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Weezer cover Radiohead’s Paranoid Android

Weezer have covered Radiohead’s Paranoid Android from the bands 1997 album ‘OK Computer’.

The band put the video on their YouTube channel. Have a listen and then, knowing you all, complain about it in the comments. 😉

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  • …I kinda like it.

  • Music sounds sick. Mr. Cuomo’s vocals make the song sound too… nice.

  • my third favorite band covering my favorite band, I can’t complain 😀 This is awesome !

  • Rather like it actually 🙂

  • *ouch*

  • I can’t wait to hear Radiohead’s cover of “Beverly Hills”.

  • I always get waves of goose bumps during the whole of the original… During this cover, I didn’t get one.
    Musically, they do a decent job, but without Thom’s vocals, it’s just ordinary.

  • The music sounds great, but ouch – River’s cannot sing.

  • i’m listening to it for two days now… it’s just awesome!

  • not a big weezer fan except for the song with elisha cuthbert

    but this is a very hard song to copy and i think they did a decent job

    no way you can replace thom

  • music is ok, but I didnt like the voice, its so plain… some falsetto would have been nice.

  • Jeez Louise! Not good, man.

  • amazing!!!!!!! Congratulations!

  • how i’d imagine it would sound like if weezer covered this song.

  • Good on Weezer to be able to highlight all the predictable parts of this classic. I like to laugh as much as the next guy, but this just doesn’t do it for me. B minus.

  • Why do people hate it when people give their opinion? Which is all it truly is. Its a desire to control the person who is giving a different interpretation. Which is truly all it is.
    I love this site.
    I love the people that love Radiohead. I love the people who hate Radiohead. I love the people who control those who hate Radiohead. I love the people who control the people who love Radiohead. I guess I can go forever with this.
    So, now back to Weezer. It was a perfect rendition of a “classic”.
    I appreciate those who copy others. Its a perfect form of flattery.
    Thank you Atease for such a wonderful site.

  • humm…. didn’t do it for me, a little flat….

    I’ve seen other covers better on Youtube, sorry…

  • Band wise it sounded great, but yeah River Cuomo’s really can’t sing for shyte. A for effort though.

  • The music is great, but I’m not really liking the vocals. Great cover though.

  • (I’m a teacher, I can’t help myself…) It’s RIVERS. Not River’s. Cuomo. Not Cuomo’s.

    Also, I agree that the band sounds great, but Rivers’ (the possessive of Rivers is Rivers’. Or Rivers’s; either would work) voice doesn’t quite do it for me.

  • Rivers can sing, it is just that he sings differently than Thom.

  • no, it’s pretty cool. it really is

  • I’ve never understood my age group’s love for Weezer. Some okay tunes early on, but horrible, lazy, nearly tuneless, unambitious singing. Cuomo demonstrates it again here.

  • *** Rivers can sing, it is just that he sings differently than Thom.***

    I don’t expect him to sound like thom, it’s just not that refreshing & interesting…

    Just to name a few real good renditions, jimi hendrix covered bob dylan’s All Along The Watch Tower, Stevie Ray Vaughn covered jimi hendrix’s Voodoo Child. My point is, if you’re gonna do cover/rendition, either make it your own or pay tribute to the artists, but just don’t suck..

  • I think he can sing but he is always takin’ the piss. They are just making fun of RH.

  • *** They are just making fun of RH. ***

    Justify makig fun, did they exaggerate anything or did they change any lyrics?

    Now ur just making an excuse for the fact that they suck!!!!

  • Thumbs down !!! No one like the original score and the band playing it live….

  • The musical part is good, a subdued version, but I agree, Thom’s voice is what makes this song special.

  • “From all the unborn CHICKEN voices in my head”!

  • What a joke… Shouldn’t they be busy writing Pinkerton 2: Don’t Forget Pinkerton Was a Good Album..?

  • Would be nice to hear Radiohead covering “Buddy Holly” or “The sweater song (undone)”

  • I like Weezer but this is painful to listen to. Just doesn’t work.

  • This is pretty good …their version . That’s all.

  • Couldn’t agree more with Ian, without Thom’s vocals, it sounds average.

  • I concur about the vocals. Really just… doesn’t have the same feeling.

