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Thom Yorke’s DJ Set playlist from an aeroplane fuselage

Thom Yorke just posted a playlist. This one is from what Thom calls ‘the OTHER Glastonbury’, a DJ set with Nigel Godrich.

mmm you know away from the celebrity media circus on the other side of the valley, the OTHER glastonbury happened.
the one you aren’t reading much about, the one they couldn’t hang.
the fun, chilled out and insane one.
the one that couldn’t give a flying toss who you are really. the one we went for.
the one around the stone circle, and under the flags. in the rabbit hole. in the darkest depths of shangri-la.
around the van de graff lightning generator crackling through in soaking sky,
and in a crashed aeroplane fuselage where we and our friends were.. nigel and i Djing.. until dawn
here’s a selection of what we played.

1. Get Off (Rob3 remix) by Blaqstarr + Diplo
2. Madame Hollywood by Felix da Housecat
3. Raid by Madvillain and Medaphor (and Madlib)
4. Quiet Dog by Mos Def
5. Pon da Floor by Major Lazer
6. On a Ragga Tip SL2
7. Fog Bank by Boy 8-bit
8. Feral (lone remix) by errr us and lone
9. Seamonkey(untold rmx) by Moderat
10. Kill bill Vol 4 by modeselektor
11. Undoing the laces by Nathan Fake
12. Mad again by Boy 8bit
13. Organ donor by Dj SHAdow
14. Original Nutter by Uk Apache with Shy Fx
15. I can’t stop this feeling(pangea rmx ) by Untold
16. why by Pangea
17. Night of the living baseheads by public enemy

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  • the one they couldn’t hang? insane one? the darkest depths? when did thom yorke become so corny?

  • I agree. I love Thom, but wtf?

  • Here’s Grooveshark playlist – – everything except of Feral remix.

  • rcknr, you’re awesome! thx!

  • @Mike
    Yorke is simply expressing his opinion about the Festival and I reckon he’s totally right.

    Radiohead are an indie-rock band, and if u think now they’re not anymore, anyway that’s the spirit by which they keep on playing. How can the leader of Radiohead not loathe the mainstream music industry where a face is more important than the song itself? I’m recalling how a lot of people started to discover Radiohead just through In Rainbows and now seems to love them while years ago they used to label them as a suicide-band. I reckon Thom & co. know it well. The music industry lowers art to trend and promotes trend as art, that is to say SUCKS!

  • “The music industry lowers art to trend and promotes trend as art”

    Wonderfully put!!

  • I guess Thom did not enjoyed playing at Glastonbury, that much.. In some of the videos he looks kind of not happy being there

  • And what makes you think that, Xian?

  • Here here, Jack Banksia!

  • the beauty of existence —

    light / darkness
    life / death
    fire / water

    the beauty of coexistence —

    i’m fire, your desire; you’re water, my thirst for life

  • @Everyone Deserves Music

    The first minute of this video, makes me think that

  • @Xian


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