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Radiohead to release series of limited edition 12″ Remixes

Radiohead are set to release more vinyl releases after their recent Record Store Day release of The Butcher/Supercollider. Expect some remixes throughout the Summer.

Radiohead will release a series of limited edition 12” vinyl records, featuring remixes of tracks from their current album ‘The King Of Limbs’.

The first release, on July 4, comprises remixes of Little By Little by Caribou, and Lotus Flower by Jacques Greene.

The 12” will be available at selected independent record stores, and from There will also be a WAV format available through Boomkat, and on

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  • What is it with Yorke and remixes

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  • Oh Radiohead, why do you insist on making me part with my monies..

  • […] with a series of limited-edition 12″ featuring remixes from The King of Limbs, reports At Ease. The first offering, available June 4th at selected independent record stores and the band’s […]

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  • Some folks hit the nail on the head predicting this.

  • I wonder if you’ll autmoatically qualify for a WAV download if you buy the 12″ version… I hope so, I’d like the 12″s for the artwork but the WAVs to listen to & I’m buggered if i’m paying for both!

  • Not sure if want. I’d like to hear the remixes first before diving in…

  • Yeah I’d prefer listening to them first.

  • flying lotus- lotus flower. it was meant to be.

  • Among the past remix, Skip Divided is my favorite…..

  • Flying Lotus – Codex. If his quote holds true…

  • I’m imagining these would have been TKOL b-sides. But since there’s not really a use for such things anymore..

    If I had to choose someone, I’d pick Skream for a mental techno / breakbeat heavy version of Feral.

    They need to give Feral to someone who’ll make it completely nuts.

  • i want Son Lux to make a remix.

  • Remixes are bullshizzle!!!!
    I will listen to them on Youtube.
    The album was garbage.
    Now they want us to buy other people playing this garbage?
    Give me a break!!!

    Radiohead you have stoop to stupidity.
    I’m never buying another album again.

  • send me my newspaper album first!!

  • Ditto, House of Lords. I coudn’t give a damn.

  • Wooo…. .. I really like Son Lux, his musical expression is very interesting.

  • Radiohead + Caribou together at last! Finally I can die atease!

  • God Is Dead So I Listen To Radiohead?

  • What about a tour? What about a f***ing tour date!

  • anyone got the lyrics for ego and or mirror ?

  • The shame of this, is remixes is not what most of us want. We want Radiohead to release real songs not half assed attempts at Dubstep.

  • I listen to the remixes but won’t buy them. I, too, want more energy directed to new Radiohead songs and a tour. I’d guess more younger fans embrace the dubstep, remixes, and collaborations – I listen but often just don’t feel it.

  • I’m pretty ignorant about remix, do musicians approve all remixes of their music?

  • I have to say I am a little disappointed in the announcement of the Remixes. As a Radiohead fan yeah I will check them out and like to own them but also as a Radiohead fan I feel cheated and that they should have done this release 2 songs here and there with actual NEW songs and not remixes – like what they did with Supercollider and The Butcher.

  • I’ve made peace with TKOL.

    It’s nuanced and understated. I still think it may be one of their least appealing albums, but it is what it is.

    Bloom is the best track.

    So there!

  • TKOL is so beautiful, it stirs my emotion just by simply thinking about how Bloom starts out as the beginning this musical journey……

  • Remixes? I think i’ll go listen to the My Iron Lung ep instead.

  • irregularchickens is right. radiohead + caribou; you can’t get better. a tour would be lovely though…

  • Listen, do we really need any more complaining that Radiohead isn’t giving us what we want? They are artists. They follow their own muses and that is what makes them great. They aren’t here to please us and feed our greedy ears. If someone doesn’t like that, go listen to someone predictable like Coldplay. Stop the whining. TKOL is a fine record. It’s different than in Rainbows and OK Computer, etc, etc but so what?? It’s like saying oranges are better than apples and there should only be oranges. How inane. And what’s wrong with remixes? I love them, mainly because years ago I just decided to follow Thom wherever he went and my musical appreciation has been the better for it.

    As for all of the critics, I can’t think of a better quote than this one by Dave Eggers: ‘But criticism, for the most part, comes from the opposite place that book-enjoying should come from. To enjoy art one needs time, patience, and a generous heart, and criticism is done, by and large, by impatient people who have axes to grind.”

    As for TKOL, the above quote is wildly appropriate. I love it and the critics can fuck themselves.

  • Thank You Carson!

  • Wonderfully put Carson – I have taken that quote with me because it is so good. I wonder if all those people still whining about the wonders of late nineties Radiohead coming up now to 2 decades later know just how senile they sound. Each to their own of course, but…..come on!!!

    For the record I do happen to prefer their post 2000 work to their earlier work but I still absolutely love their 1995 to 2000 work in a completely different way – everthing in its right place, is what I say.

    I wonder if those who shelled out for the Newspaper Edition will also get downloads at no further cost for these remixed 12″s – like what happened with the butcher/supercollider release…that would be nice of the lads!

  • FREE THE ROBOT is a cool choice.

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