    All the same, excellent cover.

  • Man, so scathing Adrian! 🙂

  • Here is a blow-by-blow account of Weezer’s cover of PA:

    1. Weezer buy the Ok Computer tablature book

    2. Weezer play the song exactly as the book outlines.

    3. …..that’s it.

  • That was pretty freaking awesome

  • This cover makes me REALLY appreciate the original. (So freakin amazing!) The music part is actually very good, but the vocals are sub-par. I still miss Jonny shredding it up.

  • the funny or sad thing (i dont really know) is that weezer is going to get more attention for playing this than for any of their songs. at least that was what they wanted, congratulations! that sucks.

  • Overall I think they do a good job and commend Weezer on covering it and then posting it.
    The music for the most part was right on with the exception of the guitar solo which was missing a few details.
    Yes, Rivers’ voice doesn’t hit all the notes(including the falsetto’s) that Thoms’ voice can hit but so what. All this is ok with me because this is one artists’ interpretaion of another artists’ art. Thus why would want,or even expect, it to match the original exactly?
    Of course everyone is entitled to their option(that goes without saying right?) but in a site like this it is fun/challenging to at least explain why we arrived at that opinion and possibly have a dialogue or ,oh know, a debate………

  • Everyone is entitiled to their opinion.
    Option I guess also might work?? :-)……

  • I always thought that one dude from weezer looked like Johnny

  • Another correction: “Oh no” Not “Oh Know”. Need coffee this morning baaadlly.

  • I think its pretty decent singing isnt great at the start but dont think many people can pull this song off so they done well

  • @Jack Banksia

    What’s so funny? Those are correct lyrics.

  • I can’t say I like “jreng! “‘s Paranoid Android, almost comical, but I def. give them A+ for their ambition than the zombie like emotionless Weezer, save that for karaoke, 🙂

  • Anyone else think the guitar solo sounded like ass? Jonny would actually cry if he heard this….

  • They look like they are trying to achieve a mission..
    A mission impossible..
    Nice try but it hurts my ears, my heart..
    Don’t touch what isn’t yours..

  • *** I can’t say I like “jreng! “‘s Paranoid Android, almost comical, but I def. give them A+ for their ambition ***

    Sorry, I meant to say “enthusiasm” i/o “ambition”.

  • …also, It’s frustrating when people refer to both the “music” and the “vocals.” everything is of equal value – every instrument, voice included, comes together to form a cohesive song.

    that being said, I don’t like Rivers’ vocals on this track as much as Thom’s. and for the record, Rivers is never flat or off key, like people have been saying in other posts, it’s just that his voice is different than Thom’s. they hit all of the same notes which also means that Thom does not sing any higher. anyone who has said that, is wrong.

    this comes down to a matter of preference versus skill, and of what sound you like better. personally, I like Thom’s voice more for this specific setting, but I wouldn’t want to hear Thom on “(If you’re wondering if I want you to) I want you to.” I also think that Rivers is too articulate for this song which makes the lyrics sound much more comical than they ought to be.

  • ^ i agree with kauffecup – he is never flat. of course, i prefer thom over rivers but again all preference. if someone heard weezer’s version first, and was a weezer fan, im sure theyd like it better. but all in all great cover

  • This is a great cover. The song is too difficult to re-imagine. It’s not better than the original, but this arguable Radiohead’s greatest song.

  • Props to anyone trying to attack this song, but Weezer hasn’t had that exciting musical energy since they let Matt Sharp go. This song would be a lot more interesting if he was there pushing the other guys. I guess dollars in their pockets are more important than making meaningful music.

  • My definition of “flat vocal” —

    When a singing voice managed to hit every key note, but it does not stir a moment of emotion, does not have a range of high / low, and turns, almost sounded like an average 5 year old kid. His vocal in this cover demonstrated these def. perfectly

    Now, as for the music in this cover, really nothing to be excited about, and it’s only my 2 cents “preference”.


  • Please could you stop the noise, I’m trying to get some rest!

  • Instrumental is quite spot on which is very well done if you ask me.

    Then the vocals… it’s not the same as I’m used to but quite a good rendition anyway if you ask me.

