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Colin Greenwood’s Domino Records Radio Week playlist

Colin Greenwood guested on Domino Records Radio Week. The Radiohead bassist just posted his playlist on Dead Air Space.

“Last week I had fun playing some of my favourite records recommended to me by friends”, Colin posted. “Here’s the playlist, plus a link to the domino site with lots of cool archived sessions.”

Of course, all available tracks can be found in the Radiohead Office Chart playlist on Spotify.

Rheingold – Dreiklangsdimensionen
Daphni- Mapfumo
South Street Player – Who Keeps Changing Your Mind
Sibylle Baier – Forget About
The Jones Girls – Nights Over Egypt
Nick Straker – A Little Bit of Jazz
Donald Byrd – Places and Spaces
Daphni – Ye Ye
John Luther Adams – 4000 holes
John Maus – Do Your Best
Four Tet – Angels Echoes (Caribou Remix)
Jay Dee – Nothing Like This
Rufus Wainwright – Tiergarten (Supermayer Lost in the Tiergarten mix)
Ween – Your Party
Dominatrix – Sleeps Tonight
Moodymann – I Can’t Kick This Feeling When it Hits
Sheila and B. Devotion – Spacer
Four Tet – Pockets

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  • Thanks for the heads up at ease. I’ve already reinforced my shelter in preparation for the flood of “Coz sent me here” youtube comments

  • Hah, I remember them talking about Rheingold back in 08 or what was it. That they’d been into that band. Apparently Colin still thinks highly of it.

  • Still waiting for the message that the latest TKOL Basement concert is posted on youtube.

    I want it!

    I need it!


  • Name of next Radiohead album — Acoustic Household music

    Making music from everything we can found in our house without plugging in any power, except the recording. Take that a real challenge.

  • @ Harold
    was it already aired in England?

  • It is so weird that an album came out by Radiohead and the only news to talk of is the band not playing together and individually playing other peoples music.
    It is obvious that this album was here yesterday and forgotten instantly.
    Can’t wait for another album…. One to remember.

  • no fleetwood mac?

  • pat: Not yet, I think it will be aired by BBC the 1st of july.
    But we just can’t wait anyway!! 🙂

  • kidj: haha, he probably would have put some fleetwood mac in there if it wasn’t a playlist of recommendations.

  • kyosti: your right. glad someone got the joke though.

  • It’s really sad that Radiohead seem to be alot more passionate about other people’s music than their own music these days.

    this things I believe :'(

  • It’s really sad that Radiohead seem to be alot more passionate about other people’s music than their own music th

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