butcher?

  • Everyone? No…and anyone who does show interest in the music played live, who disliked the album, will probably still dislike the album. People can’t give up the thing’s they hate, because then they’d need to put a whole bunch of effort in hating something else and that’s too much work. Don’t give the internet too much credit.

  • jizz in my pants

  • GOOD news, at last! Thank God.

  • Yeah but fucking WHEN! Don’t say “June” that’s a whole month and it’s NEXT month. They should know when. Release it now you bastards

  • @hell-punk
    are you kidding me? i know tons of people who hated Kid A until they watched the songs performed live.

  • Gosh!!!

  • That should be cool…. But what does this mean for a summer tour if this is planned for the dead middle. I might be completely off with this tho.

  • @ed

    Maybe that’s because they realized the songs sound way better on the album than performed live.

  • not necessarily true… i love watching videos on youtube of them playing morning bell, idioteque, national anthem, etc….
    theres a different energy to them. there always is when they perform

  • The VAST majority of Kid A and Amnesiac songs are a LOT better live than on the record.

    National Anthem and Idioteque are the obvious examples, but I might be wrong, like spinning plates, Morning bell, Dollars and Cents, even pakt are TONS better live.

    The band released IMBW:LR because they new the live versions needed to be released.

  • IDK, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think most of Kid A, translates well live, Amnesiac fares a lot better… Maybe it’s the production, the mixing, vocal effects and the electronics that just create’s that perfect atmosphere that can’t be recreated live.

    ‘How To Disappear Completely,’ is possibly in my top 5 live songs though.

  • Hope being alive on 1st july

  • “the first time that the grammy-award winners are captured on camera this year.”

    Makes it sounds like a wildlife documentary…

  • i really hope the rest of the band is there. it only two hands to press buttons, last i knew thom had two hands. maybe they will all take turns pressing buttons. no but really though, im pretty pumped about this

  • What’s the last track they play on this please?

  • The song is Go Slowly.

  • So what if they all just gonna press buttons around? They are the Effing Radiohead!!!! I’ll watch it even it only shows them sitting around drinking coffees. Everything they do is AWESOME! 😀

    cant wait!

  • Thanks LA

  • radiohead

  • It better be available on iTunes again! I loved the From the Basement recordings from In Rainbows. Go Slowly was especially moving.

  • @Dreamx

    I noticed that too! They were obviously working on it during the In Rainbows Basement Session.

  • any update about what is the exact time of the show ??

  • This is a marvelous write-up. Thanks a ton for making the effort to describe all this out for all of us. It really is a great guide!

  • […] from the “Basement.” We can all expect a full taste in July when the session appears on BBC in HD; so we can see Thom bobbing his head in high […]

  • ok so what time will the broadcast be today? Anyone out there know???

  • What the f**k is happening why is there no news???? This is sharting to annoy me I want to watch this live

  • it will be on on july 23 9pm, midnight, and 4pm the following day (24th) on palladia in the states (est i suppose)

  • Thank you Q it has all over the net its on today for some reason

  • I like this web blog very much so much great info.

  • […] Radiohead At Ease, a Radiohead fan site, announced a deal between Radiohead and BBC Worldwide Music Television that will see the band perform the entirety of their latest album for BBC’s segment “Live From The Basement.”  The last Radiohead episode featuring In Rainbows from start to finish was amazing and I’m thoroughly excited for this next installment. […]

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