    Anyway I like this recording it is LOUD!

  • Americans…

  • It would have been nice if they tried to put their own spin on it rather than just playing a note-for-note copy. But at least Rivers sounded like Rivers and didn’t try to mimic Thom. All in all, a good job. But there’s no real reason to ever listen to it more than once.
    If anyone wants to hear a great cover, there’s none better than Jane’s doing Sympathy for the Devil.

  • lifeistao…. your the best. when stupid commenters explain their ridiculous opinions, you put them in their place. so anyway did they announce the date of live from the basement yet?

  • The date has been announce for a long time now! July 1st, 2011. Read the whole thing 😛

  • Thakin’ a piss with Radiohead he’s not. He has a weird voice, not great. But this song is one of the hardest things to cover with a band because of the changes and the height of the singing. Great job done by weezer (and I’m not a fan).

    Guitar solo’s aren’t spot on though,

  • Not bad. Sounds too… American 😀 sorry.

  • @pmac,

    *** ifeistao…. your the best. when stupid commenters explain their ridiculous opinions, you put them in their place. ***

    No, I’m not…….

    I’ve never intended to put anyone in their place, just trying to communicate…… 🙂

  • Janes Addiction’s Sympathy For The Devil

    Kick ass!!

  • You know it sad when a new album comes out and most of us are talking about another band playing an ancient classic.
    Truly is sad.
    This album just wasn’t all I wanted it to be.
    Truly is sad.

  • I like covers when the band actually does something different with it, adds a little twist. This sounds like a nearly note-for-note musical cover. The only difference being Rivers’ inferior voice and his singing ‘What’s That’ instead of ‘What’s This’ in the first part…

    It does show that the guys in Weezer can actually play beyond their usual. They should perhaps use their obvious musical skill for some more interesting music than what they’ve been doing for, say, the past 15 years or so…

  • Solid cover, I’d say justice is done. Of course Thom’s delivery is a whole dimension of the song unto itself, but that certainly doesn’t devalue this version or the intent (presumably) to give a nod of kudos to Radiohead with it. Nice one dudes.

  • I like how they didn’t butcher it

    It’s a pretty good cover actually, especially with that Weezer guitar touch

    That Weezer singer can’t do the vocals right though, no one can emulate Thom’s vocals, but props for trying <3

  • props for trying . we tell an incredible musician [ which i dont like but he is a great musician ] ” props for trying ” .

    who the fuck do we think we are ? always looking for right or wrong , for better or worst , for incredible or the shittiest thing .

    have u ever tried staying in the middle ? have u even tried not to judge not to compare that much , not to find winners and losers just let the flow of life go thought you and feel it ?

    you dont have to be plane or empty to be like that , that is very enjoyable and a deep beautiful feeling . try guys . just try .

    this doesn t necessary has to be with this guy comment . is just a thought . . .

  • *** who the fuck do we think we are ? always looking for right or wrong , for better or worst , for incredible or the shittiest thing . ***

    Uhhh……, I can’t speak for others, but I know I’m nobody, and “With (my) opinion which is of no consequence at all”.

    This is a blog that takes positives, middle and negatives of our expressions, and the “style” that we choose to express, we discuss our differences, but hard to force someone to be fair and middle minded, especially when it comes to something like music, which is highly personal & subjective. We are all here for self expression, at the end of day, it all goes down to “”With your opinion which is of no consequence at all”. 🙂

  • one thing is an opinion , one thing is judging in an un-respectfull way , in an un-cool way , in a cold sarcastic childish way . a non stop judging others .

    you will never understand – i feel an alien myself sometimes – i do not understand either , i do not understand the human mind , get s wasted so easy within a few years of life . school helps a lot with that of ruining human minds . you become nothing . you re close . you dont open you dont unfurl anymore . you re frozen .

    not specifically you . but you .

    there re people who stay in the middle . not sure how to explain this . but i am so happy when i find these people . they are around sadly not too many . there were a lot of them this past sunday in NYC enjoying FourTet performing live during the day light . surrounded by trees . and a great mood . i wish these people would reach a higher place , even a city built upon these people , these great human beings .

    but i dont understand why . even when i do .

