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Flying Lotus to remix Radiohead’s The King Of Limbs?

It’s no secret that Radiohead and Flying Lotus are big fans of each other. FlyLo has remixed Reckoner, Thom Yorke appeared on last year’s stunning Flying Lotus record Cosmogramma, and just last week Thom spun records with Flying Lotus at LA’s Low End Theory.

Perhaps it’s not that surprising then that Flying Lotus appears to be remixing the entirety of The King Of Limbs (or perhaps just a song?). According to an interview with Flying Lotus in the Colorado Springs Independent:

Indy: He was also on your last album. Are there any more collaborations like that in the works?

FL: Not that I know of. They wanted me to remix the new Radiohead record, and I’ve been trying to mess with that a little bit. But I haven’t gotten to it yet.

Indy: Tell us what that’ll sound like when you’re done with it?

FL: It’s too early to say, man. I have no fucking clue. It’s difficult to work with, because the pieces that they gave me, there’s no real a cappella. It’s like piano and voice at the same time.

Indy: So you can’t separate them.

FL: No, I can’t. So I have to come up with some shit that’s a little similar to the record, I guess, to an extent.

Hopefully this project sees the light of day at some point. But imagine Flying Lotus producing a Radiohead record? (No offense, Nigel.)

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  • This is awesome! I love how radiohead & thom have shown me excellent music outside of radiohead, like joy division, unkle, flylo, and portishead! Hope he figures it out!

  • Come on people, It’s all pointing towards a solo album ;D

  • We shall see. Making an album is one thing and rearranging it is another.

  • Remember how Massive Attack would remix the entire OKC at the time. These things never happen.

  • Hip hop people often use “record” just to mean “song,” so maybe he’s just remixing Codex or something.

  • Good point, Alex. Edited the post.

  • Thom yorke solo stuff?…

  • when thom was giving out newspapers in london, someone told him they loved codex and he said ‘wait till you hear the remix’.

  • How do you know that? Have you got a link to the video?

  • No. I just happened to be there.

  • Tom you’re lucky to have such info, man.

  • and it all ends here

  • Awesome news. It’s great when artists inspire one another and play around with each others music. Will be nice to hear.

  • Um come on guys use some common sense.. he’s clearly talking about a single track,, and er, the one with piano. It’s not exactly hard to see he’s talking about doing a codex remix not the whole album.. stop adding to the rumour mill.


  • if it was an official thing Radiohead would have given FlyLo seperate strands to work with. like the seperate song branches released on Itunes when InRainbows was released. So this smells of BS to me

  • I hope Radiohead reconsider Flying Lotus and have Moby remix the TKOL?Please reconsider????????

  • Seems like Flying Lotus is officially Thom’s BFF. I wouldn’t be surprised if this goes down, I would also bet on some other tunes from Thom coming soon – possibly something of a followup to his Erasure record.

  • *** I would also bet on some other tunes from Thom coming soon โ€“ possibly something of a followup to his Erasure record. ***

    Humm…. let’s hope so… would be interesting.

  • I’m less excited about this is FlyLo seems to be.

  • The Eraser Record **** sorry

  • The Eraser record, is FAR from shit. I love that album, really beautiful. I suggest you go back and try it again my friend.

  • “It’s no secret that Radiohead and Flying Lotus are big fans of each other..”

    Radiohead =/= Thom Yorke

  • [ sorry for the copy paste ] :

    ok โ€“ TKOL newspaper edition @ home . miami . i would had payed what i payed just for the vinyl itself . so everything else is a big plus . the newspaper is beautiful . i love it and will take lot of time with it [ when i am back from flaming lips and mogwai thu/fri hehe in atlanta ] . the cd is nice . the vinyls amazingly beautiful . the newspaper [ again ] incredible . the vinyl cover art another beauty from them/stanley and the blotter paper sheet i really do not understand [yet] how to appreciate it [ i like to be fair and not just a crazy fan ] . i would really love to hear from stanley about his idea on it a bit more . also the sound on the vinyl is obviously amazing as well . TKOL is an album that i admire and enjoy so much , i really feel blessed since i was really desiring a RD album like this after in rainbows . i really wanted something like this [ ask my friend K about it hehe ] . also the in the basement will be something so important for me [ and people in general i guess ] which is an incredible surprise . also [ sorry yes i do not write this much often ] butcher/collider are great and i enjoy them a lot [ and will enjoy more when vinyl is here ] . but yes i would loved them to be part of TKOL album itself . and also [ ufff ] i still feel there s a lot more to come , i do , does it matter in which form ? does it matter if an album or singles ? not , it does not matter . RADIOHEAD i love you . thank you for being who you are .

    ps : i am dying to hear from them talking a lot more about this release . for some reason they are not . which is smart/cool . and please i need an answer : THE TRICK BRAIN page is something they personal saw ? i feel it is . maybe not .

    respect arts / listen with your heart / and stop being so demanding / if you do not like something just pass on it / and care about your personal life .

    I LOVE U .

  • vinyls in general are a way of discovering . give up the ghost already makes so much more sense , specially where its been located into the short beautiful trip [ i am not even sure i could handle more than that at once , could be dangerous for the human mind ] tkol is . then the blotter paper [ still not sure if spelling correctly myself ] now starts appearing even perhaps as part of the trip hanging on my l.r. wall by some kind of colorful naif stuff i have on that side . not sure . maybe its all a dream and i haven’t even received tkol yet . off to work . atlanta tomorrow . lips + mogwai

  • Got my Newspaper Album….. yippee!!!! I’m such a happy happy camper!

