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Radiohead recorded ‘Daily Mail’ for From The Basement broadcast

Radiohead have included new track The Daily Mail to their From The Basement session. The other track Staircase debuted earlier today.

As reported earlier, Radiohead have recorded another From The Basement session, in which they will play their latest album ‘The King Of Limbs’ in full. The one hour broadcast, recorded by producer Nigel Godrich, also includes Staircase, a new track that appeared online earlier today, Supercollider, released in April for Record Store Day and The Daily Mail; a track Thom Yorke played last year at a Green Party Benefit in Cambridge. We’ll finally see and hear that full band version next month.

There are no air dates available yet. Until now we only know of an embargo until July 1st. BBC Worldwide, the distributer of the recordings, have confirmed broadcasts on Palladia in the USA, Canal + in Spain, Fuji TV in Japan, MultiShow in Brazil and SuperChannel in Canada.

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  • Good news, was blown away when I heard The Daily Mail in Cambridge.

  • =]

  • So, Staircase and Daily Mail but not The Butcher? Odd.

  • Source?

  • If they will also include Present Tense then I will have an orgasm from here to Alaska πŸ˜›

  • was really hoping to hear the butcher.. but i’m very satisfied with staircase and daily mail! very excited!

  • …and DirecTV in USA

  • ya, bummer theres no butcher but hell i like staircase better than butcher or super collider (both great tracks, not knocking them). its gunna be awesome when they finally release the whole thing!!

  • THE BUTCHER !!!! we need THE BUTCHER!!! and TAMTW???

  • This isn’t happening, or is it?

    Radiohead, give it to me!!! yes! yes! yes!


  • Radiohead are the most innovative band to date. This is all new and I for one am Freakin Loving It x Thanks

  • I’m anxious as hell to hear Radiohead play ‘Bloom’ live.

    I’ll say it again….

    I’m anxious as hell to hear Radiohead play ‘Bloom’ live! !


  • I still have not received my vinyl TKOL yet in San Antonio, Texas!! Does anyone know who won the autograph version?

  • There is more to come!!


  • 2 4 6 a m / m i a m i e a s t c o a s t t i m e w h a t i s t i m e w h o k n o w s p e r h a p s t i m e d o e s n t e v e n e x i s t ?

  • The staircase was ABSOLUTELY one of my favorites!!!
    It has such a haunting lyric string and just the music raw was spectacular. Can’t wait to hear the clean version.

    Radiohead has definitely heard our cries and have been cleaning a lot of dusty tracks for our hearing pleasure.

    Thank you Radiohead. Thank you.

  • Just listened to Staircase and its STILL has that PITTER PATTER BLIPITY BULLSHIT.

    They even had a second drummer to ruin it even more.


  • I think maybe the point of the second drummer was to recreate the electronic drums sound live, there’s a lot going on.. plus it is nice to have someone else featuring on a Radiohead song for a change! (more guests please!)


    Seriously. How many time am I going to get punched in the gut with all this PITTER PATTER BLIPITY BULLSHIT.

    I can’t get it out of my head! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

    You’re right. Just walk away. I’ll be back in 4 years to hope to like there next album.

  • This will air repeatedly on July 30th and 31st on SuperChannel in Canada. Here’s the schedule:

  • Thanks, brijazz, but that’s something like $15 a month and I’d have to get my folks to upgrade to high definition digital cable. I hope the band releases a DVD of this and the full “In Rainbows” “From the Basement” sessions. I’d definitely buy that. Until that day, I hope someone rips it from TV and makes a DVD, which I can download.

  • i like when Rh remix their own music.

    it seems to work better when they remix their clean version, clean version acoustic instruments sound beautiful, but don’t really care for Thom’s singing style in clean version, too whiney to my taste.

    on the contrary, when they reverse their electronic originals to acoustic version, boy, that works amazingly beautiful, such as “Like Spinning Plates” and Thom’s “Analyse”.

    yup, Rh is the most interesting band alive!

  • For anyone wanting to watch this on BBC when its aired I use a program called “EXPAT SHIELD” which changes your ip address to an english one so you can watch and listen to what you like. Also you can knock it on and off when ever you like its not permanent.
    Good to hear new songs are going to be played. Personally Id be disappointed if The Butcher or supercollider where played I think these two songs are the weakest tracks the band have recorded in recent years

  • Also forgot to mention there is a video on youtube how to set this programme up its not hard, if I can do it anyone can

    finally shameless blog advertising

  • @ swisser

    Thanks for sharing, but bummer, it doesn’t have download for Mac. πŸ™

    Those artworks look interesting!

  • Ah crap well if you can hunt someone down with windows for when its broadcast that program will work 100% if not im sure it will up up loaded either on this site or youtube within a matter of minuites/hours of being broadcast. Fromthebasement have there own website too could be streamed on that I dunno

    Thanks for the comments only really getting going with the blog.

    Anyways best of luck im sure you wont miss out πŸ™‚

  • oh, shoot, wait, i can switch from Mac OS to Window on same computer. dahhhh….. where was i?

    will try that! thanks!

  • thanks for the info for the broadcast in Canada. Hah It happens to be broadcasting on the day I”m travelling on a bus all day. I will get someone to record it on the pvr !

  • Right from the start everyone was shouting why has Radiohead not included The Daily Mail for this first ever Newspaper Album?

    Well looks like we are finally getting our wish. Should be a stunning little song to hear live with the rest of TKOL set.

    Can’t Wait

  • much better quality version of Thom playing the song at Cambridge:

  • Anyone think the Daily Mail will be like this?

  • No, Cool dude, it not going to sound quite like that. I am sure, it might not include any piano, I guess

  • I don’t know, I almost can’t wait to hear their own remix version of The Daily Mail. It’ll be nice to mix piano and electronics, sort of like the idea of “Bloom”.

    What would be real interesting is to watch what instruments they play from TKoL, ahhh…. waiting can be torturing… πŸ˜€

  • Ja! Es ist richtig! The King of Limbs PT 2 is hier!

  • That song is scaringly good. I love how they keep re-inventing themself over and over again.

  • looking forward to listening to These Are My Twisted Words

  • *** I love how they keep re-inventing themself over and over again. ***

    “re-inventing”, is a much better word than “remixing”.


  • ..sometimes, the first idea is the best.

    Radiohead Videotape live 2006 (original live version)

  • I think their Airbag/How Am I Driving EP is still my favorite thing of theirs:

  • Absolutely, “Too much tinkering”. This could have been amazing, though I didn’t need Jonny’s guitar part, but the bass and drums and even Ed’s effects shoulda stayed! They should at least have pulled a “Morning Bell” and released this version, too!

  • Well said TOO MUCH THINKING…. I absolutly love the original Videotape, everytime i here it it breaks my heart its so powerfull.

    Sometimes less tinkering is better and more humen and honest sounding.

  • all u ppl need to shut the fuck up.
    These new songs are good, learn to accept it.

  • yes AMNESIAC WHAT, please do go away for 4 years.. i would truly appreciate that.

  • to serious Radiohead fans, have a laugh!

  • The video tape from the basement was much better than that in my opinion. But that one was cool as well.
    I like the fact that there is the raw version left of some of these songs from the KOL.
    The clean versions are just not my taste.

  • My one consolation for the loss of the 2006 version of Videotape is the full band “From the Basement” version. Here’s a wave file of the song, the closest we’ve gotten to a studio recording, having some of the spirit of the 2006 version, including Thom’s melodic wail:

  • or “rearranging” is a good word too….

  • i absolutely adore staircase…it has all the xxx “things” why i love radiohead..and to see how they ALL enjoy it!!!!!

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