  • But your anger, your language and frustration toward the difference is quite forceful too (not saying you shouldn’t), could also be perceived as “judging”, where do we end this debate?

    All in all, I feel your kind intention…..

  • wanting better for the world it is a kind intention , the way sometimes i show it it s not the best example . there are days specially when i am at radiohead forums and i wish such an incredible music would open minds and i see how still these minds are close even when these minds love [ or supposedly love ] this great music , hurts so much . yes i might be wrong in the way sometimes . but if we go further you can t deny i am kind of right . not really ” right ” , it s call common sense, natural flow . specially in TAO , where you should always be not only as a nickname . i leave TAO when i am not nice on my words , but i dont go away from the concept . there s probably no end and i dont think this is a debate , i think this is a human being trying so so so so so hard to make people understand how rude and wrong in certain way they are . how empty of real flow of nature and life they are . hurts so much . sorry on my words when i get like this .

  • Seems like lately every band is covering every other band. As far as quality goes Cover songs are not the best but as far as fun and something different they can be kind of entertaining.

    Weezer covering Radiohead just sounds interesting without even hearing the version of the song. It’s not like they picked an easy version to cover

  • ____pn t rs _____, you have a kind soul, even we disagree.

    I’m in no way of an expert of Taoism, I’m still in search of its practice. The reason I use it as my nickname not because I want to be a perfect human being/saint without flaws and criticism (that’s not Taoism), it’s because Taoism has little doctrine, repression, doesn’t particularly predict where life come from or go to, it liberates me (that provides some peace) for being who I am, having said that, of course I try to practice kindness everyday, and try not to hurt people/animal within my control or as far as I can see the consequence, I choose my words more carefully when I’m directing to someone in this blog, but if others choose name calling or curse, I’m fine with it too. I’m not a celebrity or a public figure, who I need to walk on thin ice to watch everything I say about an article we are discussing, I don’t get paid enough to be that careful. 😀 and I doubt Weezer would give a crap about what I think about this cover?

    They frustrated me with this cover, appeared laziness to me (both vocal & music), the first time, I forced myself to finish listening, and I listened again & again, it still feels flat… what else can I say, why should I be “diplomatic” about a “product”? They “chose” to cover “Paranoid Android”, not forced, among all the Rh songs, they know they are up for a challenge. If they are happy with their result, good for them. But if you put it on Youtube published it, you should be mentally ready for positive or negative criticism. You can’t “control” personal preference and opinions. Personally, I think, even if “technically” they are not as good as Rh, but if they alter it to their own version with some twist, then they “own it”, “Bravo!” to them, but I don’t think they “own it”. Why should I pat on their back by saying “good try”, like a kid needs encouragement? No, they are adults, they have made a reputation and fortune from people appreciated their music, they can take a punch from a nobody like me…. 😀

    Taoism doesn’t view the world as only a “human being” world, but a world of “all kinds”, that enables us to see the whole picture of our existence to survive for all kinds. By no means, Taoism is about being a “perfect human being”, more about to coexist with ourselves and nature. it’s both spiritual and practical to cope with our life.

    We all have kind intention, but applies to different value. You might believe in just taking good care of yourself, good enough and nothing’s wrong with it. But I believe in all should be given a fair chance to have decent life, to lift the helpless and misfortune, how do we measure which one is more or less kinder?

    I apologize for the long read.

  • lifeistao:

    i was mostly refering to LINO saying ” props fpr trying ” . I still think if the world stop judging [ here people judge , not that they give opinions , i think those are 2 very different things ] , we might still have a change to survive as human beings , which right now i am very sure we wont . and that is not being negative , that is my lecture of what is going on . I do not practice TAO but i love tao . Even when i am closer to Krishnamurti ‘s words than Tao itself .

    I mostly agree with your ” long read ” [ on your words ] .

    But people here and in blogs in general are a reflexion of this world and the human mind [ generalist view of mine of course there are great people as well ] , and the reflexion is that people are extremely wrong on the way they think – sorry – there s no wrong or right , but there should be common sense and good manners . And good manners doesn t mean not saying ” fuck ” or things like that . they have wrong manners in their hearts .

    again – i still agree with most of your words , even when i read a lot of times things from you that didn t made me feel at tao at all – but i make the same mistakes a lot of time


  • How can one has an opinion without “judging”, if an opinion without judging is not an opinion anymore. We “judge & measure” with our given senses, that is our gift for survival, and a weapon for destruction. By recognizing that power is first step to know when not to use it. Just rambling….