    Haven’t read the newspaper yet, just browsing a little. Had a sense that some of them are their thoughts from having substance, or who knows……, but the blotters are puzzles, like maybe they meant to be some kind of cryptic puzzles?

    Anyway, it’s a beautiful day, even it’s cloudy.

    LONG LIVE RADIOHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I suprised no one has put Stanley’s “art” on their tongue and waited 45min to 1 hour to see its affects. =)

  • @ Very Suprised!!!

    Uhhhh,…. did you try yet? Please let me know your result. I ain’t gonna try it if it’s LSD, bad bad trip I had……. XD

  • @lifeistao

    I haven’t received my newspaper album yet. It wouldn’t be very weird if acid came back strong and had radiohead blotter tabs on the market.
    In this world it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.
    Plus, I miss acid…. Oops. Did I type that?

  • Here is a little Radiohead fan film I made

    I filmed it in the Jellyfish lake in Palau and while I was there I had the song “Nude” in my head. Just seemed fitting.

  • I heard that TKOL2 is coming out Dec 22 2012.

  • Dec. 22, 2012 is only about 1.5 years away, I can wait….it keeps my life going with new hope… neto, good job! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @ Very Suprised!!!

    Those blotters seems too thick for acid, but again, I haven’t seen those stuff for ages, what do I know. Please def. keep me posted, curious to hear from your experiment. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Meh, I’m starting to feel Thom is going too far afield with these recent collaborations – I respect his innovating and curiosity but just as writers do best writing what they know – Thom is not black, an American, or young. This direction seems like a dead end. I’m hoping after fiddling around he’ll redouble his efforts with Radiohead, that is where his strength lies. Yeah, FlyLo is a Coltrane, and Sean, John’s son, is a Lennon – doesn’t guarantee greatness as a musician. FlyLo is great in his genre – but his world is far away in every sense from Thom’s.

  • I just received my album and it looks nothing like $48.
    But I don’t want to be a whiner because in this day and age you are not allowed to whine about anything. Just take what they give you.
    The art looks reprinted and not really art unless you consider a magazine art. I’m sure some do.
    I like the album. Needs more music. Wait. I didn’t type that. Don’t want any one to get too upset about my opinion. Can’t have one of those here. Sheeesh!
    I am now attempting to eat the blotter paper….
    Nope. Just ink on a reprint. There I go again. Sorry. Art.

  • I tried to wet the back of blotters, see if they work like stickers, nope!

    Now… those blotters are a bigger myth…..

  • Peter, your comments are, to put it kindly, “close-minded.” What does FlyLo being young, black, and American have to do with anything? It’s not like he makes rap music or something. He’s an electronic artist. Would you even know he was young, black, and American if you never saw a picture or interview of him? I think you underestimate the power of music to bring together artists in unexpected ways with unexpectedly wonderful results.

    Thom has made his love for the genre abundantly clear for many years now. It’s time everybody get over it. If you want him to stick more to guitars and rock music, you’re entitled to that opinion, but Thom is going to do whatever he wants so stop whining and just don’t listen to it if you don’t like it.

  • See Peter. You had an opinion. Shame on you. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have you learned your lesson yet?

  • Right, it is an opinion – my point is that when Thom strays from his base – Bjork, FlyLo – he makes “interesting” and some good music but nothing compelling or great in my opinion. Closed-minded does not define me, nor do I want Thom to do rock music – that is trojanpony’s “attack” on my viewpoint. In my opinion, Thom is very much a product of his environment and that is where, thus far, his strength lies as an artist.

  • Bjork is straying from his base? I think that’s one of the most natural collaborations he’s ever done. Thom’s music is much more a product of his musical influences than it is of his environment, in my opinion. One of his influences is electronic music, including FlyLo. You can say whatever you want about his music but to say he shouldn’t collaborate with FlyLo because he’s young, black, and American sounds pretty stupid. When you first heard FlyLo’s music, did you honestly think to yourself “this sounds like a black guy from California”??? And have two artists from completely different environments never made amazing collaborations before? Again, “close-minded” was being kind.

  • I didn’t say he shouldn’t collaborate with anyone – I know Thom’s musical history. I said I don’t see these collaborations as his strength – you sure read a lot into things – check your prejudices.

  • remix=lack of talent/creativity

  • I almost don’t see the point of FlyLo’s remixed Reckoner, although I really like what FlyLo did in this remix.

    How do i put it? humm…. like Thom and FlyLo are talking at the same time, but not to each other?

  • No Peter, you didn’t just say “I don’t see these collaborations as his strength.” That would have been a perfectly acceptable thing to say. But you went further and said he shouldn’t be collaborating with an artist who just happens to be young, black, and American – traits which are not self-evident from his music as far as I can tell. You can pretend you didn’t say it but anyone can scroll up the page and see for themselves. Telling me that I’m the one who needs to “check my prejudices” is the most blatant demonstration of psychological projection I’ve seen in quite some time. This is the last I will comment on the matter. Take down the walls in your mind.

  • This is really cool…..

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