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Thom Yorke’s ‘post plastic people hopeful office chart’

Thom Yorke posted a new Radiohead Office Chart. The first after his DJ Set at London’s Plastic People, and therefore entitled: ‘post plastic people hopeful office chart’


Find the tracks in our Spotify Office Chart Playlist. Thom: “new music is my best friend!.. and old stuff i’ve never heard. don’t ever think it’s not out there.. cuz it is.
always i gotta get my fix………”

1. The Healer by Erykah Badu
2. Geek Down by J Dilla
3. Over the breaks by J Dilla
4. Doyoi Nyajo Nam by Owiny Sigoma Band
5. Real (nathan fake rmx) by Avus
6. Whitebox by Luke Abbott
7. btstu by Jai Paul
8. Ain’t gonna lie by Deadboy
9. Nights Off by Siriusmo
10. Lambi Judai by Reshma (sufis at the cinema compilation)


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  • adriaan, you are quick as lightning…
    just lovely.
    and to the message: as openminded as could be, as usual, I love that!

  • Can’t wait to hear it! Always fun to hear what might inspire Thom next.

  • Erykah Badu is my girl…. just love her.

  • Thom Yorke = Randy Marsh

  • hahaaa why is that?

  • Uh no it’s just young and hip, so you don’t get it, Sharon.” – Randy
    “Admit it, Randy! You think it sounds like crap too!” – Sharon
    *Farting noises*
    “It doesn’t sound like crap at all! I think it’s awesome!” – Randy

  • me, no like, except The Healer & Lambi Judai are cool….

  • and the rest should be cremated…

  • For us american Yanks has links for Youtube

  • the whole sufis at the cinema compilation is now ordered.

    whoever’s also interested in that music – check this out



    This band is called Dead Can Dance, they play music similar to some of this music. This song in particular, The Lotus Eaters, is beautiful. The singer, Lisa Gerrard, she makes up her own language on some songs, and has the most mysterious voice

  • Whitebox by Luke Abbott – is a mad track!

    His album ‘Holkham Drones’ (Out,last year). Is Brilliant.
    Worth checking out, if you are into minimal, techno stuff.

  • Great Selection!!! Big Boy Thom!!! Have Fun!!!!

  • @ kyosti

    Thx for sharing. The whole region from North Africa to Central Asia has the most fascinating and spiritual music, who knows, maybe it’s the water or dirt cultivated their music and beliefs…..

  • Here’s Grooveshark playlist for those outside Spotify avaliability areas –

  • Thx so much, Sergey, i was hoping Groovedshark link could be included in this article. Did you compile the playlist?

  • On other posts I’m the one that teases that we have lost the old Thom and the dubstep that is our Thom today.
    When I listen to the tracklists he gives us I am impressed with at least 2-3 of them.
    If this is what Thom and the crew use to make Radiohead.
    Then beauty it is.
    Thank you Radiohead for such beautiful insight to your hearts.

  • ah riight thanks brad i ‘m a little embarrassed


    New track released!

    Radiohead – Staircase

  • On dead air space there’s a video of one song from their from the basement session coming soon 🙂 its a new song! its very TKOL but with a weird fishes type sound as well from the guitars! sounds sick

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