    *** mostly agree with your ” long read ” [ on your words ] . ***

    You’re not so shabby either… 😉

    Life goes on, at least for another 160,000 years for human, from a scientific speculation…..


  • i cannot even answer to that – we are in a different world i guess – you cannot give an opinion without judging ???!!! oh my . . . ! ! ! of course you can ! !

    not more waste of time on my side . you wont understand . mostly none of you .

    i am sad now . going to bed

  • Correction of spelling: peace

    Yeah, it’s late, sorry for wasting ur time….

  • You are not mine
    And I am not yours
    And that’s okay

    Please don’t judge me

  • Let freedom of judgment roam around,
    when inner peace is found

    self liberation….

  • *** it s call common sense, natural flow . specially in TAO , where you should always be not only as a nickname . i leave TAO when i am not nice on my words ***

    Our own common sense may not be others’.

    We don’t leave Tao because we are frustrated, angry or using profanity, heck, mother nature is raging and angry everyday and more now.

    We do, when we force to control and wanting to over correct. So many things human did to nature have been proven that we want to control everything, we change the path of river flow by building dams and levees forcing nature to change “for us”, instead of just leaving it along, go live somewhere else suitable for habitat. Now we experience more floods or droughts. We are the only species has the power of changing nature pattern, breeds of other species, wanting to live forever, fear for death…… fear is all we have, that’s why we want to control.

    One has to be in touch with nature, at least spiritually, before we understand Tao.

  • how about animals and vegetables ?

  • What about them?

  • This is much better than “King of Limbs”! Sehr gut!

  • Watching reminds how good of a band they are. Weezer are no slouches, but the song lacks bite.

  • Much better than TKOL?

    Shut the fuck up. Idiot.

  • Murdered Johnny’s guitar solo!


    i dont need much more than this and TKOL . 2 pieces of magnificient art .

  • Rivers’ vocals sound like ass. He can’t hit the high notes at all. Can the dude even sing?? To put it bluntly.. it’s horseshit

    I used to like Weezer. But then I grew up

  • and when you grew up you became a hater , a complainer , a non-satisfied citizen .

  • tolerate positivity, negativity and the middle, they exist naturally.

    negativity turns positivity, sames goes the other way, they interchange and transform each other, without being forced, force creates frictions, frictions creates explosion, unless you love a display of “fireworks”, another story…. 😀

  • The ruler of the South Sea was called Light;
    the ruler of the North Sea, Darkness;
    and the ruler of the Middle Kingdom, Primal Chaos.

    From time to time, Light & Darkness met one another
    in the kingdom of Primal Chaos, who made them welcome.

    Light and Darkness wanted to repay his kindness and said,
    “All men have seven openings with which they see, hear, eat,
    and breathe, but Primal Chaos has none. Let us try to give
    him some.”

    So every day they bored one hole, and on the seventh day,
    Primal Chaos died.

  • lifeistao… no offense but you really need to get off this website. its as if you try to start arguments/ridiculous conversations with these people because youre bored as tits. im glad we’re all Radiohead fans here, but go outside man. im sure its a beautiful day wherever you are.
    also, this cover is pretty impressive. even if the vocals arent thom, paranoid android is a crazy song to even attempt to cover.

  • derp…., thanks for your concern, FYI, I’m out and typing this right now. Perhaps you’re not aware of 21st century’s technology? Don’t you worry, I type fast, doesn’t take up much of my time to leave comments here.

    If this is a personal issue that you really hate for me to be on this website, you have freedom of choice – don’t read my posts.

    btw, I only use “one” nickname. 😉

  • after all this comments,,, i would say that the cover was a great success,,, nice version,,, just a simple cover. thumbs up…………. and people,, weezer is not radiohead,,, this is just a cover…. radiohead fans are so dramatic

  • @Why hate “complainers”

    And I love your comment. =)

  • […] I like this better than Weezer’s version. […]

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