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Thom Yorke posts new Office Chart: MOVING PLANET

Thom Yorke posted a new Office Chart on Radiohead’s Official Website.

The post on Dead Air Space is entitled ‘M O V InG PLaNet .orgXXX’, adding ‘M O V I N G P L A N E T and some pretty tunes when you’re in your tent in the rain.’ Clicking on MOVING PLANET, you’ll end up at, a worldwide rally to demand solutions to the climate crisis on September 24, 2011. Available tracks have been added to the Radiohead Office Charts Spotify Playlist.

1. Why by Pangea
2. Way In My Brain (remix) by SL2
3. NY is killing me by Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx
4. Acids In The… Thin Razor, Attack Noise Hat, Linn by Mark Fell
5. Bowls(Holden Remix) by Caribou
6. White Rainbow by Sei A
7. Rollerskate(Sanfuentes & Thunders Version) by Matias Aguayo
8. Everyday Madness by Marcello Napoletano

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  • A friend of a friend of a friend’s dad is Radiohead’s Manager (apparently) and they are playing Glastonbury (apparently)

  • For the folks unable to use Spotify, Grooveshark playlist is here –

  • thanks rcknr!

  • Great news to start a day…..

  • fantastic.

  • This is certainly a outstanding post. Thank you for bothering to summarize all of this out for folks. It really is a great help!

  • Thank you all for gathering here today.
    I know a lot of you here have so many questions.
    And God knows your heart is torn. We shall resolve these heart felt issues here today.
    We have lost the old Thom. He is a new creation.
    This includes dubstep and techno beats of the mind.
    We need to welcome this new Thom and his desire to produce dubstep and repetitious beats.
    We must learn to embrace this new found love in his heart.
    A new horizon is being examined and we must comfort him and his endeavor.
    Let us say goodbye to smooth poetry and come to embrace the beatbox that is our Thom today.
    If you wish to throw flowers on the casket as it is lowered I think this will help you come to resolve.

  • Play NY is killing me by Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx
    as the caskets lowers.

  • He was a good man. He will be missed.
    Tears down my cheeks.

  • I’m too, getting a little worn out by their office chart, like 90% of them are dj or repetitious hyper beats, feels like I’ve never gotten out of a dance club…., but, Rh and Thom are good at alchemy, they will make something different coming out of them.

    Let’s celebrate their birthdays!

  • I’m surprised Thom has kept so quiet about Chris Huhne’s recent carbon cutting bill. Then again I doubt Thom would want be seen supporting such an unpopular government, but I think credit is deserved where is due. He has been calling for something to this effect for years.

  • Toas, I don’t think Thom is actually in favour of acting on climate change. I think he is in favour of talking about it when he gets a spare moment in between his regular trips to and from LA.

  • What do you think the Chance of a Radiohead Based appearance (Thom, Thom and Jonny, Thom and Flying Lotus, All 5 of them) before Caribou on the Friday of Glastonbury

  • Thom is gone, thom is a dubstepperianish, thom is this and that and thom owes me money cause i was expecting a 95 minutes coldplay cd. Oh thom is so mean…
    “Thom is way far away from we humans, not because he is a god, but because he dares to do what he likes, enjoys, and feels like. I guess all this moaners around wont have to wake up tomorrow morning at 7 to go to work, cause they are so free and able to criticize the world… Its my guess, but most of us dream with having such a lifestyle!!

  • Oh Costa Rica…
    You’re like the voice in my head I want to beat with a hammer.

    How did you know I wanted a 95 minute coldplay cd?
    You are wiser beyond years.

  • GrEAt stUfF aT dEmiBs wEbsItE.

  • this is a link to an art blog if anyone wants to have a look

  • Oh man, Thom Yorke is such a cool-cat cos he – like fucking – listens to weird fucking electro-music maaaan! (all that music is sub-standard. Here’s some better music: frank zappa, king crimson, miles davis). Remember how Radiohead used to write good music? Amnesiac, anyone?

  • TKOL moves me to tears…..

  • Unclezoso Amnesiac, anyone?


  • Who needs remix when electric current cuts right through like this one……

  • Super Mario and a hammer… Very personal we get, didnt we?

  • well – maybe if you guys listened further than just a beat- then you would feel it – too many words – just listen.

  • the comments on this article is absolutely ridiculous! (including this one)

  • Teehee…. everything we do/say is ridiculous, life is ridiculous! 😀

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